Jesus Mura Sanchez

Horse abused by Jesus Mura Sanchez
Crime: Animal Abuse

Jesus Mura Sanchez of Ontario is not a nice guy. He is an asshole animal abuser. And that makes him a hellbeast in my book.

I wish I had a picture of Jesus Mura Sanchez to show you, but I don’t. What I do have are pictures of his handiwork which I think speak volumes about the quality of his character.

The little black mare that Jesus Mura Sanchez owned suffered greatly under his “care”. She was starved for a very long time, and had actually taken to eating dirt and sand in her futile efforts to find food. She was extremely emaciated.

Starvation was just one aspect of the abuse. This little horse was covered in wounds and filth. Her hooves were overgrown, and her stomach was bloated from parasites. Her back was covered with a skin infection known as rain rot.

The mare also had rope burns on her hind legs. Rope burns are a combination of abrasion and thermal damage to skin and underlying tissue. They are classified like burns—1st degree to 3rd degree. All rope burns are painful.

One of the mare’s hind legs is permanently swollen due to the damage done.

Horse abused by Jesus Mura SanchezAnd get this — the tips of this little horse’s ears were sliced off. Sliced off! Why the f*ck would anyone do that? Cruelty and sadism, pure and simple. That is what Jesus Mura Sanchez is capable of doing.

Happily for the little mare, now called Autumn, somebody cared enough to contact authorities and she was rescued by the Inland Valley Humane Society. Autumn was sent to Tier Equine Rescue for treatment and has recovered very well.

On March 14, 2012, Jesus Mura Sanchez, the monster who neglected and starved and abused this little horse, was convicted of felony animal abuse. His penalty was as follows:

· Three year formal probation

· One day in jail

· Must meet with his probation officer every 14 days

· Mandatory animal cruelty counseling

· Search and Seizure at any time

· Restitution of over $900.00 to a vet

· Ban from owning horses during the probationary period.

Ooooh, harsh!

So this asshole who had no problem causing extreme pain, suffering and distress to an animal will be able to own horses again in 3 years. This pisses me off. This sadistic creature should be banned from owning animals for life. He should also have to pay for the care the horse has received from the lovely people of Tier Equine Rescue.

I think we should take a long look at the penalties for animal cruelty in Canada. They are scarcely the deterrent they should be.

So people of Ontario, if you happen to encounter Jesus Mura Sanchez and are considering getting friendly with him, please check out the pictures of his horse. They speak to what Jesus Mura Sanchez is really like — a sadistic animal abuser.

And Jesus Mura Sanchez, I advise you to change your ways. You are on the road to a long, toasty future in hell.

Daily Bulletin article

8 Responses to Jesus Mura Sanchez

  1. dogwalker says:

    He sliced the horse’s ears? WTF? This idiot is a menace to society. He should’ve gotten jail time –more than 1 piddly day! And he should never, ever be allowed to own so much as a goldfish for the rest of his life! He’s an out and out sadist!

  2. scrappy says:

    How do you get to be a judge in Canada? Are you required to have spent a certain number of years with your head up your ass?

    Damn, that is one pathetic sentence. I’ll bet he’s still reeling from the harshness…

  3. moodymagic says:

    Sanchez you need to be subjected to the disgusting animal abuse you inflicted. That poor horse. Think about this. If he can do this to animals what stops him from doing this to people. OOHH one day in jail. Rot Bastard.

  4. 2cute says:

    This sickens me. You just know that by cutting off the horse’s ears this creep meant to cause real pain and injury. I wouldn’t trust him around young children or old people. I wouldn’t trust him around disabled or sick people. Sanchez is a sadistic bastard who enjoys giving pain. He should’ve been locked up.

  5. Trace says:

    I checked out that Tier Equine Rescue website and it looks like old Sanchez the sadist has a pile of buddies just like him. Damn there are a lot of starved and abused animals out there! Those sickos oughta be given real deterrents instead of insignificant fines and probation. I’m sure animal lovers out there can think of a deterrent or two. Me, I’m partial to neutering with a rusty knife. I’d do a whole lot worse if that little horse had died.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    That poor horse relied on humans to look after him, and that cunt did that to him. Then to add insult to injury, he gets 1 day jail time and can do this again in another 3 years time where ‘s the justice in that. Im disgusted that a piece of shit can treat an animal like this and get away with it. The law needs to change because, as it stands now, that isn.t any Deterent in my book. If he was given jail time, then he might think in future.

  7. Jay says:

    I just came across this website. I live in Ontario and I think this guy needs a beating he’ll never forget. Perhaps the webmaster of this website can write a special article/page on how pathetic Canada’s justice system is. Make the whole world laugh at our justice system.

  8. Jayme says:



    SCUM That’s what you are!!!!

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