Jessica Fraraccio

Jessica Fraraccio
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

On August 22, 2012, Jessica Fraraccio of Manassas, Virginia became a murderer. For 7 months prior to that she was just a babysitter. I don’t know if she’d been abusive to her charges throughout the 7 months, but I do know that on the final day of Elijah Nealey’s life she became a sadistic, brutal, raging monster.

Jessica Fraraccio had seemed to be a good choice for a babysitter for the 3 Nealey children. She was quiet and shy, and seemed very nice. She was the daughter of a family friend. She had no criminal history, not even a traffic ticket. She was active in the Catholic church and did “good works” in the community. She was also a good student. There was nothing about her to alert Elijah Nealey’s parents that she was capable of inflicting the greatest harm on their precious little boy.

Elijah Nealey wasn’t quite 2 years old yet when he was murdered. He was a real cutie, and like most little boys he was totally into Spiderman and dinosaurs. He was also getting excited about his upcoming birthday party.

“Elijah was just really becoming a little boy,” his father Mike Nealey said. “He was slowly starting to come into his own. Everybody he met was his best friend.”

On August 22, 2012, Elijah’s 2 older sisters were taken by their grandma to the park. Elijah was left alone with Jessica Fraraccio in the family’s Birchwood Court home. Within 20 minutes that beautiful little boy was dead.

Elijah NealeyIt was lunch time and Elijah was sitting at a small table eating — and crying. I don’t know why he was crying. Jessica Fraraccio snapped. She pulled out his chair from under him and made little Elijah hit his head against the table and fall to the floor. Guess what — that made Elijah cry all the harder.

Jessica Fraraccio lifted that poor little boy up and carried him under her arm like a football. She hauled the distressed toddler through the house, slamming his head against walls and the stair railing. She also covered his mouth and nose with her hand, smothering little Elijah to death.

There was nothing accidental about what happened to Elijah Nealey. Jessica Fraraccio brutalized the little boy needlessly and sadistically. She CHOSE to do each and every thing she did to harm and kill him.

There is no real answer to why Jessica Fraraccio murdered Elijah Nealey. Saying she “snapped” is so glib and superficial. She’d been alone with the crying toddler for 20 minutes only — nothing that an experienced babysitter couldn’t handle.

Jessica Fraraccio wasn’t about to confess what she’d done. She did call 911 to summon help but Elijah was already dead. The murderer then told investigators a tale that he’d fallen and hit his head in the bathtub. It wasn’t until March 2013 that she finally revealed to the police how Elijah really died. She was fuzzy on the details, claiming she couldn’t remember clearly.

In October 2013, Jessica Fraraccio pled guilty to felony murder and child abuse. She was facing up to 50 years in prison, as befits the killer of helpless little children. But she didn’t get 50 years in prison.

At her sentencing in January 2014 Jessica Fraraccio was blessed with plenty of support. Her friends and family members submitted about 30 letters in support of this child killer. Her attorney, Sandra Drewniak, called Elijah’s murder a “tragic accident” She also told the court that her client was “extremely remorseful” and she had loved Elijah.

The prosecutor, Teresa Polinske, asked the judge to sentence Jessica Fraraccio to 50 years. “There is no reason to give this defendant mercy,” she told the judge.

Teresa Polinske also discounted the “tragic accident” crap the defense was spewing. She rightly said that Elijah’s death was due to “pure, unexplainable evil”, and that that poor little boy died due to “circumstances that were [Jessica Fraraccio’s] choice, done by her hand.”

Substitute Prince William Circuit Court Judge J. Howe Brown sentenced the murderer to 40 years in prison with 37 years SUSPENDED for the felony murder. He also sentenced her to 10 years in prison with 8 years SUSPENDED for the child abuse.

All totaled, this evil child killer will serve only 5 years in prison! Five pitiful years! She will serve 5 years probation after that, and Judge Howe Brown ordered her to maintain “good behavior” for the rest of her life.

OMFG, what was that judge thinking?!?! This was a case of murder, not bad behavior!

The hellbitch Jessica Fraraccio is to have no unsupervised contact with children — except her own if she has any — and must not ever contact the Nealey family.

Oh, and the judge tacked on a sentimental punishment as well — every year on the anniversary of the brutal murder of Elijah Nealey, his vicious killer must donate a DOLLAR to charity in his memory.

“That is to honor the memory of Elijah, to keep the memory of him in her mind,” Judge Howe Brown said.

So if she lives 50 years, Jessica Fraraccio would be out of pocket $50.00. Oooh, harsh!

Judge Howe Brown maintained that NOTHING he could do would punish this child killer more than the memory of Elijah’s death is already punishing her. I beg to differ. I think 50 years in prison would definitely punish her more.

Is there something in the water in Virginia? Or in the air? How the f*ck did Jessica Fraraccio find so much love and support from the community AND the judge after senselessly murdering a beautiful little boy?!?

Elijah Nealey’s outraged and grieving father said, “I want to get the word out to as many people that will listen, what kind of injustice [Elijah] received from the courts. To me, it’s a total failure of our justice system. I want everyone to know what the judge thought my son’s life was worth…which is pretty much nothing, according to him.”

I agree totally that this pathetic sentence was a failure of the justice system in Virginia. And apparently Judge Howe Brown has been the subject of online petitions to have him removed from the bench.

I truly hope when Jessica Fraraccio gets out all too soon that nobody will choose to start a family with her. I hope in the meantime that her supporters and family come to the realization that her kicking a chair out from under a child was not accidental, that smacking his head against walls and the stair railing was not accidental, and that covering his nose and mouth until he was dead was not accidental. It was evil!

“There’s no forgiveness. I don’t care what other people say, there’s no forgiving something like that,” said Mike Nealey. I agree.

RIP, Elijah Nealey. And I wish the Nealey family my sincerest condolences on their loss.

I also wish that Jessica Fraraccio is haunted forever by what she did, and accepts that she is deserving of hell. News article
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13 Responses to Jessica Fraraccio

  1. moodymagic says:

    I hope Fraraccio never gets out alive from prison. Elijah was a precious little boy. Disgusting to know a judge thinks child murder is worth nothing. 5 years and a dollar a year is a joke. My heart goes out to the Nealey family, poor Elijah what a beautiful little guy. Burn in hell Jessica you deserve worse.

  2. pixels&cupcakes says:

    It really really bothers me how child molesters, rapists and murderers get blessed with such a short stay in prison.

    I’m sorry, maybe its a little over the top, but I feel they should get sentenced to LIFE.
    It’ll save many, many more babies & children.

  3. Myrthe says:

    If you take someones life, you should be sentenced with life.. A life behind bars where l hope other inmates will make you suffer each day!! 5 years and that dollar each year is a big insult to Elijah and his family if you ask me, no justice at all!

  4. bulldoggy says:

    The sentence is an insult. This killer isn’t to be trusted around helpless people or animals if she can snap and murder for the smallest frustration. Her unpredictability makes her dangerous.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    That little boy was gorgeous! I just can’t fathom how anyone could harm him so viciously that they kill him. I look at that picture and just want to cuddle and kiss him. This killer is sick and twisted. I wonder if she’s been diagnosed as being a sociopath.

  6. BENGALPUSS says:

    that sentence is a joke, do you think if that was the judges relative that the sentence would be the same? doubt it somehow. absolute disgraceful,
    hope she suffers long and hard in the clink.

  7. kim says:

    this made me very sick, i think about how i have to trust someone to watch over my most precious daughter and i seriously had a breakdown, the reason is my son who is 25, well i went through 3 daycares, one of which an aide had punched, kicked and threw him to the floor…so when i had my daughter 20 yrs later boy it was like i had ptsd when we had to put her in daycare…very scary and this sentence was ridiculous how do you suspend 45 friggen yrs

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just so you know, in Virginia when time is suspended on the condition of “good behavior”, that means that you have to maintain that good behavior for whatever period of time is deemed necessary (in this case, for life).

    This means that if she does not maintain “good behavior” for life, all of that time that was suspended will come back to her, along with new time for new charges.

    Also, people under this kind of stipulation must be better than the average citizen. If they violate, or are even suspect of violating, the time could come back. This means that if you happen to be with someone who is doing something illegal, you could be considered guilty by association, even if you haven’t done anything wrong yourself.

    Therefore, if this woman truly is evil beyond redemption, she will likely serve all of that time anyways.

  9. Leasha says:

    Would someone care to help me create and advertise a petition to get this POS in jail for way longer? This is not right, something HAS to be done!

  10. momof3canada says:

    And this is why i never get a babysitter…

  11. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    I have a two year old son, and I can tell you exactly why he was crying in the first place. He probably wanted to go to the playground with his sisters. His punishment for wanting to play? Death. This makes me beyond sick. That subhuman witch should’ve gotten life. A dollar a year?! Despicable. I don’t care what Virginia’s policy is on maintaining good behavior. That girl is evil incarnate.

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