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Hellbeast Jesse ComptonCrimes: Murder, Child Abuse, Torture
Written by Tiffany, previously published in

I’ve been sitting here racking my brain trying to figure out how to begin this story. All I can think about is my little daughter asking for my help. Later you’ll understand why I say this.

One of my biggest fears is my baby girl crying out for me to help her and I’m not there or able to protect her. That thought alone brings me to tears. Some people might say I’m over protective but there are evil ass people out there and that’s my job – to protect her.

On June 8, 1994, Stella Kiser, from Oregon, gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl whom she named Tesslynn Elizabeth O’Cull. From what I can gather for 2-1/2 years, Stella was a good mommy. But Stella, now 22, felt like she needed a man. So off to the church to meet a good Christian man she went, right?!?

Hellbeast Stella KiserNow you know that she wouldn’t be on this site if that was true. Instead she went online looking for Mr. Right, and there she found Jesse Caleb Compton, 21, from Springfield Oregon. He was just what she was looking for a young man that liked to party and had his own apartment.

So in early 1997 Stella Kiser and Tesslynn O’Cull moved from Stella’s mother’s home to Springfield with live with Jesse Compton. I wish I could tell you they got married and lived happily ever after but unfortunately things didn’t turn out like that.

Shortly after they moved in Jesse started abusing Tesslynn. He would hit her all over her body with wooden spoons, spatulas, and belts. They would have “drug parties” over at the apartment where Stella, Jesse, and other guests would smoke methamphetamine by melting it with a propane blow torch. Sometimes these parties would last for days.

TesslynnDuring these parties many guests witnessed the abuse but never said anything. Some guests now say they witnessed Compton slap Tesslynn in the face, drag her by her beautiful blond hair, make her stand in the corner for hours, and even force the child to take long freezing cold baths and showers.

Eventually they started locking Tesslynn O’Cull in her bedroom – Remember now the parties lasted for days at times. People have stated that Jesse would go into the room where Tesslynn was and they would hear her cries for hours after he came out.

No one was allowed to go in there to check on her or help her. This child couldn’t even get food, water or go to the bathroom. Finally a neighbor complained about how they were treating this baby, but Jesse Compton told him if he went to the police he’d kill the neighbor and his girlfriend.

The neighbor never said a word.

In April of 1998 Jesse Compton broke FOUR vertebrae in Tesslynn O’Cull’s back. He also forcibly raped her with an object and burned her back, butt, genitals, and rectum with that propane torch. When the burns started to get infected he decided to pour rubbing alcohol into the open wounds. You’ll recall that the baby was only 2 years and 10 months at this time.

Can you imagine the pain this child was going through then she was probably thinking “PLEASE MOMMY HELP ME!” Now you see what I was saying in the first paragraph. But this story is far from being over. Jesse Compton also burned Tesslynn O’Cull on her legs, and stabbed her in the abdomen with a fork.

Now Mommy comes to help but not poor little Tesslynn, no instead she decides to help her prince charming. Stella Kiser forces Tesslynn to criss-cross her arms across her chest then pull her legs above her head, like a pretzel, and tie her up like this with ropes, cords and pieces of cloth. Tesslynn O’Cull would be left like this for 8-10 hours at a time. Stella admitted that she did this 10-15 times.

On June 13, 1997, 4 days after Tesslynn’s 3rd birthday, Jesse Compton repeatedly beat her in the head causing bruising on her little brain. Internal injuries were also caused due to him stomping on this poor baby’s stomach.

Somewhere between 12am and 2am Jesse Compton found Tesslynn wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. He immediately untied her from the pretzel position and tried to revive her by giving her CPR, then he hit her in the chest, that didn’t work, so Mr. Brains here gets a frayed electrical cord and tries to shock her back alive. Oh, and he also threw cold water on her.

Her tiny broken body had given up…Tesslynn Elizabeth O’Cull was dead.

Tesslynn OcullBoth Jesse and Stella knew they couldn’t call for help or they’d surely go to jail. They decided to just leave her in the room dead until they figured it out. Finally they had a plan, they would get Jesse’s sister to help them bury Tesslynn’s body.

The next couple of days, the loving young couple seemed happy and told friends they were planning on moving and trying to have a baby boy. When friends ask about Tesslynn they said, “Oh she’s at her Aunt’s she is babysitting”

Evidentally, Jesse’s sister had a change of heart or a divine intervention or something because on June 16, 1997 she went to the Springfield Police station and told them Tesslynn was dead and she helped Stella Kiser and Jesse Compton bury the child. On June 17, 1997 Springfield Police found Tesslynn O’Cull’s mutilated body in a shallow grave in Sweet Home, Oregon, right off of a logging road.

Along with the body they found a white and blue cloth with knots tied in it, and a woman’s ring with a pink stone. Their next stop was to Stella Kiser’s and Jesse Compton’s apartment. The police say the home was dirty and had a very foul odor. They read Jesse his Miranda Rights and began to search the property.

Detectives found drug paraphernalia, drug residue, the propane torch, pliers with burn marks on them, bottles of rubbing alcohol, a lamp that was missing the cord and cloths with knots tied in them. Outside their home, in the dumpster they found two large trash bags that belonged to the couple.

Inside police found Tesslynn O’Cull’s clothes, a Mother’s Day card to Stella Kiser, the cord from the lamp which was frayed at the end, shoestrings with knots and rope. Inside the knotted up shoestrings and rope was Tesslynn’s blond hair. They also found white and blue cloths, which matched the cloths in Tesslynn’s grave.

During her autopsy the medical examiner said Tesslynn O’Cull likely died of septic shock, internal bleeding from a ruptured kidney or a combination of the effects of trauma. Tesslynn also had fluid loss due to the 3rd degree burns throughout her battered body.

During the trial Assistant DA Robert Gorham apologized to the jury for having to tell them of the abuse that Tesslynn suffered:

“There are 64 different talking points I have written on autopsy reports. There are many more injuries then that though. Tesslynn O’Cull had an injury on every single part of her body.”

One juror broke down crying uncontrollably and had to be dismissed. The alternate took her place.

Gorham also said:

“Not all the injuries were reported to the media.”

My God! What else could these monsters have done that hasn’t been released. Springfield Police say this is the worst case of child abuse they’ve ever came across.

On October 20, 1998 Jesse Compton’s trial started. He was charged with 6 counts of aggravated murder, murder by abuse, 2 counts of 1st degree sexual penetration and 2nd degree abuse of a corpse. The jury deliberated only 4 hours before finding him GUILTY on all charges. On November 5th, 1998, Circuit Judge Lyle Velure sentenced Jesse to death by lethal injection. He showed no reaction.

In January 1999, Stella Kiser went to trial but it ended in a hung jury. Her 2nd trial started on April 19th, 1999. On April 29th, 1999, she was found guilty of aggravated murder, and sentenced to Life Without Parole.

Tesslynn’s grandfather from California said, “This is exactly what we came to Oregon for.” Also I’ve found out Stella Kiser and Jesse Compton are both looking for pen pals (while in prison). They both describe themselves as honest, gentle and loving people. They never once mention Tesslynn.

Here is a MySpace Page in memory of Tesslynn O’Cull.

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42 Responses to Jesse Caleb Compton & Stella Kiser

  1. Merete says:

    This is the worst case of child abuse I’ve ever heard about…
    Stella Kiser should be tortured the same way her daughter was, then left to die!

    And people ask me why I don’t belive in God…?

    • bengalpuss says:

      Heartbreaking isn.t it merete. First time i read this story tears welled up in my eyes, because i was thinking what this little angel went through because of these two sub-human bastards. How can a mother allow her own child to be abused the way Tesslyn was. I hope these two pigs have a miserable existence.

    • Tami says:

      Well gee, apparently, neither do these two. And what do we call people who don’t believe in God…..? Hmmmm?

    • whitney says:

      I believe this is an excellent example of why one should believe in god. This little girl is in her “mansion” in whatever you believe to be a heaven, while her scumbag of a mom rots in a prison that I assure you is entirely unpleasant, uncomfortable, and torturous in its own way. Still, Tesslynn must’ve been in the greatest of pains. Poor girl.

      • Jay says:

        I believe that the above comment is an excellent example of Wishful Thinking. Yes, it would be nice if bad people were punished for eternity while good people went to a magical “mansion” in the sky to live happily ever after, but it’s not true and it completely negates your obligation to try and do something helpful in this life, not the next, the here & now, where the suffering and misery actually is.
        Prayers help nobody. Ever, and you’ll find it utterly impossible to provide any evidence to prove that statement incorrect.
        If God ever existed he has proven himself to be either incredibly callous and uncaring, or incompetent. Neither of which deserve any respect whatsoever.
        Where was your God while this child was being tortured for years?

        • 2cute says:

          Jay, I couldn’t have said it better.

        • Kassidy says:

          That comment above is bull. My grandfather was given a week to live 25 years ago. We prayed. Prayer saved his life because he is still living today. You can say theres not a god and thats on you. But if you keep living that way, hell is where your going. Then you can tell stella kiser how awful she is to her face. Put in a word from me. As a christian i cant sit here and let you trash talk the man that made you. Would you say your mother or father dosnt exist. We didnt come from apes. I dont give a crap what you say. Just because you havent seen it dosnt mean it isnt real. So get it straight.

          • JayEss says:

            @Kassidy; “As a Christian” I thought you were taught to be non-judgmental, forgiving and willing to turn the other cheek? I’m sure that if the “man who made me” has a problem then he can deal with me himself, no? He definitely doesn’t need to send any more uneducated bigots my way, that’s for sure.
            Why did your god make your grandfather desperately ill? Is He really so shallow that he would demand prayers to stop your grandfather dying in agony?
            And, just sayin, if your grandfather was in a hospital then it wasn’t god who saved him, it was modern medicine and the care and expertise of the hospital staff.
            And just because you CAN’T see something but lots of people say it’s true without ANY VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE doesn’t make it real either.
            I would say that my parents do indeed exist, because they do. I can prove it.
            And apparently, according to an overwhelming amount of undeniable evidence, we are likely to share a line of ancestry with apes, your comment only adds to this pile of proof.
            How could any intelligent being make someone as stupid as you?
            I don’t think you have any idea what straight is.

          • Hopeless Pedantic says:

            Uh… doctors don’t know how long a person has to live, so instead of thinking it’s some miracle they were wrong, why not actually read your own damn holy book and remind yourself that “no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows”.

            Also, let’s say someone was snatched from jaws of death with no earthly explanation. How did you determine the supernatural force responsible for it? Could be aliens. Or a time-traveler who prevented the illness which could have caused the death. Or perhaps a clone zombie was put in their place.

            Believing in causes with no supporting facts open one up to these equally plausible explanations.

        • Bengalpuss. says:

          Boom, jay couldn’t have said it any better. God wasn’t around while this baby was raped and murdered, I don’t wanna worship a god that’s so cruel.

          • Judes says:

            How can you possibly blame God. This was perpetuated by man. He had the choice to love and care for this child and unfortunately chose to follow Satan.

  2. Stacey says:

    This makes me so angry and so sad. I may never be able to have children, but these pieces of shit get to reproduce. I would have taken her, loved her, cherished her and cared for her if they didn;t want her, and that is also why I do not believe there is a god. The pain she expeerienced is unthinkable and breaks my heart

  3. stunnedmommy says:

    I don’t know why I read these stories. I want to know these children. To not let their memories and lives be forgotten and for nothing but as I sat reading the disgusting details I have a physically ill feeling in my stomach. How a mother could carry and “properly” care for a child the first two years of their life then have absolutely no regard for the horrendous treatment their baby girl is subjected to is a complete mystery to me. I look at my beautiful daughter and feel the unborn child growing in my belly and I can’t help but wish every pain and suffering to fall upon those monsters 1000 fold for treating such an innocent child in such an evil way. They are pure evil.

    • James says:

      I agree – they are evil – bad to the core – I wish they would get on with the death penalty for this dirtbag – Tesslyn will always be remembered by me and she is my hero. It’s so sad Tesslyn had to endure this – and I want to help keep her memory alive – we all love her.

  4. lorri says:

    My friend was in the Coffee Creek Prison w/ this disgusting person. Before they tried to revive this baby w/ the lamp cord, they first hooked her up to the car battery w/ jumper cables. She said this person was well hated by most of the other women prisoners. Stella Kiser is filing an appeal saying she was brain washed by her boyfriend. Makes me sick. Literally.

  5. MomOf2 says:

    Oh my god. I can’t…I just can’t. God speed, baby girl. Be at peace now.

  6. against stupid people says:

    EVER HEARD OF LET THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME???? bet you a thousand dollars it would work. rid the world of shit like this

  7. BENGALPUSS says:

    oh dear kassidy, your god then is full of shite, what did that little girl do so wrong for your god to make her suffer the way she did? and don’t give me no bullshit answer that he is testing us. From seeing what your god does, then hell doesn’t seem that bad of a place. get your head out of cloud cuckoo land, we certainly did evolve from apes, not some magical being that lets us live in a fantasy mansion were all good people go. ROFLMFAO!!!!!

    • noell says:

      I’d love to know exactly when did apes stop turning Into humans? I sat for hours at the zoo, didn’t see one evolve. The only evolving animals are in pokemon!!! Oh us and Satan is alive and well. And that is why these scum do these crimes!

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Maybe if you sat for thousands of years watching the apes at the zoo you may well see some slight evolutionary changes, not gonna in hours. If. God does exist then I think he’s full of shit, I ain’t gonna worship some cunt who allows all this misery in the world. However I can quite believe that Satan does exist, just look at the world today?!

        • Lily Radelja Smart says:

          If you believe Satan exists then you should believe that god does too. Isn’t that what they keep teaching our kids in school. Anyway how did God get into this conversation anyway ? Haven’t you all heard of free will? According to The movie Bruce Almighty, God can’t mess with free will. Sorry little joke to lighten the mood in here Even the devoted Christian’s of this world harbor I’ll will from time to time. Everyone is capable of unspeakable acts in their lifetime It’s up to the indidviual wether it’s carried out or not. Most people need something to believe in. Some believe in God, some believe in Allah, and in some religions the cow is sacred! Who are we to judge someone else’s beliefs? Leave God out of this !

          • Lily Radelja Smart says:

            Sorry about the spelling

          • Bengalpuss says:

            I have a problemxwhen people start talking shit about god being with her or she’s with god now Bullshit, my point is where was Fucking god while this beautiful little girl was brutalized? And I can believe in Satan without believing in god.

      • Hopeless Pedantic says:

        Um, hey, Homeschool: humans and apes are not descended from one another. We merely share a common ancestor over seven million years ago.

        Since you and Ray Comfort both probably think the Earth is only 6000 years old, your objection to the theory of evolution is probably that there’s not enough time to evolve… which totes explains why you’d be dumb enough to stare at zoo animals expecting them to spontaneously mutate.

  8. JoJo says:

    God is an angry little boy playing with an ant farm!!!

  9. Sarah says:

    This is the absolute worst case of child abuse I have ever heard of. How could a person inflict so much pain and torture on any being on this earth, especially a sweet, innocent, defenceless baby. I just can’t understand what goes through their mind. Why do they do it…. That poor baby girl must of been so confused since her mommy was apparently loving to her the first 2 years and then all of a sudden allowed her to be tortured in pain and even joined in. It sickens me to think of what she went through not knowing that life is supposed to be full of love and kindness. The mom should have received the death penalty as well. Standing idly buy is just as bad as what he did.

  10. JDV says:

    Don’t make Tesslyn’s death be a religious debate. This is about her. Oh baby girl it’s over now. Rest, sleep, the monsters can’t hurt you anymore. ❤️

  11. bibi says:

    I was the manager of those apartments they lived in when this happened. Of course representing the owners, I was privy to the atrocity that poor child lived through with police reports and all. Questioned to the max! I didn’t have a clue this was happening. Never before in my real estate career did I ever have to deal with the horror of this poor baby’s life. I still have nightmares and changed my line of work. I can’t believe hes still alive. Almost 20 years living off my tax dollars makes me physically ill. Its time to carry out the sentence to me. Stop paying for him to live. Just think, had this child been loved and cared for she would be a beautiful young woman today and almost the same age as was this man at the time he brutally killed her. Time to pay the piper Jesse. Time to pay the final installment.

    • AVT says:

      This was my cousin. I was seven at the time that she died. Stella did a lot wrong, that is for sure. But if this is anything, it’s a disgusting example of how bad meth is. The things it makes you do. The things it causes to happen. I’m not excusing her, in the slightest, Jesse and Stella were both horrible people, and nothing in the world could have been a reason for this to happen. But I know in my heart Stella wasn’t always like that. I grew up seeing photos of her with my mother playing and hearing stories from when they lived in California. She wasn’t all bad. but badness seeps in and overtakes a person. No belief in god changes that.

      • Jennifer says:

        She might not have always been like that but what does that matter now? Tesslynn death wasn’t a quick death. This childs death was systematic, torturous, never ending for that poor baby. Her body suffered too much but her heart broke at the same time knowing no one was going to help her, especially her mother. Wouldn’t even call that pig a mother. They both should have been executed a long time ago

      • Teri says:

        I’ve read that Tesslynn was actually happy and cared for before that disgust of a human came into their lives. I have a little boy, he’s one. He’s learning to walk and he fell and hit his head today and he cried pretty hard. Now that I know Tesslynn’s story, it won’t leave me — and every time my baby cries I think of her, how she must have cried and cried and begged for her mommy. Children are so small, so helpless, so dependant. All they know is us, their parents and caregivers. The worst, most revolting betrayal in the world is a mother abandoning her child in its time of need, or not protecting it from the horrible monsters in this world. Tesslynn has affected my life so profoundly. I’ve stopped wishing I could go back in time and save her, and stopped wishing that Jesse was never born. I hug my little boy more each day because of Tesslynn. I search people’s faces for signs of abuse — or worse yet, being an abuser. I never let my child out of my sight. Tesslynn’s gut-wrenching little life made me realize how scary this world is. I wish I could have shown her how beautiful life can be. I’ve promised my baby and this world that I will work to try to raise awareness and protect the little ones. There are more Jesses out there. I wish Tesslynn knew that her death made a difference.

      • BeenThere says:

        Bitch still killed the baby. I sure as shit wouldn’t brag about being related to the CUNT

    • BeenThere says:

      Bullshit…no cop, prosecutor or attorney would share information with a apartment manager…Been there and never shared info with a civilian. ROLMAO

  12. Bengalpuss says:

    All those people who knew that poor baby was being abused are just as bad as these two murdering cunts. Why didn’t they say something or do something? Maybe this little girl would still be alive if somebody had said something.

    • Noah says:

      My Mother shared a cell with Stella between 1998-2001. They were incarcerated in Pendleton, OR, and my Mom told me that she tried switching cells, because all of the women knew Stella’s story, and as a result they would spit on her, hit her, steal all of her commissary type items, call her names, and threaten her daily.

  13. Elizabeth Avery says:

    I know his sister Lacey who helped bury that prescious little girl and I believe that she should have been charged with something and she wasn’t but she is haunted by tesslynn I worked a remote job with her and she swears that baby girl is following her I am glad she suffers with the thought of what she has done

  14. Kassie Jonez says:

    Everyone on this post either KNOWS SOMEBODY or WAS PRIVY TO INFO like the ignorant apt manager. No one would share that info or question you longer than to ask for paperwork. And by the way miss apt manager all that time and YOU didn’t see anything to report??? You all shut up with the I KNEW and give this Angel some respect. This IS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Oregon has become the state best known for keeping the very worst murderers alive and well.

    We’ve done the math. So far it has cost the taxpayers of Oregon about $950,000 to keep Compton in prison and another $1.2M in flagrant, financial and time wasting appeals. There is absolutely no doubt Compton is guilty and zero chance he will ever be exonerated. He is 100% guilty of the worst child murder crime in Oregon’s history.

    And yet the same anti-death penalty morons who are purposely forcing the taxpayers into paying over $2,150,000 use the financial burden they created as an argument against the death penalty.

    If Compton had been rightfully executed a long time ago enforcement of personal responsibility would have been served, there would be no financial stress imposed on Oregon voters and the coward governors would have been saluted for following the law laid down by those same voters.

  16. Cecelia says:

    Dear God,I wish I had not read about this baby, it haunts me. I only wish she had died sooner so that the pain would end. I can’t imagine the hopelessness of knowing that her mom was not helping her. Such a sweet little girl, just a baby. Horrific. You’re with God now, little Tesslyn.

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