Jeremy Raymond Pike

Pedophile Jeremy Raymond Pike
Crimes: Pedophile, Child Pornography

Jeremy Raymond Pike of Bowmanville, Ontario, was arrested on July 19, 2005. Whatever for, you ask? Let’s see if you can guess. First of all, Jeremy Raymond Pike was an elementary school teacher in Oshawa teaching grade 5 students. He worked as an activity co-ordinator for Big Brothers in London. Before that he had worked as a youth director aboard a cruise ship.

Jeremy Raymond Pike was also known to babysit, tutor, coach a T-ball team, and to generously take children on outings.

Give up? If you guessed shoplifting you would be wrong. If you guessed pedophile BINGO! Yup, Jeremy Raymond Pike liked to have sex with young boys. He liked to think about it, dream about it, plan for it and most of all to do it!

By the time Jeremy Raymond Pike was arrested, he was living the typical lifestyle of a typical pedophile. He worked with and volunteered for activities involving young children. His training and occupations enabled him to be in a position of authority over young children. His roles as teacher and coach gave him respectability in the community. Parents trusted him, and their children trusted him. Typical, typical, typical.

Jeremy Raymond Pike did not, of course, put in all that time and effort to be a model citizen and good role model for children. No, his primary motivation was to maximize his opportunities to prey on and molest vulnerable young boys.

Jeremy Raymond Pike’s teaching and criminal careers came to a crashing halt when the Durham Children’s Aid Society received a report of sexual assault allegations on July 13, 2005. These sexual assaults dated back to 1998. Jeremy Raymond Pike had apparently “babysat” a couple of 5-year-old boys.

Five years old! Gawd, I hate pedophiles!

Anyway, come July 19, 2005, the Durham Regional Police visited Jeremy Raymond Pike at his home and took him into custody. They found photos, DVDs, CDs, computer files and videos.

Thank goodness that pervs like Jeremy Raymond Pike like to document their criminal activities! It makes victims easier to identify and convictions easier to obtain.

The movies that the police discovered totaled 13 hours of this sick twisted hellbeast engaging in “fondling, masturbation, acts of fellatio and anal intercourse.” Some of the little boys were restrained as Jeremy Raymond Pike sodomized them, and others appeared to have slept through the assaults. Only he knows if he drugged any of them.

Would any child who wasn’t drugged sleep through a sexual assault? The bastard!

Jeremy Raymond Pike appeared in an Oshawa court on May 2, 2008 on sexual exploitation and child pornography charges. Police had actually racked up 95 charges against him during the course of their investigation. That’s not too surprising considering how determined and deceptive a predator he was.

Jeremy Raymond Pike was found guilty of “heinous acts, performed against children”. He pleaded guilty to and was convicted on 10 of 95 original counts related to sexual interference and child pornography. The sexual offences involved eight young boys ages 2 (TWO!) to 14. Six of the victims had been identified and 2 were still unknown.

Those poor boys! I pray they have happy, successful lives despite what this creature did to them.

On September 29, 2008 Madam Justice Devlin sentenced Jeremy Raymond Pike to a total of 14 years in prison. She also imposed a lifetime ban prohibiting him from being in the presence of anyone under the age of 14.

Interestingly, Jeremy Raymond Pike’s dear papa, Raymond Pike, was charged with sexually assaulting a 7-year-old child on 3 separate occasions. The little girl had finally told a parent and her kindergarten teacher. Good for her! Yay!

Old Raymond Pike, 57, was found guilty in June, 2008 and was sentenced to a whopping 17 months in jail. Ooooh, harsh! He of course is now free. Jeremy Raymond Pike still has a bit more prison time to do, but not enough IMHO.

I wonder if papa visits sonny boy in prison. Do they have anything to talk about? Raymond “likes” little girls and Jeremy “likes” little boys and never the twain shall meet as they say.

Sick fucks. I hope they both make space on this planet soon and rot in hell.

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13 Responses to Jeremy Raymond Pike

  1. Trace says:

    And he should have his balls removed so he can’t spawn a pervert son like his dad did. Both should be stomped into the ground.

    • The_man says:

      umm. I know this jeremy fellow was a disgusting human being.

      but – judging by your posts – you seem like you have some very violent fantasies mate.

      He wants to “stomp” a mans balls? .u need some professional help kidda. u should get that sorted out innit.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I hope he becomes someone’s Bitch were he is now and he is treated as rough as possible. That still isn’t enough for what he’s done. It is a start. I only hope all the young boys are strong enough to all become Good upstanding members of society.

  3. EZ says:

    From the sounds of things Jeremy was first the victim of abuse before he became the abuser. This in no way excuses his actions or clears him of responsibility but I would be shocked if this didn’t start with dear old dad. 17 months? He should have gotten the rest of his natural life.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    I don.t buy that bollocks about abused children go on to be abusers. We all have a wonderful thing in life, its called choices, and some people make the wrong ones and others make heinous ones. If anything an abused child should grow and be totally against abusers because they should know how it feels (Empathy) not go on and put someone through the horrors of what they went thru. Those poor children, i hope that they can over come the trauma of what happened to them and have a good life. And i hope this molesting raping cunt die.s a horrible death.

    • Vicky Linskie says:

      I agree 100 % with everything you said right down to him dying a horrible death. I know one of his victims and I tell you what, if I could get my hands on the son of a bitch I am afraid of what I might do to him. I have lots of brooms around here and I think I just found a use for them. Rot in hell you useless piece of human flesh !! He really is a waste of human flesh and so is his father. May they meet in hell…….

  5. bengalpuss says:

    I hope the person you know, who was a victim of this piece of shite, is ok and not emotionally screwed up with what this bastard did to him. Im presuming its a him/Boy as this was paedaphile extrordinaire’s preference. And i hope that while he’s in jail he gets his just deserts off his fellow convicts. And when this scumbag does come out of jail, he should have these conditions attached to his release, not to have possession of any wireless device with internet access, not to go near or be within a certain distance of schools, play groups anywhere, where children are, sign the sex offenders register for life, and if he meets someone, to inform them of what a beast he is, because they could have children. In fact if i was the parole board, i’d stipulate that he can never be near or in the company of children ever again, its the only way with these sick fucks.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Sheila its not too late for your friend to do something about this paedaphile. He needn’t worry about people knowing because he can remain anonymous, and give evidence behind a screen, if he wants, the newspapers cannot print his name so he shouldn’t worry about that. Even if the abuse happened 40yrs ago, they will still prosecute. Its called historic abuse. Maybe this is what your friend needs to do to heal and know that this piece of shit hasn’t gotten away with what he has done. I hope your friend makes the right decision that will help him move forward in life, good luck.

  6. Sheila Holmes says:

    We have only recently heard about the charges against Jeremy Pike, pedophile. A friend of mine is a 31 year old male. He was abused, raped & tortured by Jeremy in 1988 when he was 8 years old. This was not a one time occurance. A friend of his was also treated the same.

    Jeremy had 2 accomplices on some of the occasions. This time frame indicates he was abusing kids much earlier than the time frame he was charged for. There are 2 cases right here.
    We do not know if the police would care/ be interested as it was so long ago.

    We would also like the address to contact Jeremy to write a victim impact statement and help my friend work through his trauma.

  7. Ruby says:

    He is out now. The first time he was released he broke his rules and went near children near a church and then went back in for another year. Now he is out. Living in Shelter (I think). It scares me to think he is out.
    Does anybody know who the 2 accomplices are?

  8. Chris says:

    Hi ruby do you know of any articles that says he is out now? and his current situation I lived on his street when he was arrested, and was 10 at the time, I lived on his street since I was four was very good friends with alot of the victims, he took me to the park and stuff but my parents had a bad feeling about him so would never let me go over to his house even thou he kept wanting me to sleep over which my parents thought was odd..

  9. Lesley Lynch says:

    For years his father told me, a friend, that he never wanted to see his son again. Now, Jeremy is spending an incredible amount of time with his father now that he is out of jail. They are also not letting the local police that he is in the neighbourhood. Arn’t they supposed to do that?

  10. Chris says:

    Hey lesley are you located in Toronto?

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