Jeremy Brent Cramer

Jeremy Cramer
Crime: Murder

I don’t even know what words to use to describe Jeremy Brent Cramer of Washington State. Hellbeast even seems far too nice, and monster far too bland. Jeremy Cramer is the definition of evil, and thankfully he’s been locked up for the rest of his worthless life.

In July 2013, Jeremy Cramer took his little boy, Broderick, from their Lacey home. Broderick Daniel Cramer was just days shy of his 4th birthday. Maybe he thought his daddy was going to surprise him with something special for the big event. Maybe he thought he and his daddy were going to have a day out having fun.

Jeremy Cramer had no such plans. His plan most likely centred around punishing Broderick’s mommy — she’d had the audacity to talk about leaving him! And Jeremy Cramer is not the sort of manbeast to put up with disrespect like that from his woman!

Cramer familyThe couple had had an argument that morning about money and such, and he was feeling murderous. And he wasn’t about to let his wife leave him and take their son.

And so, after taking little Broderick with him, he drove out of state to wind up on a southwestern Montana country road, far from anywhere and anyone. He and Broderick left the vehicle and walked a distance down the road into a field. And there, in that remote field far from home, on July 8, 2013, Jeremy Cramer used rocks and a knife to beat and stab that darling boy to death.

Still the beast wasn’t satisfied. He continued his rampage by attacking his victim’s little body until he’d mangled and dismembered it. That’s what he did to the boy who loved him, the boy he loved.

Covered in his son’s blood, Jeremy Cramer wound up in the restroom of an Anaconda convenience store. A store clerk found him there, trying to wash the blood from his clothing, and called the police.

When the police apprehended Jeremy Cramer, they found his truck 5 miles away with an empty child seat in it. The hellbeast was carrying a bloody knife and bloody keys. I think the police figured out right away what they were dealing with.

Broderick’s mother, Nataliya, had already called the police to report that Jeremy Cramer had taken her boy and wasn’t answering her calls or texts.

victimI cannot imagine the hell the poor woman was going through, not knowing where her beloved son was and what her dastardly husband was going to do to him.

And I cannot imagine the hell she went through after her husband, soaked in blood, was arrested and her boy was unaccounted for.

When Montana police questioned him about the whereabouts of Broderick, Jeremy Cramer refused to answer. He asked to speak to his Mormon church president, but even to that man he didn’t reveal the location of the body.

The morning after his arrest, the monster Jeremy Cramer phoned his dad. The call was recorded but that didn’t stop him from talking. He told his dad he’d run out of gas and he’d walked a long way with Broderick on his shoulders.

And then Jeremy Cramer admitted to his dad that he’d killed the boy, but said he didn’t know why. He indicated he’d taken a whole pile of Adderall pills, but said he didn’t know why.

Now when Jeremy Cramer was arrested he did have an empty container for Adderall, a prescription he’d had filled 5 days earlier. But who’s to say he took all the pills before he killed his boy? He was still high when he was arrested, after walking 5 miles to the store.

I think in that recorded phone call Jeremy Cramer was trying to tell his dad he blamed his actions on the drugs he took along with some beer he drank.

Jeremy Cramer’s father suggested that his grandson might still be alive, but the beast told him, “My son is dead, 100%, my son is dead, yes I did it, something did it of me but I didn’t do it.”

Sounds like the devil made him do it now, and not the pills and booze.

His father didn’t give up, saying Broderick might be laying in a field out there, somewhere, still alive.

“Dad, he’s dead, dead, dead, dead because I know he is,” said Jeremy Cramer. “I just know it. I see a vivid picture of him, looking at him before ahhh. He’s dead, OK.”

Looking before ahhh – the dismemberment maybe?

Crime sceneBrockerick’s body was found that morning when investigators searched the area around the truck. The scene was extremely grisly and I feel for the personnel who had to deal with it.

The hellbeast had nearly severed his son’s head, he’d cut the body in 2 pieces, and he’d removed all the organs. He’d left the bloody rocks and hunting knife he used to kill Broderick close by.

And now Nataliya Cramer was in a new kind of hell, I’m sure. I can’t even imagine the anguish she felt, knowing what was done to her beloved boy.

Although Jeremy Cramer initially pled not guilty, he changed his plea in December 2013. He’d struck a plea deal with the prosecutors and pled guilty to deliberate homicide. He admitted in court he’d “purposely killed” his son.

I’m thinking that was a wise move — the crime scene photos were extremely gruesome and would no doubt influence a jury.

For the first time in his career, the prosecutor asked the judge to seal the photos. “These were just too horrible,” said Assistant Montana Attorney General Brant Light.

Crying Jeremy CramerAfter seeing those very crime scene photos, Judge Loren Tucker actually deviated from the plea agreement and ruled that Jeremy Cramer would never, ever be paroled. He will spend the rest of his useless, wasted life behind bars.

“There is simply no way to explain away what you did,” said Judge Tucker. He added that he hoped “the little boy didn’t know what was coming.”

Amen to that thought.

The judge was not impressed that Jeremy Cramer had reportedly stated to a parole officer that he regretted drinking in front of his wife more than killing his boy.

Nataliya Cramer submitted a statement to the court. “The world has ended for me,” she wrote. “I will be with my little angel boy after I die.”

The grieving mother was haunted by what she imagined her son’s last moments were like – with him pleading, “Daddy, don’t hurt me. I love and trust you so much.”

Nataliya Cramer had no doubt her evil ex had deliberately schemed to kill Broderick. “I know for sure this was planned ahead of time,” she wrote. “We never want to see him ever again.”

The only people who will be seeing Jeremy Cramer from now on either live or work at the prison where he’s incarcerated. He will die in prison, and hopefully every day before that fateful day he will remember the loving little son he had so senselessly and brutally murdered.

RIP Broderick Daniel Cramer. And my heartfelt condolences to those who loved him, especially his mother.

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Photos courtesy of KRTV

18 Responses to Jeremy Brent Cramer

  1. bulldoggy says:

    I don’t think this asshole took all the Adderall at once. There’s no mention of him being hospitalized for an overdose. But if he did chronically abuse Adderall then he could become aggressive and psychotic. That’s no excuse for what he did to that boy. RIP little man.

  2. BENGALPUSS says:

    Oh my god, what a vindictive nasty spiteful, bastard. That poor little boy broderick, i am so glad that the judge did deviate from the plea agreement, those crime scene photos must have been horrific, those poor cops must of been traumatised finding little broderick. I hope this piece of shite, never has a moments peace again in his worthless life, i hope his life is made an absolute misery.

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    shame this piece of shite wasn’t given the death penalty, jail is too good for this pig.

  4. moodymagic says:

    This is one sick pig. I am so glad the judge showed no mercy. This prick should be forced to were a tatoo that reads child killer on it. How long would he last. My heart breaks for Nataliya and poor Broderick.

  5. Agrippina The Elder says:

    Perpetrators that kill innocent children in order to punish their spouse or significant other should be put down and automatically receive the death penalty. This type of crime is clearly planned very methodically to terrorize their mate and a poor innocent child is the catalyst for their vengeance. It makes my blood boil to hear about crimes perpetuated upon children and animals because they are so innocent, trusting, and eager to receive attention! Children and animals are so easily victimized because they give their trust so willingly.

    To Broderick’s mother and family, I am so sorry for your loss. No one should ever have to see the death of their child in their lifetime. I will keep your family in my prayers. I can not even begin to imagine how you must feel….I can only empathize and say that I am so very sorry that you are being put through this hell. May Broderick rest in peace.

  6. fuctup says:

    I really hope that little guy didn’t have a clue what his daddy was planning. I hope he fell unconscious after the first blow so he didn’t suffer. And I hope the killer suffers every minute of every day.

  7. zuluzombie says:

    Stupid bastard should have his nuts handed to him, fried up with onions.

  8. Destbarr says:

    Rot in hell you piece of shit

  9. BENGALPUSS says:

    LOL don’t forget the garlic and chilli powder, extra spicy,

  10. MsM says:

    I will bet anything this is another one of those mail order bride situations that went horribly wrong. She’s got the name and the look of a Ukrainian so I wouldn’t doubt it. Control freak losers bring women over here, marry them and then make their lives hell. This poor little boy’s death was probably the culmination of much more abuse that’s been going on behind he scenes. I see at least one case like this a month here in Florida, I’m sure there are other cases as well. Here’s hoping the bastard gets what he deserves in prison.

  11. red says:

    i can’t figure this out i mean do these people get possessed to do this crazy shit. this guy needs a death by a thousand cuts

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      You mean ling chi? those chinese didn’t fuck about when it came to punishment, shame it was outlawed!!

  12. KXG says:

    oh what a shock, another “nice, kind, sweet, loving, perfect” religious nutjob who slaughtered someone. and part of a cult no less. sick fucking freak.

  13. TimeToFaceFacts says:

    Senseless. Why? Just why? I hope every time he closes his eyes Broderick is looking back at him from the abyss.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      I doubt it, every time he’s sees that little boys face, he’ll blame him for being in the situation he’s in now, that’s what narcissistic fuckers do.

  14. Sarbear88 says:

    I have no words for this…. Poor sweet boy with his birthday only a few days away trusted his daddy and was eager to spend time with his daddy and then he turns around and does this to his own flesh and blood. He tore the boys organs out it’s just sick sick sick and twisted. How could you dismember your own child my god what has this world come to I feel horrified for the officers and forensics that had to see this and take photographs of it.

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