Jennifer Mothershead

Jennifer Mothershead

Crime: Child Abuse

I just shake my head sometimes at the total unfairness of life. There are so many women on this earth who would love nothing more than to bear children and give them a wonderful, loving home but find that they cannot. And then there are hellbitches like Jennifer Mothershead of Washington state who are able to breed but who are totally incapable of behaving like loving, caring mothers and human beings. Unfair!

Jennifer Mothershead, 31, of Buckley, Washington, has been convicted of child assault. Her helpless, vulnerable 1-year-old daughter was the unfortunate victim. The abuse spanned from March 2011 to May 2011 and only ended when the little girl was hospitalized at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Jennifer Mothershead’s baby girl, who was only 14 month old, had to be airlifted to hospital in May 2011. She had suffered a serious head injury, and on top of that her eyes were severely infected.

I did find a photo online purporting to be of the baby’s poor wee face. I am choosing not to post it. It’s gruesome. Her eyelids are red and swollen shut and crusted with icky stuff. The poor little tot looks so completely miserable that it breaks my heart to see it.

I also found a photo purporting to be the baby’s eye. It was milky white, much like you would see with cataracts.

Hospital staff, seeing such nasty injuries, suspected abuse and called the sheriff’s department. The police questioned Jennifer Mothershead about her little girl’s condition.

Jennifer the hellbitch Motherhead told the police that her little girl developed eye problems after playing in a barn in March 2011. Somehow, she said, her daughter got a scratch on her eye. She indicated that she was treating the eye problems with antibiotics and eye drops.

Jennifer the POS child abuser Motherhead had no explanation to offer for the serious head injury.

Maybe, just maybe, the injury had something to do with her husband filing for divorce. Jennifer Motherhead certainly used her daughter’s eye condition to limit visits with her soon-to-be ex-husband. He was allowed only a few hours every 10 days and Jennifer Motherhead routinely cancelled those visits. Undoubtedly she’s a vindictive bitch. Maybe she vented her wrath on her baby’s wee head. I admit it’s a guess.

What isn’t a guess is that the POS hellbitch vented her wrath on her baby’s eyes.

See, those eye drops that Jennifer Motherhead was applying to “treat” the eye infection weren’t exactly medicine. They were bleach. The nasty bitch was putting bleach in her baby girl’s eyes. On purpose.

What kind of vicious, vile turdpile would do that?!?!

Guess what bleach does to your vision. It blinds you. And now Jennifer Motherhead’s little girl is permanently blind in one eye and has lost most of the vision in her other eye.

I cannot even imagine the pain those bleach drops caused. A detective had tested them on his wrist and found he got a burning sensation from them.

Jennifer MothersheadWhen police questioned Jennifer Motherhead about her little girl’s injuries she showed absolutely no emotion. I am not surprised. She has to be heartless to inflict such damage and such pain on her baby girl.

The tiny tot was initially kept in hospital for treatment. She’d suffered a subdural hematoma from that unexplained head injury. She was placed into CPS custody, and eventually she was delivered to her daddy’s custody. Bless her little heart, I hope she is living a safe, happy life now.

Jennifer Motherhead was arrested in April 2012, and she pled not guilty at her arraignment.

That monstrous mother has real balls to plead not guilty to the abuse — the police had the bottle of eyedrops/bleach! And the doctors could testify that the eye injuries were due to prolonged exposure to bleach.

At the trial the prosecutor suggested that the abuse the little girl had been subjected to might have had a financial motivation. Jennifer Mothershead got plenty of sympathy and money out of people, what with her husband ditching her and her daughter being so sick.

In October 2013, a Pierce County Superior Court jury convicted Jennifer Motherhead of 1st-degree child assault. The jury found aggravating factors that demonstrated the evil bitch had exhibited deliberate cruelty to a vulnerable victim. I hope that translates into a longer prison sentence.

The prosecutor is asking for a sentence of 30 to 50 years in prison. That’s a good start. How about asking for the hellbitch to be kept in prison as long as her daughter cannot see? That would be justice.

The nasty bitch is due to be sentenced in November 2013. I shall keep readers posted (reminders are welcome!). I hope she rots in prison. Rots and festers.

The hellbeastly woman aside, there is the issue of Dr. Avery H. Weiss of Seattle Children’s Hospital. I understand that there is a state investigation into the medical care the little girl received. Apparently the tiny tot had been treated for 2 months for those horrific eye injuries. Dr. Avery H. Weiss was the treating ophthalmologist.

Apparently the good doctor suspected right away that the girl was being intentionally harmed. He didn’t report it to authorities. WTF? It was his job, his duty, his responsibility under the law to report child abuse “at the first opportunity”.

But no, Dr. Weiss waited because he wanted to be 100% sure he was right before he reported the abuse. He didn’t want to implicate the mother in case she was innocent.

“Before I say child abuse, I want incontrovertible evidence,” said Dr. Weiss at the inquiry.

The law in Washington state does not require a doctor to be 100% sure.

Tragically, because Dr. Avery H. Weiss waited, this little girl is permanently visually impaired. He had made the wrong decision. I wonder if there will be legal consequences for his failure.

In Washington state failure to report child abuse is classified as a gross misdemeanor punishable by jail time or a fine. Methinks Dr. Weiss should be punished. That poor little girl has been forever harmed by his inaction.

I shall try to keep readers posted about any developments with Dr. Weiss and the inquiry. Again, reminders are more than welcome!

Jennifer Mothershead was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

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21 Responses to Jennifer Mothershead

  1. Sassedame says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how very low level some will crawl to exact revenge. I hope that this sweet baby’s daddy goes after that Doctor for every penny his malpractice insurance is worth for the continued long term care of this child. And as for Jennifer? Well as a woman, mother and WA State resident, you are an embarrassment to each title and I hope to God, whether it’s Purdy or whatever facility, you slime your way into, I hope you are physically and mentally tortured in every cruel way possible for every minute of the rest of your life and I would love nothing more than to be face to face with you and smash my fingers into your cold heartless eyes and that still wouldn’t come close to the horrors you inflicted on that precious baby God blessed you with.

    • The Skanky Skeezer says:

      Sooo…the nurses concerning my first born were considering calling protective services, had me tested for all kinds of things (they took so many blood draws that turned up nothing), and kept telling me to never shake my baby and call the hospital if I couldn’t handle it after discharge day all because I’m a reserved introverted type that was exhausted after I had her. I’d had very little sleep the day before I went into the hospital and she was born like 20 hours later. All because I wasn’t a smiling bubbly giggling super enthusiastic ball of energy. That just isn’t my personality. My girl’s doctor who luckily was also my primary doctor and knew me just told them all to back off and I was shy. I know this because the doctor told me. So, that was fun.

      But this bitch is literally bleaching a baby’s eyes for an extended period of time and the doctor does nothing? Yeah. That sounds about right.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    This woman cannot be punished enough. To make her perfectly healthy baby blind makes her lower than a dog turd on my lawn. She is lucky she didn’t kill her baby with that brain injury.

    • Bengalpussy says:

      “dog turd on my lawn” Bulldoggy, your a character. What an evil Fucking thing to do, and yet again just because she was the mother, she was given primary care. Shame the father wasn’t given care of this little angel. It takes someone who is vindictive, spiteful and down right wicked, to put bleach in their babies eyes. And as for the opthalmologist, he is a dumb cunt.

  3. 2cute says:

    That poor baby! I am glad you didn’t post the pictures Cleo because that would have made me cry. I hope this monster gets whipped every single day.

    • Bengalpussy says:

      2Cute, i had to go and take a look at the pictures myself, and it would’ve made you cry because i cried. The poor little mites eyes were full of sticky stuff and bright red skin on the outside, her eyeball itself was milky. The bitch excuse for a mother tried saying that she had washed the eye dropper in bleach and thats why bleach was detected, but the forensics lab said no no no, shes talking shite and a washed eye dropper wouldn’t cause that amount of damage, only raw bleach would. Horrible cunt she is. She should be sentenced to being blinded and jail for life.

  4. moodymagic says:

    This bitch will never be punished enough. This monster needs to suffer much.

  5. pj says:

    Too bad she can’t be made to donate her eyes to her little girl. She deserves to be disabled for life, not her daughter.

  6. kazzalou33 says:

    These psychopathic scumbags make my skin crawl. I work as a counsellor in the UK and some of the things I hear would make you sick. Luckily we can react if someone mentions harming another, but British justice stinks! I love this site and the monsters/injustices it exposes. I hope this monster rots in hell.

  7. MsM says:

    This woman needs a special cell in Bengal’s basement of torture!!!

  8. LexiR says:

    this makes me want to go home and give my little ones a huge hug. There isn’t a punishment harsh enough to cover this…..

  9. Ellen says:

    Maybe if all of you slandering idiots new what happened regarding her case you wouldn’t be so swift to judge! I know this woman very personally. She is innocent and was framed! She is not guilty but concvicted unfairly! Why don’t you all gey a fucking life and quit judging when you don’t know the whole story!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Ellen, i think you need to get a Fucking life for defending a bastard that put bleach in her babies eyes, or do you condone what she did. And as for slandering you idiot, if you don’t like what we put then the option is simple, Fuckoff and then you won’t be offended about our comments about a cunt that put her child through an absolutely horrendous ordeal. And if shes so innocent, where was you when she needed you? Exactly, you say what a good friend you are, why didn’t you make sure she took that little baby to the hospital, makes you as bad as she is, end of.

      • pj says:

        Bengalpuss rules! Can’t stand baby abusers or people who defend them. All this broad knows is what Jennifer Mothershead told her, all lies.

  10. 2cute says:

    Ellen, who framed her? Who managed to sneak bleach into the bottle after blinding the baby over a long period of time? I saw the photos and that poor little one was obviously in terrible shape. An innocent mother would have demanded hospitalization long before it got that bad. And who damaged the baby’s head? You can’t blame the dad since he was deprived of visitation. I am sure you must have testified because you say you know the whole story. But if you were with her 100% of the time why didn’t you help get the baby immediate medical help? If you weren’t there then you don’t know everything and should just shut up instead of making baseless accusations about framing.

  11. Bengalpuss says:

    Just to update everyone this bitch got 40yrs what a whopper of a sentence, now thats what i call justice. Shame she wasn’t ordered to have her eyes bleached until she was blind, cruel bitch. 40Yrs yes yes yes!

  12. Aletheia says:

    I think she should be able to get time off her sentence – one treatment with her homemade eye drops for each week taken off. Sounds fair to me.

    • bengalpuss says:

      homemade eye drops made out of super glue, or my cat tykeys shite, when he gets worms, that should blind the fucking bitch, an eye for an eye in my book.

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