Jeffrey & Rebecca Trebilcock

Hellbeasts Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock

Crime: Child Abuse

Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock of Longview, Washington, have a weight issue. So what? A whole lotta people are fighting the battle of the bulge these days and plenty have just plain surrendered. It’s tough to lose weight, but it’s not a crime to be fat.

Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock’s weight issue did become a crime. See what this pair of f*cktards did was instead of fighting the battle of their bulges on their own oversized carcasses they decided to starve their adopted children.

Seriously. Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock nearly starved their 13-year-old adopted son to death, and they got a good start at starving his 12-year-old sister.

The oversized couple Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock, both 45, had adopted a total of 5 unfortunate children: 3 from Haiti, 2 from the US. I don’t know why they were allowed to take on 5 kids but they shouldn’t have been allowed to adopt a hamster IMO.

It’s true that the pair of hellbeasts raised 4 kids of their own and those kids, now in their teens and 20’s, were treated well by comparison.

Hellbeast Rebecca TrebilcockThe 5 adopted children however had some pretty bizarre and harsh rules to live by with Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock.

The Trebilcocks rigged an alarm to keep the kids from taking food. They also locked up the food which I guess was meant mostly for their own lard asses.

If the children were caught stealing food they were beaten with a board.

The children couldn’t eat unless and until their chores were done. They were severely punished for wetting their beds or other infractions of the rules.

The children were spanked and if they cried then tape was placed on their mouths.

The child who received the harshest dose of punishment was the 13-year-old boy. He wasn’t allowed to use the toilet at night for some unknowable reason. And if, as a consequence, he wet his bed his adoptive monsters made him wash his clothes and bedclothes in a bucket outside no matter the weather. If he had to pee at night and in desperation peed in a cup the monsters would force him to drink it.

The boy was not allowed to wear shoes on the property. WTH was that about? They lived on a farm and this boy had to feed and water the animals in bare feet. How safe was that?

When he was finished his chores the boy wasn’t allowed into the house until his feet were checked. The monsters didn’t want him to track dirt inside.

Trebilcock farmThe problem with that was the monstrous Trebilcocks didn’t bother to check his feet. The boy would be often left on the porch for hours, regardless of the weather, regardless of the temperature.

If the boy cried or complained about being left out in the cold the monsters would douse him with cold water. That’ll teach him!

And even though he couldn’t wear shoes, the boy had to wear a pair of bent and taped bifocals he didn’t need. WTF was that all about? Bizarre!

And food? You know, the stuff the Trebilcocks filled their fugly fat faces with? Well, he didn’t get much. Often the monsters would feed him on the porch. They’d put a bit of food in a plastic container, AKA his trough, and pass it to him from the door.

Dry oatmeal, even moldy bread were not much for him to live on. And so the boy ate whatever dog food and goat food and dandelion leaves he could scavenge.

Can you imagine being that hungry? And it wasn’t just the boy. All the adopted kids supplemented their meager rations with dog and goat food and dandelion leaves.

The Trebilcocks had sought medical treatment for the children in Longview way back in 2008. At that time Dr. Blaine Tolby warned them that the boy’s condition was “perhaps life-threatening” and warranted a complete medical work up. They did not bring the boy back to Dr. Tolby.

When he was finally taken by Rebecca the bitch Trebilcock to a pediatrician on March 1, 2011, the boy was in real distress. He weighed all of 49 pounds. Forty-nine pounds. At 13 years of age. Six-year-olds weigh 49 pounds, not 13 year-olds.

The boy also had hypothermia, severe eczema and his heart rate was alarmingly low. In fact, his heart rate was so low the doctors were surprised the boy was conscious. The boy was falling down, couldn’t use his hands properly and complained of chest pains.

The boy was admitted to a Portland, Oregon hospital right away. The doctors noticed he was covered with peach-like fuzzy hair which is the body’s reaction to having no fat to keep it warm.

The doctors also noticed that this emaciated boy had 5 rib fractures. The Trebilcocks explained that he’d fallen out of a truck. Ho hum, happens all the time.

Really? The boy fell out of a truck and neither of those fat f*ckwads thought to get him medical care? Broken ribs hurt! It would have been torture for that boy to live with that injury.

And who really believes he fell out of a f*cking truck? Hellbeasts who force a boy to drink urine and eat dog food wouldn’t be above kicking him and hitting him, IMO.

All 5 of the adopted children had been deprived of food to some extent. The 13-year-old boy and his 12-year-old sister were the worst off. In the 7 years she lived with the Trebilcocks the sister only gained 11 pounds. There were times she stole bread and toothpaste because she was so hungry.

That’s right, the girl ate stolen toothpaste because she was starving.

Being that the boy in the hospital was so near to death from starvation the authorities were called in to investigate. Thank gawd!

All 5 adopted kids were taken into protective custody right away. In foster care they began immediately to recover. The 12-year-old girl gained 25 pounds within 5 months. The 13-year-old boy, however, will never grow to be normal in size.

Now how the f*ck did the Trebilcocks get away with such awful abuse over so many years without being caught? Simple answer — home schooling.

TrebilcocksI get so pissed at the home schooling situation that allows these monstrous parents to create a reign of terror that goes unchecked for years. Somebody, some authoritative body should be made responsible for checking the welfare of children being home schooled. There have to be more and better safeguards put in place to prevent more of this shit happening! (Rant over but I hope somebody’s listening.)

Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock were charged with criminal mistreatment and in July 2012 had a 2-week trial in Cowlitz County Superior Court. They appeared before Judge Michael Evans.

Deputy Prosecutor James Smith brought the Trebilcock’s 25-year-old son Shane in to testify. What he’d told investigators before the trial and what he testified to at the trial weren’t quite the same things.

Shane Trebilcock had told a detective last year that he’d been worried about the 13-year-old boy. He said it was obvious that the boy hadn’t been eating properly and had suggested that the boy live with him so he’d be safe. He also said that the adopted girls were treated better than the boy.

Shane Trebilcock also told the detectives that his mother had said she wanted the adopted girls “to be thin.”

And what was really scary is that Shane Trebilcock had told the detectives his parents were going to adopt ANOTHER child from Africa. Heaven forbid!

On the stand Shane Trebilcock retracted most of the statements he’d made to the detectives. He accused investigators of lying to him about his parents’ treatment of the children, and stated that he only spoke in anger at his parents because he learned about the boy’s hospitalization from a family friend and not them.

At the trial Shane Trebilcock said he’d actually lied to the detectives. “I was under a great deal of stress … When I’m speaking with officers they stress me out.”

Shane Trebilcock did admit in court that he’d spoken with his father about the adopted boy’s weight in 2010 but his father told him that it wasn’t his place to worry about it.

He also testified his parents fed all the children well and meted out punishment fairly with spanking and time outs.

Ummm Shane, if the kids were fed well then why were you worried enough about the boy’s weight in 2010 to talk to your dad? Hmmmm?

Yeah, I know, Shane was just being a good dutiful son. But we all know he lied on the stand. Bad Shane, bad!

The defense called neighbours to testify. And what did they say? Why, the Trebilcocks were good parents and those kids from Haiti were a damn sight better off with them than they’d been in their previous home, doncha know!

One neighbor, Warren Bertold defended the couple and said they were being falsely accused by the 13-year-old who was just a big old liar.

“It’s just totally wrong,” said Mr. Bertold. “And social services and the police need to get their act together and find out exactly what the truth is so these people can get back to their business. . . . These people are wonderful people. They’re terrific, Christian people. They have rescued these kids. Four of these kids, they rescued from Haiti.”

(Actually, Mr. Bertold, only 3 were from Haiti. That’s how much you know.)

Hmmm, it’s amazing to me how that ungrateful adopted boy could break his ribs and starve himself down to 49 pounds, nearly DIE, just to get his wonderful adoptive parents in trouble. It’s so amazing that I just can’t believe it. And I can’t believe it because it’s pure bullshit Mr. Bertold! So STFU about crap you know nothing about, jackass!

Betcha those neighbours who testified were all religious home schoolers just like the Trebilcocks. If they think good old Jeffrey and Rebecca are such wonderful parents, maybe somebody had better check on their own home situations.

Speaking of home schooling, this pisses me off — the Trebilcocks had a tutor, Emily Haukaas, who visited their home for 6 years to help teach the kids.

Excuse me Emily Haukaas, but didn’t you notice that the boy was severely underweight? He was only 49 freaking pounds! That’s less than half the size of a normal 13-year-old! Didn’t that concern you? Didn’t that ring any alarm bells with you? Didn’t that make you think you should tell somebody about him?

And excuse me again Emily Haukaas but didn’t you notice the boy was wearing bifocals that made his vision worse? Didn’t you think that strange?

And excuse me again Emily Haukaas, but didn’t you notice the boy was in a whole shitload of pain? With broken ribs? Did the Trebilcocks tell you that BS story about his falling out of the truck? Didn’t you think he should have gone to the doctor?

Or is it ok with you, Emily Haukaas, that kids are starved and physically punished so long as the perpetrators are good Christian folk and the victims are theoretically better off than they’d been in Haiti?

Emily Haukaas testified about a written exercise she’d done with the adopted boy (not from Haiti btw) one day when he was feeling sad.

“What can you asked Jesus for?” she had written on the paper. (That’s how it’s reported so I presume, unless that’s a typo, Emily Haukaas is a lousy English tutor.)

And the boy’s response to that question? “Help not to aggravate my family,” the boy wrote.

The boy had also written, “I hope I do not make daddy mad when he comes home from work,” and “He yells at me and makes me do things I don’t want to do.”

That’s not surprising considering his circumstances.

But his circumstances were wonderful, according to the defense attorneys Kevin Blondin and Ted Debray. The Trebilcocks were good parents who fed the kids as much as they wanted, and they were only underweight because they’d had the flu. And the boy probably had fetal alcohol syndrome and that explains everything else!

Testimony from the doctors disputed those claims. The boy had wasted away so much that his condition was consistent with terminal cancer patients, the doctors testified. They could only give him tiny portions of food at first so that he wouldn’t go into shock and die from the extra calories.

A radiologist testified that fetal alcohol syndrome would not show up on an x-ray. She also said the x-rays showed no medical condition, like rickets, that may have affected bone growth and left the boy so small.

Jeffrey Trebilcock testified in his own defense of course. He denied keeping the boy barefoot. He denied forcing the boy to stay outside on the porch. He denied feeding the boy goat food and dog food — the boy LIKED the taste of dog food, doncha know, and that’s why he ate it!

All those kids got 3 square meals a day, so sayeth Jeffrey Trebilcock.

Hellbeast Jeff TrebilcockAnd Jeffrey the blubbering beast Trebilcock had no idea the boy was starving because he never, ever saw him undressed.

“I told them I wasn’t gonna let nothin’ happen to them,” Jeffrey Trebilcock said about his adopted children. “I felt like a failure now.”

Well, maybe that’s because you ARE a failure, Jeffrey — a failure of a human being!

And after the 2-week trial and 50 witnesses, Cowlitz County Judge Michael Evans was ready to rule. On July 31, 2012, Rebecca and Jeffrey Trebilcocks were found guilty of 1st-degree criminal mistreatment of the boy and 3rd-degree criminal mistreatment of his sister.

As to the criminal mistreatment of the other 3 adopted girls, Judge Michael Evans acquitted the fugly fatsos, finding there was insufficient evidence.

Now get this — Judge Michael Evans stated he believes the Trebilcocks were reckless and criminally negligent but did not act in malice!

“I think the Trebilcocks love their children. I don’t think there’s any question of that,” the judge said.

Umm, pardon me while I strongly disagree. You don’t starve the ones you love! You don’t break the ribs of the ones you love! You don’t force the ones you love to drink urine and eat dog food and dandelions!

Judge Michael Evans then seemed to blame Rebecca and Jeffrey’s weight issues for the torture and abuse. He said that the obese hellbeasts appear to have developed a “warped” and “twisted” view of food.

“Food was used as a carrot and also a punishment,” Judge Evans said. “This combination of food and punishment and accidents and disobedience all got wrapped up together.”

Unbelievably Judge Evans was fairly sympathetic to this monstrous pair. He said the Trebilcocks “ran an orderly home” which is necessary when “you have a large family.”

An orderly home? Is that what he calls parents refusing to let a child use the toilet at night? Is that what he calls parents refusing to let children in the house? Is that what he calls parents starving their children so they resort to eating toothpaste? Is that what he calls parents taping their kids’ mouths shut? Excuse me but WTF is that judge talking about?

Testimony that seemed difficult to stomach Judge Evans summarily discounted as not credible.

And then the sympathetic Judge Evans said the boy probably suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome and “reactive attachment disorder,” which made him sometimes obstinate and difficult to handle.

Yeah, that’s totally why his ribs were broken. That’s totally why he was nearly starved to death. Because he was difficult to handle.

Needless to say I am less sympathetic toward the Trebilcocks than Judge Evans seems to be. Their sentencing is going to happen on August 23, 2012 and I really, truly, most sincerely hope they get the maximum — 4 to 5 years in prison.

I won’t hold my breath because Judge Evans’ comments are disturbingly friendly toward this pair of monstrous f*cktards. I will keep you readers posted when the sentence comes in.

But regardless of whether or not Rebecca the bitch and Jeffrey the beast Trebilcock get the max, I still wish them to rot in hell. They put those unfortunately children through YEARS of torment under the guise of being “good Christians.” They are sick, twisted, disgusting hellbeasts and deserve nothing better than a long stint in the fiery pit.

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31 Responses to Jeffrey & Rebecca Trebilcock

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    Unfuckingbelievable. Those two fat bastards adopted those poor kids to be slaves on their farm. They had no affection for those kids simple. And that judge is an arseole, sympathizing with those two fat bastards. “Hello What about the evidence, starving, broken ribs are you fucking blind as well as stupid mr arseole judge, i don.t even need to be told what sentences they are gonna get cleo. Its obvious them two fat fucks are gonna walk, not literally cos they are probably two fat to walk. When he wants sex with his wife does he have to roll her in flour to find the wet patch lol. Just put that in case they happen to read this, and then they can feel useless like they made those poor kids. Actually it wouldn’t be the flour, he would say to her “Honey fart and give us a clue where it is” I’ll stop it now, don.t wanna upset her too much, she might have a heart attack with all the upset im causing cos all that weight can.t take strain on her heart, well thats the husband fucked cos he’s a modern fatty arbuckle.

    • Lillith says:

      These people, including the judge and defense counsel, should be tied up in a very large burlap sack with my lard ass ex and his lard ass live in and all of them throw off of the statue of liberty into the waters below! Of course, we’d have to starve the fat off of them first, since fat floats. Wait, that’d never work, since pieces of shit float too! I’m just glad my part of Texas takes child abuse more seriously than Washington state!
      I really do feel for these kids. No one deserves to be treated like that, except the fat fucks who think this kind of shit is acceptable! BTW, has anyone ever noticed that most of the time in cases where children are starved the people doing the starving are freaking huge? WTF?
      BTW, LOL to the flour :) You always crack me up!

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Hey lilith long time no hear. Yes lilith, it always seems to be fat bastards that starve their kids, maybe cos the fat fucks have eaten all the food. And fancy those poor kids have come from a horrible life straight to hell and satan and his Minions. Anyway glad to see you comment hope your well. Bengal!

      • k says:

        can we PLEASEEEEE add sharks??

        • bulldoggy says:

          Sharks would be good. Or crocs. Or both.

        • Lillith says:

          Why add sharks? 1.) Sharks won’t eat lawyers or judges out of political courtousy and 2.) I wouldn’t want to give the poor creatures indigestion from the rest! What can I say, I’m too humane to torture innocent animals…Although, I would be inclined to add salt and 220 voltage to the scenario :)

          Sorry I’m late getting to the party. My internet’s been acting up, but it’s good to be back!

    • Trace says:

      “Roll her in flour and find the wet patch.” Hilarious but what a visual! Now I’m going to have nightmares of that fat bitch in bed with that fat bastard, covered in flour. These monsters shouldn’t be allowed to breed again. I just hope the kids they did create don’t turn out like those monsters.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Sorry to tell you trace, one of their son’s has turned out like his fatty parents. He stood in court and lied for them by changing what he said in his statement. The worthless piece of shit. Now trace don.t be having nightmares about women covered in flour, especially fat cunts like mrs Trebilcock Lol.

        • 2cute says:

          Why am I not surprised. He probably sat on his fat ass eating donuts watching his adopted siblings working their tails off, happy that he didn’t have to do all those chores.

          • bengalpuss29 says:

            2cute this fat fuck has probably never done a days work in his life, as you can tell because he’s a fat bastard. I wonder how many doughnuts he had to eat to get like that. I don.t think there was enough doughnuts in the world to get as fat as that. A rhyme for you 2cute “I was sat and i got fat with doughnuts in my lap, cos im a twat. Hahaha.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Bengalpuss thanks again for the great comment. Why do these poor kids always end up with fat bastards who have real mental issues that are never brought to light before the adoption goes thru. Looks like these 2 need to be starved and beat endlessly. I think beating them both is the best way to handle them because it would take entirely to long starving the fat bastards. But the long suffering might be the way to go.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      I like it moodymagic, “it would take so long to starve them” I think the kids were having to eat toothpaste and dog food was because the so called adoptive parents had eaten all the food, hence none left for the poor kids. And that judge made me laugh, what did he mean? The parents starved the kids because they didn’t want them to turn out as fat bastards like them, or that with all the stress of starving them they ended up as fat bastards. Can’t make up my mind which one he mean.t. Also since when was the judge no fucking alcohol foetal syndrome. Didn.t someone testify to say it wasn.t that, but then the judge said it was. Its like someone being tried for murder the pathologist says it wasn.t murder but the judge saying “Oh well i don.t believe you” And sentencing them to life. I think the fat bastards should kill the worthless piece of shit judge and feed off him.

      • bulldoggy says:

        I don’t think they should be fed the judge. Too fattening. I think these two deserve a steady diet of piss and weeds. That’ll thin them down fast enough. And don’t stop when they’re thin, keep going until they’re 49 pounds. And for exercise they should work outdoors without shoes and coats, washing the prison’s laundry in a bucket. And then when they get out of prison they’ll be new and better people which is what prison is for, right?

        • scrappy says:

          Eeeehxcellent, (as the Simpsons’ Mr. Burns would say while templing his fingers!)

          Perfect punishment. When can we get that passed in the legislature? Is there a petition that could be signed.

          Oh yeah, and once they’re down to 49 pounds they should get the “Auschwitz cure” for their lack of humanity.

    • k says:

      Seem’ these horrid lack-of-humanity adoptive ahmm ‘parents’ want whatever the state they live in is giving them. Extra cash, extra food stamps, etc.

      How the hell do adoptive ‘parents’ get away with ‘home-schooling’ with no oversight????

  3. Tasera says:

    Almost every time I read a story about parents starving their kids, the parents turn out to be fatties. I vote for nausea-inducing medication to be forced down their throats for the rest of their lives.

  4. 2cute says:

    I hope the judge does the right thing and sends them away for the maximum. They almost killed that boy! I don’t know and I don’t care if that boy had fetal alcohol syndrome and was “hard to handle” — you don’t starve a kid like that! You don’t deny him medical care! You don’t make him drink piss! How the hell the judge thinks they loved those adopted kids I don’t know! Their own kids were fed, probably as well fed as the parents, but the adopted kids were denied food. That’s not love, that’s torture and slavery. They need to die and go to hell.

    • scrappy says:

      Isn’t it scary to think how that judge defines “loving acts?” Hate to see what he would find to qualify as hateful.

  5. dogwalker says:

    It’s not rocket science to raise children FGS. Give them some food, keep them clean, make sure they get some love. Mother crocodiles are more loving than these bastards. This story makes me absolutely furious. These poor kids came from one hell right into another hell. These 2 fat bastards deserve the max!

  6. Christine88 says:

    I just don’t understand why anyone would want to adopt children just to end up abusing them. They must be sadists.

    And the next time I hear some dumbfuck like Warren Bertold spewing bullshit about an abuser/murderer/rapist/pedophile being Christian, I am going to scream. I am sick to death of people using their religion as proof of their innocence. It isn’t proof — more evil has been done in the name of religion than anything else.

    • 2cute says:

      I bet if the Trebilcocks were Muslims or Sikhs then Warren Bertold would’ve been demanding they be hung instead of talking about how wonderful they are rescuing orphans from Haiti and all.

  7. Steve-O says:

    Christian my ass.

    • Steve-O says:

      Correction, Christian my tight toned ass.

      Hey Bengalpuss, I should’ve kept the flabby ass comment for here because look at the size of these child abusers/slave owners! They’ve obviously sat on their bulbous butts while making those kids/slaves do all the farmwork. They didn’t adopt those kids for Christian reasons or out of love — they needed a work force that didn’t cost them anything.

      I hope those kids have a good life after this, and never know another minutes of hunger or distress.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        “Bulbous Butt’s” Good one, yep they only got those kids to work their farm while they sat on their “Bulbous butt’s all day long, eating everything in sight, the fat cunt’s.

        • bengalpuss29 says:

          The village where the treblecocks live, they’re having the village fete, the husband is volunteering this year which is really good of him, and all the kids are going to have such fun playing on the bouncy treblecock castle. his fat bastard stomach has finally come in useful.

          • 2cute says:

            Haha you got me. I was getting all outraged that he was participating in a community event and then I got to the punch line. With any luck by the time he gets out of prison he and Rebecca will be so skinny they’ll be too bony to bounce. I like bulldoggy’s idea of feeding them only dandilions and piss.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    Sometimes bulldoggy’s idea’s of punishment have me in stitches, Where the fuck did dandelion’s come from. Of all the vegetation on earth, bulldoggy comes up with dandelion’s Lmfao. Dandelion’s and piss ha ha ha

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    Yes bulldoggy come up with a good one there “Piss and weeds” Lol. They definately deserve the auschwitz, treatment but remember that those two fat bastards tortured those kids, so before the auschwitz treatment, i would make them cut my lawn with nail scissors scrub my back yard with a toothbrush and then wash my windows with their tongues and then whoop their fat arse’s until i got bored then i’d do what you suggest, and use the ashes for plant fertilizer.

  10. Frank says:

    Verdict: 5-1/2 years for him, 8-1/2 for her. She was home more.

  11. bengalpuss says:

    Fantastic, the trebledick’s oh sorry cocks have gone to jail. Maybe tubby big man trebleknob, might finally lose some weight and stop being a fat bastard. And i hope mrs trebletool is made to work her fat arse off in the jail if she doesn’t comply, the other prison girls will make her lick some serious carpet. Nice to see a judge with a spine for once, it should have been longer but i hope those two lard arse’s prison time is ten times worse than what they did to those kids the fat fucking twats. And i hope the treblepenis’s will learn the error of their nasty ways, and in future get off your own fat arse’s and do the work yourself instead of fucking eating all day long, you fat pair of bastards.

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