Jeffrey Nally Jr.

Jeffrey Nally Jr.
Crimes: Animal Cruelty, Domestic Abuse

I put this particular evil bastard on the back burner for over a year because the story upset me a whole bunch. It still upsets me, but the pile of shit perpetrator is undoubtedly a hellbeast and deserves to be named and shamed. The story also highlights the dangers of giving dogs away to strangers via Craigslist.

Jeffrey Nally Jr. of Hancock County, West Virginia, came to the attention of authorities on March 9, 2011, after his girlfriend’s mother called them. The distraught woman told the police that her daughter, Jessica Sellers, had not been allowed to leave his house at 1855 Orchard Road for 3 months.

The police responded to the call with their SWAT team. Awesome! They arrested the evil, nasty beast for kidnapping.

Jessica Sellers told the police that Jeffrey Nally Jr threatened her that the only way she was leaving was “in a body bag”. And then she dropped a horrific bombshell.

Jessica Sellers told the police that that very day her boyfriend had forced her to hold a puppy as he used an electric drill on the poor creature’s skull.

OMFG! I need brain bleach for that visual!

Police obtained a search warrant for Jeffrey Nally Jr.’s property and found the remains of 29 dogs. Some had been buried, some had been wrapped in plastic bags and tossed over a hill. Most were puppies.

Police found tools and objects covered with blood and hair. And just like a scene out of a horror flick they found a jar with a beagle’s pelt and eyes.

Hancock County Chief Deputy Sheriff Todd Murray described what the police had found. “Mutilated, skinned, anything you can imagine,” he said of the tortured and murdered dogs.

Jeffrey Nally Jr. had used “everything from a crossbow, to a drill, saws to hammers” to kill the 29 dogs, said Chief Deputy Sheriff Murray.

Jeffrey Nally Jr.Those poor puppies had been decapitated, skinned, burned, shot with pellet guns and arrows, and so much more. And why? Because Jeffrey Nally Jr. is a sick f*ck who gets thrills from causing tremendous pain and suffering. And bonus: he terrorized his girlfriend at the same time.

Jeffrey Nally Jr. not only compelled Jessica Sellers to watch the horror but also to clean up afterward.

Where the hell did he get all those puppies? Craigslist. Jeffrey Nally Jr. would scope out the “free to good home” ads and convince the advertisers he’d give the wee doggie a wonderful life. They didn’t know him from an asshole in the ground but they trustingly handed over their animals to him.

People, people, people, STOP advertising free dogs and cats on the Internet! You don’t know what kind of monsters will show up. I keep thinking of the crush video monsters Brent Justice and Ashley Nicole Richards. They obtained their victims from “free to good home” Internet ads too.

To continue with the story, police discovered that Jeffrey Nally Jr. had guns on his property. Uh-oh. He was prohibited from possessing guns due to a 2010 domestic battery conviction, so that was a no-no.

Hell’s bells, Jessica Sellers sure found herself one winner of a boyfriend! A real prize! He beats women, tortures and kills animals, threatens to kill her. Yup, he’s a keeper.

Jeffrey Nally Jr., 20, was charged with 29 counts of felony animal cruelty, 1 count of domestic battery, 1 count of kidnapping and 1 count of unlawful possession of a firearm. That’s a shitload of trouble!

Jeffrey Nally Jr.On April 5, 2012, to avoid going to trial and facing life in prison, Jeffrey Nally Jr. accepted a plea deal that dropped the kidnapping and domestic battery charges and 20 animal cruelty charges. Damn!

I guess the kidnapping charge was problematic because Jessica Sellers admitted at a pretrial motion she’d left her boyfriend’s house on several occasions without his permission or supervision. Damn!

But you know, that makes me think. I don’t know what Jessica Sellers had to endure, but I know if I got away from a sadistic dog killer who threatened me and had weapons in the house, I sure as hell would never go back! The first thing I’d do is turn his pasty ass in to authorities.

I personally cannot conceive of any circumstance that would compel me to return to that torture chamber.

Kudos to Jessica Sellers’ mom for phoning the police. She probably saved her daughter’s life, or at the least saved her daughter from cruelty and abuse. She definitely saved 3 surviving dogs that were in line to be tortured and killed.

The turdpile dog killer, Jeffrey Nally Jr., pled guilty to 9 counts of animal cruelty and 1 count of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Judge Fred Fox II sentenced the evil, vicious bastard to 10-45 years behind bars. He’ll be eligible for parole in April 2021. I’m really, really hoping the parole board will recognize what a dangerous offender he truly is and keep him behind bars for the full sentence.

Jeffrey Nally Jr. had apparently shown no remorse for his brutality. I’m not surprised. If he’s really the narcissistic psychopath I think he is, he would only be sorry for being caught and put in prison.

I bet he’s really sorry now. He’s finally been moved to a Mount Olive Correctional Complex to serve out his sentence. Overcrowding delayed his transfer.

Mount Olive Correctional Complex houses “the most violent, high-risk, dangerous and disruptive inmates in the state” according to the West Virginia Division of Corrections website. That sounds like Jeffrey Nally Jr. is finally among his own kind.

I hope and pray that Jeffrey Nally Jr. somehow miraculously grows a soul and a heart and a conscience. Doubt it. Once a psychopath, always a psychopath. I guess I will hope and pray instead that his fellow prisoners will teach him the true meaning of pain.

Suffer and rot, Jeffrey Nally Jr. Suffer and rot.

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22 Responses to Jeffrey Nally Jr.

  1. Scrappy says:

    Oh dear god Cleo, this is so nauseating I don’t know how you sat with this knowledge for a year without the write up. At the very least it would seem it could purge the horrific feelings this bastard inspires…

    Not wanting to hand my pets over to just anyone is how my ex and I ended up with nine cats…but we had no kids so we could afford it. We had a lot of hair and piles of love to go with it!

    Thank you to the state of WV for hitting this guy with a nice long sentence.

    The girlfriend sounds a bit odd…I would be plotting my escape knowing what this thing was capable of…but maybe she was truly terrorized.

    • Queen Bengalpussy says:

      Scrappy, your a kitty lover like me. I get so pissed off when i read about shit heads like this. I’ve a funny feeling we will be reading about this psychopath in the not too distant future, probably will move onto killing humans and become a serial killer, with people saying “he should never have been released early” mark my words a very disturbed individiual, another jeffrey Dahmer.

    • Ariel says:

      This happened in 2011. He will be eligible for parole sometime in early 2020’s. If you want him to stay behind bars, write to the parole board of Mount Olive Correctional Complex. Be respectful if you want them to do your bidding. The prosecutor in this case did a tremendous job, and with no small cost to his heart and soul. I hope he has found peace again. The Animal Legal Defense Fund was instrumental in helping the prosecutor put the case together. Give the ALDF your support, because without them, the animals are screwed.
      There was some question at the time as to how much involvement the girlfriend had. We know that she obtained some of the animals for him and that she may have held them while he tortured them. She was not charged in trade for her testimony.
      The prosecutor said that he didn’t think there would be any chance of Balmy getting early parole, because he didn’t have the personality necessary to stay out of trouble in prison.

  2. 2cute says:

    Is it wrong to want this bastard skinned alive, rolled in salt, shot with buckshot, with his eyeballs and ball sac put in a jar? Is it wrong to want this beast’s skull and joints drilled and tied with strings so he can be made into a human puppet? He should never ever ever be let out of prison. This time it was animals, next time it might be children or women. He is evil!

    • Queen Bengalpussy says:

      2Cute, i love your sadism, no it isn’t wrong to skin the cunt and roll him in salt, and vinegar as well, and carve his eyes out, and shove a hunting knife up his arse and twist it, no its definately not wrong.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    Jeffrey Nally Jr makes me sick literally. I want to vomit at the thought of what those poor puppies and dogs went through. Jeffrey Nally Jr was working his way up to becoming a killing machine and animals were just the first step for him.

  4. moodymagic says:

    2cute you said it best. I’m with you on this. What I do not get is the girlfriend why did she change her testimony so he would not get life. The worst part is this EVIL BASTARD is only 21 now. To be this evil at this age.

  5. dogwalker says:

    I wish he had been drowned at birth. He is a total waste and its a good thing he hasn’t spawned helpless little babies he can torture. I bet that’s what he would do if he had the chance.

  6. MsM says:

    The guy is only 20? Think about it – he killed 29 dogs at the age of 20. Makes you wonder how many more there are that people don’t know about – also makes one wonder how many human victims he had that nobody knows about!

  7. steve-O says:

    I really don’t understand the girlfriend. IF she was able to come and go and wasn’t kidnapped then why the hell did she go back to him? Why did she help him kill dogs? Why didn’t she report him for animal cruelty? And IF she wasn’t able to come and go and was kidnapped then why did she lie to the court and protect the bastard’s ass? Either way it doesn’t smell right.

    • Queen Bengalpussy says:

      Hit the nail on the head steve-o, why didn’t she Fuckoff when she got outside? And if that was me and i’d witnessed this cunt doing what he was doing to those dogs, then i would’ve been connecting a sledge hammer to his skull when he fell asleep, she never did fuck all. If a guy truly did that to you, you would want the cunt to get the longest sentence, seems to me that she didn’t want to see him in jail for long? That dude is a Fucking ticking time bomb, god help those who come into contact when he is paroled.

    • catparty says:

      People like that are like a black, inescapable muck. They convince otherwise rational people that they can get away with anything (because it really seems that way) and there’s such terror that you become convinced that they’re untouchable.

      It’s hard to explain but it takes years to overcome that fear. It really does feel like you’re the only person who understands how truly dangerous they are, that they can get people to hurt you if you put them away, that they can kill your family. It’s just safer to be submissive and go along with it.

      I know it sounds so easy from the outside, but watching someone commit an act of evil and knowing that they know where your family lives, it’s an indescribable horror.

      • bengalpuss says:

        catparty, i understand what you mean because i was with an arsehole for 5years who treated me like shit, beat me, mind fucked with me, and i was afraid to leave, however if i was made to hold a poor defenceless puppy down while someone drilled a hole in its head, then you can guarantee that the first opportunity i got to tell someone and get their arse locked up, then i would do it, and i certainly wouldn’t make it easy for the piece of the shite in court, i would be giving evidence that would put the scumbag away for a damn long time.

  8. pj says:

    This monster needs to be euthanized to put us all out of our misery. We don’t need him cluttering up the planet.

  9. wooty99 says:

    This POS tortured and killed 29 dogs if not more at age 20. If he hadn’t been caught It was only a matter of time before he graduated to humans. Serial killers start out killing animals to “learn” their favorite ways to kill. The girlfriend was most likely suffering from stockholm syndrome and PTSD from his abuse of her. That’s why she didn’t say anything and helped him she was scared. That being said, my girlfriend and I saved a dog from craigslist from being used as a bait dog. We got him and found a rescue to help with neutering and they found him a great home with a great family that we still keep in touch with. It wasn’t hard to do, it required a few phone calls to find a rescue willing to help. Most will try to help you in some way. It it can keep animals out of the hands of monsters like this beast or worse.

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Scum are Scum are Scum and Liberal Do Gooders and other Freaks
    who make Excuses for their Scummish Conduct wherever it is
    Animal Cruelty or are Scum Themselves

  11. Rachel Hale says:

    This isnt a man.. this is a demon plain and simple.. he needs to be drawn and quartered..

  12. Marcus says:

    God created psychopaths and sociopaths for a good reason folks….

  13. B a Ross says:

    Gee hope while in prison he doesn’t drop the soap in the shower with bubba. He might just. Learn what doggie style means. Pos hope he gets his dick ripped off and has to choke on it while bubba shoves it down his pos throat This story breaks my heart Should be mandatory if you own a pet (dog,cat,guennie pig) you get it spayed. Don’t have the money ? There are organizations that can do it for what you pay for a carton of cigerettes. Still. Can’t afford? Don’t get the pet. Ban craigslist from selling /giving pets away. PERIOD

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