Jeannie Mae Carpenter & James John Kirksey

Jeannie Carpenter and James Kirksey

Crimes: Child Abuse, Pedophiles, Rape

Jeannie Mae Carpenter and James John Kirksey are a lovely pair — of pedophiles. The couple from Belmont County, Ohio, won’t be able to continue being a couple — they’ve been separated by circumstances. Those circumstances of course involve prison.

James Kirksey was already a Tier 3 sex offender in West Virginia when he moved into the Bridgeport, Ohio home of Jeannie Mae Carpenter. You’re probably thinking, looking at her, that even if she knew about his perverted past she was desperate for some loving from any man. And you’re probably wondering why a pedophile like James Kirksey would get himself an oversized and unattractive girlfriend like Jeannie Mae Carpenter. The answer I believe lies in the fact she has a young daughter.

It was actually the perfect setup for James Kirksey. He had a desperate, pathetic woman as a girlfriend, and full access to her daughter. The situation was even more perfect — his girlfriend not only did nothing to stop him sexually assaulting her daughter, but she actually was willing to participate.

To make it clear, Jeannie Mae Carpenter held down her 12-year-old daughter while James Kirksey raped her.

That, my friends, is disgusting and hellbeastly in the extreme.

The 2 happy pedo perv f*ckturds kept on victimizing the girl for a couple of weeks. They probably thought they were in hog heaven. Unfortunately for them they totally miscalculated about the victim’s character. They thought they had a malleable, helpless girl to deal with. They were wrong.

After weeks of enduring multiple rapes, this girl found the strength and bravery to reveal to a relative what was going on. Kudos to her! And the relative believed her and took the necessary steps to rescue the girl from her mother and James Kirksey. Kudos to that relative!

“The mother of the child allegedly participating in being involved in this serious of a crime, we’re not going to tolerate this,” Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas said. “And we’re going to work faithfully, nonstop, until we put these people behind bars.”

The Bridgeport Police Department, Martins Ferry Police Department and the West Virginia State Police, assisted the Belmont County Sheriff’s office in this case. Their efforts paid off.

pedophileIn July 2015 James John Kirksey, 32, was arrested and charged with rape of a minor and failure to register as a sex offender. Jeannie Mae Carpenter, 37, was arrested and charged with complicity to commit rape and child endangerment. Their hog heaven had been replaced with hell, which is what they both deserved.

The child was taken into custody of Children’s Services upon the pedo perverts’ arrests. The concern remained that the child might have to testify against her assailants.

In November 2015, James Kirksey pled guilty to 2 counts of forcible rape of a child. The defense attorney said he can’t defend any of his client’s actions and that James Kirksey is “dimwitted”. Wow, that’s the best his own defense attorney could say about him? I guess it’s safe to say that James Kirksey has no redeeming qualities.

The pedo rapist was handed 2 life sentences by Judge Frank Fregiato. I’m fine with that. Long may James Kirksey rot in prison.

motherIn December 2015, Jeannie Mae Carpenter pled guilty to 1 count of complicity to commit rape, 2 counts of permitting child abuse, 1 count of endangering children, and 1 count of obstructing official business. For her crimes she was sentenced to life in prison. She’ll be eligible for parole in 20 years. She will have to register as a Tier 3 sex offender for the rest of her life.

During sentencing, Judge Frank Fregiato said, “If a 12-year-old girl cannot trust her mother to love and protect her, who in this world can she ever trust?”

Thank goodness the girl had been able to trust a relative enough to expose the truth.

I wish all the best for the girl. I think she’s shown great character and strength, and she deserves a life filled with security, love and support.

James John Kirksey and Jeannie Mae Carpenter deserve a life filled with insecurity, pain and condemnation.

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20 Responses to Jeannie Mae Carpenter & James John Kirksey

  1. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Totally Evil and Shocking

    Mr and MRS Grotesque Indeed

    Creepazoid Mutant and Mrs Jabba the Hut

    Perhaps if She had Lost some Weight there might be more Space for
    a Human Heart because No Real Mother lets Child Abuse Happen to
    their Own Child let alone any Child

    Child Abuse Warrants the Death Penalty

    Proves what I am Saying about Moral Degeneracy it Causes Suffering

  2. Jeni C says:

    Cleo, I am actually from West Virginia, and I still live there. Our state is always cast in a negative light, but with these to wastes of space, I am more than happy to say that I am glad they have been caught and punished! I just want to say that not every person from WV is bad, or a drug addict, or sleeping with/married to a relative…no matter how the media and Hollywood portray us on TV and movies (example: the movie “Wrong Turn.” Google it and you’ll see what I am talking about!) I am very ashamed that these 2 pieces of sh*t were right here in WV! I am just glad they are off the streets. And I am really glad that the girl’s relative had more sense than her mother and the boyfriend, and came forward to protect this girl.

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Thank You for Messages Jeni C Children do Deserve to be Protected
    from Monsters like these Creeps

    • Jeni C says:

      Yes, children need to be protected by their parents…not abused and exploited!! It is very sad that the very people that are supposed to protect them, are the ones that they need to be protected from!! Some of the sentences that child abusers/murderers get in this country (USA) is downright pathetic and too light! Murder a child? You get death penalty…or life in prison, at the very least! They get off with a slap on the wrist. Makes me sick. And makes me hold my children tight everyday!!

  4. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Wherever Outrages like this Happens this has to be Condemned

    Real Human Rights Depends Upon Protecting the Innocent and Vulnerable

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    Fuck me, what a horrible fat fuck she is, and so desperate for a “boyfriend” she was ok holding her own daughter down so her sick fuck fella could rape her, my god that poor girl, i’m so glad she found the courage to tell someone, she is awesome bless her, i hope she can get through all this and goes on to have a happy and successful life, she did nothing wrong and i hope she keeps telling herself that. God its stories like this that make my blood boil. Well lard arse might lose a bit of that fat now she’s banged up, she’s got twenty years to do it in. She is just grotesque, nobody should be that size, what the fuck was she eating to get to that humongus size? Thats just ridiculous. And i hope that raping cunt becomes bubba’s new bitch and is made to go through what he and michelin man put that poor girl through.

  6. moodymagic says:

    I find this so sick and twisted I am glad these 2 sick bastards are off to prison. What courage that young showed by telling someone. I wish her all the best.

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    Dpo, “jabba the hut” have to say that even i couldn’t top that one. The second picture of jelly belly does actually look like jabba the hut, and where has her neck disappeared to? Grotesque indeed!

  8. Tandarat says:

    I have a 12 year old daughter. The thought…makes me ill. All I can say is – why? I wonder how that poor girl was treated before Mr. Prunedick came on scene.

  9. AngryLittleMexican says:

    I’ve got a 12 year old daughter myself and honestly she’s just a shy thing so I am terrified to think of a child this age being subjected to the sheer weight of that whale holding her down while her lardass elephant sized pedohile bf was sweating all over her. Poor girl is lucky to have survived without being smothered. Survivor indeed. Makes me sick, I hope they both get shanked and raped – in any order-and treated like dogshit in prison!

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed Bengalpuss.

    That Evil Person is Ugly and Grotesque in both Appearance and Conduct.

    It Speaks for Itself the Utter Evil.

    Someone would have to be Worse than Desperate to be Attracted to
    a Jabba the Hut that Allows what Happened to Her Child like that

    Something out of a Real Life Horror Tale

  11. Ice Cold Flame says:

    How utterly disgusting. I have always found parents that allow their own children to be abused to be the lowest of the low. A woman (or man for that matter) that would rather choose a filthy child abuser over their child has failed as both a parent and a human being.

  12. Bengalpuss says:

    Wildchild, she does look like michelin man don’t you think? She that big that her legs have different post codes lol.

  13. Bengalpuss says:

    Angrylittle mexican, she’s that fat that when she was having sex she had to be rolled in flour to find the wet patch, or fart and give them a clue, or if they were thrill seekers they could slap her thigh and ride the wave.

  14. Fighter says:

    Here you’ve got another example of a parent (and her disgusting boyfriend) who does not deserve to have children or even be anywhere near to a child, when there are so many responsible, caring, normal people who are unable to make children! I hope these demons get in prison what they deserve! And yep, Kudos to the strong, little girl who found a way to confide in a relative about her ordeal!

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