Jean Pierre Duclos

Jean-Pierre Duclos
Crimes: Murder, Escape from Custody

Okay, this is embarrassing, and frightening. Jean Pierre Duclos, 56, a convicted murderer, escaped custody during a hospital visit on May 28, 2013. The killer had been serving his time at the minimum security Ste-Anne-des-Plaines federal prison in Quebec, Canada. He convinced authorities he had a medical issue and was being taken to Verdun Hospital for treatment.

Jean Pierre Duclos was not handcuffed or wearing a prison uniform for his hospital visit. He was being escorted by officers when he slipped away.

Jean Pierre Duclos was serving a life sentence for murdering 33-year-old Danielle André in 1991. The poor woman’s half naked body was found in a snowbank near a police station in Chomedey.

No motive was ever revealed publicly for the murder or for dumping her body where and how he did.

Jean Pierre Duclos is 5 feet 7 inches tall. He weighs approximately 150 pounds. He was sporting a thick, greying moustache but that could be gone by now. He has a scar on his right cheek. He has light brown hair and greeny-blue eyes.

Jean Pierre Duclos was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and a green coat when he escaped.

A national warrant has been issued across Canada. If you see this bastard, contact authorities ASAP.

This escape makes me wonder about a couple of things. First of all, why the hell wasn’t he handcuffed? Why was he wearing street clothes? He’s a killer after all, and probably the only reason he hasn’t killed more people after Danielle André’s murder is because he’s been locked up.

I also have to wonder why the hell a convicted murderer was placed in a minimum security prison. I thought minimum security prisons were for inmates who aren’t considered a threat to society. I personally think the fact he murdered Danielle André for no frigging reason makes him a helluva threat!

Prisoners are motivated to behave in prison. They get out early if they do! Duclos here was on track to be released within a few years if he kept on behaving well. What’s important to consider is how they’ll likely behave once they’re out!

Happily for us, only 4 prisoners escaped last year from federal prisons in Quebec. That’s out of 5000 inmates incarcerated there. But now we have a murderer in our midst — a murderer who kills possibly for thrills, and he could be anywhere by now.

I’ll keep readers posted if and when this hellbeast is found.

National Post article
Global News article


Finally Jean Pierre Duclos has been caught. He was apprehended by RCMP officers in Magog. Here’s hoping they keep an eye on him this time.

Global News article

8 Responses to Jean Pierre Duclos

  1. rabidfan says:

    I thought Canadian justice was a joke. Now the prison system is a joke. They didn’t handcuff a killer? Why? Because he promised to be good? Because he was a nice guy? Those officers should be fired for letting this bastard escape.

  2. shaqfu says:

    He had about one or two years left on his sentence which is why he was in a minimum security facility and not handcuffed. He was going to be a free man soon which is why authorities were transitioning him back into society. The timing of the escape, since his release date was coming up soon is bizarre which leads one to think that he wants to go back to prison once caught which is not the worst thing in the world for us non murderers.

  3. MSM says:

    Rabidfan, this is Quebec – they don’t consider themselves part of Canada. lol They got their own thing going on up there. I was raised in Maine and as a child I can remember adults complaining about Quebec’s law issues even then. This guy is just one of many to make a get away and I’ll give you one guess where they finally find him – and it won’t be in Canada! This guy is probably already in Maine and hiding in plain sight but it’ll still take them ten to fifteen years to find him.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    This idiot will have been in a minimum security prison due to him being released soon. I say arseole because now he’s fucked his chances of being released now, just hope he doesn’t decide to murder another innocent woman. Cleo, he probably murdered that woman because of a sexual fantasy, rape and killing her, i could be wrong but doubt it. No handcuffs though? How stupid is that, hope he.s caught soon without hurting another woman, otherwise the prison authority are gonna be in deep shit.

  5. steelydan says:

    I don’t care if this killer had one day left before he was due to be released he should of been handcuffed!

  6. moodymagic says:

    I hope he gets caught soon. It is crazy not to have had him handcuffed.

  7. Lou says:

    What’s even more incredulous is that that he was convicted two times for murder. I don’t they would have paroled him in two or three years or would they–after all they release Conrad Brassard who was released three times and killed three times. This guy is desperate, he will steal and kill again. It’s not “what’s wrong with these guys”,it’s “what’s wrong with the system”. Info on this guy Jean Pierre Duclos is hard to find, I have check the The RCMP/Ferderal site and there is no record. The QPP site is the worse
    The SPVM is also a very bad site,
    but that’s where I found J P Duclos, why? He’s in a federal pen., “Correctional Service of Canada”, should he not be listed on the RCMP site. If all the cops were really interested in doing their jobs properly they would talk more about having be a central database accessible to all. This database would be more useful than a long gun registry.

  8. birdie says:

    Ah ha ha ha. Sorry but it is kinda funny to me not cause of what happened bit what it reminded me of. Years ago Curtis workmen got arrested from the small town I lived by in Alberta. Cops here are purdy nice if you’re nice to them. Very small town. He had many charges against him and more when the cops arrested him. They were transporting him to a court house in Edmonton when get this the cop stops at Tim hortans . Curtis was sitting in the front seat no hand cuffs. It’s just over an hour and a half drive to reach the very edge of the city from where we are and again the cop was being nice and knew it would be an uncomfortable long ride. He even asked Curtis if he wanted anything from timmys cause he would buy it for him. Curtis jumped out of the car ran up to someone else’s car convinced the guy something was hanging out of his trunk . When the guy got out to check Curtis jumped in the car and took off. A near buy security guard seen what happened jumped in the open drivers side window and grabbed the wheel of the car steering them into a near by dumpster. Needless to say his escape attempt didn’t go far

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