Jay Handel

Hellbeast Jay Handel
Crime: Murder, Domestic Violence

Sonya Handel of Vancouver Island had had enough. Her marriage to her husband Jay Handel had been dysfunctional for over 15 years. Jay Handel had been abusive, jealous and domineering, and his name-calling had reduced the mother of his 6 children to feeling like a “deeply flawed human being”.

Jay Handel often flew into rages that lasted for days. Nice. (BTW, sorry about the quality of the pictures — I couldn’t find better.)

Jay Handel met Sonya when he was 29 and she was only 15. He was a bartender at the time and Sonya was a high school student on Saltspring Island. The couple had 6 children: Sebastian, Roxanne, Martial, Moriah, Levi and Ledia. In the fall of 1996 Jay Handel packed up and moved his brood to the isolated north Island community of Quatsino.

Quatsino is a small, remote community that had fewer than 100 residents. It is accessible by boat or floater plane. You can’t drive or take a bus out of there. That made Quatsino the perfect place for a controlling bastard like Jay Handel to keep his wife and family.

The family had no TV or internet or cellphones. The simple life, that’s what they lived.

The children were fairly isolated in this island paradise. There were only 8 other children in the community and the Handel children were discouraged from playing with them.

Everyone in the community thought the children were nice and friendly. They also thought Sonya Handel was a bright woman who was very involved in her children’s education. And nobody had a bad word for Jay Handel, a heavy-set man with a beard and moustache.

Sonya Handel made friends and got involved in volunteer activities. Unhappily her home was far from paradise — because her bastard husband shared it with her.

After years of ill-treatment, finally Sonya decided to tell Jay Handel she wanted a divorce. It was at the very end of 2001 and Sonya had invested 18 years of her life with him. Jay the POS bastard Handel didn’t take it well that his wife wanted him gone.

The situation got nasty. Jay Handel became suspicious and deadly. He began to imagine Sonya had a love interest and that was why she wanted to be free of him. Of course it wouldn’t occur to a f*cking Neanderthal like Jay Handel that he just might be too much of an abusive bastard to live with. It never occurred to him he should have treated her better and been more appreciative.

No, instead of changing his ways for the better, Jay f*cktard Handel changed for the worse.

Once in January 2002, Sonya Handel woke to find him standing above her by the bed. It frightened her.

“I told him I was afraid he’d have a gun in my back or something,” Sonya Handel said. “He said, ‘Don’t worry. I decided at three o’clock this morning I wouldn’t kill you.’ “

Yeah, like saying shit like that would patch the marriage up!

Actually it freaked Sonya Handel out. *shock* I am sure it scared the shit out of her.

“I’ve got to leave for my own sanity,” she told him.

In early March 2002 Sonya Handel told her bastard husband she wanted a legal separation. She’d had enough and this time she wasn’t going to let him talk her out of it.

Sonya Handel moved out and found refuge at her friend Debbie McNabb’s home. She didn’t take the children with her.

The abuse Jay POS Handel dished was always directed at her as was all his rage. And so it was that Sonya Handel felt that her 6 children would be all right with their father. He loved them, she thought, and they loved him.

Sebastian, 11, Roxanne, 9, Martial, 7, Moriah, 6, Levi, 4, and Ledia, 2, were left with their father after their mother found safety at the McNabb residence.

Sonya’s departure from the family home really, really pissed Jay the POS Handel off. He was no longer in control of his wife and that fuelled the flames of his wrath. He was also positive that she was having an affair with their neighbour, Russell Lubrick. She wasn’t but that didn’t stop the accusations.

In Jay Handel’s twisted mind, being alone with Russell Lubrick was tantamount to adultery.

On Sunday, March 10, 2002, Jay and Sonya had a big old argument about her alleged affair. He said she cheated, and she said she didn’t. Jay the monster Handel gave her an ultimatum: to come home on his terms or not at all. Sonya Handel chose not to return.

Holding his wife’s hands, Jay Handel told her then, very seriously, “You are alone.” And then he left her. Sonya Handel returned to the McNabb home. Jay Handel went home to the kids.

Sonya Handel confided to Debbie McNabb that she hoped her husband would just kill himself. He didn’t but I for one wish he had.

In the wee hours of Monday, March 11, 2002, Jay the hellbeast Handel decided to punish his wayward wife in the worst way possible. He had decided to kill her children Sebastian, Roxanne, Martial, Moriah, Levi, and little Ledia.

Jay the shitstain monster Handel began by giving 2-year-old Ledia and 6-year-old Moriah acetaminophen with codeine. Why? Maybe because it made the girls sleepy, or maybe to relieve the pain he was about to inflict upon them.

Jay the hellbeast Handel chose to strangle Ledia and Moriah to death. Being so little they couldn’t have put up much of a fight, but they’d be aware of who was killing them, bless their little hearts.

Maybe Jay Handel found strangling too much work, or maybe the other children were alerted to the danger, but he chose to shoot the rest. He shot 9-year-old Roxanne, 4-year-old Levi, 11-year-old Sebastian and 7-year-old Martial, in that order.

I imagine the children were hiding from him under their beds, in closets, anywhere they could and this creature from hell hunted them down one by one and shot them with his rifle until they were all dead.

The monstrous killer then placed the children’s corpses on their beds.

After the cold-blooded murders the hellbeast Handel wrote 3 letters: one to Russell Lubrick, the person he thought was having an affair with Sonya; one to the family doctor Marlene Smith; and one addressed to Sonya.

The envelope with the 12-page letter to the doctor had the words, “Why should she leave the kids with me? The victim is left with no way out.”

WTF? This demon spawn killer thought HE was the victim? Damn that narcissistic bastard to hell!

The letter to the doctor accused his wife of being controlling, manipulative, mentally unstable and abusive toward the kids. Riiight, it was his wife who was the controlling, unstable and abusive one — so says the man who murdered all of his children.

The letter to Sonya said, “Dear Sonya. Good luck. Like I said, you’re alone. Remember that time you asked me if my threat of suicide was real and I told you no, that I love my children and life too much to consider such an action. I lied. Enjoy your road to sanity. Don’t worry about the kids. They’re safe from you!!” This letter was stuck to a post in front of the house.

Handel fireAnd the house with the 6 little corpses was lit on fire.

Jay the murderer Handel mailed 2 of the letters he wrote and then drove in his Chevy van to the McNabb house to pick up Sonya. He drove with her back to the inferno that had been their house.

On the way the monster stopped his van at the highest vantage point on the road so that Sonya could see the fire in the darkness. He stared at her and watched her reaction.

Yeah, this creature from hell wanted to see her shock and horror, and her fear for the children. This was payback. This was her punishment for leaving him.

Sonya said, “Take me home.”

The monster said, “There’s no reason to go home.” He then put the van in gear and drove toward the property.

Handel childrenNeighbour Alan Johnson had seen the fire in the predawn darkness and had dashed to the Handel home. He was there when the Handels drove up and parked about 50 metres from the blaze.

Sonya Handel ran from the van toward the fire, no doubt wanting to find her babies. She was hysterical with terror. Jay Handel meantime had calmly locked himself in the van and sat back to watch the show — to watch Sonya look through the windows, and to see her realization that the children were dead.

“I could see the bed frames and I could see there was something on the bed frames,” Sonya Handel later said. “On the beds I could see lumps. I thought maybe that was the bodies of my kids.”

Alan Johnson reported, “I could hear yelling and screaming and Sonya came running out of the dark. . . . She ran up to the house and yelled and screamed, ‘My babies! My babies! He killed my babies! He’s over there and he killed my kids!’ “

Alan Johnson could see Jay the beast Handel sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle.

“She [Sonya] ran around to the front of the van, beating and kicking on the driver’s door.”

Alan Johnson heard the frantic mother scream, “You asshole. You son of a bitch. You killed my kids!”

Jay the beast Handel looked at his hysterical wife and said, “I have nothing to live for.” He then cut his own throat with a utility knife. Not too deeply, mind you. Not deep enough to kill himself. He cut his neck from under his right ear to mid-throat. It bled a bit.

Sonya Handel had to tell Alan Johnson to call the police, which he then did.

Quatsino has no fire department of its own, and it took firefighters 2 hours to get to the scene by boat. When they finally arrived, the fire was raging so fiercely they had no choice but to let it burn itself out.

And by the time the RCMP arrived, Jay Handel’s injured throat seemed to be already healing. Yeah, that was quite the “suicide” attempt. The killer was taken to hospital where he quickly recovered. Damn! It took 20 stitches to patch him up.

Sonya Handel had to be treated for trauma.

Hellbeast Jay HandelAfter an investigation Jay Handel was arrested, of course, and went to trial in B.C. Supreme Court to face 6 counts of 1st-degree murder.

At trial Jay the hellbeast Handel, 46, admitted to killing the children but claimed he wasn’t criminally responsible because he was suffering from a mental disorder.

Defense attorney John Green said that poor Mr. Handel was a devoutly Christian man who was depressed and suicidal over his wife’s adultery. This poor man thought that rather than leave his children behind without his protection he would take them with him to the afterlife.

“He decided the only way to adequately protect his children was to kill them,” said Mr. Green.

He was saving them from a life of “hell on Earth” apparently. Riiight.

Ahhh, such a Christian thing to do! But there was a problem with his story. See, throughout his entire marriage he had only gone to church twice. Twice! So much for his being a good Christian.

Sonya Handel mocked his lawyer’s claim about his being religious.

“He let me have some Christian content in the homeschooling, but wouldn’t let me say grace at the table or pray in the van,” she testified.

The jury didn’t buy into the defense’s claims about a mental disorder. They agreed with the prosecution that Jay the POS baby killer Handel had been motivated by anger and revenge and a desire to make Sonya suffer.

The jury spent just one day to reach their verdict — guilty.

Handel funeral“You took the lives of 6 young, defenseless people,” B.C. Supreme Court Justice Jim Taylor told the hellbeast Jay Handel. “You have to live with that for the rest of your life.”

Unhappily, Sonya Handel had to live without her children for the rest of her life as well. She said in court she wanted to spit on Jay Handel’s corpse and I believe her. I do too. Too bad she didn’t get the chance.

Crown attorney Derrill Prevett found the jury’s decision gratifying.

“The thing to remember in all of this, and what I remembered every time I opened the file, were 6 children,” Mr. Prevett said.

Jay Handel was sentenced in October 2003 to life in jail with no possibility of parole for 25 years. Come 2028 we’ll have to campaign to keep him in prison. He doesn’t deserve to see the light of day ever again. Anyone who can strangle and shoot children — their own children! — should be left to rot until they die in a cold, dark cell. Go to hell, Jay Handel! Go to hell and stay there!

R.I.P. Sebastian, Roxanne, Martial, Moriah, Levi, and Ledia.

And R.I.P. Sonya Handel. You are with your babies now, bless you and them.

Handel family

CBC article
Globe and Mail article

31 Responses to Jay Handel

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    Damn it, this is where i get pissed off that canada doesn’t have the death penalty. What a vindictive narcissistic bastard, if he couldn’t have her then he made sure she would pay the price. Why is it when you read about these murder suicide stories, the one committing suicide never gets it fucking right. Thats what a cowardly bastard this fuckwit is, can kill his own kids, but when it comes to killing his own ugly arse he fuck’s up. Thats why i should be a Vigalante, cos the court system is fucked, 25 years for murdering 6 children just over 4yrs a child, its disgraceful. I hope that cunt gets his ass whopped in jail daily, and bubba visits his cell periodically. Evil child killing bastard rot in hell. My heart goes out to the poor mother.

    • cleo says:

      I feel sorry for Sonya too. She lived such a horrible life with that hellbeast, lost all of her children horrifically and then died an awful death with ALS. That poor, poor woman. And all that remains of this whole debacle is HIM, the beast, who I hope is rotting in jail slowly and painfully.

    • 2cute says:

      Yeah Bengalpuss why is it these killers suck at killing themselves. My guess is their suicide attempts are more ploys to gain sympathy and prove a mental defect than true attempts to die.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    OK, life is officially not fair. The kids are dead their mom is dead and this fucker lives. If there was any justice he should suffer horribly each and every day. He should feel so much pain he should beg to die every day. God bless those poor little kids and damn their killer to hell.

  3. Trace says:

    The bastard Handel did not accept personal responsibility for the evil he did; everything he did was Sonya’s fault — she made him do it. So he probably still does not feel real remorse since he thinks it is not his fault. Hopefully his attitude will keep him behind bars forever. He should die in prison.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Trace thats a typical wife beating abusing fucker. I was with this idiot, well i should say i was the idiot cos i let him abuse me for 5yrs. Anyway he would look for reasons to kick off and beat me. Then when he was just about finished knocking fuck out of me he would say “Now look what you made me do” Bearing in mind i’d done nothing. I used to sit and i’d be thinking “What am i gonna get battered for today” And when the door would open, my heart would go into my mouth. And he was clever he had a Svengali Hold over me, by treating me nice every so often it would make me think “Oh he’s not to bad after all” then the abuse would start again. Eventually i had to jump 25ft out of a window to get away from one of the beatings and now walk with a slight limp. That was 20yrs ago. If i saw the bastard now i’d spit in his face, he doesn’t have that hold or make me frightened, he was just a bully that beat women and wouldn’t stand upto a man. That poor woman losing her children because of that vindictive cunt.

      • awesomeblossom says:

        BengalPuss has it right. Wife beaters like this monster always, ALWAYS blame the victim. The creep I was with used to punish me for dust bunnies or weeds growing in the yard, never the same thing twice. I think he spent most of his time thinking of what he could accuse me of doing so he’d have some half-ass excuse to abuse me. That’s probably the same crap that Sonya put up with for 18 years, taking the blame for her own abuse. I hope Jay Handel contracts some deadly disease that is endlessly painful and suffers with it for the rest of his life.

      • trevor quin says:

        Oh my gosh,, is this Delaina ? Contact me

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    What got me mad cleo, was when she was running towards the house and she and the neighbour tried in vain to save those kids, because they were already dead, was that bastard handel just sat in the truck watching, the kick for him was to see sonya’s face the distress when she saw the house burning. cleo excuse my ignorance, but i didn.t read about sonya dying, but it says rip sonya handle so when did she die and how because she was young. or have i jumped to a conclusion and got it wrong?

    • cleo says:

      Sonya Handel died on August 5, 2009 from Lou Gehrigs disease (ALS) which is a terrible way to go.

      • 2cute says:

        My friend’s husband died of that and damn straight it is an awful death. He was sick for only a couple of years before he died and it advanced so fast. Right away he had trouble with his balance and then with his walking and then he couldn’t climb stairs. Next thing he knew he was in a wheelchair with oxygen. Awful, awful, awful. And to think that Sonya Handel didn’t even have a chance to create a life after losing her children and after the trial. I feel so bad for her.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Just googled lot Gehrigs Disease, and its a motor neuron disease Horrible, poor sonya, its a shame that bastard jay didn.t get it. Sometimes life is so unfair, that bastard murders 6 children and gets to live, poor sonya tried her best with a piece of shit like jay handel its unfair.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    Awesomeblossom, your so right. That bastard used to look for things so he could beat me, stuff like, not rinsing the soap sud’s of the washing up, or not hoovering the carpet properly. Also i’d slept with all his friends, according to him. The guy was an absolute loon. He would say to me “you’ll never get another man, look at the state of you. Im only with you because i feel sorry for you” after having to jump out of a window to escape another beating, i really damaged my ankle and had to stay in hospital for four months, because i was put on traction. Which basically was a big metal pin that went through my ankle and attached to that was rope with weights tied onto the pin and it went over these pullies & pulled my bone apart & new bone would grow. Because i had a lot of time to think in hospital i thought to myself “What the fuck are you doing, this guy will kill you one day” So i fucked him off & made a statement so the piece of shit could be prosecuted. He got 3 & a 1/2 years. I wish the cunt Dead now.

  6. Steve-O says:

    Family annihilators like this bastard should be annihilated. Come on Canada! You used to execute killers, and then you got all touchy-feely warm fuzzy pussy whipped. How about you compromise — you let bastards who murder 1, maybe 2 people have life sentences, and execute mass and serial killers. Ask any Canadian if they think bastards like Jay Handel should live and I bet they’ll say no. I bet a majority of Canadians would be willing to see the likes of this creature die rather than pay for his upkeep and legal bills for years to come.

  7. bulldoggy says:

    It’s too bad that the neighbour didn’t think to set the van on fire with this asshole killer locked inside of it while Handel was watching his wife trying to save her children from the house. That would have been a fitting end to him.

  8. moodymagic says:

    Why isn’t Jay Handel suffering. Locked up in prison is not suffering. The death penalty is too quick a cure no suffering involved. Why hasn’t this child killer been wiped out by another prisoner.

  9. bengalpuss says:

    After reading again what this scumbag did to those children it got me thinking. The regulars on this site wouldn’t be shocked when i say im pro death penalty. So tonight i was reading about a guy called donald moeller, who is getting executed in south dakota on tuesday. Anyway i start looking and i see the usual shit from amnesty and anti death penalty and reprieve, all saying that donald moeller is gonna be murdered by the state of south dakota, and in nearly all the articles i read not one of them said why he’s gonna be given a date with death, so i’ll fill those people in who don.t know. Donald moeller, kidnapped a 9 yr old girl called rebecca mcdonald while she was returning home from the candy store and took her to some woods where he raped and Sodomised Her before stabbing her and cutting her throat. This cunt has been on death row for 20yrs, becky mcdonald didn.t even get the chance to reach that age. So i wanted to let you know about becky and on tues night 10pm the mcdonald’s finally get justice.

  10. bengalpuss says:

    And if i lived in south dakota i would go outside the prison where he is to be executed and protest the protesters.

  11. Spacetrucker says:

    You should read his sob story here; http://digital.faithtoday.ca/faithtoday/20120102?pg=59&search_term=jay handel&doc_id=-1&search_term=jay handel#pg57

    It makes me want to puke.

    • bengalpuss says:

      This wanker spacetrucker, will never accept responsibility for what he’s done, because he’s a narcissistic bastard. I just wish this cunt would have taken his own life, and left those babies alone, but like i said he’s a vindictive, narcissistic twat, that only thinks he’s been done by. I hope he rot’s in hell when he drops dead, which can.t come quick enough for me. I just hope some of his fellow inmates, kick fuck out of him, on a daily basis.

      • Spacetrucker says:

        I live on Saltspring Island Bengal and knew both of them. I got my first kiss in grade 2 from Sonya’s older sister Michelle and we would visit the family on occasion when I was little. I’m 53 now. The article I enclosed earlier mentioned a parole hearing and I would like to help organize a letter writing campaign, if possible. How a mass murderer of 6 little children could ever be set free would defy all common sense but I fear it could happen one day. In that article all he did was bemoan his situation but never once took any real responsibility for it. I’d love to cockpunch that pos scumbag. If your know anything about this parole hearing or can offer any advice I would be very grateful.I know many islanders here would be happy to participate in keeping him locked up. All the best Bengalpuss and thank you.

  12. Jessice11 says:

    It breaks my heart just thinking about what those poor kids were thinking in their last few seconds of trying to hide from their own father and hearing gunshots knowing their siblings were passing away one by one :( I hope he stays in jail, a miserable rotting man!

  13. lass says:

    I have read the article Jay wrote and like this so called religious man who published it, another who doesn’t even have the decency to know there were six kids that had there lives taken away by
    someone they thought loved them. The article of course is about Jay, how hard done by he is, how afraid he is, the opportunities he doesn’t have, the freedom he lacks,,, really
    Tell me where Sebastian would be today, close to my sons age, he’s in the military fighting for justice. Roxanne she would be so beautiful, and Marshall what a funny little man he WAS. Could have been the forever eating loaded hot dog man but no you decided to play God and you feel you have the right to ask for any kindness to come you way. You made a choice.
    If it comes that for some reason you have an opportunity to leave those walls I will be there to make sure the parole board knows you do not deserve to ever smile again just like Marshall shall never laugh again.

  14. Lydia says:

    Did you know that both Jay Handel’s father and grandfather commited suicide? He had had fantasies for many years of moving to a remote location, and had told me that he wondered if he would end his own life there. I have letter from him in which he tells me that he had bought a gun, and was planning his “big escape”.

    • Lily says:

      Also Jay Handel’s father and mother were both pedophiles and abused their kids. I’m not surprised that his father and grandfather committed suicide and Jay should do the same thing. Coward.

  15. ray l says:

    i am waiting for you jay.you fucked with the wrong family

  16. M. Law says:

    Where is the rest of society who failed to serve and protect this family? Somewhere distracted from the horrific abuse that lead up to this terrible and tragic ending. We all are responsible for this, anyone who knew the family and failed to see the desperation of this mother, who was trapped and had no support to escape. I know that Social Services for one is a so overwhelmed and unable to deal with and beasts like this bastard who knew the system would not be able to support his wife. The law, the government (us) and society did this. In a society where we notice if someone is watering their lawn on the wrong day and reports it to the city….. REALLY??? It is time to change the laws, killing this man will not change anything, but stopping other so called hellbeasts (non gender biased)that have similar narcissistic capabilities and get away with tormenting and terrorizing their spouses or children, will be stopped by using preventative measures rather than ignoring and turning away from any existing problems or concerns. The RCMP cannot do anything because unless there is a physical act they have their hands tied. Society has to band together to stop this. The RCMP and Government services are obviously not able to do the work on their own. I know if I were to call the police about anything suspicious in the neighborhood, they make sure and do a drive by but other than that there is nothing they can do if they do not see anything suspicious. People like this J. Handel know that is how the law reacts and works and take advantage of it as an opportunity.

  17. Cocktail Waitress says:

    I knew Sonya, Jay and the 4 oldest children briefly before they moved to Quatsino. Sonya was a beautiful woman and the most gentle loving mother I’ve ever met. I stayed with one of her nurses for a couple of months before and a couple weeks after her death.
    ALS usually attacks people over 60 or if inherited over age 50. It is believed in Sonyas case the traumatic shock damage to her nervous system triggered the Motor Neurone Disease that lead to Sonyas death.
    Jay Handel is directly reponsible for her premeditated death.

    I’d also like to note that Sonya met a wonderful man a few years before her death she gave birth to a beautiful little boy. It is sad this little boy won’t grow up with his mother and siblings.

  18. Al says:

    I knew Jay, he was a control freak, he wanted to work for me on my tugboat, but I didn’t take him on. He was a very mixed up person. May he rest uncomfortably in hell.

  19. Marge says:

    Those poor kids were my kids cousins.I could empathizes with Sonya her fear.But my heart goes out to those helpless children,how scared they were,wanting someone to come and help them.Seeing the rage and hiding then being found and killed. How scared they must have been and NO ONE to protect them. That was one big Reason I never left my kids alone with their dad.And the signs are always there but it’s a choice to ignore them.Signs are always there.

  20. Spacetrucker says:

    Thanks for keeping this page up to date. I hope in 10 years when Jay is up for parole we still have this to strategize a resistance to his ever being set free.

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