Jason Scott McNeal

Jason Scott McNeal

Jason Scott McNeal (Madison County Sheriff's Department)

Crime: Rape

Not all criminals are criminal masterminds, thank goodness, and their stupidity can be almost amusing. Jason Scott McNeal of Huntsville, Alabama is no criminal mastermind. He’s a stupid, f*cktardian rapist, as a matter of fact, who obviously thinks more with his pecker than he does with his brain.

Jason Scott McNeal went to a block party on O’Fallon Road. It was the 4th of July, 2013 and there was a whole lotta drinking going on. One woman in particular had too much to drink, and wasn’t feeling well as a result. She made her way to a nearby house, went into the bathroom, threw up and then passed out.

Fortunately for the woman, a friend of hers noticed she was absent and went looking for her. When the friend found her lying unconscious in a pool of vomit in the bathroom she screamed for help. Why? Because Jason Scott McNeal was having sex with the unconscious woman.

It seems Jason Scott McNeal doesn’t require much to get in the mood for sex — just a body, apparently. The fact the woman was a stranger to him didn’t matter. The fact the woman was unconscious didn’t matter. Even the fact the woman was lying in a pool of puke didn’t matter. It took having somebody scream for help to put him off his stroke.

As Jason Scott McNeal tried to run away from the scene, he was hit by several people. In fact, he’d suffered some injuries, the poor rapist.

Jason Scott McNealI gotta admit seeing Jason Scott McNeal’s face all battered gives me some warm fuzzies.

The police had been called and they located him walking nearby. I’m sure he was easy to spot — what with all the bleeding he was doing.

When police interviewed this POS rapist, he told them he had sex with the victim but said she was a prostitute. He said he’d been set up to be robbed by the people who beat him up.

The police didn’t believe his bullshit and they charged him with 1st-degree rape.

When Jason Scott McNeal went to trial in Madison County, that’s when his stupidity showed. The defense called his father to testify on his behalf, and his father dutifully told the jury how his boy wasn’t a violent person. Not his boy, no sir. The problem was that Jason Scott McNeal had actually shot his father back in 2001. That rather undermined his father’s testimony.

Having bombed out with that witness, Jason Scott McNeal’s attorney told the court he wasn’t going to call any more. That’s when the stupid f*cktard let his prick do the thinking for him. He stood up and demanded to be allowed to testify. It was his constitutional right, doncha know!

Now the jury had already watched the video of the police interrogation. They’d seen Jason Scott McNeal admit having sex with the victim. And now the asshole began testifying that he did NOT have sex with the victim.

Jason Scott McNeal’s testimony was that he’d been sedated in the hospital while being treated for his injuries and he didn’t remember anything until he woke up in prison. He didn’t remember being interrogated even. Riiiight.

The new story he told the court was he’d gone to the bathroom when somebody, aka the victim, came in and threw up. And then a whole lotta people with GUNS came in and attacked him! HE was the victim, doncha know!

Apparently the jury didn’t buy his load of bull crap. On December 4, 2014, they deliberated for just over 2 hours and found Jason Scott McNeal, 36, guilty of 1st-degree rape.

Madison County Assistant District Attorney Tim Gann said, “The story he told the jury was so outrageous, it was obvious he was lying. The jury saw through it. The victim was helpless and he took complete advantage of her.”

Assistant DA Gann continued, “It goes back to the myth that rape is about sex. It’s about control, domination and violence. There’s nothing sexual about a woman who is passed out, lying in a pool of vomit.”

Madison County Circuit Judge Dennis O’Dell has scheduled February 26, 2015 as the sentencing date. Jason Scott McNeal, who has prior felony convictions, is looking at a minimum of 99 years in prison.

Know what? Even if he’s given the minimum, I’ll be content. He’ll have to live to 135 to see freedom again, and I kinda doubt he’s going to make it.

I wish the victim a full recovery. I’m sure there are plenty of people telling her the rape is her fault because she got drunk in public. It isn’t. The full blame belongs to the rapist. Jason Scott McNeal had convinced himself he was entitled to take advantage of an unconscious woman. For that he’s going to be rotting and festering in his prison cell for the rest of his worthless life.

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32 Responses to Jason Scott McNeal

  1. 2cute says:

    HE SHOT HIS DAD and still asked him to be a character witness? Lol, what a dumbass! Why didn’t he ask the rape victim to testify on his behalf too?

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      OMG 2Cute I laughed bc I was thinking the same thing – but his DAD totally committed perjury for him! Good Lord, what a fucked up family!

    • angela mcneal says:

      He shot our dad in self defence get the facts right

    • AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

      Not surprised about his dad testifying on his behalf. My ex tried to throw his mother down the stairs. I stopped him. She took him to court. I said nothing because A) I was terrified of him and B) he told me I’d never see my infant son again. Well, it got thrown out of court. 4 months later when I escaped from him with my kids, he tried to get them back. His mother told the judge I was the crazy and violent one! I mentioned the stair incident. (I’d been dragged up and down those same stairs, while pregnant, hence my knee and impending shoulder surgery). She said it never happened. Unfortunately, the current judge had a copy of the proceedings from the previous trial. Needless to say she was not used as a character witness. All this when she KNOWS what an evil bastard her son is!! I wonder what she’s saying now that he’s in prison for murder.

  2. awesomeblossom says:

    You can’t tell me this was his first rape. He’s probably been strong arming women into sex for years. Asshole deserves a life sentence IMO.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    Well this yahoo won’t be raping any more women ever again and that’s a good thing. I wonder if he was charged with attempted murder for shooting his father. Too bad he was ever let out.

  4. moodymagic says:

    Sometimes I love American Justice system. 99 years minimum. This guy deserves every second.

  5. FlyingLeadChange says:

    In jail, the tables will be turned.

  6. Gabriel W says:

    Justice served for this f*cktardian! Hahaha I love that one!

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    What suprises me is it took the jury 2 hours, i’d of convicted this turd in 2 minutes. I love the battered face lol, what a knob his dad is “my son isn’t a violent man, no way” i admire his loyalty because any shitbag shoots me, i’d be testifying for the prosecution to get his arse hauled away, son or no son you can’t let anybody shoot you and then rape someone and lie so they can be free to hurt more people because thats just fucking stupid and selfish.

  8. E says:

    FUCK every single motherfucker that left a reply to this retarded ass posting none of you know what the fuck your talking about so SHUT THE FUCK UP i was at the trial he was convicted on his past record the courts in alabama are one sided thats the D.A.s side OH YEAH! FUCK THIS MORON WRITER TOO!!!!!!

    • Lillith says:

      Yeah, fuck EVERYONE who posted here…Especially you! OMG, I just love stupid little trolls like you. I’m willing to bet you’re probably related to the fucktard too. Even if he was put away because of his previous record, just take a look at his prize-winning rap sheet. Anyone who will shoot their own parent doesn’t need to be out and about where they can hurt other people. Furthermore I believe they fact check according to records, therefore, your buddy was found guilty in a court of law (which would be a fact) and if you can’t appreciate the fine editorial that Cleo and company write, then don’t troll this site. Seriously, what did you expect from a site called hellbeasts? Any who, Have a nice day and thank you for giving me something to laugh

    • Awesomeblossom says:

      Your argument as I understand it is “you’re wrong so shut up and fuck you!” How compelling! You must’ve been on the debate team in junior high. Moron.

    • angela mcneal says:

      Amen e

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Don’t know why your saying amen, she’s talking about you not with you! Deliverance comes to mind, good film that was.

  9. E says:

    his dad set him on fire before he shot him you fucking idiots learn the facts BITCH!!!!!!!

    • cleo says:

      According to the Tuscaloosa News, Timothy Shawn Gurley, 23, Darla Layten, 19, and Joshua Wistafke, 23, were the ones who set him on fire in 1999. Which one of those is his father? Or was he set on fire more than once?

  10. Lillith says:

    My apologies, I really should know better than to antagonize trolls. I just couldn’t help myself. With that said, E, dude, don’t go looking for trouble and you won’t get your feelings hurt. If you want to be respected here, then show some. If your friend hadn’t done something stupid he wouldn’t be on here.

  11. nicole says:

    First off he knew this girl. They have known each other for years. Secondly he shot his father in self defense. The victim in this has said she was aware of what was going on and passed out in the middle of the act and that her friends jumped to conclusions. So really people do some research before drawing your own conclusions.

  12. angela mcneal says:

    That is right my brother will get out

  13. Nicole says:

    This is such a sad argument considering the morons that are commenting on this do not know the truth about what happened.You are condemning a man based on your own stupid prejudices.You people need to get a life.Jason is innocent and he will be getting out.Oh and to Bengalpuss you dick he will not be in a body bag when he does get out.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      nicole, this is the Dick speaking, he will get out in a body bag because he’s guilty and will die in jail you stupid cunt. I’ve never heard a bigger load of bollocks, she knew what was going on but passed out and people twisted it? Are you Fucking serious? I’m certain you silly bastard that if that came from the victim then he wouldn’t be stuck where he is and belongs. I can’t even admire your loyalty to this beast, you are a disgrace to all victims of rape!!!!!!

      • Nicole says:

        Bengalpuss I am a victim of rape and have a wonderful daughter because of it. All stories of rape are different and people like you deserve to end up in a body bag!!!!!

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