Jason Schiloh Brown

Jason Schiloh Brown

Crimes: Animal Abuse

Jason Schiloh Brown of Reno, Nevada makes me sick. Literally sick. I didn’t want to write about him because his crimes involve dogs. His crimes are the stuff of nightmares, so be forewarned.

Jason Schiloh Brown should have had a good life. He was adopted by a wealthy couple, and was smart enough to be a presidential scholar and psychology major. He could have made contributions to society, but alas he is a hellbeast first and foremost.

Instead of doing good, Jason Brown evolved into a drug user and a psychopathic, sadistic dog killer.

In July 2014, Jason Brown was renting a Super 8 motel room in Reno. That room was what he called his “house of pain”. Too bad for him he forgot about room service.

I feel horrible for the maid who entered that room. I would never want to see what she saw — a decapitated dog.

The officers who responded saw more than that — and worse. In the refrigerator were 4 dog heads and various dog legs. In the bathtub were the torsos of dogs.

The officers confiscated bloody kitchen knives and a Swiss Army knife. They also found dog collars with rabies tags. Those tags led them to the woman who tried to find a new home for her two Chihuahuas through Craig’s List. Disgustingly, Jason Brown had convinced her he’d be a good dog owner.

Please, people, do not give away your pets on Kijiji or Craig’s List! You owe your animals better than that. Monsters like Jason Brown really are out there, wanting to do the worst things they can imagine to helpless animals.

Police officers checked out the SUV parked outside the Super 8. It was registered to Jason Schiloh Brown, and it was also the subject of an emailed tip police had received on July 4, 2014. A woman had spotted dog body parts in that vehicle.

Police brought Jason Brown in for questioning. He admitted the vehicle was his. He admitted he was living alone in the motel room. He also admitted he’d gotten a dog from Craig’s List.

Jason Brown claimed that he hadn’t harmed the dog — a girl named Debbie had done that. Riiiight.

Too bad for the hellbeastly asshole that he’d recorded videos of the torture and killing of the dogs. And too bad for him that there was a recording of him and a friend watching one video, laughing, and him saying he looks for free dogs off the Internet, brings them to his “house of pain” and kills them.

Jason Brown was also recorded saying he wanted to turn the dogs into a fur jacket.

“The little white Chihuahuas are my favorite. If I get one of those, they are coming to Jason’s house of pain,’ Jason Brown told his friends.

“Pugs, instead of barking, pugs sound like humans, like little kids. They yell,” he went on to say. He then gave his impression of that sound, “Ahhhhhhrrgggghhhh.”

I guess he found his friends’ laughter encouraging. “Let me show you,’ he said. ‘You want me to get one tonight?”

BTW, I really want those pals of his who watched the torture videos and laughed to encounter a giant dose of karma. They knew, just as Jason Brown knew, that what he was doing was criminal. None of them called the police.

One of those friends actually reminded Jason Brown that if he got caught, he might go to prison for “like four years” for animal abuse.

“If you go to a jury, oh God,” the friend said. “The jury — people would show up at the trial with their service dogs and they’d be crying.”

That word of caution from his pal didn’t stop Jason Brown. He went on to torture, kill and slaughter 5 dogs at the Super 8, and another dog at another location.

So with the recordings, the weapons and the dead dogs discovered by the police, Jason Brown dropped the “Debbie” defense. His new excuse was he’d been on a 4- to 6-week drug binge when he’d been using heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine. He claimed he couldn’t remember any of it.

Gee, the woman he got the Chihuahuas from sure didn’t think he was strung out on drugs. She thought he was a normal, clean-cut kid.

Jason Schiloh Brown, 24, was arrested and charged with 6 felony counts of torturing or maiming and killing an animal, and 2 counts of possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine). He was being held at the county jail on a $70,000 cash bond.

Defense attorney John Oakes suggested that his client had “mental health issues”. IMO his issues were more a lack of morality, humanity, heart and soul.

In June 2015, Jason Brown pled no contest. At his sentencing on October 1, 2015, he told Washoe District Court Judge Elliott Sattler that he’d tortured the dogs while on drugs, and that he’d changed. He was a different man now. He explained that his best friend when he was a kid was his dog, and he’d been devastated when the dog died. He told the judge he wants to try and get his life back together.

How touching. Too bad for him the judge had watched the videos.

“Those images I watched, I will never forget,” Judge Sattler said. “The cruelty, the sadism you exhibited is simply shocking.

“The part that frightened me most about the videos is that you produced them in the first place. That tells me you wanted to go back and watch them again — a trophy if you will of your behavior. You watched with friends and laughed.”

The defense attorney urged the judge to order Jason Brown to treatment for his drug abuse and chronic depression.

Assistant District Attorney Derek Dreiling argued for the maximum penalty.

“It is that horrific,” he said. “It’s the repetition, the violence, the sadism that makes this crime worthy of the worst.”

The judge sided with the prosecution. He sentenced the sadistic dog killer to the maximum – up to 28 years in prison. Yay, Judge Sattler! Jason Brown will be eligible for parole after serving just over 11 years behind bars.

I hope that everyone who saw what they saw in person, in photos or on video — the maid, the police officers, the lawyers, the judge — gets counseling for their trauma.

I hope the friends of Jason Brown who found the torture and killing videos entertaining seek counseling for their utter lack of compassion.

I hope the good people of Nevada learn from this horrific situation and never give pets away for free on Craig’s List.

I hope Jason Brown gets all the therapy he needs to turn him into a decent human being before he’s eventually released. I doubt therapy will work but I pray that it does.

And lastly, I hope people avoid Jason Schiloh Brown like the plague when he’s once again a free man. He obviously enjoys inflicting pain and death on vulnerable creatures. Who’s to say he won’t enjoy torturing people too?

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17 Responses to Jason Schiloh Brown

  1. wildchild says:

    I feel sick about what this hellbeasts did to these poor animals. But what really freaks me out the most is how he described the sounds that pugs make, how they sound like humans , like little kids to be specific. Makes one wonder if he moved on to dogs because children weren’t as easily available. Makes one wonder if somewhere in his past there are frightened children out there too scared from his torture to speak up……

  2. Jeanette says:

    28 years is more than Canadians get for murder! It’s about time penalties for animal cruelty are taken seriously. I salute Judge Sattler for giving the max.

    • Jeni C says:

      28 years is way more than what someone gets for murdering their own child, or abusing them, here in the U.S.!! The reason there is so much child abuse/murder in the U.S., is because the penalties for it is a slap on the wrist, in most cases. A mother/father can kill their child and be out in 3 years with good behavior. WTF? People get sentenced to more time in prison for dealing or possessing a few pain pills, than for killing their child! I do applaud this judge for going for the maximum for this POS. He needs help in more ways than one!

  3. moodymagic says:

    Sick SOB needs to really suffer. Disgusting.

  4. Bulldoggy says:

    This puppy killer deserves to lose his wealthy family connection, his tuition for university and all hopes of a great life. He also deserves to be chased from town to town by animal rights groups for the rest of his pathetic life.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    Horrible fucking bastard this dog killing cunt is, i take my hat off to the judge, “way to go judge”. The cunts mugshot shows him to be the psychopath he is. As for the disgusting pigs that watched the video’s and knew about what this cunt did, i hope you have untold misery in your lives, to see that and find it funny and say nothing makes you as bad as this sick twat. And one last thing, please if someone knows somebody serving time with this shithead please ask them to make his life as miserable as possible, its the least this bag of turd’s deserves.

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, i bet this article about this shithead made your blood boil? It made me feel fucking murderous. I do not understand why people would advertise on craigslist, it baffles me it really does, your not going to know who your giving that pet too, you would be better giving that animal to a shelter than giving it away. You would be better having that animal euthanised than tortured and killed. I don’t agree with euthanazier, but i would rather have the knowledge that the animal hadn’t suffered than somebody torturing it. Those poor dogs, i truly hope there is an hell and this evil twat burns in it.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Actually Bengalpuss, this article made my blood run cold. I shudder to think that there are disgusting monsters like this who get their thrills from inflicting pain and death, but who can pass themselves off in society as normal. I hope there is a hell after death waiting for this bastard, but I also hope that the rest of his life is hell too.

  7. awesomeblossom says:

    Cleo you should give the address and room number for that motel room. I don’t care how many times the staff clean the fridge and the bathtub it’ll never be clean enough. Those poor doggies! And the poor cleaners who had to deal with the horror.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Was the hotel empty? How come no one heard the dogs yelping in pain? This is sickening! It drives me crazy when people sit idly by…

  9. Idea-ist says:

    I’m so relieved they got this p.o.s. off the street, but I wish that when he gets released in 28 years he had to add his name to some kind of watchlist, the same way sexual predators do. Because today its dogs, and that’s bad, but what happens when he decides to target people instead? The police can’t watch every criminal they think might re offend, thats why sex offender registry exists in the first place. People have a right to information that might help them protect themselves and their families.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      I don’t understand how somebody could do this to those poor dogs, i weep thinking about their last moments. Those pigs that actually knew about this and did nothing and said nothing should be named and shamed for the disgusting way they sat idly by and did nothing, they’re just as bad as this horrible twat.

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Sounds like an Evil Scumbag Cruel and Sadistic a Disgrace to

    There should be the Death Penalty by Statute Law and the Law of
    Morality for Atrocities against Dogs like This

    Scum is an Understatement to Describe this Evil against Dogs

  11. Tandarat says:

    I have little doubt he is a psychopath. As in the true mental illness. I am terrified for the community he is released if he gets out on probation. Even if he serves the full 28 years, he will only be 52. He will have plenty of time to continue he torture, and chances are he will move up to human victims. What then?

    • Bengalpuss says:

      @TANDARAT, thats usually the case with sick cunts like this, they torture animals while young and they are also little pyromaniacs burning peoples property. From early adulthood they start to attack fellow human beings. I also am worried for the people who live near this monster when he is released, he is a very dangerous individual who needs to stay locked away for as long as leagaly possible otherwise we’ll be reading about this nutcase in the future.

  12. blinkingblythe says:

    Unpeople like this start with animals and gradualy move on to humans.

    This thing should be kept cuffed and waist chained to two huge German Shepherd police dogs, and be forced to follow every officers’ command. If he falls out of line in the slightest, the dogs turn around and gnaw on his arms and legs. If he continues to resist, the dogs’ jaws migrate to his throat and crotch.

  13. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Beyond sick. Pugs sound like kids? How would he know that?? Jesus. Too many bodies, not enough souls. This is just… I don’t have the words. The thing with people like these, the murders, pedos, rapists… If you look in their eyes, you can SEE that something is wrong. Something is missing. Why? Why do people do these horrific things? I will never understand. Nor will I ever have sympathy, compassion, understanding or forgiveness for ANY of them. Those lacking a soul are not worthy… Of anything.

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