Jarrod Wyatt

Jarrod Wyatt
Crimes: Murder, Torture

Taylor Powell’s family remembers him as a big teddy bear, and a “generous, free spirit with a quick loving smile” according to his mom. Tragically the rest of the world, when they think of Taylor Powell, remember the horrific death he was made to suffer.

According to his obituary, Taylor Powell was an avid surfer who loved life and people. He was gainfully employed at the Good Harvest Café in Crescent City, California. He was much loved by his parents, siblings, niece, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and his girlfriend. And he was only 21 years old when he died.

Sadly the lives of murder victims are often lost in the mix, while their deaths hit the headlines. The same was true for Taylor Powell. His death was gruesome and brutal beyond reason, and the fact his killer was his friend made it an even greater tragedy.

I want to make it clear that nothing — absolutely nothing — that Taylor Powell did throughout his life made him deserving of the horror and terror he was subjected to at the hands of his murderer, Jarrod Wyatt.

Before we continue, I should warn that this article contains graphic content that some readers may find disturbing. IMO, if my readers aren’t somewhat disturbed by it, they need professional help.

Taylor Powell

Taylor Powell

In 2010, Taylor Powell was the sparring partner of mixed-martial artist/cage fighter, Jarrod Wyatt. Cage fighting, IMO, is a brutal, blood-thirsty sport, and cage fighters appear to me to be willing to pummel and vanquish their opponents mercilessly.

On March 21, 2010, Taylor Powell, Jarrod Wyatt and pal Justin Davis were hanging out at a Requa, California home. Jarrod Wyatt had downed some psychedelic mushroom tea, and was acting kinda weird. Justin Davis had to leave to pick up his dog, and he later returned to a scene of unbelievable horror.

Jarrod Wyatt, 26, was standing naked in the living room, covered in blood. Taylor Powell had been pulverized and brutalized, and was barely alive.

When Jarrod Wyatt announced he was going to cut out his victim’s heart, Justin Davis got the hell out of there and went in search of a pay phone to call police.

Del Norte County Sheriff’s deputies and Yurok Tribal Police arrived at the home. They found Jarrod Wyatt naked and covered head to toe in blood, standing over Taylor Powell’s body.

“I killed him,” the killer obligingly told the officers.

There was no recognizing poor Taylor Powell at that point. Most of his face had been removed, and his tongue had been cut out. The poor man’s chest had been carved open with a knife, and an eyeball was lying in the middle of the floor.

It turns out that Taylor Powell’s heart and other organs had been ripped out of his chest and thrown into a wood-burning stove and burnt. The deranged killer helpfully told the officers that that’s what he’d done.

The crime scene was bloody and horrific. It encompassed almost the entire home. The walls in the bathroom had indentations where Jarrod Wyatt had repeatedly bashed his victim’s head.

Poor Taylor Powell, that young, athletic guy, had been horribly beaten, but that’s not what killed him. He had significant blunt force trauma to his head and he had been throttled by the neck, but that’s not what killed him.

The coroner’s report revealed that Taylor Powell bled to death while having his heart removed when he was still alive.

OMG. I pray that Taylor Powell was not conscious then. I pray that the other body parts were removed after he was dead.

Jarrod Wyatt told the police that the hallucinogenic mushroom tea had caused him to think that Taylor Powell was possessed by the devil. He told them he tossed the body parts into the fire because he “needed to stop the devil”.

Jarrod Wyatt was charged with murder, of course, and torture. He tried to plead not guilty by reason of insanity, but multiple psychiatric tests led a Del Norte County judge to deem him fit to stand trial.

Jarrod WyattJarrod Wyatt pled guilty on October 5, 2012 to 1st-degree murder involving mayhem. Superior Court Judge William Follett sentenced the killer to 47 years in state prison.

“The murders I see are so often senseless, but the brutality and horror involved in this case exceed all of the bounds I have seen,” Judge Follett said. “The depths of grief imposed upon the victim’s family are depths I pray no one else will ever suffer.”

“By reaching a plea agreement, we also saved the family the ordeal of undergoing the visible presentation of the most horrific dismemberment of a body that I have seen in my 27 years of practice,” Del Norte County District Attorney Jon Alexander said.

“It was always absolutely non-negotiable that Wyatt would have to admit to 1st-degree murder — that he admit that he had committed this brutal murder, without hiding behind the veil of drugs. It is sad that we have taken this long to get to this day, but I think justice was delivered.”

As barbaric as this crime was, I personally believe that the hallucinogenic mushrooms did play a significant role. As far as I can tell, the prosecution never gave any other reason why Jarrod Wyatt would turn on his friend and murder him in such a grisly fashion. I can believe he truly thought he was fighting the devil.

That said, Jarrod Wyatt chose to ingest the illegal psychedelic mushroom tea. He chose to put something in his system that would alter his mind and make him lose touch with reality. Jarrod Wyatt put in motion the hell and horror that took place.

RIP, Taylor Powell. I extend my heartfelt condolences to those who loved him.

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15 Responses to Jarrod Wyatt

  1. Mihalinkja says:

    “The coroner’s report revealed that Taylor Powell bled to death after having his heart removed while he was still alive.”
    Um…think abot that sentence…maybe he beld to death in the process of having his heart removed, but once his heart was removed he couldn’r be alive to bleed to death.

  2. moodymagic says:

    This poor victim. The total brutality of his death. I hope this story will help others think before they ingest mind altering drugs. I am glad Wyatt finally plead guilty.

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    I believe he did think taylor was the devil, he must of had what is called a bad trip, but like you said “he chose to ingest that mushroom tea” so now he must pay the consequences. my condolences to taylors family.

  4. 2cute says:

    Ya know, it’s stuff like this that makes me think that police officers aren’t paid near enough. I feel so bad for the officers who showed up and processed the scene. It’s just ghastly. The stuff of nightmares. My hat’s off to the Del Norte County Sheriff’s deputies and Yurok Tribal Police.

  5. fuctup says:

    Jeezus, I bet nobody will want to fight this guy in prison. Holy shit he’s a deadly weapon.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      especially if he’s had mushrooms again, no don’t think no one should get into a scrap with this dude if he’s tripping away, wouldn’t turn out well.

  6. Michael says:

    Taylor Powell was my brother, and I think about him every day. I have no doubt that my life will be forever changed by what transpired that night. I also feel sorry for Wyatt who tore apart his friend who held him in very high regards. Taylor, you were always there for me at a moments notice whenever I asked, few people have taken the time to let me know how appreciated I was as you did. I am sorry that I could not have been there for you to repay your kindness to me through all the years.

    R.I.P Taylor
    Until we meet again
    Much Love from your cousin, brother, and friend

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Michael, I’m so sorry for your loss, I bet Taylor was a brilliant brother, and no doubt he will be waiting for you and will see you again one day. Your brother will also be proud of you for the comment you have made, and knows you love him always x RIP Taylor was

  7. Whynot says:

    You’re a gay boy. Quite being a bitch and report on facts No one cares what you think.report on facts like mma fighter was wrong. Taylor Powell should be alive end of story.as a cave fighter it is a sport that requires you to do ugly things but it’s what the audience wants.no different than a defense attorney defending someone else everyone misunderstands.which isn’t always the case but to say the whole sport its like that is ignorant. He got high of hallucinogens.not the cage. Thanks

  8. Whatever says:

    Mushroom tea my fuckin ass. More like bath salts or PCP

  9. James says:

    There is more to the story which will give a real motive.
    While Mr Wyatt was killing his his best friend Wyatt’s girlfriend was locked in the closet. Wyatt confronted Powell facing sex with his girl friend.

  10. James says:

    There is more to the story which will give a real motive.
    While Wyatt was killing his best friend. Wyatt’s girlfriend was locked in the closet. Wyatt confronted Powell about having sex with his girl friend.

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