Janice Susan Deutsch

Janice Deutsch

Crime: Elder Abuse, Neglect

I wouldn’t trust Janice Susan Deutsch of La Cresta, Riverside County, California, to look after a goldfish. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t even trust her to look after a pet rock. Janice Susan Deutsch, IMO, is not emotionally, mentally or spiritually equipped to look after anyone or anything.

Janice Deutsch was already facing a charge of animal cruelty for the neglect of several horses when she was charged in October 2012 with abusing her own elderly mother.

Being a horse lover, I am not happy to learn that 16 malnourished horses had to be seized by animal control officials in 2011 from the Deutsch property near Murrieta. The horses, thankfully, were restored to health and adopted out.

Janice Deutsch has said in her defense that the animals had contracted a disease that caused them to lose weight, and that they were seized before she had time to improve their health.

I don’t know if what Janice Deutsch said about the horses is true. She has yet to go to trial on the animal cruelty charge. But if what she did to her mother is any indication, I doubt her treatment of the horses was humane.

Investigators at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department became interested in Janice Deutsch after she brought her 86-year-old mother to hospital in Mission Viejo. This was in September 2012. The unfortunate woman was sunburned and dehydrated.

Now some might think that was understandable, especially if Janice Deutsch took her mom on an outing on a very hot day. But no, there was much, much more that was wrong with the old lady.

Janice Deutsch’s mother, the poor dear, had feces under her fingernails. Feces! In fact, the poor old woman was covered in her bodily waste. OMFG!

Long-time readers probably know that I took care of my handicapped mother for over 20 years. NEVER was my mom not washed and clean! I cannot imagine anyone — any decent human being — neglecting their elderly mother so much she winds up covered in urine and feces!

And matters were actually much worse for Janice Deutsch’s mother. The unfortunate woman was suffering from bleeding bedsores! Her legs were bent and locked and couldn’t be straightened!

There is NO EXCUSE for that! None! It makes me absolutely sick thinking of what that poor old woman went through, being left to sit in her own excrement, left so long she developed bleeding bedsores!

Janice Susan Deutsch told investigators that her mom had been ill for just a week before she took her to the hospital. She said her mom had lain on a vinyl chaise lounge out on the patio at 19870 Hitt Lane and then REFUSED to move.

In other words, it was her mother’s choice to lie in the baking sun when temperatures exceeded 100 degrees. It was her mother’s decision to crap and piss herself and not get up! It was her mother’s choice to refuse all medical care!


Janice Deutsch had the gall to tell investigators that she did her best to care for her mother by feeding her a small amount of food and hosing her down. Yup, she hosed down her mother like you would hose down a muddy dog.

Janice Deutsch said she just wasn’t strong enough to move the chaise lounge with her mother on it by herself. I guess she had no choice but to leave her mother there to suffer. Riiiight.

She did not call 911 for help because she didn’t want the old lady to be taken to any nearby hospitals. And why the hell not? Because Janice Deutsch did not consider any of them to be up to her standards!

HER standards?!?! She, who admitted to hosing down her mother and leaving the old lady exposed to the elements for a week, has standards?

I don’t know why Janice Deutsch eventually changed her mind about leaving her mother on the chaise lounge, not eating, not moving, filthy and dehydrated, but thank gawd she came to the decision to take her mother to the hospital. She enlisted the help of a friend to drive them to Mission Viejo.

No big surprise that Janice Deutsch was arrested and charged with elder abuse. Her trial began on February 24, 2014.

At her trial in Riverside her defense attorney, Thomas Gillen, argued that his client was a loving daughter who was overwhelmed when she became her mother’s caregiver. He said that Janice Deutsch consequently made some bad decisions.

Bad decisions? Ain’t that the f*cking truth! (Pardon my French.)

The attorney also pointed out that his client had no previous convictions. I’m sure he didn’t bring up the animal cruelty charge she has yet to face.

On March 3, 2014 Janice Susan Deutsch, 48, was convicted despite being such a “loving daughter”. She is facing up to 9 years in prison. Her sentencing is scheduled for April 18, 2014.

I will endeavour to update readers about her sentence. Reminders, as always, are welcome.

This story really struck a nerve with me. I do understand that not everyone is capable of being a caregiver. It’s emotionally, financially and physically difficult. And a lot of the time it’s a thankless job.

That said, Janice Deutsch chose to be a caregiver. She also chose to inflict a whole lot of needless suffering on her vulnerable, elderly mother. She’s lucky the woman didn’t die as a result of her neglect and abuse.

I truly hope that Janice Deutsch is never allowed to “care for” any more animals or vulnerable people. Her version of “care” is akin to heartless cruelty.

I read that the elderly woman is now living in a nursing facility. I truly hope she’s safe and happy. She deserves some pampering after the hell she went through.

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Image courtesy of Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

6 Responses to Janice Susan Deutsch

  1. moodymagic says:

    I am so glad the mother is alive. I agree Cleo as well that Janice should not be allowed to care for anyone or any animals ever again.

  2. BENGALPUSS says:

    She only had to make 1 phone call 911 and an ambulance would have come for her mother, the dosey cow, and where the fuck is her neck? she looks like mike tyson in that mug shot.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    She should be banned from owning animals as well as sent away for a long time for elder abuse. Even if I believed she couldn’t move her mother into the house alone she had a friend who got her into a car to take her to hospital. Choosing to leave the woman exposed to the heat was cruel. And the old woman must have been out there longer than a week to develop bedsores and to have her legs lock up all bent. Cruel bitch, hope she gets what she deserves.

    • bengalpuss says:

      bulldoggy, that’s called expressing how you feel, “cruel bitch, hope she gets what she deserves” like being hosed down.

  4. Aletheia says:

    Riverside County borders the county where I live. It’s only slightly less hot there than it is here. In September, I’m generally not setting one foot outside my air-conditioned house if I can avoid it. That poor woman. I do not believe she chose to spend an entire week outside. I just don’t.

    I suspect Ms. Deutsch has mental problems. I’ve lived nearly my entire adult life among people with diagnosed psychiatric illnesses, and she has that very specific look about her. Unlike some of the people who get written up on this site, I don’t think she’s so much evil as just very, very empty. I’m certainly not trying to excuse what she did – she obviously understood what was going on and that it wasn’t right. I understand being in denial, but unless you’re in a state of organic psychosis for reasons not of your own doing, you don’t get to carry your delusions to the point of hurting other people without bearing the moral responsibility. If you’re not capable of being a caretaker, you need to admit it and hand the job over to someone else.

  5. Trucker says:


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