Jamie Labbe

Hellbeast Jamie Labbe
Crime: Animal Abuse

Jamie Labbe of Plaistow, New Hampshire is not the kind of girlfriend a guy would want. Her ex-boyfriend Kurt Krohn found that out the hard way. And sadly, Kurt Krohn’s 8-year-old dogs Pebbles and Magic paid the price.

Jamie Labbe and Kurt Krohn have a child together. The little family lived together in Sandown and could have had a nice life together. Except of course that Jamie Labbe is a she-bitch from hell.

She had threatened to kill the father of her child and his dogs on occasion. Probably when she’d been drinking heavily, which is what she did. That and drugs.

Jamie Labbe was jealous of the dogs, those 2 beautiful dogs. She felt Kurt Krohn paid more attention to his German Shepherds than he did to her. He had bought them with a previous girlfriend and Jamie Labbe figured they reminded him of his former love.

Kurt Krohn did love his dogs very much. Maybe they reminded him of his previous girlfriend, maybe they didn’t, but regardless he took good care of them.

Jamie the evil sadistic bitch Labbe was mad and jealous and she wanted revenge. In March and April 2011 she got it.

Praise be the hellbitch didn’t take her wrath out on their young son. I guess she loved her child. But she sure hated the dogs. And so Jamie Labbe took out her rage on the dogs, in a sick, prolonged, painful, hellbeastly way.

Pebbles and MagicIn March 2011 she began the dogs’ torture. Kurt Krohn woke up one morning to find Jamie the hellbitch Labbe cleaning up brake fluid. She told him one of the dogs had gotten into it, so he took the ailing beast to the vet. The dog was ok to come home and so was brought home, the poor thing.

Kurt Krohn wasn’t to know then what was happening to his beloved pets. How could he suspect the mother of his child was torturing Pebbles and Magic? That was too insane, crazy, nuts to even consider.

He wasn’t to know that from March to April, 2011 Jamie Labbe had forced several objects down the poor beasts’ throats, including metal bolts, metal clamps, an 8-inch metal pipe, a cigarette lighter and even a shower head.

Reports say she “fed” these items to the dogs, but being a dog owner I know that there’s no frigging way I could convince my dogs to “eat” a shower head or a lighter even if I covered those things in gravy. They’d lick them clean but they sure as hell wouldn’t scarf them down.

No, those foreign objects were shoved down those dogs’ throats. With force, no doubt. Certainly not loving kindness.

Poor Pebbles and Magic became so terrified of this hellbitch that they would urinate on the floor when she entered the room. That’s what Jamie Labbe told her friend Angela Gaff in text messages. I bet she was very pleased with herself that she terrified and terrorized the dogs, very pleased indeed. Sadistic bitch!

The dogs were in pain and distress, naturally, because of what was being done to them.

Kurt Krohn discovered 4-inch nails and a magic marker covered with dog vomit. He had to know then pretty much what sick shit had been happening courtesy of his beloved girlfriend, the mother of his child.

PebblesPebbles and Magic were first taken to Brushwood Veterinary Clinic in Atkinson. Pebbles was transferred to MSPCA-Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston for emergency surgery.

The vets discovered Pebbles had ingested a 3-inch metal clamp and a 6-inch pipe. The pipe was stuck in the poor animal’s trachea. It was impossible for Pebbles to swallow that damned thing.

Pebbles did not survive her ordeal. RIP poor girl.

Magic had a cigarette lighter, a 4-inch carriage bolt, a curved 8-inch shower head and the cap of a marker pen in her tummy. These objects had to be removed surgically and the dog’s life was saved.

“I’ve never seen abuse or torture of an animal like this in the years I’ve been a veterinarian,” said Dr. Joseph Guischard of Brushwood Veterinary Clinic.

Robin Serratore, office manager and technician at Brushwood, said it’s the worse case of abuse she has seen in her 10 years at the clinic. “It’s the saddest and sickest thing you have ever seen in your life,” Ms Serratore said. “It’s terrible.”

Jamie the wicked bitch Labbe, then 35, was arrested in April 2011 on felony animal cruelty charges plus a count of criminal mischief.

Hellbeast Jamie LabbeHer parents who were visiting from Florida were with her when she was arrested. They got to watch as their daughter resisted arrest and yelled at the officers to take her handcuffs off. She screamed that she had a broken tailbone. She threatened to have the officers charged. And once in the police cruise the psycho broad struggled to free herself from her handcuffs.

What a sight that must have been for her shocked parents. Jamie Labbe’s mother told the officers her daughter had “psychiatric issues” and to “be careful with her.”

Jamie Labbe was held at Rockingham County jail on $30,000 cash bail. While out on bail she didn’t exactly behave herself, what with drinking and illegal drug use.

Seriously, some people are their own worst enemies. And Jamie hellbitch Labbe is one of them.

On August 22, 2012 the dog killer was convicted by a jury of 5 counts of cruelty to animals and 1 of criminal mischief.

Jamie Labbe hadn’t helped her case at all by trying to convince witness Angela Gaff to not testify. Angela Gaff was the one she’d texted about how fearful the dogs were of her.

Defense attorney Thomas Gleason had managed to get the first set of charges dismissed because he’d successfully argued that his client had been forced to speak against her will while being interrogated by police.

The set of charges she wound up convicted of were rephrased: instead of forcing the objects down Pebbles’ and Magic’s throats she’d “placed” them in their mouths or “in proximity” to the animals.

Yeah, riiiight. She “placed them” in their mouths. She just “placed” that shower head in Magic’s mouth and the dog swallowed the thing voluntarily. Riiight.

What a crock of turd cakes! But still, despite the watered-down language, Jamie Labbe was convicted of felony cruelty to animals. Yay!

Hellbeast Jamie LabbeJudge Marguerite Wageling of Rockingham County Superior Court got the honour of sentencing this monstrous hag on October 12, 2012. She began by calling it the worst animal abuse case she’d seen in her 27 years on the bench.

“I have very strong concern for the danger she poses to others in the community,” Judge Wageling said. As do we all!

Much of the court proceeding was concentrated on the hellbitch’s mental state and the threat she posed to animals and people.

“It was intended to manipulate and terrorize and was premeditated,” Deputy County Attorney Thomas Reid said of the abuse. He got that right!

Kurt Krohn asked the court that the bitch receive at least 10 years in prison.

“I believe she is not only a danger to animals, but to people as well,” Kurt Krohn said. “She needs to be held accountable for her actions.” Amen to that.

Attorney Thomas Gleason asked the court to be lenient, stating his client had bipolar depression and a prison stint would only make her depression worse. He thought 90 days would be right.

Judge Wageling listened to all these submissions and then did something awesome — she handed down a sentence that reflected the seriousness of the crime.

Jamie the vicious, sadistic dog abuser Labbe will spend the next 4 to 8 years in prison. Hopefully she’ll be incarcerated for the full term.

Thomas Gleason said the sentence will be appealed. He told Judge Wageling that hurting an animal is not the same as hurting a human.

“Animal rights are important but they are not to be equated with what happens to human beings,” Mr. Gleason said. “Dogs are dogs and people are people.”

Poor Jamie Labbe has apparently received threats and hate mail. Awww. And there’ve been online petitions about her too. So I guess she’s not too popular these days. Well, I should hope not!

Lawyer Gleason asked that his client be allowed to remain free pending the appeal. Judge Wageling declined, reminding him of all that drinking and illegal drug using Jamie Labbe had indulged in while out on bail.

Karma’s a bitch! As is Jamie Labbe the sadistic torturer and killer of dogs.

Magic, by the way, is doing OK. She’d had difficulties after surgery with gastrointestinal infections but fought her way through it all.

“Magic will forever be shy of people and I may never trust anyone again,” Kurt Kohn said. “I haven’t had a restful night of sleep since this happened. I believe (Labbe) is not only a danger to animals but to people as well.”

As I say, I am glad the son wasn’t hurt physically, but having mommy locked up for years must be hard for a little guy. I understand he was only 3 when she was arrested.

Still, I believe the boy and his father are much safer without that vindictive, sadistic creature in their lives. And knowing her for what she is — a hellbeast — will help them prepare for her eventual return into their lives.

I truly hope, for the boy’s sake, that this evil bitch Jamie Labbe spends her time in prison growing a soul and a conscience and dedicates herself to becoming a decent human being. If she doesn’t, then may she fester and rot in hell.

Union Leader article
Eagle Tribune article

61 Responses to Jamie Labbe

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Y’all know what I think about dog killers, right? Jeez Louise this bitch needs beating. I devised all kinds of tortures for her but decided if I wrote them down here I might scare some people. Cuz I came up with some pretty scary stuff. Scared me even. No doubt Bengalpuss will have a few ideas that she’ll share. But I think I’ll just go hug my dog Charlie now.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, what an evil fucking bastard she is. And whats the bullshit about changing the charge to “Placing things near the dogs mouths or in the dogs mouths” What did they thing the dogs were fucking sword swallower’s, how ridiculous. And to actually get a shower head down a dogs throat, takes a nasty evil cunt to do that. When i read stories like this, i look at tyke and i wouldn’t harm a hair on him, in fact he’s spoilt and eats better food than me. And im Sure your the same with charlie bulldoggy. If someone did that to my tyke, then i wouldn’t be waiting for court, cos i’d ram my fist down their throat’s. Lets hope that she gets to serve the whole lot of that sentence. And the defence attorney said “Animals are animals and people are people, its not the same” Sorry i disagree with you there mr dumb fuck defence attorney with no fucking brain. Hope he never gets a pet, or god help it.

      • tim says:

        Sorry begalpussy.. it was the DA who changed the charges.. NOT her side.!! A FACT..!!!!

        • bengalpuss says:

          Im usually the last person tim to change her views, but you’ve actually got me feeling sorry for this woman. And i do know that some men are cunts and would go to lengths to avoid paying child support. If what your saying is true then her defence attorney not worth a wank, and kurt khrone, is he still single and was he really banging the prosecution witness angela?

          • Lily says:

            Jamie and Kurt were living together and he was supporting both Jamie and his son. Jamie was on disability-unable to work due to her mental instability. Even if Kurt was “banging” the prosecution witness, nobody could have made up the evidence that was found. A dog died because of the objects she forced down it’s throat! The other one survived within an inch of it’s life. Perhaps their relationship was tumultuous, but she never addressed this with Kurt. Instead, she passive agressively tortured those animals as a form of retribution. Animals rely on human beings for care. They are vulnerable and innocent and it is sick and pathetic to take advantage of them by unleashing hatred.

      • Animal Lover says:

        What kinds of drugs was she doing?

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, jamie labbe and her attorney, are both “Meatstick heads”

    • Lily says:

      I actually know this heinous dog killer. She lived in NH not far from my house. She’s a lunatic. You can tell by her creepy deranged eye. She claimed that she did not do this, but I knew from day one that she did. It just did not make sense that a dog would eat a shower head or an eight inch pipe. She is also a heavy drug user-constantly strung out everytime I happened to see her. I am relieved to know that justice was served in this case. I know for a fact she is bat shit crazy.

  2. 2cute says:

    So let me get this straight – her man didn’t cheat on her, he just loved his dogs too much? He was supporting her and their son so his dogs had to die? Whoa, this Labbe broad is batshit crazy. She’s majorly demento. She’s an evil sack of dog turds. I am SO glad her boy is separated from her for a few years because she is capable of anything.

    • Liza Mack says:

      Kurt Krohn is a womanizer, cheater and a woman beater. He threw Jamie down a flight of stairs and locked in the basement. No he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

      • Netherwarper says:

        OH A WOMAN BEATER?! Well geeze i guess when you put it that way its okay to torture two innocent animals! FUCK YOU YOU IDIOT!My parents put me and my siblings thru HELL things you wouldnt want to imagine children going thru but you know what, none of us think its okay to hurt an animal, or a person for that matter. She is an evil evil person and could have hurt her son. Given that shes jealous of a fucking dog Im sure the poor son was put in the middle of countless fights between the parents. Dont justify anything for this bitch. The dogs didnt have to pay the price for anything. Cheating or not.

  3. moodymagic says:

    I love the comment “Meatstick Heads” Bengalpuss. Another great article for the site Cleo.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Moodymagic, blame bulldoggy, for the new insult in my vocabulary “Meatstick” When i read it tears were rolling down my face i laughed that much. In fact i nearly pissed myself. Brilliant though isn.t it.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    2cute, it upset her that he’d bought the dogs with his ex partner, and because she’s that ugly, that in her feeble mind, there was still a connection with the ex “The dogs” And i think that in her skull without a big solid grey mass we call a brain, while ever those dogs were walking this planet, the ex would be a threat. So what does she do, she fucking torture’s them. How the fuck do you get a shower head down a dogs throat? Also she thought it hilarious that the dogs pissed themselves when she entered the room. Well i hope that when bubbette walks into her cell, that she pisses herself. I also hope that when she’s free from jail, she doesn’t retain custody of the child. She’s definately an unbalanced individual, must be to do that to those poor dogs. Evil fucking meatstick head.

  5. Liza Mack says:

    I’ve known Jamie since we were children. She did not do this. Kurt Krohn is a snake. Jamie was railroaded. She wanted out of the relationship and Kurt Krohn knew he would have to pay her child support and wouldn’t be able to see his son except every other weekend. The prosecutor had NO EVIDENCE that Jamie did this crime. SOMEONE did it. Krohn was sleeping with Jamie’s “friend” Angela, that knew Jamie was afraid of the dogs and they cooked up this scheme to get rid of Jamie, who was an easy target for the people that really commited this crime. Prove that I’M wrong! How could she have shoved these objects down 2 German Shepherds throats and come out unscathed??? Let’s use our brains and stop believing everything we hear as fact.

    • Liza Mack says:

      And the only thing correct about this article is that Jamies lawyer is for sure an idiot and highly incompetent. Animal abuse IS a terrible crime and the perpetrators should definitely be punished. Only there was no investigation done to find out who the real perpetrator was! The police should have found it suspect that Krohn wanted Jamie arrested for this. This article also leaves out that the bloodwork on the animals was LOST and that Krohn also had a “relationship” with the vet that did the bloodwork!

      • bengalpuss says:

        So not only was this guy banging a prosecution witness, he was also banging the vet that did the blood work. Any defence attorney would have said this at trial. If that were true she would have told her defence attorney and he could have had the case thrown out. Oh but she has “Psychiatric issues” Doesn’t she. Im sure that cleo who wrote this article would be happy to amend it, if you could furnish evidence to show what your saying is true. But until then, and im sure that i can speak for the majority of people that visit this site regularly, would rather believe a jury of 12 people that have sat through a trial, heard all the evidence and found jamie GUILTY. Until then liza that i see evidence to the contrary, i’ll go with the jurors.

        • Liza Mack says:

          I am working on proving just that. Kurt and Wendy (the vet in Atkinson, NH) shared plenty of phone calls and texts leading up to the time of the alleged incident. Funny that wasn’t in the papers either. That doesn’t prove they were screwing around any more than Jamie saying she hated those dogs proves she would hurt them. Why did Kurt wait 2 days to take the dogs to the vet? Consider this, IF it was Kurt, wouldn’t you want to see him in prison? How about this: what if it was the both of them together and Jamie was just covering for the son of a bitch? WHY WASN’T HE INVESTIGATED? That’s all I’m saying. Why? They were HIS animals! I am writing a petition for an investigation to be done. Please sign my petition and if it was Jamie then she is where she ought to be. I don’t believe that she is capable of such an act. The jury convicted based on no evidence. I started a facebook page last night “free jamie labbe” and one of Kurt Krohn’s ex-girlfriend’s got on there and started sticking up for him, then she privately messaged me that he tried to kill her once and she’s scared of him and that he was texting her and she said “usually his cage isn’t rattled so easily”–in response to what I had posted on the page earlier.

      • bulldoggy says:

        What the freaking hell does bloodwork have to do with anything? It doesn’t take bloodwork to reveal that all kinds of nasty shit was shoved down these dogs’ throats. The dogs suffered and one died because the convicted dog abuser had forced the dogs to swallow clamps and pipes and a showerhead. So lost bloodwork means shit all.

        And did Krohn sleep with the friend Labbe had texted gloating about making the dogs scared shitless? Labbe didn’t ask her friend to testify to the truth, which you would think would support her case, instead she asked her not to testify at all. That kinda makes her sound guilty, doncha think? But you’re not thinking, are you. You KNOW her since you were a childhood bud. Did you know about her mental issues — the ones her mom knows about? And if you did, WTF makes you think she’s innocent? It takes someone as crazy as a loon to torture those dogs and your pal fits the bill.

        • Liza Mack says:

          Krohn was NEVER INVESTIGATED! Don’t you guys see that as even a little disturbing? The man had a bandage on his arm on the day the dogs were picked up from the home by the vet “Wendy” whom Kurt, a notorious womanizer had been sleeping with. Kurt threw Jamie down the stairs, Kurt has locked Jamie in the basement. A woman having depression and on meds does not make her guilty of such crimes. Angela Gaff is a drug dealer and the police told her she had to testify against Jamie unless she wanted to be prosecuted and have her kids taken away from her. The bloodwork was important because, the vets in Boston stated that the animals had to have been drugged to submit to the objects being forced down their thoats without them attacking, this was left out of all the media selling you stories. Jamie has had everything taken from and is now serving upstate for a crime she didn’t commit. There should at least be a PROPER investigation done by someone besides the local yokels with their heads up their asses hell bent on locking Jamie up cause she freaked out when they arrested her. Who wouldn’t freak out? Your news articles your so fond of quoting also don’t mention that she was held at the police station and “questioned” all night her confession was this “Fine, fine, I’ll tell you whatever you want to hear.” She had been taking vicatin for a broken back (wonder how that happened???) and had drank a couple glasses of wine that night. they would not let her call a lawyer even though she asked to several times.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Right Liza mack, this is me using my brain and see what you think. 1st Jamie’s own mother said she has “Psychiatric issues” 2nd) If he fitted her up just so he didn’t have to pay child support, then he must be brain dead because he’s got the child now and looking after a child full time costs more than the child support he would’ve had to pay. And finally 3) Most people on this site are animal lovers, and would find it difficult to believe that someone who has had his dogs for 8 years would harm them to a point where one died. If he wanted to set her up he could have done it any number of ways that wouldn’t need him to kill one of his beloved dogs. He could have payed someone $20 to give him a big black eye and get her done for assault, thats one example. And im more likely to believe 12 men and women called jurors, who found her GUILTY, than believe someone i don’t know telling me to use my brain and believe someone with psychiatric issues, than a jury of her peers. Thats me using my brain.

      • Liza Mack says:

        Kurt was seen talking to members of the jury. He’s one of those clean cut guys that will sell you a swamp in florida, schmooze everyone he thinks will get him something in life, go to church on Sunday, smoke his weed and bang 3 women and then go home and beat the mother of his child. NO, he couldn’t possibly hurt his own dog. I’m writing to the NH Attorney General for a REAL investigation in this crime and the NHSPCA, has anyone seen any news articles about that? Seriously. Cause I can’t find not a one.

      • Liza Mack says:

        Jamie’s mother saying that Jamie has psychiatric issues, or whatever the hell she said, is the pot calling the kettle black for one. I think she might have been concerned about the cops man handling her, I don’t know I wasn’t there. Jamie’s psychiatric issues are she’s depressed and has anxiety, just like the rest of the world.

        I don’t know about Kurt being brain dead, I don’t know him, I only met him a handful of times briefly when I was 19, 20, (I’m 38 and don’t recall 20 years ago quite as crisply as I used to) :) he was sleeping with a ex-friend of mine while he had a girlfriend, both my ex-friend and him were scumbags as far as I was concerned. I vaguely remember that he had a baby with a very square looking head.

        The dogs weren’t behaving themselves too well, why Jamie couldn’t stand them, pissing on the floor, like she said, and getting into everything and eating things they shouldn’t have been. She told me they were eating Kurt’s couch. So Kurt was probably getting sick of the dogs himself. I think if she wanted to “take care of em” she would’ve taken them for a long ride out to the country. And if she wanted to kill them fed them antifreeze, that sounds a lot less complicated than jamming something down it’s throat. That’s kinda the same mentality as why wouldn’t Kurt just pay someone $20 for a black eye, right? I have no idea why people do crazy ass shit. I’m not crazy so I can’t relate. But if I ask myself, who’s more likely to be the crazy hellbeast here, I’d have to say Kurt, you know, the one with the testosterone and anger management issues. 😛

      • Netherwarper says:

        Sure sounds like the dumb cunt did it because she was mad he was cheating on her. I hope someone shoves a showerhead up her butthole in prison.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, don.t forget, he slept with the judge and all 12 members of the jury as well!

  7. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, you’ve missed something, Apparently khrone did sleep with the friend that she sent a text to about the dogs pissing themselves when she walked into the room. Yes they were having an affair and came up with this scheme so that he could got rid of labbe and not have to pay child support, and he could live with angela, the one who testified against her. It was all a big evil plot doncha know. And liza mack, the one that left that comment sticking up for jamie Labbe, has told us to use our brains. And come to think about it, your right again, what the fuck does blood work have to do with anything duh! .

    • 2cute says:

      If I were on the jury I wouldn’t care two hoots about the blood tests. Nobody accused her of drugging the dogs did they? So what would the blood tests prove anyway? Zippo. So if they were lost, big whooping deal. The jury saw what they needed to see and were convinced she was guilty, so why do people always “know” better? They come up with bizarre explanations of why their friends are innocent and then accuse cleo and us of being blind or stupid.

      • Liza Mack says:

        I don’t think anyone here is blind or stupid, based on the “facts” given to you, you are led to believe a certain way. And yes she was accused of drugging the dogs. Kurt had dog tranquilizers in the house. Why was the blood tests lost and why did Kurt call and text his buddy the vet Wendy on a regular basis? All the stuff Jamie supposidly “admitted” to the police was what the police said that she said. She never said she was “jealous” of the dogs. The police yelled at her, “so, you were jealous of the dogs Jamie! Right?” Jamie was handcuffed while questioned, yelled at, harrassed, no lawyer, she asked for a lawyer several times. The whole thing went down exactly as is does in New Hampshire, RAILROADING people not for justices sake, but for money’s sake. Finding the easy quick and dirty way of slamming the gavel down and locking someone up in a privatized prison cell. Your well read I presume, so you aren’t so ignorant that you don’t believe this country is turning into a police state, are you? Jamie was an easy target, Kurt knew it, the police knew it, the prosecuter knew and the jury and you guys ate that shit right up.

        • bengalpuss says:

          I am well read liza, and yes its turning into a police state and then marshall law, but thats another story. New hampshire police are the most slackest police in america. I just think that he could’ve thought of something a lot easier to get out of paying for child support, than this plot. I mean never in my wildest dreams would i be able to come up with a scheme like this. If it is true and he has done this, then all i can say is that kurt is one sick man who needs to seek psychiatric help.

  8. bengalpuss says:

    2cute, you also forgot that we need to use our brains, because jamie labbe’s friend said she’s innocent. So we must discount the jury, witnesses and the dogs owner, who was having it off with the vet who lost the blood work and the witness who saved the text, saying that labbe thought it amusing that the dogs were so scared they pissed themselves on seeing her enter the room. But we should believe someone who happens to be jamie’s friend, furnishes no evidence and take her word for it. Yes riiiight, im using my brain and i believe in a judge and jury. I might not believe in the sentences a judge dishes out, but i’ll believe the jurors and judge, thats what my brains telling me.

  9. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, in britain today there’s a story in the “Daily star” Newspaper, about a woman that left her two kids at home alone with the corpse of a dead dog and another pet. The kids were starving, but wait till you hear this, while they were starving she was dressed in designer clothes and at the pub everyday. She only returned home for the mail. And the poor kids said they don.t remember the last time they had been bought clothes. She was given 2 years in prison. She should have been locked in a room to starve with the decaying corpse of a dead dog. Imagine what those two kids went through with their dead pet and no food, while she was swanning around in designer clothes and gets 2yrs disgusting.

  10. bengalpuss says:

    Liza you don.t need to convince us, its 12 jury members that you need to convince. Also if he was as bad as you say he was, why didn.t she fuckoff and leave him while he was at work? I find it hard to believe that a jury would convict on no evidence. They must have had evidence to tate it to trial in the first place. And her own mom said wasn.t shuffling a full deck, so i’ll go with the jury. If you can prove all those things you said about abuse and him banging the vet and the witness angela, then i would have to believe you, and proof that she didn.t torture the dogs but someone else. And are you saying kurt did that to his own dog? And if not then who?

    • 2cute says:

      I’m thinking if Kurt was unfaithful it gave Missy Jamie a hell of a motive to kill his dogs! More of a motive than given before. She’d want to hurt him terribly and that would do it.

      BTW I don’t consider a broken tailbone the same as a broken back – my friend broke her tailbone giving birth, so it doesn’t need to be caused by abuse. So exaggerating her condition is a waste of breath.

      And the idea that a vet would unnecessarily cut open and kill a dog? Outrageous! Or was the vet the one to “drug” the dogs to shove that crap down their throats? This Liza Mack is full of conspiracy theories and I hope it gets her sued for slander and libel when she can’t back up her accusations.

      The police found evidence enough to charge Jamie, the prosecutor considered the evidence sufficient to try her and the jury certainly found the evidence compelling enough to convict her. So this crap about there being NO evidence is crap.

      OR DID KURT SLEEP WITH THEM ALL?!?!? Bunch of horse shit.

      • Liza Mack says:

        I didn’t say anything about a vet unnecessarily cutting open a dog. I have no conspiracy theory. I don’t have to back up anything, it’s not my job to investigate this, it was SOMEONE’S job though. And facts were ignored and Kurt Krohn was never investigated. If you cared about the animals as you propose by even commenting here, you might take a moment to wonder if it’s possible Kurt did this. He had motive to get rid of his girlfriend, they were HIS dogs, he has a history of abusing women and being a womanizer. I grew up in the area that Kurt’s from, in the same age group, you hear things about people and Kurt’s no angel either. That’s fine if you want to think Jamie did it just because she’s an easy target for you since everyone just assumed she did it without any investigation into what I see, and people that know Jamie see as plainly obvious. Who the hell is the Sandown PD anyway, sure as shit isn’t the FBI, there a bunch of local yokels just wanting to arrest someone and be done with it. Nothing wrong with expecting a real investigation into the real crime that it was.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Jesus christ 2cute, your friend broke her tailbone giving birth. What did she give birth too an elephant. That must have been one hell of a big baby, my eyes are watering just at the thought of it. Really she broke a tailbone giving birth? Really? Wow!

        • 2cute says:

          Yes, bengalpuss, she broke her tailbone giving birth. She said it felt like she gave birth to a bowling ball, actually, not an elephant. Painful enough but her baby was worth it she says… now. I’m not sure she thought it was worth it at the time.

    • Liza Mack says:

      You find it hard to believe a jury would convict with no evidence? Are we on the same planet? I wasn’t her defense attorney, her family paid $2000 for a lawyer, not $20,000 as they should have, as evidenced by the outcome. The only crime committed by Jamie is not having the money for decent representation.

  11. bengalpuss says:

    Liza i can see your not gonna let go of this one and that makes me think are you right. Im one for giving the benefit of the doubt. So what your saying is that the bloodwork was important because they said she drugged the dogs to get the things down the dogs throat, well that makes sense. And because the bloodwork has gone missing, she can’t prove that they wasn.t drugged. But why would someone go to them lengths just to get out of paying child support. Mind you some men have killed so they don.t have to pay child support. Is she appealing the verdict and why didn.t her attorney bring these things up at trial, and were you there?

    • Liza Mack says:

      I didn’t go to the trial. I don’t know what her lawyer’s problem is, maybe he traded her case, maybe he believes she did it, I don’t know. A few weeks before the trial I told Jamie she needed to call a new lawyer, my boyfriend and I both told her her lawyer sucked. She was so depressed and abusing her anxiety meds I could not get through to her. She hasn’t seen her kids since she was arrested and is why she has been horribly depressed. She was in denial that she was going to go to prison. Her lawyer didn’t let her testify at the trial and I didn’t like that either. I was wrong about Kurt and Angela–another friend of Jamie’s told me after I posted that Kurt wasn’t sleeping with Angela but with the vet Wendy, I got those messed up somehow. As far as why he would do anything I have no idea. I pray for for the truth to come out somehow, whatever it is, I hate that she’s locked up for something she didn’t do.

      • Liza Mack says:

        When I started the page–Free Jamie Labbe–the other night, I got privately messaged, I’m going to be vague here, to protect that person… This person that messaged me was abused severely and now I have some evidence, and I think I can get at least one other that I know of to come forward. Someone that is capable of hurting a person in that manner described to me is capable of hurting an animal I’m sure enough to warrant an investigation I hope.

        • Liza Mack says:

          I guess I let that one loose already. I just saw that a previous comment I made was submitted when I thought, the other night when I wrote it, I had accidently deleted it; and then I thought it was just as well since it was too telling. I’ve been getting worried about my OWN safety posting this shit on here and wondering if it’s worth it! Now I see why nobody uses their names. So if I end up dead with something shoved down my throat, we’ll all know it wasn’t Jamie! :)

  12. bengalpuss says:

    by the way, its bengalpuss, not begalpussy. easy mistake to make

  13. Alma says:

    Liza knows more about what happened to Jamie than I do since I’m all the way out in Greenfield, MA, but I know Jamie and I can confirm that she didn’t do it. I was her best friend growing up. I also can confirm that Angela Gaff is a drug dealer and that Kurt is a violent man who didn’t want to pay child support. I believe Jamie’s side and honestly believe the real hellbeast in this situation is Kurt.

  14. bengalpuss says:

    yes bulldoggy, i wish i could be a bond girl. begalpussy, wish i had same amount of money as well! still its nice to dream nearest i’ll get to being a bond girl, would be sean connery’s cleaner.

  15. bengalpuss says:

    Who has the child now, and is kurt living alone or is he with this angela? What i can.t get my head round is the fact that someone would go to all those extreme’s, just because he didn.t want to end up paying child support. I have to give credit where its due, none of you that have been sticking up for jamie have been rude or nasty in your comments which is why Im willing to give the benefit of the doubt, because every now and again someone does get railroaded, and if thats the case here, well then that must be awful for her to go through and not seeing her child. And this may be one of those instances, but if it is true what is her next move? Appeal because if he was banging that angela and the jury didn.t hear that, then the verdict would have been different if they did know this information. Also the vet, if thats true about the vet then that is withholding information that if the jury had heard again it would’ve been a different verdict. But i want to know if kurt is living on his own.

  16. bengalpuss says:

    “Someone with a square head and a baby” Lol.

  17. bengalpuss says:

    Im like a little private detective liza, and visiting a few sites about jamie labbe. Anyway you say in a comment in the union leader that the prosecutor took the jury to lunch, was that before or after the verdict? Now with regards to the new hampshire police, i do know that they are a corrupt lot of dickheads and wouldn’t put it past them to have pressured jamie into making a confession and bullied her while she was asking for her lawyer. A friend of ours on this site, her son was murdered kevin countie, and the police could have prevented it. The murdered sheila labarre you’ve probably heard of her. You would have thought the judge would have thrown the whole case out, when he threw the confession’s out that were obtained under Duress. Also some people have been known to admit to things in order to be released. Jamie may have thought that the quicker she admitted to what they wanted the quicker she would get out to her children. Who has the children and how many has she got liza?

    • tim says:

      hey Bengalpuss. the Son is with Kurt, not sure if he is alone or has a new gf. and, yes, she WAS coerced into admitting guilt, and, because she wanted to get out of custody she went along with it. (obviously a dumb move now) lol, but,…She begged for a lawyer. it was on the interrogation tape, but, the paper didnt print that, or the Fact that the Police were the ones that said “because he paid more attention to the Dogs..” They only printed that she admitted to the charges. And that is why that could not be used in the trial,..BUT,.. being such a high profile case, the jury remembered that. No doubt in my mind.!!! -and, as I was at the trial, I watched 2 of the jurors nodding of like they could care less, and one of them was outside after the verdict,Laughing and hamming it up with the X-BF..!!! I also watched as a woman juror glared at her from the start of the trial,..obviously her mind was made up before hearing her Lawyer even Speak. And there are many things at that trial that blew my mind, and I will never understand certain things that were allowed,..or were not allowed. Or,Things that her Lawyer never talked about or brought up. I also know that the Papers took a LOT of things out of context..!! That is a FACT..!!! Shame on them. I have watched this ordeal Turn her life upside down and ruin her emotionally,and physically. It is sad,because she really is a Loving,Caring, Heart of Gold Girl that I believe got Screwed over. Her life will NEVER be the same again, She is hated worldwide, and, if she did do this, than it is well deserved, BUT, “what if” she is innocent and just a Scapegoat for Animal Rights justice..? She is Slandered all over the internet, and spit on in public, or Drinks thrown in her face, All because of a Mistake.. or to “Make an Example of”.. as that Judge said,.. Its Makes me sick, and I have to Suffer as well now..!!!!

  18. bengalpuss says:

    I’ve heard certain women say “It was painful, but you soon forget about it” Sorry i’ve never forgot about it, even though at the end it was worth it because i got my children, but i won.t forget that bloody pain. I’ve always said if a man gave birth, the population would be down in figures, because they wouldn’t have any more after the first one. Mind you if i gave birth and it broke my tailbone delivering the baby, then that would be it for me. Just makes my eyes water & makes me Cross my legs tightly, so i can.t be put in that position to have a gigantic baby. And if i did get pregnant now the baby would be a whopper, as i have diabetes type one. Anyway i think your friend 2cute is a very brave woman.

  19. bengalpuss says:

    I have to admit that i have looked on the internet and read the union leader which must be a local paper. I saw a couple of petitions started by an animal rights activist saying “Prosecute jamie labbe to full extent of the law” kurt asked for her to be given 10yrs. Did you sit through the full trial tim? And when was the last time she saw her children? How many does she have? I don.t think its right if she isn.t seeing her kids though, children need to see their mum no matter what.

    • tim says:

      i was there at the trial.. it was heartbreaking..!! and she has not been allowed to see her Kids (she has 2)since April 2011..!! …it messed her up real bad. I see what it did to her. That is most of the reason she “did drugs” to escape that pain,.. and the pain of how the world now views her..!! As you see by Googling her name. Trust me,.. i got half that Spit, or the Drinks in the Face..!!! It Sucks.!! Well,she cant see them, and Kurt has made it impossible for her to see the one they have together. he makes a boatload of money,but he is always dragging her to court for child support, even though she was not working. And he keeps the restraining Order in effect, even though she just wants to watch her son and be a loving mother. trust me,.. this Guy is a Demon.. I see it, and all our mutual friends see it. hes a wolf in sheep’s clothing..!!
      She is a Loving Caring Girl.. Who, takes care of my own Sons, When they are with me. They Love her,.. and are Devastated She was Ripped from our Life.

  20. bengalpuss says:

    Who’s got the other child? And did people really spit at her and throw drinks at her? As i googled her name there was literally pages of articles. Now i hate people that are cruel to animals i think its absolutely disgusting, but it seemed to me that when this happened someone must have let the papers know. was it on television about the trial. my laptops fucked so im having to use my phone so im limited in what i can access thanks to good ole vodafone. usually you don.t see the amount of coverage for animal cruelty, but there’s a boat load here. what i want to understand is did she do it, or was she fitted up(set up) as we brits say. And if yes why do that to your own pets surely he could have done it some other way. Has she written to you, and are her family supporting her? I would like to know what jail she’s in? Not to write anything nasty, i just feel sorry for her because she does love her kids and thats sad. Its a shame she can.t see them, they need their mum.

  21. Cotton says:

    She was jealous of the dogs of her boyfriend, jealous enough to torture them and actually kill one. What about her kids playmates?! What if her kids get older and start dating?! She could not share her ex-boyfriend with the dogs (the DOGS!!) but she is supposed to share her kids with their future spouses?! Keep that creep as far away from those kids as possible please. Let them grow up with their dad and the support of a loving stepmom, aunt, grandmother or neighbour but keep that sadistic time-bomb as far away from them as possible!!

  22. bubbles says:

    Shes great, where can I get a girlfriend like her

  23. Seth says:

    Just wanted to say that Magic had a stroke and died today. Unfortunately, she was just coming to her own and over coming the emotional trauma that this sack of shit inflicted on her.

  24. Marti says:

    I volunteer to dish out the same punishment that she dealt those dogs. I don’t feel sorry for a bitch like that she gets what she deserves

  25. Maryann Mariconde says:

    Now would u look at this friggen douche! Maybe karma will hit her HARD!

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