James Watt, Robert Watt, Richard Watt, Jennifer Smith-Dennis, Natasha Oldfield and Nichola Roberts

Hellbeast James Watt

Hellbeast James Watt

Crimes: Murder, Torture

The only escape from hell for Michael Gilbert was death. And tragically for the poor fellow, his death was hell too.

Michael Gilbert had the horrible misfortune to fall in with the Watt family of Luton, Bedfordshire. Mr. Gilbert was a naive, trusting sort, according to his relatives, and that made him easy prey for the band of brutal bastards.

His brother Chrissy said that Michael had a habit of “taking off to do his own thing” when he was a kid and wound up in a children’s home at age 15. It was there he met up with James Watt.

I don’t know how the sadistic Watt brood lured Michael Gilbert in, but once in he was unable to get out. For 10 years he was forced to be the family’s slave and servant, and the target of their brutality. They also stole his benefits cheques.

Hellbeast Robert Watt

Hellbeast Robert Watt

The ringleader was the POS James Watt. His shitstain brothers Robert and Richard and their bitch mother Jennifer Smith-Dennis contributed to the sadistic games. Also joining in the fun were James Watt’s girlfriend Natasha Oldfield and Richard Watt’s girlfriend Nichola Roberts.

The elderly patriarch of the family, Antonio Watt, was the only one of this whole rotten bunch who was employed. The rest of them, except the hellbitch mother, had nothing to boast about except criminal records.

James Watt had 14 convictions for offences including shooting someone with an airgun. Robert Watt had convictions for battery and theft. Even the girlfriends had criminal records.

Hellbeast Richard Watt

Hellbeast Richard Watt

The entire Watt family had the reputation of being Luton’s most notorious antisocial neighbours, and kept pitbulls and giant lizards to enhance that horrid reputation. The brothers carried baseball bats and knives around with them.

One former neighbour said, “I had to have CCTV installed because the boys were coming on to my property, and tormenting my wife and daughter by peering through the window at them when I wasn’t there.”

I can’t imagine living with monsters like that next door.

Another former neighbour said, “It was a life of hell, not just for my family but the surrounding neighbours. It was a constant nightmare, constant phoning up the police. Officers doing nothing, the family living in fear. They would pick on the vulnerable more than anything else.”

Hellbeast Jennifer Smith-Dennis

Hellbeast Jennifer Smith-Dennis

On one occasion police in riot gear were brought in to evict the family.

And there was Michael Gilbert, the poor fellow, who was captive to this unruly, violent and sadistic mob. To prevent his escaping he was only allowed to wear boxer shorts. He was shackled with handcuffs to the bottom of a bunk bed.

Zoe Smith dated Colin Watt for 3 years and slept in that bunk bed with Colin Watt. She knew Michael was shackled there. She saw him being assaulted and abused every time she visited. Apparently neither she nor Colin had any issue with the horrific situation.

WTF kind of people are these?!?!

Hellbeast Nichola Roberts

Hellbeast Nichola Roberts

Poor Michael had no choice but to endure the abuse they dished out. He was shot in the lower back with an air rifle several times. Several pellets remained embedded in his flesh.

Philip Budd, a regular visitor to the Watt’s happy home, witnessed Michael’s abuse. He saw locking pliers attached to Michael’s privates which were used to lead him around “like a dog on a lead”.

And did Philip Budd do or say anything to anyone so that Michael Gilbert could be rescued? Hell no!

WTF, seriously, is wrong with these people? It’s like there wasn’t a drop of pity or humanity in any of them.

So before I go any further, I gotta say GO TO HELL Zoe Smith, Colin Watt and Philip Budd!

Hellbeast Natasha Oldfield

Hellbeast Natasha Oldfield

Michael Gilbert did manage to escape on a few occasions but the family of f*ckwads would discover where he was every time and snatch him back.

The police, yes the police, KNEW Michael Gilbert was in trouble but accepted his refusal to lodge a complaint because he’d said, “it would make it worse for me in the long run.”

The tormentors did much more to the unfortunate Michael Gilbert. They would goad their pitbulls and giant exotic lizards into attacking him. They beat him with baseball bats, stabbed him, and forced him to stand in boiling water.

The constant abuse made it difficult for Michael to control his bowels. If he made a mess, he was punished, of course.

The torture culminated in a new fun game of “jump on Michael’s stomach”. Robert Watt, a happy participant in this game, weighed 21st (294 pounds) at the time.

Guess what! It turns out that having a family of sadistic, fat bastards jump on a fellow’s stomach is fatal.

His final days were spent with a bloated stomach. He was unable to walk.

On January 21, 2009, Michael finally succumbed to death. He was only 26 years old. He died on a mattress smeared in his own feces.

Discovery of victimAnd did he get any TLC after he died? No more than he got before. The murderous, sadistic bastards James, Richard, Robert and Natasha hacked the body into pieces and threw them into a lake in nearby Arlesey.

Four months later 2 dog walkers had the unhappy misfortune to find the torso, hands and feet. The head wasn’t discovered until the following February.

James Watt, 27, Natasha Oldfield, 29 and Nichola Roberts, 21 were convicted of murder in April, 2010.

Robert Watt, 20, Richard Watt and the bitch mother Jennifer Smith-Dennis, 58, were found guilty of familial homicide.

Michael Gilbert

Michael Gilbert

The father, Antonio Watt, 70 was acquitted. WTF? Are we to believe this guy didn’t happen to notice that his family had a pet slave that was beaten and shot at and tortured daily for 10 freaking years?

Judge John Bevan felt bad for the jurors having to sit through “ghastly” evidence, and he excused them from ever being called for jury duty again.

The vicious f*ckwad Richard Watt is scheduled to be released April 24, 2016. Much too soon!

The POS coward Robert Watt is scheduled to be released April 24, 2018. Again, too soon!

The hellbitch mother Jennifer Smith-Dennis is scheduled to be released April 24, 2020.

The evil c*nt Nichola Roberts is scheduled to be released April 26, 2025.

The sadistic beast Natasha Oldfield is scheduled to be released April 26, 2028.

And the rancid, flaccid meatstick from hell James Watt is scheduled to be released April 26, 2046, at the ripe old age of 63.

To all members of this hellish bunch may they die in prison and rot in hell! And likewise to each and every one of their buddies and girlfriends who DID NOTHING to save the helpless victim Michael Gilbert!

RIP Michael Gilbert.

Daily Mail article
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21 Responses to James Watt, Robert Watt, Richard Watt, Jennifer Smith-Dennis, Natasha Oldfield and Nichola Roberts

  1. Trace says:

    OK I promised myself I would not read this site until after xmas so I can get in the spirit of xmas but I got lured back in and now I am in a totally pissy mood at these MFers. I hope to hell all of them are suffering the torments of the damned.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    OMFG where do these evil bastards come from. Straight from hell no doubt. Pure undiluted evil. Hope they get beaten every single day until their flesh hangs in ribbons.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Unhappily bulldoggy, these fucking pieces of crap come from england. I know i happen to share the same country as these cunts unfortunately. What blows my mind about this horrific story is the fact that many people actually saw what was going on, and they did nothing, sad to say but this is how certain people behave nowadays. Its like they’re desensitised to violence and death. Its sad to say, but this won.t be the last time we read something like this. I don.t know why the goverment and courts fuck about with these sort of scum, if i was in power i’d execute the lot of them.

      Vote bengalpuss if yet agree with the death penalty. If bengalpuss is elected she will bring back the death penalty!!! If only, i could do that i’d have a field day.

  3. 2cute says:

    They arent human. Humans dont torture and humans dont chop bodies up. They would have fit in as guards at nazi concentration camps I think. They deserve no mercy, no pity.

  4. Tulipchic says:

    Wow, how could this go on for 10 years?? I just cannot fathom what that poor guy went through and not one person helped him?? People like the Watts are nothing but cowards. Preying on the vunerable. I would love to see how they are holding up in prison. Hopefully they are some big tattooed guys bitch.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Tulipchic, i guess that poor guy had no one that cared about him. He did get away a few times but they always found him and brought him back to hell. Its a shame that he didn’t contact the police, but those shitheads had drilled it into him that if he did say something, then he would be worse off. I don.t think his treatment couldn’t have got any worse than what it was. He also had learning difficulties and wasn.t functioning at the level he should have been, thats probably why these cunts decided to pick on him. Big bunch of bastards the lot of em.

  5. Moody magic says:

    Big cowards that need to suffer endlessly

  6. steve-O says:

    Please tell me none of these bastards reproduced. Sounds like all of them are genetically evil.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    Steve-O, they all remind me of those hill billy’s that interbreed with each other. And they look like them as well. How can so many fucked up people find each other, you’d think that maybe one of the girlfriends would have said something, but they were all as bad as each other. I honestly expected to see them wearing dungeree’s with rotten teeth and chewing Tabacco. That poor guy. In the end death was a blessing. Its turd’s like this that should be given the whole life tariff, of life in prison until they die like how poor michael gilbert’s life was like a prison until he died. Its not often i get emotional, but reading this story really made tears well up in my eyes. Just imagine what that poor man went through everyday from those bastards. Rest in piece michael gilbert, i won.t forget you.

  8. Tammy says:


  9. cc says:

    i use to live with michael in cambridge back in 2007 i was one of the last people to see him and that fucking family snatch him for outside the jobcentre…people reported the snatching to the police and he was seen a week later on cctv its not normal to be dragged kicking and screaming in a car but police said he seemed fine on cctv they should of done more!!!!!!!!!!! he really was the nicest person i have met oh and richard watt is out of prison already didn’t even do his full sentence and living happy with his girlfriend who is having his baby (poor girl) i hate that family for what they have done!

  10. emma says:

    To the last person how do you know richard living with girlfriend iam micheals family they havent told us i miss him so much thanks to them bastards

  11. dave says:

    The scum Robert is out and living in essex

  12. emma says:

    The hellbitch mother is out now so where up north if you see her beware

    • Daniel says:

      Don’t worry. My girlfriend had to grow up with this. She was just a young girl growing up in hell because of her mother, Natasha, and James. Natasha would also sit, watch and laugh as she was raped multiple times by Robert Watt. I won’t give her name but I do know that it gave her a life of hell and depression. I feel so sorry for her.

  13. Emma says:

    Update the hellbitch mother is dead

  14. Emma says:

    Hellbeast mother is dead

  15. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Scum Total Scum

    Shows what a Sick Joke British ” Justice ” is under ” European Human
    Rights ”

    In an Independent United Kingdom Murderers would Get the Death Penalty
    instead of Getting Away with Murder

    We Need a Government in Office which will have the Death Penalty For Murder

  16. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Totally Un Acceptable the ” Sentences ” they were Given.

    Looking at what Happened to the Victim it is a Monstrous Abomination
    of Evil what Happened

    The ” Family ” are More like Disgusting Evil Fiends

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