James Seay

James Seay

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Crimes: Murder, Serial Killer

I must admit that I just don’t understand the Kentucky justice system that let a convicted killer out of prison early so that he could murder again, and then let that same killer out early yet again so that he could murder a third time. I don’t get it.

I’m talking about James Seay of Louisville who, at 70 years of age, is the convicted murderer of 3 people. That makes him a serial killer.

James Seay’s career as a criminal began when he was 12 years old. His crime then was stealing a car. He dropped out of school in grade 10 and went on to live a useless, violent life. For the next 20-some years he was charged 40 times with crimes ranging from public intoxication and criminal mischief to the more serious charges of assault, burglary and robbery.

While James Seay was incarcerated he still didn’t behave himself. He was written up 13 times for fighting, possessing a shiv, and having sex with fellow inmates.

James Seay 2010

(Photo: Corrections photo 2010)

James Seay graduated to murder in 1981, when he stabbed a homeless man to death. His victim was Donald Gritton. In 1982 the murdering bastard went to trial and entered an Alford plea. He was sentenced to 20 years. Did he serve 20 years? Hell no!

James Seay served only 13 years behind bars and was released because of good behavior! Less than 5 months later, in 1996, James Seay stabbed another homeless man to death. His victim this time was James Daugherty.

For the second murder, James Seay was sentenced to 24 years in prison. Did he serve 24 years? Hell no!

Once again, incredibly, James Seay was released for good behavior after only 14 years. Those automatic good behavior credit guidelines sure were generous. Way too generous, IMO.

James Seay got out on December 20, 2011. He soon enough met up with a childhood friend, Orville Avis, and began to hang out with him. Both men hailed from Butchertown.

I do not know if Orville Avis knew his buddy was a twice-convicted killer. Regardless, the two guys would drink together quite often until Orville Avis had a heart attack in December 2012. He had to give up drinking.

In February 2013, just over a year after James Seay was released from prison, Orville Avis, aged 61, was dead. He was found stabbed and beaten in his senior living apartment at Dosker Manor in Louisville. The poor man had just hours before undergone surgery.

After less than 24 hours police arrested James Seay. The murderous asshole had blood on his clothes — how obvious is that! The police believed he’d killed Orville Avis while robbing him.

James Seay was charged with murder, 1st-degree robbery, tampering with evidence and being a persistent felony offender.

It should surprise nobody that James Seay denied killing Orville Avis, who he called “the best of my friends”. (More like the only of his friends.) He insisted he’d been framed. Riiiight. By whom? Who would be able to splash the victim’s blood on the clothes he was wearing? James Seay did admit, though, that he’d been at the dead man’s apartment the very day he was killed.

In January 2014 his public defender told the judge that his client didn’t have the mental capacity to stand trial. Jefferson Circuit Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman ordered the murdering bastard to undergo an evaluation at the Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center. He was subsequently deemed fit and mentally able to stand trial.

In August 2014, James Seay changed his plea from not guilty to an Alford plea. Within weeks he filed to motion to withdraw that plea, and within a few more weeks he changed his mind yet again.

James Seay 2014On October 28, 2014 Judge McDonald-Burkman sentenced James Seay to 20 years for 1st-degree murder, 20 years for 1st-degree robbery and 5 years for tampering with evidence. Unfortunately for all, the killer will serve his sentences concurrently for a grand total of 20 years. He will receive 614 days credit for time served.

When all is said and done, James Seay, now 70, will be eligible for parole in only 15 years. I for one am hoping he never gets out, never sees the light of day again. After murdering 3 people who had done him no harm he should die in prison.

Orville Avis’ family members are hopeful that, given James Seay’s age and his current state of health, he will die in prison. His daughter, Tara Hood, rightly said that no sentence would ever bring her dad back.

“It’s one thing you lose someone you love to a sickness and something you expect but it’s like when you lose someone to a violent crime, you had your rights taken away as well. You don’t get that chance you know to say goodbye,” said Tara Hood.

RIP, Orville Avis. I extend my condolences to the friends and family who loved him. Likewise RIP, Donald Gritton and James Daugherty, who died such brutal deaths.

And to James Seay I extend my sincerest wish that he suffers immensely every day for the rest of his useless, worthless life.

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11 Responses to James Seay

  1. 2cute says:

    He’s a serial killer and he still doesn’t get life in prison? Wow. I think Kentucky is awfully kind and generous to murderers. I think he should get the death penalty. R.I.P. Orville Avis.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I hope you die a painful death in prison James you deserve much worse. My sympathy is for the victims.

  3. 2cute says:

    Cleo you scared me with his mugshot! I didn’t know Kentucky was so generous to killers. The fact he killed 3 and still could get out is disgusting. Sure hope he dies first.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Hope this guy winds up buried under the prison. To kill strangers who meant nothing to him is monstrous enough but to kill his sick friend was pure unadulterated evil.

  5. dianna says:

    Hope you are doing good, hope to be able n see you one day. Prayers for you from your nephew, and his spouse.

  6. My uncle says:

    First off the guy only killed to defend himself….he wouldn’t fight he would just kill you, he was raised rough and really didn’t have a chance in life,but when he was out he was who he was, an institutionalized man not a serial killer. Most people kill for a reason and he had three of them

    • LawyerChick says:

      What a load of drivel.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      My uncle, that’s the biggest load of bollocks I’ve ever read. Guess what, I’m not a fighter either, I’ve never stabbed 3 people to death. Now I can understand why he goes around killing people, because the family he has seem to think that its justifiable to stab someone to death because your not a fighter, instead of punching or slapping the so called “bully” in a fair fight, you Fucking come out with “he wouldn’t fight he would just kill you” hence why he’s been labeled a “serial killer” dumb arse. I mean have you read your comment? Don’t you realise how Fucking ridiculous it sounds? My god once maybe could be understandable to a certain degree, but for Fuck sake, 3 times he’s killed somebody, that to a normal thinking individual is disgusting, and you justifying it adds insult to injury. For Fuck sake pull your head outta your ass and think with your brain instead of your turds.

  7. Tom Daly says:

    The only purpose that this piece of subhuman crap would have for the world would be as food for the worms.

  8. Niece of Orville Avis says:

    He’s an evil son of bitch. He should never be released from jail. Like one other said he should die a very evil death. But I will let God oh mighty take care of him.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      If the government and power s that be didn’t let this arse rag out of prison after killing one person, then those two other men would still been alive. I’m sorry for your loss, your uncle should still be here instead of that waste of oxygen James seay scumbag.

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