James Paterson

Hellbeast James Paterson of Fife
Crimes: Rape, Assault, Child Abuse, Attempted Murder

So often hellbeasts are disguised as ordinary looking, sometimes good looking humans. But one look at James Paterson’s mug convinced me he is hellbeast. And one look at the court case against him convinced me beyond any doubt he is a hellbeast worthy of hell.

James Paterson, 24, of Lochgelly, Fife has been a busy beast indeed. Between January 2006 and December 2010, in both Fife and Edinburgh, he has inflicted his evil upon the most helpless — newborn babies, pregnant women and new mothers.

It is my understanding that the women were his girlfriends and the crimes against them took place over extended periods of time.

Earlier this year, at High Court in Glasgow, James shitpile Paterson was found guilty of 3 counts of attempted murder, 2 rapes and assaulting a baby. Disgusting bastard!

The first victim, a young pregnant woman of 22, survived James hellbeast Paterson’s attempt to kill her by setting her on fire with an aerosol spray deodorant. I cannot even imagine the terror she felt at the thought of burning to death.

That was, horrifically, not the only evil he had perpetrated upon this poor woman. There was so much more. James the beast Paterson beat her with a baseball bat and dragged her around by the hair. He bit her face, wrapped electrical cables around her neck, tore her clothes from her body and then raped her.

I am sure the terrified, brutalized woman thought she and her baby were going to die. The monstrous creature actually threatened to kill the unborn baby, and there was no reason his victim wouldn’t believe him.

And still there was more. James POS Paterson had also throttled her, stabbed her in the hand, and ran over her foot with a car.

I am amazed that this woman and her baby survived. And I am glad that the woman emerged from this horrific, abusive situation alive.

James the turd eater Paterson was just getting started with his rampage of evil. He assaulted yet another young, pregnant girlfriend — seeing a pattern here? He grabbed her by her throat and throttled her so she couldn’t breathe — not once but many times. He bit the young woman, raped her, and kicked her in the stomach in an attempt to harm the baby.

Now do you see why he’s a hellbeast?

“He locked me in the house because he didn’t want me to go anywhere,” the victim testified. “He took my phone so I couldn’t phone anybody.” Very typical behavior of abusive bastards to isolate their victims like that.

When asked why she didn’t leave the monster she replied, “Because he has got anger problems. He is scary.”

She believed after repeated assaults that the hellbeast was perfectly capable of killing her and her baby, and fear is a great paralytic.

And POS Paterson continued on, after he and his second victim split up, spreading his evil around.

A third victim, a 23-year-old pregnant girlfriend, was subjected to a reign of violence and terror. James the misogynistic monster Paterson stamped so hard on her belly that he left boot marks on her stomach. He jumped on her “baby bump” as if it were a trampoline. Miraculously the baby survived.

All of these victims feared for their lives and the lives of their babies. For good reason, I should think. If the barbarous attacks and rapes weren’t enough to convince them, the telephone texts he sent were confirmation they were in danger.

“I will kill you with my bare hands,” the monster beast Paterson wrote to one victim.

“I will slit your fat face wide open,” he wrote in another text message.

And then there were the physical assaults on a baby boy. The abuse reportedly began the day the baby was born. This poor infant, when he was not even 3 months old, was repeatedly thrown against the headboard of his cot and dropped on the floor. He was also squeezed so hard by the beast Paterson that 2 of his wee ribs were broken. The tiny infant also suffered a fractured skull.

Yeah, it takes a f*cking real man to attack and rape pregnant women and beat up babies! F*cktard dipshit!

There was also testimony from a doctor about a woman he had hit in the stomach with a baseball bat 2 weeks after she’d give birth. With the ban on victims’ names I could not ascertain if this happened to one of the 3 women he’d been charged with attacking. This poor woman was still in pain 8 full months after he’d hit her.

James POW coward Paterson had pleaded not guilty and even claimed self-defense! That just makes my blood boil! These 3 women that he tried to kill, that he severely injured and permanently disfigured, attacked him first? Bullshit!

Did the baby attack him too? F*cking cowardly bastard!

His Defence agent Gordon Martin tried to discredit the victims, even calling one a liar.

But the Advocate depute Kath Harper used Paterson’s threatening texts as proof the women were telling the truth.

“These texts tell you that what these young women are telling you is credible,” said Harper. “They are threatening, they are bullying, they are violent, they are frightening.”

Damn right they are. I sure as hell would feel fear if I got any texts like those.

“In these texts he discloses to you what type of man he is and what type of behaviour in which he indulged, but usually behind closed doors where nobody could see and nobody could stop him.”

Defence agent Martin admitted that POS Paterson did send the messages but didn’t intend any harm. Riiiight.


Well, as I wrote earlier, James the worthless turd Paterson was found guilty of rape, attempted murder and assault. On August 24, 2012, after a risk assessment was carried out, Judge Lord Bannatyne of the High Court in Edinburgh decided there was no alternative to a life sentence.

In the Scottish courts, a life sentence is known as an order for lifelong restriction. And Judge Lord Bannatyne further decided that James the waste of skin Paterson must serve at least 5 years before he could ask for parole.

Five years only and he could be paroled? After trying to kill pregnant women and their babies?

I can only hope and pray that the Scottish parole board never stops considering him a danger to society and keeps him locked up forever.

And I also hope and pray that this monster, this misogynist James Paterson suffers in prison, dies in prison and rots in hell.

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17 Responses to James Paterson

  1. awesomeblossom says:

    I love seeing pictures of rapists and baby beaters in handcuffs! He looks as evil as he is, except maybe he should have horns and a tail. And I think a couple of black eyes and lots of bruises would make the picture even better.

  2. 2cute says:

    I sure as hell wish all murderous monsters and perverts look as evil as this dude — then we wouldn’t have to consider tattooing them to sort them out from the rest of us. Who the hell would want to date an ugly asshole like this much less live with him and put up with abuse? I hope he’s a lesson to all girls who have stupid bastard boyfriends who hurt them — ditch him the first time he raises his hand to you! It never stops despite the apologies and always gets worse despite the promises. Save your lives and your babies’ lives and GTFO!

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    First he’s going to a scottish jail so he’ll have a shit time because scottish jails are hell on earth. And 2nd i’ll guarantee that this cunt is given a beating within a week of getting there and the prison officers will look the other way. So im quite happy knowing this cunt is gonna be tortured. He’s a pussy only beats women and babies, pregnant women. Well by the time this cunt will have been given his welcoming party, he’ll look like he’s been in the ring with mike tyson, the fucking scumbag.

  4. kathryn says:

    Does anyone else think he looks like Gollum from lord of the rings? Bengalpuss you couldnt be more right. He will be tortured 😀

  5. moodymagic says:

    I truly hope he does not survive the jail. I pray it is nothing but pain and suffering for him.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Kathryn, he looks like a perverted gollum lol. Yes i will sleep well tonight knowing that this sack of shit will be forever peeking over his shoulders to see which prisoner is behind him with a mop handle. And hope mcbubba is behind him ready to shove his haggis up gollum’s arse.

  7. bulldoggy says:

    Ha ha Gollum! Now that you said it I cannot unsee it. He is totally like Gollum! A perverted Gollum definitely! How the hell he found 3 girlfriends I cannot say.
    I gather the girlfriends pregnancies were courtesy of his refusal to use a condom. Selfish bastard! And I am guessing the beatings were the cheapo version of an abortion. Disgusting fucker! He needs neutering before he is released, which is hopefully never.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Hey bulldoggy, by the time mcbubba finishe’s with this piece of crap, gollum’s haggis won.t be creating no more pregnancies. And you know me bulldoggy, i usually throw in a few paragraph’s of what torture i’d like to give this fucker. But not today as im content, he’s going to a scottish jail. Abu Ghraib(Think i’ve Spelt It right if not you know what i mean) Has got nothing on a scottish jail. Believe me they are ruthless places to be, especially for child abusers and kicking pregnant women in the stomach. Yes im quite content for once, knowing what this turd ball is gonna get, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      • Steve-O says:

        Bengalpuss29 I feel good knowing you approve of this dipshits fate. It is not often that they get the sentence they deserve.

  8. Trace says:

    This creep is freaking fugly. I hope his cellmates find him pretty though, and shower him with their affections if you know what I mean. Suffer you baby beater! Suffer you small dicked rapist!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Trace, i’d have a face like that if i knew i was going to a scottish jail. But he is, butt fuck ugly ain.t he. When he was born, they slapped his mother instead of the babies bottom. And for all you people who don.t understand that joke, years ago when you gave birth, they would give the babies bottom a little slap to get he/She to cry.

  9. Tulipchic says:

    What a evil scum. I hope that all women are warned about this man if he gets out. He is obviously a danger to females! Why anyone would want to go near such an ugly bastard is really beyond me.

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    Ha ha ha tulipchick, good one. That’s what went through my mind, how the fuck does this ugly fucker get a girlfriend. he’s got a face like a cows arse having a dump. The only thing i can think of is those poor women suffered with very low self esteem. But hopefully they can move on with their lives knowing this piece of dog Puke Is locked up, and is and has probably had a good beating. Women beaters and rapist’s and child abusers don.t go down well in scotland, so what a shame for ugly fuck lol.

  11. Eva says:

    Thanks be to God that this evil being never succeeded in causing any of the mothers to have a miscarriage. He should also be charged with
    attempted murder in my opinion. I would be very afraid for this thing to be released. Let’s pray that never happens.

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    Eva, by the time his new scottish friends, beat the shit out of this cunt, the only way he’ll be coming out, and thats in a body!!!

  13. Tammy says:

    I have a cousin who is a member of the Highwaymen M/C. Bring his scrawny little ass over here and drop him off at their clubhouse. THEY’LL know what to do with him!! Bwahahahaha!! 😉

  14. Tom Daly says:

    I totally agree! If I were his girlfriend and he hit me, I’d ditch him first chance I got! No amount of “I’m sorry”‘s and “I swear I’ll never hit you again” will work; he can apologize till he’s blue in the face!

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