James Lee Lyons

James Lee Lyons
Crimes: Child Molestation, Animal Cruelty, Bestiality

If registered sex offender James Lee Lyons lived next to me, I’d be sure as shit chasing him with my cane. Fortunately for me, this disgusting pervert lives in far-off St Augustine, Florida. His neighbour down there isn’t very pleased about that, I’m sure. In fact I’m pretty damn sure his neighbour wishes James Lee Lyons lived anywhere else.

James Lee Lyons, 52, has got a serious mental glitch that apparently makes him unable to discern what are appropriate and acceptable receptacles for his penis. He’s tried a few unacceptable orifices and has done prison time as a result. In 1998 he was convicted of attempted sexual battery of a child and a sexual act with a child while in a familial role. His sentence was 13 years in prison.

James Lee Lyons seems to have learned not to molest children after that, but he still is busy seeking out some very wrong places to insert his penis. One of those places was his neighbour’s dog, Bailey.

Lyons victimPoor Bailey. At the end of July the 7-month-old puppy went missing. The neighbour saw his pet being carried out of James Lee Lyons’ St Augustine trailer by none other than James Lee Lyons.

When the little puppy was handed back to the rightful owner by the abductor, James Lee Lyons explained that he’d found Bailey and was just returning him. No explanation of why he’d taken Bailey into his trailer.

The little doggie was no doubt happy to be back with his owner, but something was wrong — terribly wrong. His owner took him to the vet who confirmed that Bailey was the victim of abuse and bestiality.


James Lee Lyons was arrested, which is a good thing, but he posted $11,000 bond and got out, which is not so good. The judge did order him not to have any pets at his home at 7548 U.S. 1 South, but James Lee Lyons apparently didn’t take that order very seriously.

Just days after his release James Lee Lyons, the dog raper, was at it again. This time, instead of abducting somebody’s dog he got his own.

Animal control officers found 2 dogs at his home — a pit bull and a terrier type. They seized the animals and took them to the Mantanzas River Animal Hospital to get them checked out.

The pit bull mercifully hadn’t been harmed. The same couldn’t be said for the poor little terrier.

The vet, Dr. Nicholas, reported that the injuries to the terrier’s genitals were appalling.

Lyons victim“There is no doubt that this dog suffered a great amount of pain,” Dr. Nicholas stated. “The suffering that this dog endured and continues to endure during the healing process cannot be overstated.”

Well, hell yeah! An adult human penis was shoved inside her tiny terrier privates. Of course there was trauma and pain!

The poor little doggie is being treated for her injuries at St John’s County Animal Control. When she’s all better she will be put up for adoption along with the pit bull. I hope both of them find good homes with decent people.

James Lee Lyons is facing charges of cruelty to animals, sexual activities involving animals and failure to register as a sexual predator. His bond on these charges amounts to $61,000. He is currently booked in the St Johns County Jail.

The sick and twisted dog/child molester will appear in court on August 13, 2013. I shall keep readers posted.

I truly hope the court will convict James Lee Lyons of all charges and hand him a serious sentence spanning years. Maybe that will convince him that molesting animals is a real crime and deter him from doing that ever again. Sick bastard!

James Lee LyonsUPDATE
Thanks to an alert reader I have been given a heads-up that he is residing at 7548 US-1 South in Saint Augustine. There’s no word on when he’ll appear on the felony cruelty to animals and sexual activity involving animals charges.

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20 Responses to James Lee Lyons

  1. awesomeblossom says:

    OMG if someone did that to my dog I’d be beating him in the head with a concrete block. I’d then drop that concrete block on his genitals. I’d then tie that concrete block around his feet and toss the bastard in the lake. Good thing this creep doesn’t live close to me.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Agreed awesomeblossom. If Charlie were victimized like that – raped! – I would have to be restrained to keep me from doing some significant damage to the perv who hurt him. Sick sick bastard needs to be locked up a long time. Unhappily most judges don’t consider crimes against animals to be serious. I hope this creep gets a good beatdown by every animal lover in prison. I hope all his cellmates know he’s a pedo too.

    • Tracy Opra says:

      I am the homeowner of the tenant who’s dog Bailey was brutally raped by Lyons. I have started an organization TAP “Together Against Predators” on Facebook. Please like, follow and share with everyone you know. I am working diligently to amend some of these laws and submit new Bills to protect our animals and children. Yes, this happened in St. Augustine, FL. But it is happening all over the US, people are just not talking about it. If I can get some of these laws passed in FL, then the other states can adopt them. Please help us get the word out! And thank you for posting our story!

      TAP “Together Against Predators”
      Tracy Opra

      Email: [email protected] Please compose a letter to the Judge and email to me, so I can send them in with mine. I will be mailing them in weekly. Please be a voice for Bailey!

      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TAP.Together

      Face book page search: Together Against Predators

      St. Johns County Sheriff’s department story: https://www.facebook.com/notes/st-johns-county-sheriffs-office/sexual-predator-arrested-on-additional-charges/704737469543836

      First Coast News live interview: http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=322283

      ” The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with God’s people. Amen ”

      Revelation 22:21

  2. 2cute says:

    Too bad he didn’t try something with the pit bull. I bet that dog woulda delivered one helluva chomp on James’ junk lol. James would have to go through life called stumpy after that.

  3. slacker80 says:

    I hate that I’m thinking about this but I’m thinking this asshole chose small animals for a purpose – just like he chose children. He could of picked horses and cows who probably wouldn’t have noticed his puny pecker but instead he chose small creatures with small private parts. Why? To inflict maximum pain. This sadistic asshole molested children probably to make them hurt bad, and little dogs to basically rip them apart. Sick bastard should be put away before he starts on cats.

  4. moodymagic says:

    I guess this gives real meaning to the phrase “Dog Fucker” I pray that he ends up in general population and Bubba finds him and this prick suffers and suffers. I hope he gets prison time

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Awww, moodymagic, swore and said “fucker” yes he is moody. I hope the jails biggest dicked prisoner gives this cunt a taste of what those young children and dogs were put through. Why would someone want to put their knob inside a dogs orifice? I just cannot for the life of me wrap my head around this one. It would’ve been brilliant if the dog turned around and bitten off sick cunts bollocks, now thats poetic justice. Hope he gets his arse battered in the shovel.

  5. Tracy Opra says:

    Please share our page, I am asking all communities and organizations to get involved in helping me make tougher laws to protect our animals and children! I have contacted Senator Marco Rubio’s office, Senator Thrasher’s office and have many more calls to make. I am the owner of the home where my tenant’s dog endured this horrific torture. Please help me fight to protect your furry friends and children! Without tougher laws this could be you going through this nightmare! I don’t want anyone to ever have to go through this like my tenant and myself. As a result of this predator’s actions my tenant has to move, who has been the best tenant because of this predator! I am sending letters to the Judge who is presiding over James Lee Lyons sexual predator. I ask all to voice their opinion on this case to please write a letter to the Judge and send it to me via email at [email protected]. I will print them and mail them weekly. Please get involved, be a voice for Bailey who cannot speak! Help get the word out about T.A.P Together Against Predators our Facebook page, follow daily updates and contact me to get involved. The story about what happened to my tenant’s dog can be found at https://www.facebook.com/notes/st-johns-county-sheriffs-office/sexual-predator-arrested-on-additional-charges/704737469543836. I am new to facebook learning how things work, my url on FB is https://www.facebook.com/TAP.Together.
    Thank you Tracy.

  6. Sue says:

    This sick excuse of a man likes to hurt things.
    Someone else needs to make him scream in the worst possible way.
    He definately had other options such a purchasing a blow up doll.
    I was thinking along the line of those little fish in the Amazon that swim up a penis and remain imbedded there. Now that would be a fitting punishment and then leaving it there.

    • pj says:

      How about a cactus up his butt. Just saying.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      You mean those fish called “Candiru” sue. Yes that would be a fitting punishment for this sick twisted fuck. Unfortunately even a blow up doll would’ve been useless, as it has no furr and cannot scream, something that probably this sick pig would get off on. Its l8r a shame that the pooch didn’t turn around and bite his dick off. Poetic justice that would’ve been.

  7. Barbara Tucker says:

    I know James Lyons and the children he brutalized. There is NO punishment suitable for this animal. Not only have the children (three of them) been to hell and back but his exwife has also gone thru her own personal hell. She was the one that turned him in. Due to the physical damage he caused, one of his victims lost her first child. I just pray that he gets a sentence that matches the time he took away from the children and their mother.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      The damage that these sick bastard’s cause cannot be calculated as the victims have to go through life with the trauma of what this pig has done to them. He’ll be sent to jail for a few years then come out to get on with his life, yet the poor victims have been given a life sentence by this sick cunt.

  8. bulldoggy says:

    Barbara, if he doesn’t get a decent sentence I sure hope there’s a welcoming committee waiting for him when he gets out, if you know what I mean. This creep doesn’t belong anywhere near civilization. He should be driven out to the woods where he can get all frisky with the local grizzlies, or they can get frisky with him.

    • Barbara Tucker says:

      Funny you say that BullDoggy. After he was released, they had no where to put him so they gave him a tarp and put him in the woods. He eventually found housing. I am registered on the FDLE website and I monitor where he is living. Right now his address is the St.Johns county jail. I live in the next county over and I am tempted to go to tomorrow’s court appearance. His wife did tell me that they are looking into ways to keep him locked up. They had a child in 1988 that died from something wrong with his brain. They tested everything and everywhere. They found no reason. Now they are opening up the investigation again. Who knows, he might get lucky and get a tube in his arm and be put out of everyone’s misery.

    • 2cute says:

      Bulldoggy you were thinking of that pedo who was eaten by a bear in Canada weren’t you. Yeah, let this asshole try to diddle with a grizzly bear and find out why people/animal sex is wrong.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        2Cute, was that dude a nonce that was eaten by a grizzly bear? He thought he was a wildlife expert and would go into the alaskan wilderness for months on end, is that the same dude? Eventually he got eaten by one, i’ve seen the pictures of what was left of him. But if he was a nonce, then well done mr grizzly bear:-)

        • 2cute says:

          Ooops the guy was a murderer not a pedo. I was thinking of Rory Wagner who was eaten by a bear in Canada. But bengalpuss I remember the grizzly “expert” you’re talking about who pranced among the bears like they were at a tea party. Yeah, he got eaten all right, but I don’t think he was a pedo. He was just lucky he wasn’t eaten earlier.

  9. Tracy Opra T.A.P. Together Against Predators says:

    I am the homeowner who’s tenant’s dog was raped by Lyons.
    YAHOO!!!!!!!!! I just got back home in Savannah, GA. from St. Augustine, FL. The drive was okay no snow just slush. I attended the sentencing for James Lee Lyons this morning. Lyons is on his way to prison for 8 years, for what he did to Baylee & Nola (Miss. Terrier!!! These 10 links below were sent to me when I just opened my email, I guess my voice was heard, praise GOD!!!! A big THANK YOU to Prosecuting Attorney Jennifer Duton, the media for printing this update and to Judge Traynor for giving Lyons the sentencing he did!!!

    As I said, the battle has been won, however, the war has just begun! T.A.P. Together Against Predators is here for all, I will still need social media to inform me of any bestiality cases you hear of, as I will be a voice for the voiceless and do my best to see that justice will be done!!!!!











    Sex predator sentenced on animal sex charge – ActionNewsJax.com

    Thanks to all for your support!! Like & share our FB page http://www.facebook.com/tap.together PLEASE keep passing our petition along, we are going to keep it going until WE MAKE OUR GOAL!!!!

  10. KXG says:

    i don’t much care for dogs personally, but i loathe these scumbag fido fiddlers. they’re just as bad as child molesters for hurting innocent, defenseless creatures who can neither give consent nor defend themselves from sexual predation by sub-human garbage like these kind.

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