James Guy Bull

James Bull

Image via Volusia County Jail

Crimes: Bestiality, Animal Abuse

There are times that I really worry about the kinds of people who share the planet with me. Today is one of those times, because today I learned about James Guy Bull of Daytona Beach, Florida. I really, really don’t want him on the same planet.

James Guy Bull was arrested in March 2014. His neighbours were very worried about his 8-month-old pit bull puppy, Coco. The dog was yelping and “screaming” constantly, said one neighbour who got so fed up he went to the asshole’s home to see what was going on.

When the neighbour got to James Guy Bull’s residence, the door was slightly ajar. There was a radio or a stereo blasting music, apparently to drown out the horrible sounds the dog was making.

The neighbour must have been shocked by what he saw — James Guy Bull was sexually abusing his puppy. When the nasty bastard saw he had an audience, he tossed Coco aside and closed the door.

Holy batshit, batman! James Guy Bull is a doggy raper!

The neighbour did the right thing and called authorities.

When Daytona Beach animal control officer Eva Burke arrived at the home of James Guy Bull on March 18, 2014, she found poor Coco chained to the porch, unable to move. The chain was too damned short — only 8 inches long!

Officer Burke also noticed that Coco’s ribs protruded. She was hungry and emaciated, the poor thing, and there was no water, no food and no shelter for her either.

Not surprisingly Coco was “skittish and obviously afraid”. She also showed signs of “physical sexual abuse”.

James Guy Bull, 62, was arrested by police and Coco was taken away for veterinary care — she truly needed it.

The puppy raper faced a whole pile of charges. He wisely pled guilty to the 1st-degree misdemeanor charge of sexual activity with an animal, and 2 counts of felony cruelty to animals and cruelty to animals. I say wisely because this case got the attention of vocal animal advocates who were demanding justice for Coco.

At sentencing, Prosecutor Nathaniel Sebastian called the veterinarian who cared for Coco to the stand. The testimony was graphic as he described the appalling condition Coco was in. The prosecutor also called to the stand the neighbours who heard the Coco’s yelps and “screams” daily before she was rescued.

The defense attorney had a hard time defending James Guy Bull, and called no witnesses. What he did ask of the judge was to spare his client from prison because of his bad back.

On September 22, 2014, Circuit Judge Leah Case sentenced the beastly dog molester to 5 years behind bars. She compared his crimes against Coco to “systematic” and “chronic” child abuse.

Judge Case said James Guy Bull’s crimes were “about the intentional infliction of pain on an animal over and over again. It’s like child abuse. It often happens in secret behind closed doors”.

Judge Case rocks! Finally a judge gets it that animal abuse is a serious issue and requires serious punishment.

The animal advocates who attended the sentencing cheered. I would’ve too, had I been there.

Coco has been given a new name and a new lease on life. She is happy and safe in a foster home in Brooklyn. The woman who is fostering her has said, “There is no way she is leaving our home unless we find someone perfect.” I’m so glad to hear that. A lot of people have expressed interest in adopting Coco, so I hope they are as willing to open their doors to other rescued dogs that haven’t received any press.

I hope that James Guy Bull is banned from owning a dog for the rest of his life. Hell, I hope he’s banned from owning any animal ever, guppies included.

I am loath to share the planet with people who commit bestiality. I think it’s past time for the US to enact a federal law explicitly prohibiting people having sex with animals. Happily, across Canada bestiality is an indictable offense. The maximum sentence is 10 years in prison.

When I read about James Guy Bull, I had to consider how I felt about the neighbours who put up with the screams and yelps of Coco for an extended period of time. My first reaction was that I wouldn’t wait one single day before doing something about it, because I can be very heroic in my own mind. But then I looked at this asshole’s mug shot. He looks to be the incarnation of the “Neighbour from Hell”. Would I really risk my own personal safety by ticking this bastard off? I’d sure as hell be scared to.

The neighbours didn’t know that Coco was being physically and sexually abused. They just heard terrible sounds. Terrible sounds can be meaningless. One of my own dogs screams like he’s being mortally wounded when he plays with his siblings. I’m sure if my neighbours didn’t know better they’d think he was being disemboweled at the very least.

I salute the neighbour who bravely investigated and discovered the abuse. He probably saved Coco’s life. I just hope that James Guy Bull doesn’t return in a few years’ time and become the worst “Neighbour from Hell”. Too bad he and those like him can’t be shipped off to a barren island somewhere where they can’t escape and hurt anyone or anything else.

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8 Responses to James Guy Bull

  1. moodymagic says:

    I am glad this Monster landed on this site. When I first heard about him he needed to be here. I am glad to hear Coco is with decent people now and I hope she continues to get better and heal. Bull I wish you nothing but pain and suffering. Sure hope your ‘bad back’ doesn’t seize up while you are bending for the bar of soap. Burn in hell.

  2. BENGALPUSS says:

    WTF is wrong with some people? poor coco bless her little heart, i’m so glad that neighbour went round to investigate, and i’m so glad that the sick fuck forgot to close his door. My god, i can’t get over what i’ve just read, why in gods name would anybody want to have sex with an animal? i just don’t understand how someone could be so cruel to a defenceless animal, i wish that coco would’ve bitten this horrible pos dick off, now that would be justice, well done to the judge, bet she was an animal lover, that’s how sentences should be for sick pigs that do what this pig has done. Hope his new house mates are animal lovers too.

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    I have to say though, he doesn’t look 61years old, he will probably catch up to that with the stress of jail lol.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Yeah this guy is obviously way beyond bent I mean he didn’t just want to do it with a dog, bad enough, but he more specifically wanted an immature one that he could specifically inflict horrible pain and torture on – enjoy hurting – hear being made to suffer, loud enough for the neighbors to hear it even over and above very loud music.. Then on top of everything else to abuse it so horribly and then not even feed it… what a dangerous monster.

    I just think this guy is just sick, sadistic, twisted and demented beyond all words. His poor neighbor, it must have been horrible for him to have had to witness something like that and then to know that all that time unbeknownst to him he was living right next door/down the road/up the street or whatever from this guy possibly exposing his friends, family, wife, mother, sister, children maybe even to the close proximity of such a violent horrifically predatory guy that must have been terrifying to realize.

    In my mind he was a real hero for going over there and then extra brave for calling the police. If it happened in my neighborhood I’d be worried that the police would come and only warn or fine him or something leaving me with me with an angry criminal still living and dog raping away unchecked near me – one now in addition to everything else all angry and pissed off and bent on revenge against me for telling on him to boot.

    Or if he did go to jail that they’d only hold him until court, if he didn’t get bonded out, then at trail fine him, release him right back out with credit for time served – give him probation a slap on the wrist, maybe some community service. If he owned his home, even if he did go to prison he could wind up living nearby again – return holding even more of a grudge. I think I’d have to move or arm myself. You know actually I think I’d have to do both. Buy guns and move. What a beast!

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Your right, that poor dog must of been in horrendous agony with what this piece of shite was doing to her, my god somebody needs to rape this pig and give him a taste of his own medicine.

  5. PJ says:

    Sick sick sick! Too bad he can’t be ravaged by wild pit bulls. It’s what he deserves.

  6. 2cute says:

    OK I’m going to be really immature and point out his re-dick-ulous mullet. He probably looks really girly from behind with those curly locks.

    • Bulldoggy says:

      Really immature 2cute. But speaking of his glorious mane of hair he probably looks like a filly from behind. Maybe he will find a horse lover pal in prison.

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