James Bing Jun Louie

Hellbeast James Bing Jun Louie
Crime: Murder

James Bing Jun Louie of Calgary was not thrilled about his upcoming divorce. He was angry with his estranged wife Ying Tang, indeed he was absolutely furious. And his fury had a lethal edge.

Ying Tang had told her husband in August 2009 that she wasn’t happy in their marriage, that she wanted space. They’d been married 15 years and their relationship had been deteriorating for quite a while.

Aside from having two lovely children, the couple didn’t really have much in common. Ying Tang was a petroleum engineer who earned a really great salary. James Bing Jun Louie didn’t even have a high school diploma. The pair of them had decided that he should be a stay-at-home dad.

So every day James Bing Jun Louie cooked for the kids and looked after them while Ying Tang went off to the exciting world of work. And her world of work became more exciting when she fell in love with a co-worker.

Now Ying Tang didn’t tell her husband about this co-worker, but when she insisted on sleeping alone I’m sure James Bing Jun Louie wondered. And he not only wondered but he snooped. On August 18 he found something.

Sure enough, there were emails between his wife and her co-worker, romantic in nature. James Bing Jun Louie maintains that this discovery made him oh so sad and depressed. I maintain that it made him downright mad and murderous.

When he confronted his wife about the emails, Ying Tang told him she wanted more than her space. She wanted out of the marriage for good. She told him he could have the house and their bank accounts. She offered him spousal support since she was the sole wage earner. She offered to share parental rights.

Seems to me Ying Tang was being very generous to her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

Shortly after the big confrontation Ying Tang found an apartment to move into.

James Bing Jun Louie, despite the generous offers of house and money, was furious at his estranged wife, furious she was divorcing him and furious she loved someone else. He decided to do as much damage as he possibly could, the vindictive bastard. He began to plot and plan.

Ying Tang couldn’t help but notice how oddly her soon-to-be-ex began acting. Every day for weeks he spent hours just sitting and staring at himself in the mirror, brooding. Ying Tang put down his moodiness as an attempt to gain sympathy from her.

“I thought that he was playing it up to show me how sad he was,” she said. “I told him I had my bad moments too, but I don’t do it in front of the kids.”

Ying Tang certainly wouldn’t have wasted any sympathy on the bastard if she could have read his mind…

James Bing Jun Louie was not thinking life is cruel, he’d be better off dead, and if he killed himself then she’d be sorry — you know, the kind of stuff that sad and depressed people think.

Instead James Bing Jun Louie the vindictive selfish bastard was thinking if he didn’t want a divorce then there sure as hell wouldn’t be a divorce. And if he couldn’t have his wife then nobody would have his wife! And if he couldn’t have his kids then nobody would have his kids!

James Bing Jun Louie was NOT HAPPY and there would be hell to pay! Because the whole world revolved around him, doncha know! It was either his way or no way!

On the morning of Friday, November 27, 2009, the fuming and furious James Bing Jun Louie, then 44 years old, decided to take action. Why then? That day was supposed to be the start of the first weekend in which Tang would have both kids alone with her at her new apartment.

Louie childrenThat morning James Bing Jun Louie was as usual home alone with the 2 children, Jason, 13, and Jane, 9. Jane was still in bed and Jason was preparing to go to school. Ying Tang was expected home in 8 hours.

Now bear in mind James Bing Jun Louie claims that he was sad and depressed about the upcoming divorce, not vindictive and vengeful, and he’d also taken a sleeping pill. Which is supposed to explain what he did.

And what James Bing Jun the hellbeast from hell Louie did was to first sneak up behind young Jason and strangle the boy with a rope.

Jason struggled for his life. He pleaded with his murderous father, “Why are you doing this?” But young Jason didn’t have a chance. He died at the hands of the monster James Bing Jun Louie with a rope twisted tightly around his neck.

So that’s what depression and sleeping pills do — make you murder your own son — not! No, that’s what a vindictive, selfish hellbeast neanderthal does when he’s losing control of his wife and his life.

But wait, James Bing Jun Louie the murderous monster wasn’t done yet. Having successfully strangled his loving son, he dragged his “depressed” ass to little Jane’s room. Did he come to his senses and snap out of his murderous rage? Did he begin to mourn poor Jason and feel remorse for his evil actions? Hell no!

James Bing Jun Louie smothered that helpless girl with a pillow. I can’t imagine the terror and horror that young Jane felt when she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see, couldn’t fight.

And once both of his children were dead, James Bing Jun Louie waited for Ying Tang. He had the rope ready.

Ying Tang phoned home to talk to the kids and immediately got a bad feeling. Not only couldn’t she talk to the kids but her estranged husband was being all creepy on the phone.

Alarmed, Ying Tang asked him about the children. “Did you harm them? Did you kill them?”

“They are in my heart,” the bastard replied, “You come home and see.”

Totally freaked out, Ying Tang called 911 and begged the dispatcher to send police to her home to check on her children.

The dispatcher didn’t. And yes I have a major frowny face as I type that.

When Ying Tang drove up to her home that snowy evening, it was in darkness.

“I just knew something was wrong,” she said.

Thinking only of the kids, Ying Tang raced upstairs, turned on the hall lights and saw her daughter’s bedroom door was ajar.

“I saw Jane lying there. Her head … her face was facing the door. I thought she was asleep.” But not for long. Ying Tang went into the room to check.

“I could see she was all purple. I touched Jane’s face and it was all cold. I was too late.”

I can’t even imagine what the poor woman was going through at that moment, knowing her little girl was dead at the hands of her husband.

And speaking of the hellbeast bastard, he was waiting for her in the hall. With a rope.

“What did you do? What did you do?” Ying Tang demanded of him. James Bing Jun Louie’s answer was to get the rope around her neck and drag her into the master bedroom. Ying Tang began to fight for her life, and fell to the floor.

“He was still trying to strangle me. I didn’t want to die. He kept strangling me with the rope.”

Ying Tang managed to get her cell phone out and dial 911 but the killer batted it away. There was no chance for her to ask the dispatcher for help. All she could do was scream.

“He said, ‘I am so good to you and you’re doing this to me twice.’ That (was) all he said the whole time,” Ying Tang said. She didn’t understand what he was talking about, and instead put all her efforts into fighting him off.

At some point Ying Tang managed to drag herself into the bathroom but he followed. There was no escape.

“He sat on top of me. I felt his hands tighten around my throat. I was suffocating.”

Scene of Louie murdersAnd Ying Tang would be dead except for the fact the 911 dispatcher sent the police this time. They were just in time to rescue her.

With the killer pulled off of her by the officers, Ying Tang tried to get to her feet to find Jason. She was too weak to get up.

“I want to see Jason, you monster!” she screamed at the hellbeast. “What did you do?”

Everyone soon learned what he had done. Jason’s body was found in the basement, propped up on a couch with a blanket covering him.

James the vindictive bastard Bing Jun Louie was arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder.

James Bing Jun Louie arrestIn April 2011 the murderous monster went to trial. He pleaded not guilty. His defense attorney Noel O’Brien argued his client was not criminally responsible because of a mental disorder. It was the depression and that damned sleeping pill that were responsible, not his client.

Crown Prosecutors Bev Bauer and Matthew Hinshaw argued that James Bing Jun Louie knew exactly what he was doing, had planned it out and then executed his plan. I heartily agree.

Prosecutor Bauer said rightly that it was a “brutal, callous offense” in which very vulnerable members of society were slain.

Louie’s own physician Dr. John Poon testified that he had treated the accused for stress and insomnia just days before the murders.

Dr. Poon said that Louie was not disoriented, confused or out of touch with reality. He also testified he had not treated the killer for depression or prescribed him with any depression medication. He said he did not believe he was suicidal.

The defense brought in Dr. Liya Xie who had assessed the killer after his arrest. If he’d been acting normal before the murders, he sure wasn’t acting normal after his arrest. Dr. Xie was convinced that he suffers from “major depression” and had an “altered state of consciousness” at the time of the murders.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Earl Wilson ultimately found the hellbeast Louie guilty of 2nd-degree murder of the 2 children and guilty of attempted murder of Ying Tang.

And then James the POS murderer Bing Jun Louie was sentenced to prison for life with no chance of parole for 18 years. The Crown had asked for 25 years, but since Louie had no previous criminal record and he showed remorse in court the judge decided on the lesser amount.

In imposing the sentence in May 2011, Justice Wilson talked about how the children must have been terrified in the moments leading up to their deaths.

“These children were killed in their own house, the one place in the world where children should feel safe,” Justice Wilson said. “I’m satisfied both children must have realized what was occurring and wondering why their father was doing what he did.”

Justice Wilson said even though James Bing Jun Louie had time to pause and reflect after murdering young Jason, he still went to another part of the house to kill little Jane.

“Neither time nor distance prevented him from his chosen path,” said Justice Wilson.

The judge pointed out that had it not been for the quick response of Calgary police officers, the murderous monster Louie would have completely wiped out the family.

“This case is about control, about a man who in effect saw his family leaving him and they would have left him alone,” said Justice Wilson. “He’s a man whose life was only to raise his children. He had nothing outside the family.”

Excuse me, but James Bing Jun Louie could have had so much. He could have had spousal support, the house, the bank accounts, and equal time with the kids. Instead he chose to have nothing and to deprive his wife and kids of everything.

Justice Wilson recommended that a portion of Louie’s sentence be served in a psychiatric facility. I gather it is up to the psychiatrists to decide when he can be moved into a penitentiary.

Regardless of where he spends his time, James Bing Jun Louie has a long wait before he can apply for parole. I hope he spends those years reflecting on what he had and what he’d thrown away. I hope he’s eaten away by remorse and guilt. But being the hellbeast neanderthal he is, he is likely spending all his time blaming his ex-wife for his troubles.

So rot in hell, James Bing Jun Louie, and suffer there for eternity.

And RIP Jane and Jason.

CBC News article
Calgary Sun article

12 Responses to James Bing Jun Louie

  1. 2cute says:

    Why can’t stupid assholes like this kill themselves instead of murdering everyone else who has something to live for? His plan wasn’t even to kill himself, he only wanted his family dead. I bet he had his escape planned too so he could start a whole new life with his wife’s money.

  2. Trace says:

    Selfish bastard. I cannot imagine how a father could contemplate murdering his own children. He is not a real man he is a big pussy who needed babying and when he did not get his own way he decided like a little spoiled child to smash everything in a tantrum. Pathetic pos.

  3. Eve says:

    I don’t know why the police didn’t use lethal force on him when they caught him strangling his wife. It would’ve saved the cost of the trial and incarcerating him for years. It would have spared his wife from recounting that horror to the court, reliving it all.

    Why didn’t the first 911 dispatcher send someone to check on the children? Obviously Ying Tang was distraught when she called and kids were involved, so why wasn’t that enough to send police over?

    • 2cute says:

      You’re right, Eve, if the 911 dispatcher had sent police it wouldn’t have saved the children but it would have spared their mom fighting for her life and nearly dying. Too bad the police didn’t shoot him. Any “man” who kills his kids doesn’t deserve to breathe air or take up space above ground any more.

  4. Steve-O says:

    Louie should’ve gotten drunk if he’d been smart. He’d have gotten a lighter sentence. As it is he should never see daylight again. Child killers deserve the death penalty — get with it Canada!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Im with you steve-O execute them all, when they are killing children or people who just plain old murder someone for the hell of it. Execute them, they are too dangerous to have in society.

  5. Steve-O says:

    Canada used to hang killers. Louie here obvious has no problem with killing by rope, so it’s only right if he dies by one.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      If i had my way i’d be taking us back into the dark age’s and i’d be burning them at the stake, hang drawn and quarter the bastards and use the good old torture devise the rack, christ i hope no psychiatrist’s are reading this, i’ll be getting sectioned under the mental heath act lol.

      • cleo says:

        Speaking of your health Bengalpuss I hope you have recovered from your operation.

        • bengalpuss29 says:

          Yes fine now thanks. Now gal bladder pain i would wish on any of these pieces of shit ten fold now that would be divine Retribution.

      • Lillith says:

        I agree. He certainly deserves far worse, only I perfer the eye-for-an-eye approach- strangling and suffocation! I recommend the use of a rope and some some saran wrap. Since he can only die once, his head should be wrapped in saran wrap while he is strangled with the rope! And trust me friends, stranglation hurts like a bitch! My ex tried to choke me out with his bare hands, so I know first hand. Of course, we should let the mother have the honors of using the rope if she wants. It was, after all, her babies he heartlessly killed, and her he attempted to murder. If any shrinks are reading this we’re both done for Bengalpuss! LOL!

  6. moodymagic says:

    Selfish Bastard burn in hell.

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