James and Roxanne Murphy

James and Roxanne Murphy
Crime: Accused of Child Abuse, Child Porn, Animal Abuse, Pedophile
Written by: Mia Fisher

Sometimes, one just has to wonder…what the fuck possesses people? What on earth makes some people do what they do? Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever get an answer with this next case – it sounds as if the parents in question are some of the most fucked up individuals ever. And I mean ever.

The good news is that nobody died – thankfully. The bad news is that it all took way too long to catch these losers and now five kids are fucked up for life.

I discovered this case on the Huffington Post but the more I researched it, the more articles I discovered, all billing James and Roxanne Murphy as “the worst parents in America”. I think I can agree with that assessment.

On December 21st 2012, Springettsbury Township, Pennsylvania, police were called on a 911 dispatch to the Murphy home. They arrived to discover four children, ages nine to fifteen, and one nineteen year old, intoxicated. Yes, you read that right. They were totally wasted and the nineteen year old boy was out in the yard screaming for reasons unknown.

The kids told the police that their parents had told them to either drink a case of beer or take their mother’s sleeping pills so they could fall asleep early. Evidently the parents were out “Yule” shopping. Not to piss off any pagans but I would think that one’s “Yule shopping” would already be done by that date, let alone would it require intoxicating one’s children so presents could be brought into the house with them passed out.

Murphy houseBut that was just the tip of a very big – and very disgusting – ice berg. The house was filthy – the stench was so bad the police stated they could barely breathe when inside the residence. The youngest boy, fourteen, stated that he’d never been to school in his life. There was a 30-30 shotgun lying on the living room floor, deposited there by the nineteen year old who said he was contemplating suicide. The house also held a myriad of animals – over fifty snakes, numerous lizards, fish, cats, dogs and a pot-bellied pig – complete with feces, living in the squalor. There was no food, all of the children reported to being hungry on a daily basis and in the past stealing food that ‘belonged’ to their parents. A twelve year old girl “was screaming in pain,” and “so injured that she could not stand or walk”, because James Murphy had kicked her. The fourteen year old boy reported that he had passed out in the garage before his parents left and that his father had one of the other kids put a sex toy down his pants and in his face while the father took pictures with a cell phone.

While police were still at the home, Roxanne Murphy returned. She told the officers that she did not supply the children with alcohol and “that all of her children are liars and that they tend to make up stories”. When questioned about giving her children the choice to drink or take her Trazodone, Ms. Bitch demanded an attorney. Um, yeah, nothing screams innocence like demanding an attorney in the face of so much evidence!

The children were taken into protective custody by York County Children and Youth Services and transported to a hospital for further evaluation. The twelve year old girl’s ribs were broken from her father’s assault and she had a BAC of .063. Her nine year old sister had a BAC of .087 percent; while the sixteen year old girl had a BAC of .073 percent; and the fourteen year old boy had a BAC of .049 percent. The legal limit for driving in Pennsylvania for an adult is .08 percent. Bear in mind that this was hours after they were found and taken to the hospital – those BAC’s had actually started to go down at that point.

In further interviews even more ugly truth was revealed: The children recounted close to constant beatings at the hands of both parents, and more than one sibling told police that James Murphy would kick them. At one point, one of the siblings was beaten for not properly caring for the fifty snakes in the home. (I do not even want to know what that entails…) One sibling recounted being locked in his room for six months, unable to attend school or even use the bathroom. He stated that his parents gave him a bucket to use for the bathroom.

It would also seem that James Murphy had quite the child porn stash. (Like the sex toy pic allegation hadn’t piqued the interest of police? Evidently it didn’t because nobody went for a warrant until after the later interviews. Not to mention, all charges were originally against Roxanne Murphy – they were dropped pending further investigation once the YCCY interviews took place. Way to go Springettsbury Township Police Department!) When they finally did get a warrant they seized videos, a plethora of sex toys, and images of children under the age of 17 engaging in sex acts.

The interviews also revealed some alarming information – one sibling told officers that James Murphy instructed him to “lube it up” and stick it between his brother’s “butt cheeks” while the guy was passed out and another told police that his father had tried to burn off his penis with a hot knife. The sixteen year old girl told police that her father had a ‘fetish’ for child porn and all of the children reported to viewing child porn on their father’s computer.

James Murphy also had a thing about torturing animals – One sibling recounted their father torturing a pet rabbit by shooting it repeatedly with a BB gun over a two-hour period, then shooting it the next morning with an arrow, according to charging documents, which state the father cooked the rabbit and made his children eat it. How’s that for sadistic? (There were rumors that the Murphy’s killed the majority of the animals in their home before they were ultimately arrested but it would seem friends of the family rescued them and are still trying to find homes for them all.)

The fourteen year old boy told authorities that from 2008 to 2012 the family had moved from Baltimore to West Virginia to Maryland and then to Pennsylvania. He told police that every time he tried to bring their abuse to someone’s attention, the family would move. They had just moved to Pennsylvania from Maryland a mere nine months before the drinking incident. He also stated that his father had threatened to kill him if he ever told anyone what was going on in the home. (What the fuck kind of job did James Murphy have that they could afford to move almost constantly? I have to move three towns over in June 2014 and I’m already trying to figure out my budget! Where the hell do people like this get the cash to drop it all and move on a whim?)

Interestingly, it would seem that there is yet another child in this mix – an adult, married with children, in another state, who had never even met his younger siblings. The oldest child of Roxanne Murphy from a previous relationship, the son was reunited with his siblings following their rescue from the Murphy home. The nineteen year old, as an adult, moved in with a friend while the rest of the minor children remain in foster care where they are receiving the appropriate therapies in order to deal with what happened to them – they have a long road ahead.

James Murphy was ultimately charged with twenty-seven criminal counts, including endangering the welfare of a child, child pornography, furnishing alcohol to minors, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint of a minor and simple assault. Roxanne was charged with thirteen counts, including endangering the welfare of a child, attempted simple assault and unlawful restraint of a minor. Bail for each was set at $250,000. These dirtbags are expected before a judge July 26 to face their charges.

I wish I could say that both of these losers were going to end up with long periods of jail time but Pennsylvania is not known for being hard on child abusers. During the Sandusky case in 2012 journalist Sara Ganim of The Patriot-News revealed some disturbing facts regarding the state and its record of protecting those who abuse children. The majority of child abuse laws in the state have not been changed since the 1970’s. For years the state gave up federal money because it was the only state in the country that was not in compliance with the federal child abuse laws. It was the last state to allow child victims to testify against their abusers through video and it remains the only state that doesn’t allow experts to testify regarding victim behaviors such as not telling about the abuse right away.

Child abuse itself is defined in the state that you could kick or hit a child you don’t even know, be convicted in court and still not be listed in the abuse registry for the state. Disturbingly, Pennsylvania does not have any state training for mandated reporters either. What is wrong with this picture??

While Sandusky WAS convicted and sent to prison there’s still a chance that these wretched excuses for human beings – never mind parents – could actually get off with a light sentence in the long run. Here’s hoping that the judge throws every book he has at them.

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  1. bulldoggy says:

    Good job, Mia. Keep up posted about their trial, ok?

    • MsM says:

      Definitely Bulldoggy!!!

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Msm, you are a dark horse, im impressed. Especially love the swearing, nice touch, for me anyway. Now Msm do me a favour? Look up and research mick and mairead philpot and do a write up about them, including lots of bad language please? Mind you after you read about this turd, you won’t need me to tell you to swear. If you could agree to this one request the puss will not swear again. Well on hellbeasts anyway.

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    I seem to be losing the will to get angry anymore. The laws need to change otherwise we just all should deal with justice ourselves. Im Fucking sick of reading about children being failed by the people who should be protecting them. Only to be let down by a goverment that isn’t worth a the money it gets paid by the taxpayers. It can only change if we do something about it. How the fuck can children not go to school for years and nobody say anything about it? Surely to god, that child’s absence should’ve raised serious questions, but no one gave a flying fuck. No wonder i keep reading these stories and am losing the will to live. My country at the moment is fucked, the europeon courts of human shite, has just ruled that its wrong to keep a murdering cunt in jail until he dies. But it gets better, the murdering pieces of shit, have a right to a family life. I know your thinking, shes making this up? Sorry its true, apparently serial killers and the worst scumbag’s of this country, have got the right to a family life, and its cruel to keep them locked up for life. I’d say to those arseole judges in strasbourg “well let them come live with you, when they get out because of your stoopid insane ruling” people go on about america, but at least you don’t have a bunch of twats in another country telling you not to lock murderers up for life cos its wrong. Anyway i’ve decided to stop paying council tax, and vote someone who will get us out of this shite that were in.

    • wickedgran says:

      I read about the European court ruling and that’s totally screwy. I don’t understand why Britain has to do what they say. Does Britain get to have say over other country’s justice system in return? Serial killers and such should never see the light of day — they gave up their rights when they killed.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Thats the best bit wicked gran, we couldn’t tell another country how to treat their scumbag’s they’d laugh at us. When cunts that go round killing ppl they lose their freedom simple. They deprived their victims a right to family life, so why should they have a right.

        • 2cute says:

          Bengalpuss that’s just totally f*@ked up. How the hell did European courts get any say in British court decisions? So now do all the victims’ families have to show up at probation hearings for these serial killers? It’s wrong, so totally wrong.

          • Bengalpuss says:

            Tell me about it 2cute. Basically the courts of human shite’s have stuck their noses in it again. We’ve just got rid of a terrorist called Abu qutada from saudi, who Fucking hated us preached evil on the streets, and this cunt and his lawyers fought for 8 Fucking years against deportation. We finally got rid of the cunt 4 days ago. Now his wife and kids not born in this country are getting benefits and laughing at us. So the ppl that live in that area, have all refused to pay council tax, good nor them. And now the court of human shite’s have done it again. Its wrong to keep a murdering scumbag cunt that murdered 5 members of his family, 2 of them were his sisters twin 6yr old sons, his sister and mother and father who adopted him as a baby, and he killed them all to get the inheritance early, but his spending spree straight away put him as the no 1 suspect and it turned out it was him, he and two other vile murdering twats took a case to the court of human shite saying a whole life tariff was cruel. They Fucking won with the knob head judges saying “they have a right to a family life, and its cruel to keep these men locked up until they die” If i had my way, these bastards would be dead already. This country is fucked 2cute. We buried Lee rigby today, the royal fusilier who was hacked to death in the middle of london by an illeagle immigrant and another man who’s family are illeagle immigrants. This is whats happening to my country, and ppl are starting to get pissed off now. Next they’ll be sayins its ok to kill someone, and you won’t go to jail, because you need to be with your family. Make britain like harris county in texas, yay!!

          • Bengalpuss says:

            Oh and 2cute, it cost the british tax payer £2 million to get rid of the saudi terrorist from britain. And he was wanted for terror charges in his own country, what does that speak to other terrorist cunts, go to england, them silly cunts will keep you safe, and pay for everything, and don’t forget to take your whole extended family with you, because they’ll pay for them as well. Slack Fucking british arseole goverment, who have just been given an 11 thousand pay increase, no bullshit, look on the web.

    • Alice says:

      My name is well i can’t tell but right now i am the the 9 year old how lived in this house and some is true.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Oh and no wonder the kids were starving, fat arse roxanne looks like she ate all the Fucking pies, weeble wobble she is.

    • 2cute says:

      Bengalpuss she ate all the pies and the cakes and the pizzas and the burgers too. I am surprised she shared the booze with the kids. She doesn’t look like the sort who shared anything.

    • Alice says:

      You should not say that and yes we were okay but not all the time.

  4. 2cute says:

    I forgot to say thank you Mia for the story. If these two f*@kwads aren’t the worst parents they’re sure in the running for second place.

  5. Jamaica says:

    This story is simply…..indescribable……

    When I first came across this article, I knew that when I saw these two people on a website such as this, that they had committed some horrible act of violence or cruelty on an animal or another human being……but no.

    As if things couldn’t get much worse than that, these two people were PARENTS. And the people who were subject to their cruelty and unscrupulosity were their own CHILDREN. And not only did they do this to their children, but they have also abused animals. And they deliberately did such things in such a shameless manner, too.

    In all my years of life on this Earth, I have read many numerous stories of victims who were subject to incest, physical and emotional abuse, but I have never quite heard of a story such as this one. Most of the stories you hear about involving incest or sexual abuse in the family is mainly voluntarily done by the father, as men are the predominate gender in the overwhelming statistic of physical and/or parental abuse. But this story is remarkable in that not only is the mother involved, she’s pretty much shown to be just as culpable and just as sadistic as her husband. This pretty much destroys the stigma that only men are capable of such callous acts. Not that women haven’t been committing unethical acts of violence, but this is just remarkable in many ways. These reasons alone make it very understandable to me why they are considered not only ‘the worst parents in America’ but also probably one of the most despicable, disgusting parents that have ever walked the face of the Earth.

    I seriously hope, and with great pleasure and desire for justice, that these two monstrous beings are either given the life or death sentence, and if not so, condemned to spend at least 25-30 years imprisonment. They DO NOT, by any stretch of the imagination deserve any leniency, much less a chance at a life (whether figuratively or literally) for what they did, in spite of the fact that no one or animal was killed. What makes it worse than murder is having these children live with such horror. That alone should more than qualify them for harsh punishment.

    • MsM says:

      You’re right Jamacia – that’s why I felt it warranted a story. These two are evil straight across the board!!!!

  6. Moody Magic says:

    These 2 are some disgusting Mo Foes and boy are the motherfuckers fat and ugly. Burn in hell they need to.

    • MsM says:

      Yeah Moody, they certainly top the list of “Most Likely To End Up In Bengal’s Basement”!!!!

    • 2cute says:

      Haha moodymagic said some bad words! I think mebbe the commenters on this site are a bad influence on her. But at least she calls a mofo a mofo. That’s what these bastards are.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        2Cute it looks like moodymagic has picked up the Bengalpuss’s lack of vocabulary “swearing” I love it he he

  7. Lynda says:

    Their ugliness from the inside has obviously seeped to the outside.

  8. McFeedback says:

    The Feds should require Pennsylvania to have “The Diddler State” as the motto on their license plates until they change their perv-friendly laws…

  9. Sue says:

    Simply amazing how low some people can sink and still live with themselves. Sounds like a true hell. Some people really do need to be sterilised.

  10. Dawn says:

    How do we, the people, stop these horrific crimes against innocent children/ Obviously there isn’t ANY GOVERNMENT, FEDERAL, STATE, OR OTHERWISE ON THE PLANET DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS GLOBAL ABUSE!The world population HAS TO STAND UP for our innocent ones, as, alas, they cannot. What is wrong with this picture, folks? Where has the compassion and guidance and values of the people of earth gone? These children are OUR FUTURE. Don’t think they won’t be angry when they are all grown up and we are all old and dependent on them. Payback is a bitch. I just hope they are more merciful than we have been. This shit has to stop. Peace

  11. Stephanie says:

    Even that fat whale got a man!!!!! Disgusting.

  12. Matthew says:

    UPDATE: http://archive.ydr.com/local/ci_25654795/springettsbury-parents-enter-welfare-endangerment-pleas Bit of a joke 11-23 months for Roxanne and 22-48 months for James

  13. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The World should be a Lot Nicer Place Indeed

  14. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Child Abuse is Evil

  15. Bengalpuss says:

    Absolutely disgusting, why bother prosecuting those two fat fuck’s in the first place if they are gonna be given sentences like that, its a joke and an insult. I have to say that british sentences are pathetic but they would’ve got a longer sentence in britain. I’m suprised all the nonce’s haven’t fled to that place to commit sex crimes, because lets face it if they get caught they will only get a slapped wrist. Smh i’m lost for words.

  16. Jamie Murphy says:

    THis Is one of the kids from this and you guys need to stop just saying

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