James Alfred Cooper

James Cooper from 1993

James Cooper, 1993

Crimes: Pedophile, rape, torture, child abuse, assault

James Alfred Cooper, an evil bastard who was once considered Canada’s worst pedophile, is out of prison. James Alfred Cooper, who beat, raped and tortured 6 children, is out of prison. James Alfred Cooper, whom experts agree hasn’t changed one iota, is out of prison. I want to know why.

In 1993 Justice Nick Borkovich sentenced James Alfred Cooper to 30 years in prison. “You are a low-down, mean, despicable, evil manifestation of a human being that preys on little children,” Justice Borkovich said at the time. I don’t think the good judge liked James Alfred Cooper all that much.

Actually, not many people do like him. And who would? James Alfred Cooper has been convicted of 5 counts of gross indecency, 3 counts of indecent assault on a female, 2 counts of assault causing bodily harm, rape, buggery, sexual assault, and sexual intercourse on a female under age 14.

The children James Alfred Cooper targeted as his victims were his own stepchildren and a neighbour’s child.

James Alfred Cooper raped, abused and molested those children over a span of 16 years. They are all adults now, and deserve admiration for surviving their horrific experiences. They survived not only being sexually abused but also physically abused with a cattle prod, buggy whip, cat-o-nine-tails, belts, sticks and a cow halter.

Back in the 1960s, when James Alfred Cooper met his future wife she was already divorced. She also had custody of 3 small children. He was a successful realtor in Hamilton. He made good money and seemed fond of the children. The couple married in 1967 and moved into a nice house. The children were legally adopted by their new stepfather.

At first James Alfred Cooper was physically abusive. He demanded the children do their chores and used a belt on their bare bottoms if they didn’t meet his standards. Those standards included picking lint off the carpet so he wouldn’t have his TV shows interrupted by the vacuum cleaner.

James Alfred Cooper punched one girl for wetting her bed, once so hard he knocked her unconscious, and he made her sleep in the cold, dark root cellar.

It wasn’t long before James Alfred Cooper demanded oral sex from the 2 girls. Eventually he demanded sexual intercourse. He had a gun collection and they were understandably terrified of him.

The children’s mother eventually divorced James Alfred Cooper and moved to BC. When she learned that he was involved with a divorced mother of 3 from England, she warned the woman, Barbara, that he was a pedophile.

I don’t know why Barbara didn’t listen — probably because James Alfred Cooper was being charming and loving to her at the time. Maybe it was because she was pregnant with his child. She wound up marrying the pedo bastard and her 2 daughters and 1 son paid the price.

James Alfred Cooper isolated the children and wouldn’t let them have any contact with their real father. And then he began to physically abuse them. It wasn’t long before he began to sexually abuse them, including the boy.

James Alfred Cooper’s treatment of the boy was the stuff of nightmares. He routinely punched him, whipped, him, tied him naked to the bed and hit him with a belt. He sodomized the boy and raped him with a cattle prod.

The boy, at age 10, managed to escape to his father’s home in Hamilton, never to return to his stepfather’s house. The Children’s Aid Society was contacted by his dad because the boy had obviously been physically and sexually abused, but no charges were laid against the pedo perv James Alfred Cooper.

Why the hell not? I just don’t understand.

The 2 girls remained in the Cooper home, and were constantly subjected to degrading and horrific physical and sexual abuse. Not only that but one of their friends — a young girl in the neighbourhood — was also raped by the pedo hellbeast.

When the girls were 15 and 12 they were sent by Barbara to live with their grandparents in England. That was the only overt move the woman made to save her daughters from the horrible abuse. She did not opt to turn her husband’s flabby ass in to the authorities. Pathetic.

The girls stayed only 3 months in England and then made their own way to their father’s home in Hamilton. They hadn’t seen the man for 4 years. They were also reunited with their brother.

When James Alfred Cooper was charged with the rape of the neighbour girl, the girls agreed to testify. I’m sure they were relieved that the evil pedo bastard was finally going to get a taste of justice. But it wasn’t to be.

Barbara, their own mother, actually wrote a letter to the girls “to ask you to reconsider testifying against Jim.” WTF?

“What is past is gone and putting Jim in jail will only serve to disgrace (your siblings) and myself,” the woman wrote. “I truly hope you will reconsider and save yourselves the agony and the embarrassment and in turn save (your siblings) the shame that you are putting them and me through.”

Holy hell! Their own mother guilt-tripped them out of testifying! The charges against James Alfred Cooper were dropped.

Still, the girls didn’t keep quiet about the abuses they’d been subjected to. They told school officials and social workers. Nothing happened.

It wasn’t until the youngest daughter was 16 and confided in her brother that she had been raped that something happened. Her brother told their dad, and he in turn contacted the police and Children’s Aid Society.

Finally, finally, in November 1987 James Alfred Cooper was arrested.

But then he was given bail. And then someone at the police station mistakenly handed him his passport. The evil pedophile immediately left the country and headed to England.

Not surprisingly James Alfred Cooper found a new girlfriend in England. She had a 14-year-old granddaughter. Hmmmm.

The pedo hellbeast bought a furniture store and a couple of houses and was living a very nice life indeed in England. Until the youngest stepdaughter put a stop to it.

The girl, now 19, flew to England on a personal mission. She tracked down the monster herself, and then alerted the police as to his whereabouts. Kudos to her! She is awesome!

James Alfred Cooper was arrested and extradited to Canada in 1992. He faced trial in 1993.

All of the victims testified against their abuser. They are such extraordinarily strong people!

The monster accused them all of lying. Riiight.

The prosecutor Toni Skarica said, “He was pure evil. It’s like he had no feeling at all. No conscience. He is so out there, the normal rules of behaviour don’t apply. I hated him. I could see the jury hated him.”

In May 1993 the jury found the evil bastard guilty of 16 counts of gross indecency, sexual intercourse with a child under 14, assault causing bodily harm, unlawful confinement, illicit sexual intercourse and buggery.

Incredibly, another 64 charges were dropped.

Justice Nick Borkovich sentenced James Alfred Cooper to 30 years in prison. Yay! But then the Ontario Court of Appeal reduced that to 21 years, despite calling the case “one of the worst, if not the worst, cases of sexual and physical abuse of children to come before this court.”

WTF? How the hell did this evil pedo perv deserve a break like that? I just do not understand.

James Alfred Cooper was first released from prison in 2008 but he kept breaching the conditions of his release, including having an unreported relationship, being around children, groping a woman and leaving Canada. He was sent back to prison in 2012.

The Parole Board of Canada had said at the time they revoked his release, “Your lack of victim empathy is noteworthy.” I understood that he wasn’t to be released until his sentence expired on January 5, 2015. I was wrong.

James Alfred Cooper is still one helluva monstrous pedo bastard despite being an old guy. He’s 78 now but he’s still dangerous. He’s considered by the Parole Board of Canada a “moderate high risk” to reoffend.

“Despite his advanced age, Mr. Cooper is still focused on sexually related matters,” wrote one clinician before he was released from prison this last time.

James Alfred Cooper has been assessed as having traits associated with a psychopathic personality.

And now he’s out yet again, with conditions of course. He has to stay away from alcohol. He has to stay away from his victims. He has to have psychiatric treatment. He has to take medications to reduce his sex drive. He has to report all relationships with women. He cannot be alone with female children. (I guess he can be alone with boys despite the fact he repeatedly raped his stepson!)

If anyone spots this evil POS pedo violating any of those conditions, please contact the police right away!

James Alfred Cooper is surprisingly an optimistic sort of hellbeast. “I can be a good citizen,” he said. “I just want to spend the rest of my life being quiet and being careful.” Riiiight. Careful not to get caught, probably.

“I like to think there is some hope for me to get into heaven one day,” the hellbeast said. I personally have doubts about that.

Tragically, his victims still have to deal day to day with the effects of the horrific tortures and rapes and abuses James Alfred Cooper subjected them to. I wish them all the very best.

And I hope and pray there will be no other victims of James Alfred Cooper. Long may he rot in hell.

(BTW, if anyone can find a recent photo of this pervert, I’d appreciate being able to post it. How can people watch out for him if they don’t know what he looks like?)

James CooperUPDATE
Thanks to reader Danielle we now have a recent photo. Keep an eye out for him, people! Don’t let him near any children!

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22 Responses to James Alfred Cooper

  1. awesomeblossom says:

    How the hell did Mr No Neck Blubber Belly Pedo Perv manage to find women to marry him? Just how frigging desperate were they? Did they have 2 teeth and 1 eye and butt hair and a zit infestation that they couldn’t find a decent man?

    • Nicole says:

      This was my thought. How the hell did this fat bastard get ANYONE to have sex with him, let alone marry him and have sex more than once with him-blech. That being said, these mothers should be named, shamed, and publicly vilified for their willful neglect and failure to protect their own kids from this sick fuck. He wouldn’t have made it out of my house alive if those had been my kids.

      • Sileese says:

        I live near the first wife of his who had 3 kids from a previous marriage. He adopted these kids and proceeded to beat, abuse and rape them. The wife also had a son by this pedo and this son is in prison as a Dangerous Offender in BC for breaking & entering and raping women at knifepoint while their children slept in the next room. I can’t understand how this woman stayed with this creep while he abused her kids and you can’t tell me she didn’t know. She witnessed him beating her little children until they were hospitalized so she knew what was going on. She stayed because he made “good money”. She only left him when he started beating her.

  2. moodymagic says:

    This is one POS who should be behind bars rotting. The woman that this man got are questionable as well. Barbara not wanting her own daughters to testify. I am so glad the girls did not listen. I wish them nothing but the best. Babs yo dont deserve them either.

  3. Nicole says:

    This monster is disgusting and I am appalled yet again at the Canadian justice system.

    That being said, I just want to say that I understand your hatred and your vitriol, and this fucking beast doesn’t deserve an ounce of empathy or pity. But the man who raped me when I was six was a handsome guy. The man who saved me from him looked a lot like this – and I’d hate to think anyone would call my hero fat or disgusting. I realize that this fuck deserves everything bad that comes his way, and I wish him ALL of it.

  4. Nicole says:

    Also, god damn that is a strong woman to fly overseas and pursue him like that. I hope they’re all living happy lives now.

  5. Amelie says:

    I have been lurking for a while. I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual assault. I find myself morbidly fixated to these stories of scum that do not deserve to be called human. I feel great empathy for all the strong victims in all of the situations. I am constantly horrified by the sentences these scum receive in the so called justice system. SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE. How can we make these judges actually realize the impact these perverts have on innocent children. I

    am in Australia and the legal system is no better. Pedephiles walk away fate

  6. MsM says:

    I’m surprised he survived prison – pedos are usually the first to get shanked!

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Msm, i,d be the 1,st in the queue to shank this bastard. A nd the mother trying to get those kidds to keep quiet, is full of shit imo.

      • MsM says:

        I agree wholeheartedly Bengal!! Drives me crazy – family members who refuse to see their perverted spouse for what they really are are just as guilty as the pervert himself!!!

  7. Lexi R says:

    Just an update, 2 months after he was released, he was arrested again and is back in jail. No details why he was arrested though.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Like i’ve always said “you can’t change a nonces behavior” once a sick twisted rock spider, always a rock spider. Kill all nonces, that’s what i think.

  8. Unknown says:

    Just to add to some of this….Jim was the type of person who everyone believed was kind, thoughtful, caring, such a wonderful person. Nobody knew he was a stalker, a pedophile. How do I know….I was one of his victims that still has been unheard but has dealt with a lot my entire life. To the people who have been affected by him, please know….I love you all and wish nothing but the best for all of you. I wish I could talk to you all but know how difficult it is. I have issues myself and until I had someone attempt to rape me, I only recalled the physical abuse…then the dreams started. I will never forget the way you all tried to protect me and from the bottom of my heart, thank you. This man deceived many people in the past. People can be easily manipulated and he was a master of it.

    • Unknown2 says:

      Unknown…I too am one of the survivors…kudos to you that u are able to talk about it..especially if u didn’t get the closure that a lot of us did..I hope u are doing ok and this has just made you all that much stronger. That which does not kill us only make us stronger!! Cooper has left a trail of destruction behind him and I’m sure there are many survivors such as yourself that didn’t have the chance to confront him. I wish we could gather them all together and put him away forever! Stay strong my thought are with you!! Hugs

  9. BENGALPUSS says:

    Unknown, i have had tears in my eyes reading your comment, because your not unknown your a survivor, and my heart goes out to you, for what this disgusting pig has done to you. I truly hope you find peace in your life and some happiness, and maybe one day find the strength to get justice for what this evil person put you through, either way you are an amazing person to still be here and survived with all you suffered. I wish you well in your future, and thank you for sharing your story, you are a hero.

  10. David says:

    Hey Cleo,

    For what its worth, this shitstain is back in prison again, but not for long….seems he hasn’t changed a bit and has been in and out multiple times >.< Bless our (Canada's) justice system……



  11. bengalpuss says:

    once a nonce, always a nonce, should be euthanized, do the planet a favour, sick bastard.

  12. Unknown2 says:

    Cleo… Where did u get your info? A lot of this want even in court documents…it’s a little disconcerting….

  13. Debby says:

    Just want to update this complete waste of life was spotted at Walmart at Mavis & Matheson (Mississauga, ON). He was following a woman and her child. She contacted police but they said they cannot do anything until he does something…SMH

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