Jacksonville Jane Doe 95-7000

Jane Doe Sketch

Police in Jacksonville, North Carolina, have an unidentified body on their hands. They call her Jane Doe 95-7000.

On December 6, 1995, skeletal remains were found by a surveyor working in a wooded area next to Marine Boulevard, US Highway 17. Authorities determined that the unidentified remains were that of a white woman aged approximately between 32 and 38. She stood between 5’5″ and 5’8″ tall.

Authorities speculate that this woman had reddish-brown hair based upon one strand of hair they found near the skeleton.

The woman had a bifurcated rib — that’s a rib that has split into two on the end that attaches to the breastbone. This anomaly was present on her right 5th rib, and was something she was born with.

The bifurcated rib might have, just maybe, led to some limitations — respiratory problems, neurological difficulties, maybe even lack of energy due to the stress on her body to compensate for the difficulties. Or maybe she had no difficulties at all.

This unidentified woman did spend a lot on her dental work — fillings, extractions and a crown. Her front teeth protruded a bit. Her right front tooth slanted slightly in front of the left front tooth, and was shorter than the left front tooth. Safe to say she never had braces as a kid.

Jane DoeI found the skull to be noticeably asymmetrical. That doesn’t mean she was unattractive (I consider the previous versions of forensic facial reconstruction needlessly homely).

I personally think this gal liked to make herself as attractive as she could. She was found with gold hoop earrings, an 18k gold chain necklace and 2 gold bangle bracelets.

The Jacksonville Jane Doe 95-7000 was also found with black Lee jeans, black panties, a black bra, a yellow short-sleeved shirt with shoulder pads, a red shirt with shoulder pads, and a fragment of a red long-sleeved sweatshirt. The one shoe they found was a white, size 9, Nike tennis shoe. She also had a black Casio watch.

With her gold jewelry and her black, red and yellow wardrobe, I think this woman was a pretty snappy dresser. Not overtly sexy, just colourful, and fairly practical.

Jane DoePolice also found 2 New York Transit Authority tokens, broken glasses, coins and 2 keys with a partially burned key tag. One of the keys was found to belong to a hotel in the area. Nothing was recorded as being left behind in the room at the time authorities figured she died. As well nobody was registered to that hotel room either at the time she probably died.

The poor woman was discovered in 1995 but was probably dead for 2 summers. There were no marks on her skeleton to indicate homicide but what are the odds a youngish woman would wind up dead, in a field, of natural causes — especially if she had a hotel room to stay in?

Police thought maybe Jane Doe 95-7000 was a sex trade worker. They checked the known sex trade workers in the area and none were missing.

Because of the transit tokens, Jacksonville police requested the State of New York include the forensic sketch of the unidentified woman in its tax booklets. That sadly turned up zilch.

Crime Stoppers of Onslow County is offering a reward of up to $2,500 for any information leading to the identification of Jane Doe 95-7000.

Aside from the reward, I think it would be just awesome if she were finally reunited with her loved ones. I can’t imagine what her family has been going through, wondering and wondering year after year what became of their girl.

Jane Doe 95-7000To that end, I have done what I truly like to do. I have put a face to Jane Doe 95-7000. Hopefully it will result in someone recognizing her. And this is my version of the unfortunate woman. Naturally I guessed at her eye colour. I went with the reddish-brown hair. I also showed her protruding front teeth.

I chose to add a bit of makeup because I think someone who wore gold jewelry would tend to use makeup.

So if you have any information, kindly contact the Jacksonville Police Department at 910-455-1472 or 910-455-4000.

You may also contact Crime Stoppers at 910-938-3273.

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10 Responses to Jacksonville Jane Doe 95-7000

  1. 2cute says:

    I sure hope this Jane Doe didn’t have children. It’s so tragic when kids have to grow up without their mom and it’s worse when mom disappears. I hope she’s identified soon. Cleo, you’ve made her look very friendly. Good job.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Cleo another great job on this face as well. I do wonder though about the thought of her being a sex trade worker. The cloths don’t strike me as a worker and definitely not the shoes. I do hope they find out who she is. She deserves peace and so does her family

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Poor woman!!!!

  4. FlyingLeadChange says:

    I suspect the motive for her death was personal, as it would be strange for a robber or a john to leave expensive jewellery after they’ve taken the time to relocate the body to a wooded area.

    A strange man with no connection to the case could, without scrutiny, resell them to any of the gold buyers or pawnshops in any town. A man whose wife/girlfriend had gone missing would draw a lot of attention and risk if seen offloading jewellery shortly afterwards.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Good thinking, flyingleadchange. I agree that the killer leaving the jewellery behind was a clue that she knew him personally, and people knew he knew her. I think cleo did a great job with the face. She looks like a real person.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    She resembles a waitress I know but she is alive so it isn’t her. Kinda hard to tell her I saw someone who looks like her on a site called Hellbeasts. She would get the wrong idea I think.

  6. pj says:

    The police versions make her look like a criminal. The top one even looks like a man. No wonder she hasn’t been identified. I hope someone comes forward now. She needs to go back to her family.

  7. Suzy Sears says:

    Great job with this one! One thing to note I live in N.C it’s blazing hot in summer. If this lady was found wearing two shirts part of a third an long jeans, she didn’t get killed in summer! Also since she still had her jewelry I’d guess it wasn’t robbery. Either she pissed off the wrong person or they freaked out when she actually died and just dumped her. Idiots and assholes abound around here,good luck with this lady

  8. Dominique H. says:

    I don´t know who was already ruled out, but she really looks like Stacy Mc Call from Missouri. Even though it´s distant to Jacksonville.But I think there are some congruences: Height 5,3 missing since 1992. (Sorry for my broken english)

  9. riley says:

    why didn’t they interview everyone who had checked into that hotel room around the suspected time of her death? i feel like she could be very easily identified that way

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