Irina Gaidamachuk

Hellbeast Irina Gaidamachuk
Crime: Serial Killer

It took her over 8 years, but Irina Gaidamachuk of Russia managed to supplement her income with around $2,000. She needed the money because she liked vodka. Her hubby Yury was being a hard ass and was refusing to hand over his money for her booze. As commendable as it was for Irina Gaidamachuk to bring more money into the household, you gotta know since this site is about hellbeasts that she didn’t do it by selling cupcakes or washing cars. Oh no, Irina the monster Gaidamachuk pocketed the extra cash by bludgeoning old ladies to death and robbing them of the spare change in their purses.

I gotta say Irina the hell bitch Gaidamachuk was a lousy thief. I mean she only managed to gather $2000 over 8 whole years. But she sure as hell was a great killer. The final tally of murdered elderly women was 17. Seventeen! Some of them were murdered for as little as $40.

The youngest victim was 61 and the oldest was 89. The murders began in 2002 in the Sverdlovsk region. Everyone in the area was living in fear of this vicious killer. I’m sure every elderly widow was terrified of every knock at the door, of every bump in the night.

Naturally there was a good deal of investigation as the number of murdered grannies grew over the years. In 2005 a formal investigation by Russian Investigative Committee began and continued for 5 years until its rightful conclusion and Irina the beast’s arrest.

At the beginning of the investigation, the detectives and police had unfortunately drawn the wrong conclusion that the killer was a man. Only a man, they thought, could smash in the skulls of little old ladies so ruthlessly using a hammer and an axe.

A police source said, “We believed at first that only a man could be so cruel as to slaughter in this way.” They hadn’t met Irina the hellbeast yet.

Police sketch, Irina GaidamachukEventually the police started thinking the killer was a man dressed as a woman. Wrong again! And unhappily such thinking made it harder to catch the monstrous murderer.

Only one old lady escaped death at the hands of Irina Gaidamachuk, and she was able to provide police with the vital clue that the granny killer was indeed a woman.

In the course of their investigation, the police questioned more than 3000 people. They also unhappily arrested the wrong woman, Irina Valeyeva after extracting a confession from her.

I gotta wonder just what the interrogation was like to force a confession out of that unfortunate, innocent person. I’m thinking it was brutal.

Irina the hell bitch Gaidamachuk, after years of murdering old ladies, got sloppy. Or lazy. Or maybe she just got overconfident. Instead of targeting victims she didn’t know, Irina the monster began attacking people who actually knew her.

She approached her last victim, 81-year-old Alexandra Povaritsyna, with an offer to do work on her apartment, painting and decorating and such. After bludgeoning the poor old lady to death, Irina was seen by neighbours who gave her description to police.

Irina Gaidamachuk, serial killerIn June 2010, Irina the granny killer Gaidamachuk was finally arrested. It came as a surprise to everyone who knew her. She was an ordinary 40-year-old mom who did ordinary things, they thought. Nobody knew her for the heartless, soulless creature she really was.

One of Irina’s friends said, “I simply cannot believe Irina is a mass murderer. She was a kind and gentle mother, always eager to help.”

Irina’s own husband said of the mother of his 2 children, “‘I lived with her for 14 years but never suspected anything.”

The reason for her murder spree, Irina Gaidamachuk confessed to police: “I did it for money. I just wanted to be a normal mom, but I had a craving for drink.”

In fact, Irina the alcoholic hell bitch confessed all to police. She told them how she targeted lonely old women. She’d watch them to find out when they left home, where they went, and if they had any visitors.

Once Irina was comfortable with her choice of victim, she’d knock on the door and typically introduce herself as a social worker. The old lady would see a friendly, nicely dressed woman at the door and she’d invite her in. Once the door was closed, Irina the monster would bring out her hammer or her axe and proceed to smash in the trusting woman’s skull. And then Irina would get down to business and search for money.

Sometimes Irina POS Gaidamachuk would cover her tracks by setting fires. Very luckily vigilant neighbours prevented the fires from turning into infernos.

The criminal case against the granny killing Gaidamachuk included 436 charges. Psychiatric testing determined she was mentally competent to stand trial, and sane when she murdered and robbed those poor old ladies.

When Irina Gaidamachuk finally went to trial in January, 2012, the press had dubbed her ‘Satan in a Skirt’. That was, I think, singularly apt.

And how did the Russian court deal with Satan in a Skirt? This was, after all, a prolific and unrepentant serial killer who targeted the vulnerable and weak.

It surprised me that 41-year-old Irina Gaidamachuk was sentenced to only 20 years. Apparently the judge dropped 5 years off the sentence because she is a mother. Excuse me but WTF? Seventeen people are dead and their killer gets 20 years. That’s just over a year for each victim. That’s justice?

BTW, she will also have to pay 30,000 rubles ($870) legal expenses.

Hellbeast Irina Gaidamachuk in courtIrina Gaidamachuk, the evil bitch, will be all of 61 when she gets out of prison. I truly hope she never sees the day she gets out. I truly hope she suffers and dies in her jail cell.

Irina Gaidamachuk’s lawyer Suren Sarkisyan has vowed to appeal the sentence, insisting that his client be shown greater leniency. Again, WTF? On what grounds does this monster deserve leniency? She’s already been shown too much leniency because she gave birth.

Irina’s husband has moved on and has begun a new life with someone new. I hope Irina’s daughters can move on too, and overcome the stigma of having a monster for a mother. I hope the families and friends of the victims can move on too, and find some solace that the killer will be confined for 20 years.

And finally I hope Irina Gaidamachuk rots in prison and then rots in hell.

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10 Responses to Irina Gaidamachuk

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    Twenty years is that a joke. I was expecting to get to the end of the article and read that she was sentenced to death. You can’t get anymore pre meditated than to stalk the victims, watch their routines, then pounce. Also one of the most vulnerable members in society, like children. Then to add insult to injury, they have the fucking cheek to appeal the sentence that she got. I tell you what cleo, i don’t know how you keep calm day in day out writing up these articles about these pieces of shit, you must get very very angry i would. These scumbag’s of society should be put to sleep. Once they kill, then they forfeit their rights to live amongst normal hardworking, productive members of society. They don’t even deserve prison because that costs money. Thats why im 100 percent for the death penalty. I wish my country brought it back (Britain) But no such luck, so we have to carry on reading stories about the Attrocities That these sick bastards commit. Maybe one day the politicians will bring it back.

  2. Therapy says:

    2000$ dollars in 8 years. what an idiot!

    and idk why u would call her a “great killer” . killing old defenseless women is pathetic.
    and the fact that she needs an AXE/HAMMER to the do the job is even worse.

    its obvious she probably enjoyed killing people because theres way easier ways to make a lot more money then 2000$ over 8 years.

    on the plus side. russian prisons are intense from the documentaries ive seen. so thats a good thing.

    • cleo says:

      By ‘great killer’ I meant prolific — she killed more people than any other woman in Russia. The fact that her victims were old and vulnerable is what made her so successful at murder. Her choice of weaponry was smart — it made the police assume she had to be a man. I do agree that she killed because she liked it — she probably thoroughly enjoyed it. The money she made was a pittance really and I doubt it was her true motive.

    • Eve says:

      I agree she killed for jollies. I wonder how she smashed in all those heads without getting covered with blood. Practice, I guess, makes perfect.

    • Hopeless Pedantic says:

      As per The Simpsons:
      “Five, six, seven, eight
      Homer’s crime is really great!
      ‘Great’ meaning ‘big or immense’;
      We use it in the pejorative sense!”

  3. Trace says:

    This serial killer wants leniency? For what? Does she think she deserves a bulk discount? Too bad she can’t be executed 17 times. I thought Russia had rougher justice than that.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      I agree with you 100 percent. It is a shame she can.t be executed 17 times. I had to laugh at the audacity me appealing the sentence for fuck sake doesn’t she realise what she’s done. Killing old women not men but women and robbing them of a pittance. It works out at just over £110 per victim. Just imagine if that last one had died. She’d probably still be killing them, but she didn.t, thank god. And a hammer and an axe, how barbaric. I hope she gets a life of hell in jail i really do.

  4. moodymagic says:

    I to was surprised at the sentence. I hope she suffers in a Russian prison.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Well male prison’s in russia are really bad and im not exaggerating, so im hoping, actually praying that the female prison’s are the same, its the least she deserves. Well she won’t be getting her beloved vodka anymore, so what she did was utterly pointless. My heart goes out to the family’s of the murdered women. And also my heart goes out to her husband and children, because if she wasn.t such a selfish murdering bastard, then her husband would still have his wife and the children their mother no body wins in this, and still there are victims suffering because she was a murdering, drinking, robbing selfish cunt. The ripple effect that her actions have caused are still having an effect on the family’s of all that bitch’s victims.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    I can understand why the detectives mistakenly thought that it was a man committing the murders, because it rare that you’ll hear of a female serial killer. But she murdered the most vulnerable members of society, our elderly. Murder is Horrendous At any time, but to kill an elderly person just for the few pounds in their purses, is diabolical. This bitch should never be released from prison, she’s a danger to society and always will be. Keep her locked up for the rest of her life, let her die in jail.

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