Igor Suprunyuk, Viktor Sayenko & Alexander Hanzha


I am pleased to post this article written by contributor Damon. He tackled a very difficult story. Please be warned — there are some awful, gruesome, disgusting photos with dead animals included.

Crimes: Serial murder, animal abuse, assault, torture, robbery, theft

In June – July 2007, 2 teens in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, Igor Suprunyuk and Viktor Sayenko, both 19, had committed a 15-day-long serial murdering rampage. There are so many unusual, bizarre and just fucked-up things about this case that I don’t even know where to start.

Igor, Viktor, and a third conspirator, Alexander Hanzha (he wasn’t involved in the murders, but did help with robberies and animal abuse), were all born to wealthy and influential upper-middle class families. Igor’s father was an aviator and his mother was a detective of the Investigative Committee, Viktor’s father and mother were both sharing the same job as metallurgical enterprise workers (if I can remember correctly), and Hanzha’s father was a lawyer who died of a stroke in 2005. I’m not sure what job his mother took up.

All three kids were born to rich and influential families who loved and spoiled them to death, no known dysfunction in a household environment and not much is known if any of them suffered bullying or other abuse, looked completely normal, had social lives and girlfriends, etc. But it wasn’t long until Igor wanted to do some pretty fucked-up shit.

He convinced his friend, Viktor to kill animals, as it would “make him stronger”. Igor had this fucked-up belief that as a warrior of God, you have to kill as much humans and animals on Earth to get more respect in the afterlife, and all your victims become your slaves in your eternal kingdom.

I heard the idea was from a book, and I believe it was called “Juliette” by the Marquis de Sade.

sayenko-deaddogI don’t know at what point this happened (likely after they got rid of their fear of heights by hovering and leaning above the ledge of their 13th story apartment building), but Igor also managed to use the “eradication of fears” excuse with Hanzha, as he was afraid of blood. So they hunted and captured stray dogs, hanged them from trees and cut open their stomachs, releasing their intestines.

Later, they moved on to stick-ups and robberies. As Igor was unemployed, he had used his green Daewoo Land (a vehicle that his parents bought him as a gift) as a taxi with taxi cab checker tape on the body. He lured people in, and he along with Alexander, would rob the unsuspecting strangers. Eventually this turned into something much more gruesome. They realized it was time to start killing people. Just about every event that occurred throughout their timeline was completely unorthodox and spontaneous.

suprunyuk-hammerThe monsters killed their first victim, Ekaterina Ilchenko, who was later discovered by her own mother as her body lay between two trees in broad daylight. The bereaved mother even said that around that time she planned on moving out of the city, but since then, she was never able to leave after the death of her daughter. She visits the gravestone in mourning and remembrance every day since.

The hell beasts then killed a drunken homeless man sleeping on a bench, and continued their vicious, sporadic murders for the next 15 days until one of them took a cell phone from a victim and sold it to a pawn shop. The police intercepted the signal as the pawnshop owner was demonstrating the features of the phone to a client, and they were lead to all three perpetrators. Igor was found walking the streets by a cop and arrested, Viktor was arrested while working as a security guard at his metallurgical college, and Hanzha, who was previously employed at a freight forwarding company, was caught at a house after he tried flushing the stolen cell phones down a bathroom toilet.

They were indicted on 21 counts of murder, plus robbery, plus animal abuse. In February 2009, Igor and Viktor received life sentences, while Hanzha received 18 years.

Another unusual thing about this case however, was that not only were they all found sane, but despite this, they recorded all of their murders with a cell phone camera, as if for amusement. The evidence reviewed in court of the videotaped murders was so disturbing that Igor’s father had ran out the courtroom in tears.

In fact, one of their videos had leaked to the internet in early December 2008 to theync.com. It then became infamously known as “3guys1hammer”. It shows one of their victims, 48 year old Sergei Yatzenko, being bludgeoned with a 5 pound sledge and stabbed in his abdomen and eye with a screwdriver over and over again after Igor had used to the hammer to hit him off his motor bike.

The hell beasts chose weak victims, such as elderly people, homeless people, people who are heavily intoxicated on alcohol, and even children, but yet claimed themselves to be “stronger”. Igor’s Social Darwinian, neo-Fascist views were rarely professed, but he did believe in them. It was like survival of the fittest to him.

Igor had committed some petty crimes with his crony, Viktor, such as robbing a homeless man after beating him and taking four hryvnia and personal pictures from him and throwing stones at passing train windows at train stations. Igor had once beaten a boy, stole his bike and tried to sell it to Viktor once, but they both got arrested, but were never charged, due to being underage.

Another interesting fact about this case I recently learned was back in 2002 when Igor was 14, he had severely beat a boy at school, and it was so bad that he had to be transferred to a different school. But that’s not even the interesting part, the story appeared on Segodnya on that same year, and it was also alleged by some students that he had even raped the kid! However, the school denied it and he was just transferred.

suprunyukIgor’s mother always defended him due to their tight bond. And as I previously stated, his parents were rich and he was very spoiled. He was described by classmates as aggressive and was generally not the good kind of character you would see for someone his age. Viktor was described by classmates as smart, but in the following years, became more secretive about things and wasn’t open to a lot of stuff when he talked to his other friends at school. In fact, Igor’s ex-girlfriend told investigators that he once boasted about getting to kill 40 people and make money for it. This sparked a possible motive of a foreign website owner who had offered him hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for snuff films. While the investigators found many stolen items in Igor’s room, including bloodied clothes, they seized his hard drive, but either found no evidence of it or never reported their findings.

3maniacsNo motive was ever established by any of the killers. The judge had eventually ruled out the motive as “Morbid self-affirmation”. Igor’s only known history with drugs was when he sniffed glue at 14 and had to be hospitalized. His only known medical condition was Gastritis, which was the reason he couldn’t join the military. Honestly, I have no idea about this particular case. It is the strangest, most fucked-up murder case I have ever read that happened under the strangest, most fucked-up circumstances.

And to make things even stranger, you have the arguments the lawyers used in court about some insane cover-up. It’s completely mind-blowing. You can read about the trial on the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs Wikipedia article. Some of these pictures were from the 2010 Chilean documentary “Los Maniacos del Martillo”. It gets pretty in-depth.

Just a note from Cleo: I hope and pray these three heartless and soulless creatures wind up buried underneath the prison. They deserve nothing better.

Photos courtesy of Viktortious.tumblr.com
Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs Wikipedia article

6 Responses to Igor Suprunyuk, Viktor Sayenko & Alexander Hanzha

  1. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Ukraine has some Nasty Nazi Thugs with their Master Race Mentality
    Nonsense but these Two Thugs are Utterly Evil as Well

    Of Course Murder and Animal Abuse Warrants the Death Penalty but in the
    UK they would of got a lesser sentence

    In the UK some Liberal Do Gooder would probably be more concerned with
    the ” European Human Rights ” of these Evil Thugs than that of their Victims

    Sadism does Derive from the Evil Marquis de Sade and his Vile Degeneracy

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    Yep these 3 bastards are something else. I know this story well, but am upset at the pictures with the dead dog, didn’t need to see that thanks.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    These little fucktards need to die young. They serve no purpose by living. They are a waste of our air, water and food. At least if they’re dead their organs could be used, or their brains dissected for science, or they could be turned into fertilizer for the plants.

  4. miss mortician says:

    I was not even able to read this article. The images of their victims, human and animal, have haunted me for years ever since I came across the news about these monsters. I can’t force myself to see it again. I will say that I hope than in prison that they’ve already had a taste of what it’s like to be tormented and unable to fight back.

  5. dr pavel im cia says:

    Hanza got 9 years old and he will be release in 2018 and also he wasn’t involved in animal abuse only robbery and he even refused to bath his kitten. He said that if he only knew what kind of things they did he would never got close to them. In 2002 Igor was involived in the incydent but people from school said that he raped some girl

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