Ibrahim & Basma Julani

Hellbeast Ibrahim Julani
Crime: Slavery, Human Trafficking

I thought I’d have a gander at some other countries for crime and injustice, and encountered this unhappy example of both in Israel. The unfortunate victim was Mary Ann Paoig, one of 40,000 Filipino workers in Israel. Her story isn’t unique, which makes the situation all the more tragic.

As with so many other Filipinos, Mary Ann Paoig left the Philippines to work abroad so that she could send money home to her family. In 2007 she was employed by Ibrahim and Basma Julani as a domestic servant in their big house in Beit Hanina in northern Jerusalem. That, by the way, is a wealthy neighbourhood.

Probably I shouldn’t have used the word “employed” — it suggests a contractual arrangement whereby she offered her services and was paid a fair wage for them. That didn’t happen. What the hellbeasts Ibrahim and Basma Julani did do was confiscate her passport and use threats and intimidation to make her stay with them and work as a slave.

I said slave and I mean slave. This well-to-do pair of scumbags with their big house in a rich neighbourhood forced this young woman (Mary Ann Paoig was 20 years old at the time) to live as their personal slave.

The accommodations that the monstrous pair Ibrahim and Basma Julani provided Mary Ann Paoig were nothing more than a bathroom with a toilet, a shower and a cot. Cosy. I’m sure she felt like one of the family — not! And she wasn’t meant to either.

As a slave, Mary Ann Paoig got no days off, no holidays. She was at her masters’ beck and call 24 hours a day.

Mary Ann Paoig was afraid to leave the house because the POS Julanis convinced her she’d be caught by police. I don’t know what they led her to believe the police would do to her, but it must have been dire. The young woman lived in fear of discovery.

The only times she could leave the house was in the company of the Julanis. Oh and what travels she had with them! To the grocery store or to work outside the house. Such generosity of spirit the Julanis have!

So for over 18 months, Mary Ann Paoig worked for less than a pittance. The minimum wage in Israel is NIS 4100 (Israeli New Sheqel) a month. Deducting housing and insurance she should have been paid at least NIS 3075 a month.

Think that’s what Mary Ann Paoig got to send home to her family? Dream on! The Julanis paid their slave 150 per month.

Now to be fair to the slave owners, they did allow her to phone home. So the Julanis say. How magnanimous. I wonder if it’s true. I wonder if the girl was able to tell her family why she couldn’t return and why she couldn’t send them much money. I don’t know that I would if I were in her place. The family couldn’t help her escape and they’d only worry if they knew.

Finally, finally, Mary Ann Paoig contacted the Workers Hotline and was rescued from her incarceration and servitude. It must have taken a lot of bravery on her part because of the threats that had been made by the Julanis.

And so, in 2010, Ibrahim and Basma Julani were charged with slavery. Israel had passed a human trafficking law in 2006 and this case was the test case.

And Ibrahim and Basma Julani were convicted of human trafficking and confiscating the complainant’s passport. Yay! Victory! That’s good news, right? Right? Just wait.

When the law passed in 2006, it called for sentences of between 4 and 16 years. Boy oh boy the Julanis are gonna get it! They’re gonna be in prison for a while! Right? Right? Just wait.

On June 11, 2012, the judges Jacob Zaban, Miriam Mizrahi and Raphael Carmel proclaimed this case to be one of the most serious offences of this kind they’d seen. That has to mean they’re going to throw the book at the Julanis, right? Ummmm, no.

For this oh so serious case, this first conviction of human trafficking, the judges sentenced the hellbeast Ibrahim Julani and his hell bitch Basma Julani to 4 months of community service! FOUR MONTHS of community service!

Ooooh, harsh! Oh wait, they also were fined NIS 2000! AND they had to pay their former slave NIS 15,000.

WTF?!?! Community service and a fine? For slavery? HOW is that justice? What were those brain dead judges thinking?

Let me do some quick math here — Mary Ann worked for over 18 months and she should have received at least NIS 3075 a month if she hadn’t been enslaved. That comes to NIS 55,350 for 18 months’ hard labor. And she gets NIS 15,000.

And the monsters serve only 4 months of community service in exchange for Mary Ann’s 18 months of servitude?

I’m thinking the Julanis got one hell of a deal! How the hell is this justice? Where are the prison sentences? The prosecutors were asking for 4 years in prison.

Apparently, according to reports, judges Jacob Zaban, Miriam Mizrahi and Raphael Carmel considered that since “this was the first conviction based on the law, the penalty would be lenient.”

Wow, the penalty the Julanis face is so lenient it absolutely ENCOURAGES slavery. Why the hell wouldn’t other rich employers force their workers into forced servitude if they still gain financially even after facing justice?

The Israeli court has basically made slavery a viable option. I hope to hell that all foreign workers will pay heed and avoid at all costs even considering Israel for employment. There is no justice for the victims of slavery in that country. There certainly was no justice for Mary Ann Paoig who lost her freedom, her wages, and almost 2 years of her life in Israel.

I am hoping that Jacob Zaban, Miriam Mizrahi and Raphael Carmel will be stripped of their positions as judges. Methinks they were bought. How else to explain the royal ass kissing they gave the Julanis? So they can kiss my ass if they want me to change my mind.

And to the POS hellbeasts Ibrahim and Basma Julani, hopefully your community service will entail your contracting some nasty disease. Enjoy your money in hell!

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5 Responses to Ibrahim & Basma Julani

  1. Trace says:

    The fix had to be in. Seriously, how can those “judges” think that the inaugural case of human trafficking deserves leniency? Money talked. Either that or somebody should check how many slaves are living in the judges’ basements or bathrooms.

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    You think thats bad you want to take a look at the poor filipinos that work in saudi arabia. They are beat treated like shit, and many have been known to have been abused that much that they’ve died. One poor women had the design of the metal bottom plate of an iron burn.t into her back, she was starved beaten and eventually succumbed to her injuries. The taking of the passport is classic and they instil fear in the workers or should i say slaves by embellished stories of they will be caught and put in jail because they have no passport because the abuser keeps it. You would have thought that using a test case they would have given a decent sentence and reimbursed the woman for all wages owed. Now people are not gonna take the law seriously, hence no deterent. Yes again the victim gets two finger stuck upto them and the scumbag’s get to walk away laughing, its ridiculous.

  3. 2cute says:

    After all that Mary Ann went through, the fear, the confinement, the hard labor, and all she gets is a fraction of what she’s owed? Is she supposed to be thankful for the “justice” she got through the courts? Because that justice is a joke, a really bad joke. A pox on those judges!

  4. Eve says:

    Do you think that Basma is doing her own housework these days? I doubt it. Hopefully somebody is checking on the occupants of their house. They’ve now learned to never let their slaves outside.

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