Honolulu John Doe

John Doe 3D facial reconstruction

Ok, I messed up. I truly thought I had the skull photo of this Honolulu John Doe, and I spent oodles of time making a face for him. Then, just when I was about to post the article, I discovered, much to my dismay, that the photo that had been used in the original article was a random photo. Drat! Oh, well, practice makes perfect, right?

I considered not posting the article because I made the wrong face, but heck, this guy is still unidentified and needs to go home. So please, dear readers, ignore my futile efforts and concentrate on the facts of the case. It would be awesome if somebody finally came forward and gave the victim a name.

Thanks, Cleo

This, dear readers, is my first attempt at a John Doe. I have hesitated to make a facial reconstruction of a man because of the many combinations of hair possibilities. Beard or no beard, moustache or no moustache, sideburns or no sideburns? Bald, balding or full head of hair? Crew cut, mullet, pony tail, afro or Mr. Rogers kind of hairdo? Choices, choices, choices. At least with women I don’t have to worry about moustaches, sideburns and beards.

And this poor John Doe gave investigators no clue about his hair. Maybe that’s because he’s been dead since 1982 or so, and completely skeletal. He was murdered, that much is clear. Three bullets to the head proves that.

Honolulu sceneOn September 28, 2010, construction workers in Honolulu were digging in the back yard of a home at 3156 Oahu Avenue when, much to their shock, they dug up a sock along with the bones of a foot and leg. I’m sure that put a stop to their work for a while.

When the rest of the skeletal remains were unearthed, some from underneath a concrete slab, investigators deduced there was only one body, and he’d been there 28 years or so.

The John Doe was wearing Levi Panatela pants, a dark blue polo shirt with short sleeves and left breast pocket, plus white tube socks with 3 blue stripes at the top. His underwear was Fruit of the Loom, size 34-36. The man had a white handkerchief in his back pocket along with a comb. Oddly, he also had 14 quarters. Why the hell would anyone carry 14 quarters?

Scene of discoverIt was because one of the quarters was minted in 1982 that investigators figured the man had to have been killed no earlier than that year.

This John Doe was estimated to be 5’9″ tall and in his 40’s or 50’s. He was Caucasian. And I gotta tell you, this man was in bad physical shape.

The medical examiner found he had a degenerative disease of the spine, likely DISH (diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis). What that means is there was calcification of ligaments where they attached to the spine. He may have been symptom-free, or he may have had pain and stiffness in his back.

DISH most often affects older men, so I consider this John Doe was likely in his mid-50’s or older. DISH also seems connected to people with diabetes, high blood pressure or coronary artery disease. I don’t think John Doe was a healthy guy.

John Doe had shin splints in his left leg. Ouch. And worse — he had “periostitis on the innominates” which I figure translates into a painful inflammation in his pelvic bones. Major ouch!

Skull of John DoeOur John Doe had weird things going on with his mouth. He had a “well-developed maxillary torus along the midline of the palate.” That means there was a protruding ridge along the middle of the roof of his mouth. He also had “two large well-developed mandibular tori along the lingual border of the mandible.” That means he had bony protrusions on both sides of the floor of his bottom jaw.

I cannot find if these abnormalities would have resulted in a speech impediment, so likely not.

Also regarding his mouth, if you look at the skull photo you’ll see his front teeth are very pronounced, making him buck-toothed. His bottom jaw appears to be set back, enough IMO so he would have to concentrate to keep his lips together. Think Freddie Mercury.

This guy was no looker in my opinion. Along with protruding front teeth, he had a narrow skull and a long nose. There’s no prettying him up. And with a 34-36 waistband on his underwear, he may have had a bit of a pot belly.

The authorities did their best to come up with a face for the man. They did a 3-D reconstruction, and actually went so far as to give the guy different hairdos and eye colours. The trouble is, IMO, he doesn’t look too human. And he doesn’t look old or sick enough.

3D versions

Naturally, after getting my paws on a skull picture, I was itching to put a face to it. I didn’t go whole hog like the many hairstyles of the 3d facial reconstruction, but I did six images. I gave the man greying hair, and added plenty of wrinkles. Pain, like the pain he was living with, makes you look older, like you haven’t had a good sleep for ages.

I didn’t bother with an afro hairdo, because he would have had a hair pick instead of a comb. And because there was a comb, I didn’t bother making a completely bald version.

Anyway, these are my six versions of John Doe (NamUS UP #11790). I figure with his mouth he most likely sported a beard with a moustache. That would somewhat hide his deficiencies.

Manoa John Doe v1Manoa John Doe v2

Manoa John Doe v3Manoa John Doe v4

Manoa John Doe v5Manoa John Doe v6

The way this guy died I figure it definitely wasn’t a robbery gone bad. This was an execution. The fact he was hidden under concrete in somebody’s backyard seems to point to his being connected to his killer.

BTW, I should mention that the owners of the house where the body was found are not the original owners. They know nothing about the John Doe buried in their yard.

With luck maybe somebody will recognize this poor guy and give him a name. As for now he’s case number 10-1457. The case manager is listed as Pamela Cadiente (808) 768-3090. If anyone has a clue as to his identity, please contact her or the Honolulu County Medical Examiner’s Office.

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22 Responses to Honolulu John Doe

  1. moodymagic says:

    Well Cleo I truly hope someone comes forward who knows who this person was. You really no how to put the human factor to these Jane and John Does. Another great job.

  2. 2cute says:

    Good effort, Cleo. Too bad you got the wrong skull picture. I don’t think the official effort looks very lifelike. And their faces are different shapes too so they could be anybody.

  3. Way up North says:

    In the 80’s arcades were a big thing… maybe he was a pin ball wizard. Also not many people had cell phones, but there were pay phones on every corner… googling I see calls went from 10 cents at a payphone to 20 cents in 1982. He may have been using pay phones for business.

  4. Awesomeblossom says:

    This guy probably didn’t work a regular job or his boss would have reported him missing. And he likely wasn’t married either.

    • michelle says:

      Unless the wife (or boss) did it…

      And of course, he may have been reported missing. Hawaii is full of tourists. God only knows where he is from, originally. Have the analysed the bones to approximate where he was from?

  5. michelle says:

    Who owned the property in 1982?

    Change could be for payphone (calls were 25 cents by the late 80s/early 90s), bus, or change from a vending machine. Also laundry. Any of these could indicate he was traveling or a transient.

  6. marijane says:

    I know who it is

  7. marijane says:

    And what would your model look like if he was late 20’s like 28?

  8. marijane says:

    Look the coin dates don’t mean shit. But your model looks like the person I think it is just older. So could you kindly adjust it to age 28. So I can spell it out for the cops

    • Bengalpuss says:

      If you know who it is then you don’t need cleo to adjust the age for you to tell the cops, just tell them who you think it is? Common sense please!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      The coin dates don’t mean shit? Why don’t they mean shit? Surely if one was minted in 1982 and was in this poor fella’s possessions then it must mean he was murdered after that coin was circulated. Otherwise david copperfield is one shit hot magician.

  9. Bengalpuss says:

    Someone is obviously bored or trolling away.

  10. marijane says:

    no my dear the cops insist its not him because get this, they determined its not who i think it is because the concrete was from 1979. so then what about the 1982 coin?!?!?! i know i know the quarters were for his time machine.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      The concrete may have been made in 1979 but was only used after this poor fella was done in which was after 1982?!?!

  11. marijane says:

    yes please common sense

  12. marijane says:

    i dont troll and im far from bored smartass

  13. marijane says:

    i linked a missing person with unidentified remains and you want to get sassy with me and say im bored.

  14. marijane says:

    cleo fabulous work. i know if you adjusted the age it would be perfect match. bengalpuss dont tell me what i need and dont need.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Marijane i like being a smartarse but seriously if the person is who you think it is then surely to god the police would have something to either prove or disprove it is the person you think it is? As for the time machine money, time machines don’t need money to work lol. See you do need me to tell you what you need!!

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