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Rapist Hilaire Ndyat

Crime: Rape

Rapists are the scum of the earth. There is nothing funny about rape. The trauma and the consequences inflicted upon the victim are not funny. That said, the case of convicted rapist Hilaire Ndyat has its funny side — not because of the rape he committed but because of the absolutely ridiculous bullshit story he told in his own defense.

Hilaire Ndyat, originally of the Democratic Republic of Congo, had moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1996. He became founder and executive director of the Winnipeg Afro-Aboriginal Crosscultural Association. The goal of the association was to help new immigrants adjust to life in the city.

Hilaire Ndyat also became involved in several inner-city and cultural organizations and committees. He was a busy guy doing good works — he was an asset to the community, or so it seemed.

To read a glowing tribute about him on www.canadianimmigrant.ca click here.

Hilaire Ndyat enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, the support of his family and a whole community of people in Winnipeg. His wife loves him and his 2 kids love him. It’s just too bad that the good guy turned out to be a nasty raping bastard.

In March 2008, Hilaire Ndyat the married man entertained a female acquaintance in his West Broadway apartment. He offered this woman a beer that he had already opened, and after drinking it the woman felt ill and passed out. When she awoke she found Hilaire Ndyat on top of her raping her.

I wonder, was she the first victim, or the first victim who regained consciousness early?

Regardless, it’s not a nice story, and it’s definitely not funny. I can’t imagine how the woman felt when she awoke from her drugged stupor to find herself being violated by this man she knew and trusted. She was horribly traumatized, but kudos to her she had the strength of mind and spirit to report the rape to authorities.

Additional kudos to the victim that she reported the rape and did not recant in the face of community anger directed at her.

So Hilaire Ndyat found himself in a predicament. If only he had finished raping her before she regained consciousness! Then he wouldn’t have to face any consequences or come up with any explanations for his wife and for the police.

As it was, though, there was evidence of semen and intercourse. Hilaire the POS Ndyat was arrested and charged with rape. In August 2011 the accused rapist went to court. He had his story ready.

Hilaire Ndyat testified in his own defense, and this is where the sick humour comes in. He claimed that his victim forced herself on him! That’s right, she raped him! She forced herself on him and he didn’t resist because, you know, women are revered in his culture! How could he say no to a woman forcing him to have sex? He REVERED her!

And then this woman removed his condom and tried to force him to perform anal sex! OMG anal sex is taboo in his culture, doncha know! So poor Hilaire Ndyat finally resisted after she pulled off the condom, grabbed his junk and forced him to penetrate her anally!

“I found that disgusting. I pushed her away and ran to the bathroom to wash up,” Ndyat testified. “In my culture, anal sex is taboo.”

The poor, poor man! How traumatizing for him! But the horror wasn’t over for him yet! He discovered later that his used condom was MISSING, and he remembered that this sex-crazed woman had told him of her fondness for mixed-race children. So he put 2 and 2 together and ….

“I thought she wanted a black man’s sperm as she mentioned earlier during the conversation that she’d like to have a mixed child, (she was) using me as a sperm donor by stealing sperm from me,” he had written in a 2008 statement to police.

That’s right, the woman forced him to have sex, forced him to try anal sex AND she stole his sperm so she could have his babies!

Prosecutor Lisa Cupples asked Hilaire Ndyat if he knew that anal sex doesn’t lead to pregnancy. His answer: “I’m not in the medical profession.”

Yeah, only doctors and nurses know that anal sex does not lead to pregnancy.

“His version of the events insults our intelligence and defies common sense,” prosecutor Lisa Cupples told the court during closing arguments. “His testimony makes no sense.”

The court agreed. Hilaire POS rapist Ndyat was convicted of rape. Queen’s Bench Justice Gerald Chartier rejected Ndyat’s ludicrous story.

“The testimony of the accused is not credible. I don’t believe it. Why would she help him put a condom on if her intention was to have a baby? Why would she have anal sex if she wanted to get pregnant? It’s just simply not believable,” said Justice Chartier.

When the convicted rapist returned to court for sentencing on January 18, 2012, Crown attorney Jocelyne Ritchot declared that the crime was a major sexual assault and warranted a lengthy jail term, say 5 years. She told the court that the rapist Ndyat may have drugged his victim to render to unconscious and vulnerable for the ensuing rape.

The defense lawyer Brad King asked for a 2-year sentence for Ndyat. He submitted lots of letters of support containing praise for the man. One letter had 118 signatures.

And then the convicted POS rapist’s wife spoke, asking for mercy for her husband. She said he was a loving father of 2 young children and needed to come home. (Hmmm, I notice she didn’t say he was a loving husband. Maybe she’s not feeling so revered.)

The victim wasn’t present for the sentencing because of continuing emotional trauma. She’d had to move out of the province after the rape. That poor unfortunate woman, bless her.

Justice Chartier adjourned his sentencing decision until February 14, 2012. The defense requested Ndyat’s release until then.

“Lots of people have reaped the fruits of his labours,” Ndyat’s lawyer Brad King said. “Freeing him as we await … would help him continue his work, which people depend on.”

Prosecutor Ritchot said it’s unfortunate others will pay a price if Ndyat isn’t around, but that was irrelevant. “He’s been found guilty of a very serious sexual offence and in our opinion he poses a risk to public safety,” she said.

Justice Chartier denied the defense’s requests to release Ndyat from prison. Good! And so on February 14, 2012, Ndyat was brought back to court to hear his sentence.

The courtroom was packed with Hilaire Ndyat’s supporters. Several dozens shouted out their love and support during breaks in the hearing, and many loudly and proudly proclaimed his innocence.

I can only imagine the vilification his victim had endured after she came forward to accuse this POS rapist of rape. No wonder she left the province — the court case and guilty verdict didn’t change his supporters’ minds at all. And if they didn’t believe he raped her, they must believe his bullshit story that SHE raped HIM and stole his sperm.

Hilaire POS scumsucking rapist Ndyat was handed a 4-year prison term. He would have gotten 5 if it had been proven he’d drugged his victim.

Given a chance to address the court, Hilaire Ndyat naturally did not apologize for his crime or express remorse. He did not man up and admit his guilt. He did not make life easier for his victim by confessing. Instead he just thanked his supporters and urged them to continue to work for the Winnipeg Afro-Aboriginal Crosscultural Association.

“I love you with all my heart and hope you continue to work with WAACA. We will be together soon,” he said to the crowd.

And when he says soon, he’s right. Hilaire the rapist Ndyat will serve just over 3 more years before his release.

T’ai Pu, one of the supporters who was present in court, said, “We love this guy, we respect this guy, we miss this guy, and we’re going to do anything we can to bring him back. He’s a resource for the community that’s being taken away.”

I only hope by the time Hilaire POS rapist Ndyat is released, sanity and reason will have dawned upon his community and they will know him as the sneaky, lying, raping bastard that he is.

I wish all the best for his victim, and I hope there aren’t more victims out there now and in the future.

And I hope that Hilaire Ndyat the convicted rapist will be expelled from Canada ASAP because we really don’t need “good citizens” like him.

Go to hell, Ndyat, and rot!

Winnipeg Sun article
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12 Responses to Hilaire Ndyat

  1. Eve says:

    What a dumbass! And all those idiots who believe HE was sexually assaulted by her are dumbasses too! Semen stealing! *facepalm*

  2. Kimber says:

    No one is dumb enough to believe that story. Really. Seriously?

  3. ಠ_ಠ says:

    Uuuggggghhh. There was a story similar to this, only it was a doctor. The community ran the complainant through the wringer, especially when a dna test (done through blood) turned out not to match the good doctor.

    Of course, they found out later that he WAS guilty, he had taken a plastic vial of someone else’s blood and ran it into his veins.

    Bastards. Arrogant, evil bastards.

  4. moodymagic says:

    He needs to be exported. How scumbags like him get into Canada. EXPORT him. Cleo another great article

  5. Trace says:

    Oh yeah, we menfolk always have the problem of revering and respecting women but they insist on ravaging us and stealing our semen! We feel so used and dirty! And then these women insist on impregnating them through their anus! You know if we didn’t revere women so much we wouldn’t even consider touching them there! If feel his pain … what a fucking asshole! And his supporters are assholes too!

  6. dogwalker says:

    That asshole probably thinks he’s god’s gift to woman and wonders why they have to be unconscious before he can bless them with his semen. Asshole.If he gets kicked out of Canada don’t send him our way.

  7. Jogger says:

    Yes. Ndyat is an asshole.

  8. 2cute says:

    How the hell can anyone believe his story, unless they’re mentally defective? All those people who signed the letter weren’t thinking of the victim — they were all thinking about themselves and what they’ll lose when he’s in jail. Stupid selfish bastards, the lot of them! And Ndyat is the stupidest, most selfish bastard of them all! I hope the victim is ok now, and living in a better community.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    I know i shouldn’t laugh but when i read that, his condom was missing and he realised that she wanted a mixed race baby and she must have stole his sperm. Well i couldn’t hold it in that is the most funniest, stupidest and arrogant thing to say. So the women who was raped must have an anal tear which makes the sperm leak into her vagina lol. Also in britain when someone from another country claims asylum here and they commit a crime, then they are sentenced. On their release they are deported back to the country they came from. Does this happen in canada? I wish the victim all the best for the future, and just to let her know that the majority of people believe her, but you will always get so many people deluded by this preditor. And the courts and jury knew the truth. You did the right thing and now he’s locked away where he needs and deserves to be.

    • cleo says:

      His victim had actually written to me, and I will not divulge any details but suffice it to say that the community of Ndyat supporters had continued to make her life there unsupportable. She most certainly did not deserve what she had been put through, either by her rapist or his associates, and I wish nothing but the best for her. She is a brave woman and I commend her for coming forward and exposing Ndyat as the filthy, cowardly rapist he is.

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