Rie Fujii

Rie Fujii Crime: Murder

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Rie Fujii told her 2004 parole hearing that she was naïve, immature and selfish back in May 2001 when she left her Calgary apartment to have a ten-day long party cum sex spree with her new boyfriend in nearby Cochrane.

Now being naïve, immature and selfish isn’t a crime, and neither is a passion for pounding the pubes, or we’d all be serving time.

No, what makes Rie Fujii different from the rest of us humans and makes her a candidate for hell is what she left behind in her apartment.

She left her two babies. Alone. With one bottle apiece. Each clad in a diaper. Domenic Ryu Brown was 15 months old. His sister Gemini Brown, who was born prematurely and had to spend her first two weeks of life in hospital, was an entire 3 months old. And while mommy was busy bucking the beast for ten days, Domenic and Gemini died slowly and painfully of dehydration and starvation.

Rie Fujii was born in 1978 in Tsuwano, Shimane prefecture, Japan to Tomoko and Hideto Fujii (it’s important to target the right Rie Fujii for vilification purposes). She made her way to Calgary, Canada in 1997, after telling her family she was going to study English.

Rie Fujii moved in with Peter Brown, and returned to Japan in 1998 when her visa was about to expire. She came back a few months later on a tourist’s visa, and hooked up with Brown again. She never told her parents about her Canadian boyfriend.

On February 9, 2000, little Domenic was born. And were Fujii’s parents proud? No, because she didn’t bother to tell them about their Canadian grandchild. When her visa expired, she decided to stay put illegally. On February 4,, 2001 Fujii left Brown and moved herself and Domenic into an emergency shelter.

Twenty days later Rie Fujii gave birth to Gemini. Again, she didn’t tell her parents about their new grandchild. They thought she was still busy studying English. That’s what they were sending her $2000 a month for. By the end of March she was busy with her new boyfriend, Chris Knowler. She moved her little family into an apartment in April and wouldn’t tell Brown their whereabouts. Heaven forbid he should be able to visit or check up on his babies!

But family life was beginning to pall for Rie Fujii. “I hate my stupid living. I’ve decided to live like I used to,” she wrote in her diary. She’d been a parent for fourteen entire months by then, so it’s not like she hadn’t given it her best shot. How long is parenthood supposed to last, anyway?

And so she started spending nights at Knowler’s place in Calgary, leaving the babies home alone. I guess finding a babysitter in a city of over a million people is totally impossible!

At the beginning of May, Knowler moved to Cochrane, Alberta, and Rie Fujii, desperate at the thought of losing her daily dose of dick, trailed after him on May 8th. She told him the kids were with a babysitter.

They weren’t, of course, but according to what she later told the parole board, she was only going to be away for one day. No big deal, right? We all know a bottle a day is plenty. But then she missed the bus.

“Maybe I can leave them for one more night,” she admitted thinking. “I chose not to think about my kids, even though I knew they were not going to be OK.”

Now was that naïve, immature or selfish? And before Rie Fujii knew it, ten days of poking the pony had passed, and it was well and truly time to go home to check on the kiddies.

“I was hoping they were still alive but when I thought about it, they could have been dead.”

And yes, by May 18th they were dead. So being naïve/immature/selfish, Rie Fujii put Gemini’s wee body into a trash bag and tossed her into a dumpster. R.I.P. Gemini. Her body was never found.

Domenic, maybe because he was a little bigger than his baby sister, wound up wrapped in a blanket and just left in the apartment. And mommy dearest headed back to Cochrane for a little more loving. She didn’t stay there, though.

Unbelievably, before her arrest Rie Fujii returned and stayed in the apartment a total of eight days. With Domenic’s corpse still in the apartment! Now that takes a special kind of heartless hell beast to do that.

On June 5, the landlord came calling with an eviction notice. The sickening smell was his first clue that something was oh so wrong. On June 6, Fujii was arrested and charged with second degree murder.

Rie Fujii’s parents found out from a phone call from the Calgary Police that they had and lost two grandbabies, courtesy of their daughter. Hideto Fujii said he and his wife would have done something to help had they known about the children and their daughter’s troubles.

Rie Fujii’s hypersexual behavior didn’t end with her arrest. She was understandably sent off to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation before her trial. Apparently she spent a fair amount of time getting ultra friendly with her fellow patients on the ward. The Crown prosecutor recounted in court:

“The accused and various male co-patients would put pillows over their laps and sit beside each other on the couches in the common area of the unit. They would then each put their hands under the pillows and down the other’s pants, fondling the other’s genitals.”

Rie Fujii pled guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to eight years in prison by Mr. Justice Peter Martin, who concluded she had a personality disorder (duh) but still knew that leaving the babies alone for 10 days was dooming them to certain death. She served five years of her sentence and was deported back to Japan. In my view, she can’t get to hell fast enough. One can only pray she’s not breeding any more victims in Japan.

On a side note, the other candidates for hell are the nameless neighbors who listened to the babies’ cries for days without doing anything about it.

CBC News article
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21 Responses to Rie Fujii

  1. Jerri says:

    I cannot understand how a mother would or could do this to any person let alone a helpless child. I wish they had given the death penalty. I cannot imagine doing this. I get so nervous just leaving my daughter with a responsible adult for an evening. THe thought of what these poor babies went through makes me sick.

  2. twistedknickers says:

    This is horrible, I remember hearing this story on the news when it first happened and it made me sick to my stomac! It breaks my heart to leave my babies for a few hours with a family member. My kids are very similar in age..or would have been, so when I think of these two I see the faces of my own babies and can’t imagine how a mother could just leave them there to die.


    I would like to read the diary. Wonder what was going through her head.

  4. scrappy says:

    Thanks for that last comment Cleo. Despite the incredible lack of conscience or humanity this witch obviously has I kept thinking of the neighbors.

    Was everyone at work when these poor babies cried? I’m sure at the end they were very quiet, poor angels. The first few days though…how how how could no one have not heard and wondered?

  5. Netherwarper says:

    This is why I dont believe in a God

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Netherwarper, i don.t believe in god, but you can.t blame god for this one. The evil cunt of a mother is to blame. Instead of taking care of her babies like any normal mother would, she decided that she wanted a penis more than her children selfish bitch she is. Now if there was a god, he would have sent a ray of fire down from heaven and zapped this cunt to smitherine’s, but he didn.t.

  7. Kathy Ng says:

    Omg I can’t believe this so called mother would do that to her kids. She deserves more jail time they were way too lenient on her. I hope guilt will eat her up and she should be sterilized. She could have gotten a perfect family one boy and a girl if u can’t take care of ur kids keep ur legs closed. RIP Domenic and Gemini brown!!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Unbelievable isn’t it. You wouldn’t even think of leaving your children for 5mins let alone 5 days. And the worst part about it is, that when she found them dead, she didn.t give a shit, and went back to the guy she was banging, what an evil bitch. If that was me, it would eat away at my thoughts, every min of every day, but she’s narcissistic and only thinks about herself. She should stay in jail for life, and if i had my way she’d get the death penalty, just like she gave those babys, that she should have been looking after instead of thinking about her latest penis.

  8. Tbh says:

    I’m a mother myself. Although I do think that this mother definitely did wrong, I can fully understand how a mother could want “to get away from it all”.
    Judge if you want, but having a kid is a very, very big thing. It’s not like getting a new job, or a new partner, or moving to a new place, it’s everything at once. It’s 24/7, no lunch breaks, no time off, no pay raise, no sleep, it’s painful, it changes your body, your identity, your clothes, it draws unwanted attention from certain relatives and people around you. Not to mention the pressure to do the perfect thing, by which everyone on this planet will say different, and you have to keep making all these decisions as best you could.
    You can only keep this up if you look at your baby and feel love, which to be honest, can get very hard at 4am.
    So, by all means punish this woman for being cruel, but remember, it’s not some piece of cake she’s failing from.

    • Jeni B says:

      I’m a mother myself and I understand how mothers (and fathers) can feel overwhelmed. But, if she realized what a hard job raising her first child was, she shouldn’t have had a second child. She should’ve used birth control or should’ve gotten sterilized. You feel overwhelmed? Need a break? Feel as though you might hurt your child because of these feelings? Then call a family member or a friend or a trusted neighbor to watch your child until you can get yourself together and have taken a break. It’s not that hard. It’s pretty much a no-brainer. And what’s worse is, people like this waste of space can continue to breed and abuse/mistreat/neglect/murder the children they were blessed with. They should’ve sentenced this woman (if that’s what you want to call her) to the same fate she bestowed upon her children. Lock her in a cell, give her a bottle of water (because she gave her children a bottle a piece while she was gone) and then lock the door and let HER suffer and die from starvation and dehydration, just like her children. And 8 years in prison for the lives of 2 babies? She would’ve gotten more time if she would’ve committed armed robbery or was caught with drugs! Sad that human lives are valued less than material possessions or drugs!

  9. Randy says:

    I just look at the picture of Domenic and I am in tears. My son is about his age. I wished someone could have called out for help, would have been more than glad to have had their kids over for the 10 days. I cannot reprimand anyone on this whether her or the X-husband/boyfriend and not now. But what was that loss of two beautiful children for?

    The pain in me of thinking of how those infants suffered in their death is violently unbearable. This hurts so much– I would to drop dead to get them back.

  10. VEGAS says:

    I knew this lady. She was outgoing and happy when I met her. I also knew peter brown. He was a victim of addiction. He would take the money Rie was sent from Japan by her parents, steal her bank card, the rent money sell the food, have parties, buying rounds for strangers at the bar, cheat, let homeless people stay in their apartment.

    She spoke english, but was not fluent. shaky pronunciation and poor
    understanding made communication difficult.We were teenagers a little late to enter our 20’s, candid with our behaviour.

    My girlfriend and I were paralell to Rie and Peter… Our first
    long term relationship exploring our sexuality.. Making mistakes.. we handled our unplanned pregnancies differently but with the same end result.

    Peter wanted kids, as a tool to manipulate Rie who was starting to break free of her dependency on him. She believed he would change his ways when the baby arrived. I think many people can relate.

    The last time I saw her was between the births of the two children. I ran into Peter Brown by chance and he was panhandling and looked rough. He said he needed money for diapers for the child. I wouldnt give him money because I knew better, I told him to get in my car and bought diapers and a case of formula some other food and drove to Rie and Dominic’s apartment with Peter. It was last time I saw Dominic, and where the children were later found. I tried to have a motivating talk with the two of them.

    Rie was quiet and withdrawn, furious with Peter… the tension was
    incredible. They started to fight, I convinced Peter to leave the apartment and accompanied him to quell the drama while attempting to give him some advice.

    In Canada the support network and judicial system is staggered very one sided toward the female in these situations. I just assumed she had support… I believe I was wrong.

    When I read the newspaper my heart sunk and I knew that I had placed my loyalty in the wrong place. If I had just offered to do more… for all I know it could have been my similac in the f***ing bottles.

    Perhaps Peters carrying on that had reduced Rie’s attendance was to blame for accelerating the language barrier. Perhaps the fact that Peter never had a family and was a ward of the court growing up made him repel this unfamiliar environment. Maybe the financial strain of him stealing to support his drug habit rather than his family…

    Maybe that Peters carrying on drove most people away from them as a couple causing close friends to be in short supply.

    It may be impossible for some to understand, cultural difference and
    embarrassment ensured she was terrified to tell her parents about the hardships with Peter and about the children, for fear of being completely abandoned in canada without financial aid.

    No one to turn to, cant speak the language to get support, financially, emotionally and physically abused and trapped in the appartment caring for two children alone.. This strong woman lasted 5 years with peter and 2 years with child before having a break down…. I dont think I wouldve… would you?

    where was the case worker? after the trips to the womens shelter?? how did this one fall through the cracks? We failed her… and the children…

    she was obviously suffering baby blues, unable to escape an abusive
    relationship, and left a diary contemplating suicide on multiple occasions. It is tragic. You wont have to look to far to find a young single mother in our country that needs a helping hand now and again and may be to proud to admit it… but what if she has no voice… and no audience.

    They say dont judge until youve walked a mile in someone elses shoes.. well them are some heavy shoes. I am a tower rigger built for stress and Id rather wear my own thanks.

    Id say all this anger and negative frustration would best be put to getting to know your neighbor, or helping a young mother who needs it, even by taking their kids to the park for a half hour. You’ll feel better for it and the world will be a nicer place…. Where things like this are just a little bit less likely to happen.

    I may not support the tone of this report, but I do appreciate the effort that went into sharing this important story.

    My heart goes out to all who were close to this incident, and my support goes out to anyone I suspect to be in a similar situation.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      You seem to forget the man that she was too busy entertaining rather than giving those babies the basic’s to keep them alive. And while your throwing all the blame at peters feet he wasn’t the one who left those precious babies alone to die while getting his rocks off. She didn’t leave those babies because she was utterly depressed, she left them to die while living it up with a new fella, peter may have had problems but he didn’t kill those babies, rie did.

    • N says:

      Funny to read that Rie can’t communicate in English well when she first came to Canada few years before to learn English.

      In that few years, she should have been able to communicate in English. At the very least, she can talk to the authority without any problem.

      If you don’t want your kids, just go to adoption center whatsoever. It may takes quite a time, but at least the kids wont ended up dead like this.

      This hypersexual Rie is obviously has some mental problem that makes her has no empathy at all.

    • Annoyed says:

      Ugh. So many excuses. It’s YOUR tone that is the problem here.

  11. W says:

    That is not how young mother ended her babies life. I was married at age 18 years old. Had my first lovely baby boy at age 18 as well. My husband was 22 at that time. At the age of 20, I gave birth to my second child. A girl! And age of 25, we had our last baby boy. We knew we have brunch of ambition and dreams to catch but we never leave our kids starving even a minute. We struggled to make money. Doing burger stall along the road was our first business to make money at my age of 19th!! Today I am happy mommy age 33. And my husband age 37.. We live our life good and happy with no regrets. Trust God will always be there for you. Keep your heads up and never give up on your kids! To Rie Fujii I hope you will suffer for long long time. RIP Dominic and Gemini.

  12. momof3canada says:

    Ok … just nope.. poor kids.. i couldnt read it all.

  13. Mel says:

    Came across this haunting story which reminds me of another one from Japan, the Sugamo child abandonment case. So notorious it even had a film made of it which was one of the most harrowing things I ever watched and I didn’t even know it was a true story. Definitely one to put on the site.

  14. HuciituroTot says:

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