Heather Leann Horst & Aaron William Allen

Heather Horst
Crime: Murder

Brandon Horst, of St. Paul, Minnesota, was a staff sergeant with the National Guard’s 133rd Security Force Squadron. He worked at the Airlift Wing, and I think he liked it because he re-enlisted for another term.

What Brandon Horst didn’t like was the fact his wife, Heather Leann Horst, was having an affair. I’d say he had reason to be pissed off considering Heather Horst had been carrying on with the fella, Marcus Strombaugh, since before their marriage.

Brandon Horst was getting ready to file for divorce in the summer of 2013. Heather Horst, though, was not ready to be divorced. Not then, not ever. Uh-uh, she was in no way prepared to lose her home, her pets, the financial security. What she was prepared to lose was Brandon Horst himself.

And bonus — he had life insurance policies that named her as the beneficiary. The payout would total $480,000. Hmmmm. It was certainly something to think about, and what Heather Horst was thinking was downright evil.

Brandon HorstBrandon Horst, being a responsible kind of guy, had unfortunately made himself worth more dead than alive. And it’s not like Heather Horst felt much for him anyway. Without him hanging about she could enjoy her relationship with Marcus Strombaugh unimpeded. And being a widow was a helluva lot more preferable to her than being a divorced woman.

Brandon Horst, the poor guy, was doomed. He didn’t know it, but other people might have had a clue.

“I want him dead,” Heather Horst told her friends. I’m sure they just blew her off, figuring she wasn’t serious. None of them said anything to Brandon Horst which was too damn bad.

Of course Heather Horst couldn’t kill her husband herself. She had to find a stooge. Lucky for her she had a stooge — her good friend, Aaron William Allen, who was engaged to Brandon Horst’s stepsister, Angela.

Heather Horst knew damn well that Aaron Allen had come from an abusive home and had seen his mother beaten before his eyes. She damn well knew he had himself been abused as a child. She knew damn well that Aaron Allen suffered from post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues. And she callously used those insights for her own wicked ends.

I don’t know if Heather Horst knew that Aaron Allen already had a criminal record — he was convicted of felony terroristic threats involving fondling a girl as she slept and then threatening her with a knife. IMO this violent streak made him a perfect hitman. All he needed was a motivation to kill.

Aaron AllenHeather Horst began priming Aaron Allen to become a killer. She knew the triggers to use. She told him how Brandon Horst beat her and abused her. She told him how Brandon Horst had caused her to have multiple miscarriages. Think of the dead babies, she told him. And she also told him she had cancer! Those were total and complete lies, and they served to make Aaron Allen hate Brandon Horst.

Aaron Allen reasonably urged Heather Horst to call the police, or to leave her abusive husband. She responded with the excuse that the police wouldn’t do anything since Brandon Horst served in the military. She also told Aaron Allen that she’d lose everything if she left the marriage.

Aaron Allen wanted to get his friend, Heather Horst, away from the domestic violence she falsely claimed she endured. She offered him only one scenario she would accept — Brandon Horst had to die.

As additional incentive Heather Horst informed Aaron Allen that her husband had a million dollar life insurance policy (a slight exaggeration), and she was willing to hand over 10% of it if he killed Brandon Horst. She knew her pal was hard up for money, but her offer still wasn’t motivation enough.

On August 4, 2013, Heather the hellbitch Horst arrived at Aaron Allen’s apartment in South St. Paul to tell him she’d just miscarried another baby. Her nasty husband had, she said, held her down and beaten her when he discovered she was pregnant. She claimed she’d just gotten out of the hospital.

That was the final straw for Aaron Allen. He was feeling murderous, and he agreed that Brandon Horst would die that night.

Heather Horst and Aaron Allen then hatched a murder plot that called for the help of a couple more people. The plan was that Aaron Allen and his helpers would ambush Brandon Horst at his home. The 2 helpers would then hold the poor guy down while Aaron Allen slit his throat. The 3 would then ransack the house to make it look like a burglary gone bad.

Heather Horst and Aaron Allen recruited a couple of his friends to be the helpers. They all went to Kmart where Heather Horst bought them black clothing, gloves and shoes.

Too bad for Heather Horst and Aaron Allen the 2 friends backed out. They didn’t want to get involved after all. Too bad for Brandon Horst the 2 guys didn’t warn him what was about to happen to him.

The murder plot was still on. Aaron Allen was now going to have to go it alone.

That’s not to say he didn’t have second thoughts. But Heather Horst encouraged him, “We’d get away with it. Don’t worry. Just make it quick and clean, and we’ll be free.”

The hellbitch also deliberately stoked the embers of Aaron Allen’s rage, “Think about what happened to the baby. Think about the abuse.”

Around 10:30 p.m. Heather Horst drove her designated hitman to her house at 468 Bellows Street. At 11:55 p.m. Aaron Allen’s fiancée, Angela — who was Brandon Horst’s stepsister — called them up to see what they were up to. Heather Horst left Allen inside her home, hiding in the basement with a gun, with instructions to shoot her husband 2 or 3 times. She then went to pick up Angela.

The 2 women headed off to Walgreens to “shop”. The main purpose was, of course, to establish Heather the hellbitch Horst’s alibi. She was on the store’s surveillance video so she couldn’t possibly have killed her husband.

I don’t know if Angela knew about the murder plot then. She had heard all about the supposed abuse and miscarriages, and she had heard Heather Horst say she wanted Brandon Horst dead. Most likely she, like all the other people who heard the threat, dismissed it as bluster.

It wasn’t, of course, bluster. Brandon Horst, 25, was lying on his bed in his bedroom when Aaron Allen shot him once in the head.

The 2 women were meandering through Walgreen’s when, at 12:35 a.m., Heather Horst got a text message. It read, “Done.” The women immediately left the store and headed for the car. They drove toward the Horst house and picked up Aaron Allen at the end of the block. They apparently got him in the nick of time because they could hear sirens.

I doubt Angela had any doubt that her fiancé had killed Brandon Horst by then. Heather Horst outright asked the man how many rounds he’d put in Brandon, and he answered 1 or 2 shots to the head.

Heather Horst drove to Kaposia Park so that Aaron the killer Allen could dump a backpack with the gun inside.

On August 9, 2013, Heather Horst was arrested. The next day Aaron Allen was arrested.

It didn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out who the killers were. Heather Horst had told too many people she wanted her husband dead, and that she’d get insurance money.

Then there were the text messages between Heather the poor widow Horst and her pal Aaron Allen around the time poor Brandon was murdered.

Investigators no doubt wondered why the poor widow didn’t contact friends or relatives to inform them of her husband’s death. And why didn’t she go to the funeral? And why didn’t she cry?

And Aaron Allen helped make the investigation easy. He told his roommate within earshot of his roommate’s girlfriend that he’d taken care of Heather Horst’s “problem”.

On March 5, 2014, Aaron Allen, 25, pled guilty in Ramsey County District Court to 2nd-degree intentional murder. He is scheduled to be formally sentenced on June 10, 2014, but both the prosecution and defense agreed he be given the maximum — 40 years in prison.

Aaron Allen pled guilty because during his plea hearing he learned that Heather Horst had never been pregnant and had never miscarried. He learned that he’d been deceived and manipulated into murdering Brandon Horst, and that stirred feelings of remorse.

Instead of being a hero rescuing his friend and avenging her dead babies, he found out he was her stooge. That had to hurt. I almost feel sorry for the murderer.

When asked by the prosecution why he was pleading guilty, he answered, “One, things need to be set right. I feel, I feel that his family deserves justice. I am guilty.”

It makes a nice change to see a killer with a conscience, fully accepting responsibility and the consequences for his actions.

Heather Horst was charged with 1st-degree and 2nd-degree murder. She pled not guilty. She went to trial in May, 2014.

The defense argued that Aaron William Allen killed Brandon Horst because he had fantasies of murdering someone, period. He got into the house through the broken back door. Their client had no knowledge whatsoever of his evil plan to kill her husband.

Too bad for the defense that there was plenty of evidence to link her to her husband’s murder. Her lover, Marcus Strombaugh, testified. Aaron Allen testified. There were the text messages. The murder weapon belonged to Heather Horst, fer crying out loud!

The jury agreed with the prosecution. After 2 hours of deliberation the jury convicted Heather Leann Horst, 25, of aiding and abetting first-degree murder. She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole which is the mandatory sentence.

I am glad that justice is being done for Brandon Horst. He was a young man with a future whose fatal flaw was being married to an evil, greedy, unfaithful hellbitch.

RIP, Brandon Horst. And my sincerest condolences to those who loved him and miss him.

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5 Responses to Heather Leann Horst & Aaron William Allen

  1. moodymagic says:

    What a sick disgusting Bitch. The only good thing is this HELL BITCH will be locked away forever. I never thought I’d feel bad for a killer but poor Aaron being abused as a kid that will leave you messed up as an adult. He even wasn’t sure he wanted to go through with the murder but the conniving CUNT egged him on repeating her lies. I get the feeling Aaron thought of the Bitch as a sister. He had a future with a fiance. I am thank full he pled guilty and testified against this nasty hellbeast. Burn in hell Heather. My sympathy to Brandon’s family.I hope you are at peace Brandon. This Bitch really pissed me off.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Awww, moodymagic said “cunt” she must be as pissed off as me with this wicked “cunt”. I was hoping for the death sentence for this bitch, but i can cope with life no parole.

  2. 2cute says:

    She turned a disturbed man into a killer out of greed. She is far more evil than the killer.

  3. tuck says:

    Staff Sgt Brandon Horst was a good, decent guy who deserved a hell of a lot better than he got at the hands of the woman he married. R.I.P.

  4. BENGALPUSS says:

    I bet he was an ok guy, shame he married that murderous bitch, he deserved a lot better.

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