Heather Emmonds

Heather Emmonds
Crime: Murder

Heather Emmonds, 58, of Seaton Delaval, Northumberland, UK, is an extremely stupid and selfish woman. She’s also a dangerous, heartless killer. Her daughter-in-law, Tina Casey, learned that the hard way, and tragically didn’t survive the learning experience.

Tina Casey, 42, has been described as a devoted sister, a fun-loving friend and a loving mother. She had 5 children — 3 daughters and 2 sons. She worked at Proctor and Gamble’s Seaton Delaval location. She was well liked and had good friends there.

Tina Casey lived in nearby Holywell, North Tyneside. Her relationship with Keith, the father of her youngest son, was the on-again, off-again sort.

Living in Holywell with her young son enabled Heather Emmonds to visit her grandson quite often. That made the old broad quite happy. Alas, the situation was about to change.

Tina Casey had previously lived on the Isle of Man. Things were off-again with Keith and she began to talk about moving back there with her boy. That made the old broad furious. That was HER grandson, damnit, and no way was she going to let Tina Casey take him away from her!

So without a single thought for her grandson, Heather Emmonds decided to take action to prevent his moving away. Did she encourage Keith to sue for custody? Did she look for legal remedies? Ummm, no.

Heather Emmonds decided that the best solution was to kill Tina Casey. Yup, that’s right. The best idea she could come up with would deprive her precious young grandson of his loving mother — and turn his granny into a murderer.

Tina Casey

Tina Casey

The first 2 attempts Heather Emmonds made on Tina Casey’s life involved poison. She crushed sleeping tablets into chili and then into a sweet-and-sour dish she’d made especially for the occasion. Those 2 attempts failed.

Did her failures make her rethink her plan? Nope, except that poisoning was off the table. She decided to be far more direct and far less subtle.

And so, on February 4, 2013, the evil bitch drove to Tina Casey’s house in Holywell equipped with a filleting knife, a change of clothes and some gloves. She entered the home fully intending to murder her daughter-in-law. I think she let herself in very quietly so as to have the element of surprise.

It didn’t matter to heartless Heather Emmonds that her grandson was upstairs playing on his Xbox. Tina Casey was lying prone on her sofa when Heather Emmonds attacked and stabbed her at least 15 times in the neck and stomach.

When the evil deed was done, Heather the evil hellbitch Emmonds threw the cover from the budgie cage over the bloodied body and went upstairs to fetch her grandson. She told the boy that his mommy was sleeping and she took him to Keith’s home.

Scene of murderHeather Emmonds then tried to burn her bloody clothes. Destroying evidence! That sounds very calculating, just like taking the knife, gloves and a change of clothing with her.

I don’t know if Heather Emmonds was feeling remorse for what she did (doubt it!) but what she did next was somewhat unexpected in my book. She wrote 10 notes confessing her crime. Ten notes? Kind of overkill, so to speak.

One of the notes was addressed to her now motherless grandson: “Please don’t hate me for what I have done. I really thought it was the best for you. I know it won’t look like it. But dad is a great dad so be good for him and gramps.”

Best for him? To take away in the most violent fashion his loving mother? What a crock of bullsh*t! Especially when you consider this was by way of a suicide note — she was laying a royal guilt trip on her young grandson, implying she killed his mummy and herself FOR HIM!

Another note was meant for police eyes: “I didn’t intend to kill Tina Casey, it was a moment of madness and impulse. The knife and my clothes are in the boot of my car.

“The knife was mine but I lent it to Tina Casey. There was no preconceived plan. It just happened.

“I went onto auto-pilot, not eating or sleeping, I have never harmed anyone in my life. I am ashamed of my actions.”

That note sounds like her line of defense — insanity. She just snapped and happened to find the very knife she had previously lent to her victim. See, bringing her own knife to the scene of the murder would spoil her “moment of madness” story so she had to explain its presence in a totally bogus way.

It sounds like Heather Emmonds was looking for a way out of doing time for her heinous crime by appearing to be momentarily nuts.

Heather the hellbitch Emmonds then took some sleeping pills, hopped into her car with all those notes and crashed at a roundabout in Shiremoor, North Tyneside.

As with most killers, she was better at killing others than herself. Heather Emmonds survived the crash. In fact, it was hardly much of a crash at all. I don’t think she even broke a single bone.

So did Heather Emmonds really want to kill herself? She had a filleting knife she could have used on her wrists. She could have jumped in front of a train. She could have driven at high speed into a wall. She could have set herself on fire.

In November, 2013, Heather Emmonds went to trial in Newcastle Crown Court with Judge John Milford QC presiding. The hellbitch admitted she killed Tina Casey but said it wasn’t murder because of her loss of control and diminished responsibility. I KNEW that was coming!

Heather Emmonds had quite a tale to tell the court. She didn’t, of course, admit to sneaking into the house, sneaking up on the sleeping woman, and launching an unprovoked and totally planned attack with the knife.

What Heather Emmonds said was she had been lending Tina Casey money, and all she got for her generosity were demands for more money.

The saintly Heather Emmonds had driven to Tina Casey’s home to try to smooth things over after an argument between Keith and Tina. Cuz that’s what good moms do — meddle in their sons’ affairs.

And so the saintly Heather Emmonds was all ready to do her peacemaker thing when *shock* Tina Casey asked for more money! Poor, beleaguered Heather Emmonds decided she was tired of being treated like a bank.

“I just thought I have had enough of this, I had lent her money time after time,” the hellbitch testified. “I was fed up, I had had enough. I just thought it is all ‘me, me, me’.”

And so Heather Emmonds refused to lend Tina Casey more money. At that point Tina Casey called her a “bad grandmother”! OMG, how unbearable! That’s when the saintly granny snapped. She snapped because her daughter-in-law made her snap, according to Heather Emmonds.

Tina Casey, according to Heather Emmonds, threatened to move away with the boy, change his hair colour, change his name and tell him his grandparents and his daddy had been killed in a car accident! How evil that Tina Casey was, according to Heather Emmonds.

Riiiight. Cuz that’s the kind of thing that Tina Casey would do, except of course she wouldn’t. She had already TOLD Heather Emmonds her intended destination — the Isle of Man. And she was a loving mother so she wouldn’t willingly put her little boy through the terrible grief of thinking his family members were dead.

Blubbering away in court, the hellbitch said, “I don’t remember picking the knife up. It was on the table for whatever reason, only Tina will know. I came out from behind, she was lying on the settee with her arms crossed. She was talking but I don’t know what she was saying. I stabbed her.”

And stabbed her and stabbed her and stabbed her and stabbed her. Fifteen times.

Heather Emmonds did admit in court to twice putting sleeping pills in food she’d presented to Tina Casey. Her intention then, both times, was to make her ill, not to kill her.

“I only wanted to make her sick so she would not scream down the phone at me all of the time because when she’s poorly she’s alright,” explained the hellbitchy killer.

Riiiight. She slipped her daughter-in-law drugs to make her sick enough to not scream at her on the phone. What a brilliant plan, except it’s not. That is one large load of f*cktardery right there.

If Tina Casey had ever screamed at her on the phone the easiest solution would have been to hang up.

But Heather Emmonds had to come up with some excuse, any excuse for drugging her daughter-in-law twice because that didn’t fit in with her “momentary madness” story. But it did fit in beautifully with the cold, calculating, planned murder story.

Heather Emmonds, 58, was found guilty of premeditated murder. Yay! The verdict made the old bag cry. I’m glad.

Judge John Milford QC sentenced Heather Emmonds to life in prison and ruled she must serve a minimum of 20 years.

Tina’s Casey’s family said in their statement after sentencing, “No one has won in this case, both sides of the family have lost a mother, one has died and another is in jail, through tragic circumstances. Both sides in this case have shown great dignity and have conducted themselves impeccably.

“We hope everyone now can start to get on with their lives and put this behind us.”

They sound like good people. I extend my sincerest condolences to the family and all those who knew and loved Tina Casey. I hope and pray her children can find some healing now that the court process is over.

RIP, Tina Casey.

And may the murderous, monstrous mother-in-law never see freedom again. She had knowingly, willingly killed a mother of 5 and render her own grandson motherless, and that makes Heather Emmonds a hellbeast.

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30 Responses to Heather Emmonds

  1. LynxSwish says:

    What a sick and disgusting woman! How could anyone think that taking their own grandchild’s mother’s life would be the best solution for the kid. Has the dumb bitch ever heard of “traveling to visit her grandchild?” Rot in hell!

  2. bulldoggy says:

    I wonder if she didn’t know her grandson was in the house until after the murder and then her plan was shot. She brought gloves and a change of clothes because she didn’t want to be caught. The only thing she did right was not leave her grandson in the house to find the body. But by taking him out of the house he was a witness so she had to come up with her bullshit story and her phony suicide attempt. I hope she suffers greatly for robbing 5 children of their beloved mother.

  3. Thundar says:

    Let see, the old bag sentenced her own grandson to a life of knowing his sweet granny up and brutally killed his mom. Oh, that works out just fine.

  4. =^+^=Bengalpuss says:

    Oh dear, love the black eye. Wonder if that was caused in the fake suicide attempt at crashing her car. I could instal this idiot in my basement, but i won’t use her ideas for murder as she is Fucking useless. That poor woman, and her son, don’t think he’ll believe her letter though, if i was that boy, i’d never want to see that old cow ever again

  5. Moodymagic says:

    What a cold sick bitch 20 years is not nearly enough.

  6. 2cute says:

    What a stupid, selfish, unholy scheme! Obviously she thought she could kill and get away with it otherwise she would’ve waited for another time when her daughter in law was alone. I bet she thought the boy was with his father that day. I am glad the boy didn’t see his mom like that, he’s gone through enough as it is. Long may she putrefy in her cell.

  7. FlyingLeadChange says:

    One loose thread that is bugging me… who has custody of the kid now? Because if he is now living with Daddy, then the bulk of her plan was actually successful. I really hope the kid is with his maternal relatives.

  8. guardian-angel says:

    daddy has him

  9. JUST-ME says:









    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Thats so unfair, his mothers relatives should be taking care of him, that cow grandma has basically got what she set out to do, which is to keep the boy with her family, that’s not justice, that’s a joke.

    • mr nice says:

      Sick fuking bastards the son, had summit to do we it, he’s not worked deals drugs, why th fuk should that that fukka have the boy, TINA’S family or friend should have him, wicked arsehole family they should do life 4 life, karma will get YOU, HORRIBLE PEACES OF SHIT ROT IN HELL YOU BASTARDS, TAKE A BAG DRUG N KILL YOUR SELF N YA MOTHA WANKERS

  10. loved1 says:

    If only we could have stopped r.I.p Tina best mother and friend in th world rot Heather u cunt

  11. loved1 says:

    If we cud have only stopped it, rip Tina good friend nd loving mother taken away by Heather emmonds rot in hell

  12. Tracey says:

    I miss my sister every day of my life. No one has the right to take anyone’s life. I do hope she rots in hell and her family need to come to terms with the severity of what this woman has done. “because she is a nice woman and sorry for what she has done” does not take away the fact she is a MURDERER. As Tina’s sister I truly cannot forgive and will never ever forget. What I heard in court, no one should have to listen to in their life time and it all comes down to the fact that Heather Emmonds consistently controlled everything (making herself out to be a lovely woman and we were all taken in by it) and she is still trying to control things whilst in prison. while I have breath left in my body she will never see that young boy, and hopefully the powers in control of him at this present moment open their eyes to what is happening as I have kept every document so when the walls come crashing down I will then step and have every right to do so because right now apparently I have none.

    • 2cute says:

      All the best to you Tracey and condolences on your loss. I’m sure your sister was a lovely person and I’m also sure her killer is a heartless, manipulative, selfish monster. You nephew deserved to have his mother in his life, loving him and nurturing him, for decades to come. But for his granny he would have had that.

  13. BENGALPUSS says:

    Its the victims that are left to mourn their loved ones, not many people think about that when someone is getting executed, they all say that the government are murderers, and shite about cruel and unusual punishment and final meal requests, the victims didn’t get that, and do you think the victims didn’t suffer? my heart and voice goes out to the victims and their family that are sentenced to a life sentence of grief for life. we need to keep the death penalty and bring it back to britain, prisoners have got more rights than law abiding citizens.

  14. Tracey says:

    And to add to all this sadness his granny here on the Isle of Man has never seen her grandchild. Tina was never allowed to bring him here on her own. My mother never did anything wrong to warrant this as Tina always wanted to bring her son here to the Isle of Man and have him meet us all and get to know us. My mum has the first stages of dementia and is denying that her daughter is dead let alone murdered, she has it in her head that Tina is still very much alive and living in Whitly Bay as she says she can accept this, she cannot accept that she is dead so apart from the dementia she is also in denial. Thank you to all my family and friends in the UK that helped me, my husband and Tina’s daughters through this horrendous time when we needed it most, but for now the battle has not ended and we are just biding our time.

  15. BENGALPUSS says:

    Tracey, your day will come, your family and friends know the truths of what really happened and so will your nephew. he will realise that he isn’t with his mum because of a evil person who is narcississtic and took her away. The day will come when all the walls do come crashing down, just wait and see hun.

    • mr nice says:

      Hope you are ok Tracey and Joanne, die fucking heather n son crock of shit both should of been done, poor kid n Tina n family n friends xx

  16. mr nice says:

    You know what a horrible gran n dad to poor bairn we out his mam, how the fuck can any one of done that to Tina, Tina was a good friend and i remember both Tina and the little dude coming to mine, and my kids and tinas little baby playing while i enjoy company with Tina, having a laugh and drink, working togetha, how could you of done this to such a beautiful young lass,Tuna lived life and enjoyed her true friends, and leave a child without a mum, and a mum we out a daughter and sisters without a sister, how would you feel if someone did that heather t ur precious fukin dick of a son, eh, i hope you and Keith die a very very painful death, its called karma pet, n karma. Wants t make u n ya shitty son rot in hell, why do that heather horrible fat stinker bastard, why no wonder she wanted away from you, i have always liked you Tina and i wish i could of saved you. Your best mate (sister as i classed you both) Joanne its hit that lass really badly, and the pain in her heart will Neva mend, or her family in the isle of man, you should of let the lass go n Keith u had part of this, i don’t care what u say or think, u should of been joining ur. Witch of a mother, premeditated murder life for a life, you self centered person i hope u become someone’s BIATCH IN JAIL ROT u horrible cunt, why were you that per zest we Tina eh ? You heartless bitch how could you do that t your grandson, lies t police, lies your a lying cow, u should Neva be able t c him eva again, Neva speaking t him n having contact u heather n ya family should never been able t c or go ne where near that boy, you killed his fukkin mam, his mam, u need keep away from Tina’s son, he was Tina’s son not ur’s n never will be, what do you think he will think of you when he finds out the truth, as the truth always comes out, n he will walk from u n ya dick of a son Guess What its called KARMA XXXXXX REST IN PEACE TINA, HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY AND AT PEACE HUN, YOUR A BIG MISS, AND YOUR WERE VERY PRETTY, HOPE YOUR BOY ENDS UP WITH YOUR FAMILY OR YA BEST MATE N YOU NO WHO U R XXXXXX

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Mr nice, i could tell by reading your comment that your from up north, either newcastle or sunderland? I also agree with you that the bairn should be with his mams family. Life some times is very unfair isn’t it *sigh*.

  17. mr nice says:

    Hope you r ok Tracey, your sister was a wonderful, caring, peaceful, and lovely person to know, i hope your mum n Tina’s children and grandchildren are well, Tina loved you all, and in sorry i didn’t go to her funeral, she was amazing person to work, talk and drink with, shes one big miss and i hope you get that little lad back with you or Joanne, he will find out the truth, the internet does not hide anything, and that’s karma Hun, just bide your time, your day will come, they think they have won, but have they ? karma catches up with everyone xxx

  18. Tracey says:

    Hi all. Just to keep you updated. It would appear from what I have been told today that arrangements are being made for the little lad (who still resides with his drug dealing father)to be visiting his granny in prison !!! What is with these people. The little lad has also been told(by his mentally incapacitated family) that his mum and granny had a falling out and thats why his mother is not there !! But to have him visit that butcher in prison is beyond believe… If that had of been Tina would they be taking that little boy to see her ??!! I think not!! This has just tarnished Tina’s memory even more. We played by their rules and kept our heads down and look what has happened. If anyone is reading this and know Heather and the family personally … here is a message for them all …. THE GLOVES ARE OFF ! you have taken the piss out my family and don’t think for one minute this is going to be taken lying down. You obviously do not know us very well at all. You have made a mockery of Tina and my family … this is not going to be taken lightly. you thought Tina was a headache … meet the migraine !

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Hi Tracy, is there any updates regarding what is happening with tinas son and that bastard of a family he’s with? Very sad that they’ve got him.

  19. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Con Dem Regime Needs to be Remembered as a Regime of Evil

    Apart from Letting Murderers Getting Away with Murder their Nefarious
    Public Spending Cuts Caused by the Reduction of Public Services such as
    the Police Lesser Services to Ordinary People in the United Kingdom

    A Pro EU Dictatorship of a Government that Took from the Poor to give
    Tax Breaks to the Selfish Rich One of the Most Evil and Worst Governments in British History with Trendy Social Liberal Elitism and Ruining Public Services so Ordinary People Not Least the Poor Suffered

    The Money Wasted on the EU Dictatorship during the Con Dem Regime could
    of Helped Fund the Police to keep the Streets and Communities Safe

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