Harby Ausbon Burden

Harby Burden
Crimes: Child Abuse, Child Endangerment, Murder

Four-year-old Ausbon Juan (“AJ”) Burden deserved better. He deserved a life full of love and free from fear. He deserved days filled with laughter instead of screams. He deserved childish joys instead of hellish tortures. He deserved real parents who loved, protected and nurtured him. Tragically, Ausbon Burden’s parents gave him nothing but pain, brutality, neglect and death.

AJ’s parents were Harby Ausbon Burden and India Marie Waller of San Bernardino, California. They lived in an apartment in the 2900 block of North Mountain Avenue. That’s where the little boy suffered the torments of hell and died. Mercifully his baby sister wasn’t harmed.

On October 11, 2006, Harby Burden probably set out to murder the boy. You can’t use a baseball bat on a 4-year-old without intending to kill. The hellbeast’s excuse was that little AJ had soiled his pants. That’s right. The little guy had messed his trousers and for that he was beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat.

Police and paramedics were called to the scene at 1:30 p.m. and found little AJ unconscious, barely clinging to life. He was rushed to hospital but died at 2:03 pm. That poor boy.

Tragically, the final beating was not AJ’s first beating, nor even his second. That poor little boy was beaten regularly by his father, as evidenced by the older injuries that were in various stages of healing.

AJ’s battered body showed extensive injuries. He had scars, bruises and lacerations all over his body. He had a lacerated kidney, broken ribs, a broken right arm, a broken right leg, a broken right hand, a broken left arm and a broken left foot. He had been literally battered to pieces.

Incredibly, and heartbreakingly, there was more damage to be discovered. Little AJ had been beaten in the butt so hard that the muscles tore away from his pelvic girdle! Not suprisingly, this caused internal bleeding.

Harby Burden had time and again beaten his little boy bloody, and he had finally gone too far.

And where was India Waller, the mother, while her boy was being tortured and beaten? She was there, doing nothing tangible to save her son’s life. She was only 21 years old in 2006. I remember being 21 (vaguely), but I cannot recall ever being as willfully oblivious and determinedly stupid as she was.

In 2001, Harby Burden was convicted of statutory rape — India Waller, then 16, was his victim. While he was tucked away in prison for the crime, she gave birth to his son, AJ. When he got out of prison, the young idiots decided to become a family. They gave birth to a baby girl when AJ was 3 years old.

That part I can understand. India Waller was young and in love. She didn’t care what the world thought about her relationship with Harby Burden. She just wanted to be with her man. Typical teenager stuff.

I can understand too that India Waller would make excuses for Harby Burden when he wasn’t exactly Prince Charming incarnate. He hurt his back, so of course he couldn’t work. He was on pain medication, so of course he wasn’t himself. Yes, I can understand her rationale for sticking with a drugged-up, unemployed man who wasn’t supporting their little family. She loved him.

What I totally, completely fail to understand is how India Waller could allow her man to beat her little boy more than once. I can’t understand why she wouldn’t grab AJ and her baby and rush to the hospital the very first time he was hurt. I can’t understand why she didn’t call the police. And I absolutely cannot understand why she wouldn’t call 911 when she knew Harby Burden was battering AJ, time after time, bone after bone.

Her being only 21 doesn’t cut any ice with me. A child knows that when you break an arm or a leg you go to the hospital to get it fixed. There is no way India Waller could not comprehend that AJ, with 2 broken arms, a broken leg, broken ribs, a broken hand and a broken foot, needed medical attention!

I guess the police couldn’t understand India Waller any more than I do. They arrested both of AJ’s parents, and placed his baby sister with San Bernardino County Child Protective Services.

Harby Burden, then 27, was charged with murder. India Waller was charged with felony child endangerment that contributed to the death of her little boy.

In about the smartest move she could have made, India Waller made a plea agreement. She was convicted of child abuse, manslaughter and false imprisonment, and was sentenced back in January 2011 to 5 years in prison.

The lucky woman was given credit for time served, and has since been released. She was required to pay $4956.73 in restitution to the victim compensation board.

Harby Burden managed to delay his date with justice until January 2015. That’s a whole lot of years! He was finally convicted in San Bernardino Superior Court of 1st-degree murder, torture and willful cruelty to a child causing death.

This month the decision will be made as to whether Harby Burden faces life in prison or execution. His lawyer, of course, asked for mercy. “Is he so terrible that he has to be executed?” he asked of the jury. I know my answer.

Deputy District Attorney Bonnie Mann asked the jury in her turn, β€œIs he deserving of sympathy that he did not give his own child? (A.J.) was murdered by the one person who was supposed to protect him against all the evils of the world. Instead, he (Burden) was the biggest evil of the world to A,J.”

Well put, IMO, and very true.

I shall endeavour to update the article when the sentence is announced — reminders are welcome.

No matter what the ultimate sentence will be, Harby Burden has many, many years ahead of him to sit and stew in his own juices. Maybe he’ll learn remorse, and maybe he’ll take the time to make himself a better person. No matter — it will all be too little too late.

RIP, Ausbon Juan Burden.

I hope and pray his baby sister is in a safe, loving, nurturing environment now, and given every opportunity to grow up into a happy, successful woman.

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14 Responses to Harby Ausbon Burden

  1. robin says:

    No wonder the poor boy had accidents.. He was terrified of his dad and all those daily beatings probably made it difficult for him to control himself ffs the little boy never had a chance .i hope these bastards die a horrific death in prison

  2. Katie says:

    I always think about the 1st responders on the scene in these situations & whether or not anyone could truly be prepared for what they see. This kind of crime is incomprehensible & beyond evil.

  3. MoodyMagic says:

    Gosh this peace of shit deserves no mercy. A baseball bat to a 4 year old sick fuck. Burden burn in hell.how bout the general population all beaten the crap out of you. India you were no kind of mother did you protect your poor child no. In fact you got off way too easy.

  4. Cody Kooiker says:

    The ancient Persian torture scaphism seems to be the only punishment that comes close to being appropriate.

  5. Cody Kooiker says:

    The ancient Persian torture scaphism would be appropriate in this case.

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    Creative and gross, but the cunt deserves it. That poor boy, no wonder he was having accidents in his pants, probably petrified of his worthless sperm donor. Another life ended all too soon, bless his heart. Death penalty for this turd is the only way towards justice for that little boy, he didn’t get a chance to live so why should this shitbag.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Bengalpuss, don’t try that technique in your dungeon. Sounds extremely messy and disgusting. Stick to non-maggotty methods.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Your right bulldoggy, mark your calender, i couldn’t be so cruel as to put those poor maggits through so much trauma. I also think the egg donor(because a mother she is not) should be more punished also, she sat back and watched that sweet little boy get battered and did fuck all to stop it, i don’t give a flying fuck what excuses she has, because a true mother would die for her children, she did fuck all and that to me makes her as bad as him period. Women that i have read about that have stood by and watched their partner beat their children to a point of killing that child fucking sicken me bulldoggy. I thought i’d tell you that i’ve got my next kitty and he/she will be ready to come live with me in four weeks because its only 5weeks old. I’m like a new mom expecting her first baby lol, its ginger and white but i don’t have a name yet. Bulldoggy you’ll have to think of a good name for my furry bundle of joy awww bless.

        • AngryLittleMexican says:

          I agree with you but I’m not even going to google that persian thing……*shudders*

        • bulldoggy says:

          Bengalpuss, did you get your new kitten yet? What did you name it? I vote for Spike. Or Miss Sissy von Sassypants.

          • Bengalpuss says:

            Yes bulldoggy, i’ve got my new kittens, one is ginger and he’s called sherlock and the other one is black and white and his name is morse after a british detective called inspector morse, so they both have detective names. They are doing my box in at the moment because they are only 9 weeks old and they climb everywhere, up the curtains, my trouser leg and think that i was put on this earth to serve them, otherwise i love them. Yes the bengal has a soft side. Morse is laid on my side while i’m in bed typing this, while sherlock is under the covers, but i’ve got to be careful because the other day he bit my arse, no kidding and they’re teeth are like needles. Hope you and tullx are ok?

  7. LawyerChick says:

    I can’t find his sentence. Apparently, the first jury was deadlocked. I’m assuming they agreed to life without parole after that. Not sure. The mom got 5 years in prison.

  8. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Jesus fucking Christ. To beat a 4 year old, your own SON, to death with a fucking baseball bat… Jesus. This one made me cry. I’ll bet he was just begging Daddy please stop and crying out for his mother. This one will bother me for a long time… Yes, he IS so fucking terrible he deserves the death penalty. Unfuckingreal. πŸ˜žπŸ˜­πŸ˜–

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