Hanif Sims & Monique Lynch


Crimes: Child Abuse, Negligence, Murder

This story is one I intended to write when I began this blog, but wound up getting tucked away in my to-do file. There are a helluva lot of hellbeasts in that file, and even though I’ve written more than 620 articles, there are always more.

Genesis Sims lived with her father, Hanif Sims, and his girlfriend, Monique Lynch, in Monument, Colorado, USA. It was an awful life for the little girl. Her father was an abusive hellbeast who began beating her when she was just a toddler. Her father’s girlfriend may have abused her too.

When they lived in New Jersey, authorities were made aware of a complaint that Hanif Sims was abusing little Genesis. The evil bastard was putting the girl’s own poop as well as mouse poop into her backpack to take to school to “teach her a lesson”. The authorities were about to take Genesis away from her abusers but Hanif Sims moved the family to El Paso County in Colorado.

El Paso officials were advised by New Jersey authorities about the abusive situation, but unfathomably they didn’t act.

On October 2, 2008, El Paso officials received a complaint of abuse — that Hanif Sims was abusing Genesis and her stepbrother. A child protection worker did go to the house and tried to interview the two children, but got no information. Genesis told the worker that she wasn’t supposed to talk about her parents, and the worker accepted that. The complaint was filed as “inconclusive” and no further action was taken.

Shortly after the child protection worker’s visit, Genesis was pulled from second grade to be homeschooled. Uh oh. Both you and I know that Hanif Sims and Monique Lynch had no intention of educating that little girl. They merely wanted to remove any prying eyes as the horrible abuse continued.

On December 10, 2008, which was Genesis’ stepbrother’s 12th birthday, Hanif Sims became enraged at the little girl for the final time. Genesis was so frightened that she peed her pants, and was ordered to take a shower. Hanif Sims was further enraged when, in his opinion, she was showering too long. He grabbed little Genesis by the throat and lifted her up. He then punched her in the chest. It was a deadly blow. Genesis immediately lost consciousness probably because her heart was failing.

I guess the hellbeasts figured out that the abuse had gone too far. They removed Genesis from the shower and put her into bed. There the unconscious girl lingered near death for 2 days. That’s right, 2 days. Hanif Sims and Monique Lynch had made the conscious, unconscionable choice to not seek medical care because they didn’t want to go to prison. They chose to let the girl die rather than face up to their crimes. They chose to become murderers.

Hanif Sims, instead of trying to save his daughter’s life, pondered ways of hiding the body. He considered dissolving her in a bathtub full of acid, but had to rule that out when he discovered via the Internet that he’d need a plumber’s license to purchase the acid.

When Hanif Sims and Monique Lynch decided that Genesis was dead, or dead enough, they wrapped her in trash bags and buried her in a hole they’d dug in the crawlspace under the house. There is no way of knowing if Genesis was buried alive, but I find some consolation in knowing she was not conscious if she were.

Having disposed of Genesis, Hanif Sims and Monique Lynch told the stepbrother and anyone who asked that Genesis was living with her biological mother or an aunt in New Jersey. They moved out of the house in early 2009, and left everything behind. They headed for Southern California and wound up at the Union Rescue Mission homeless shelter in Los Angeles for a few months.

Unfortunately for Hanif Sims and Monique Lynch, the hiding place they’d chosen to bury the body wasn’t ideal. On May 9, 2010, plumbers installing a sump pump under the house discovered little Genesis. The hunt was immediately on for her killers.

In July 2010, Hanif Sims and Monique Lynch were caught in Henderson, Nevada. Both were charged with 1st-degree murder.

Because these 2 monstrous hellbeasts pointed the finger of blame at each other, and because there were issues regarding the credibility of 2 investigators that could have led to an acquittal, both were given plea deals.

Hanif Sims and Monique Lynch pled guilty to child abuse resulting in death.

Monique Lynch, at her sentencing hearing in July 2011, said, “I want to take full responsibility because I know I could have done something more to save her.” She was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

Hanif Sims, at his sentencing hearing in April 2012, said, “I’m sorry. I tried my best, but I didn’t try hard enough. I wish I could go back and change things.” He was then sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Genesis Sims

Genesis Sims

Genesis Sims was only allowed 7 years to live, and most of those years must have been in fear and pain, but she deserved much more and much better than that. RIP, little girl.

I wish the best for Monique Lynch’s children. I hope that now they are living in a safe, loving home.

Hanif Sims deserves to die in prison. He deserves to live every year he has left in fear and pain.

Monique Lynch deserved to lose her children. Her children deserve a better mother than she ever was or ever could ever be.

And then we come to the El Paso officials who turned a blind eye to the abuse of a little girl. I suspect they’re overworked, but I truly hope they have since resolved to work harder to protect children at risk. If they had acted, Genesis Sims would likely be alive today.

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26 Responses to Hanif Sims & Monique Lynch

  1. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Totally Evil.

    Anyone who Objects to the Death Penalty For Murder combined with
    Child Abuse and Cruelty is a Apologist For Evil and Not a Decent Person

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Morality Helps makes a Nation Decent as Opposed to Degenerate

    The Age of Consent in the United Kingdom is too Low at 16 Years of
    Age and Needs to be Raised to 18 Years of Age

    Scum who want to Lower the Age of Consent are Sick Creeps and
    Effectively Agents of Child Abuse

    For Violating the Age of Consent is Destroying the Innocence of
    Childhood and Warrants the Death Penalty in a UK Free from Moral
    Degeneracy which includes Child Abuse

    It was and is Sickening that back in 1866 the Age of Consent was
    12 Years of Age in 1876 was 13 Years of Age and was not until the
    Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 that it became 16 through it was wanted to be 18 Years of Age but due to shady characters connected
    with child prostitution it was only 16 Years of Age

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    There is Right and There is Wrong

    Morality is Not Supposed to be ” Cool ” ” Trendy ” or ” Make No Judgement ” it is Meant to Defend Society from Cruelty and Degeneracy
    which together Make Evil and go Hand in Hand

    • TimeToFaceFacts says:

      Stop blaming society for the evils these people do. Individual responsibility is the key here. For every one of these sickos there are a thousand good people that never get the spotlight. If you want to blame someone, blame the media for dealing in misery and not reporting on the good of the world.

      Harsh punishment (long prison terms / no early parole / DP ) + intensive rehabilitation efforts + victim support

  4. moodymagic says:

    This poor little girl how she suffered. My sympathy is for this little girl. Her murdering sperm doner deserves only to suffer greatly every single day. Step Monster glad you lost your children as well.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    What can i say? Unfortunately little genesis won’t be the last we read about who will be murdered in this way. I think home schooling shouldn’t be allowed, and because genesis never got to live her life and full potential, neither should her killers, they should be locked away for life and never see the light of day or freedom again.

    • Jessie says:

      I’m sorry did u blame homeschooling, what??, I homeschooled my very spoiled daughter for 3 years and I assure you not everybody that home schools is evil:)

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    Wow, i did a comment without swearing.

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Those who Condone or Push Paedophilia are Accessories to Paedophilia

    Any so called ” Celebrity ” that Thinks Paedophilia is ” Love ”
    is Gormless at Best and very likely Evil

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Innocence of Children and the Innocence of Childhood is Protected
    by Morality

    Those Attack and Mock Morality are Agents of Evil and Enemies of the
    Innocence of Childhood and Need to be Condemned as Such

  9. AngryLittleMexican says:

    As a homeschooling parent who knows quite a few homeschooling families, I think it’s unfair to say we can’t be in control of our children’s education just because a small fraction have used this as a cover for their nefarious and abusive ways – especially as schools in the US budgets are so routinely whittled away and asinine money mongers seek to privatize our school (a whole other subject though) and bullying is becoming a literal life or death game that puts children who are not prone to committing acts of violence (aka healthy children with morals and values) at the mercy of desensitized and unsupervised children. I own my own business and have the college education to feel 100% okay with teaching my children at home. HOWEVER, I notice many of these abusers HAVE had their children in schools for a time and then REMOVE THEM. For ONE, the issue at hand is they obviously wanted to keep this abuse hidden so removed the child, why didn’t the almighty school or teachers reporting the odd behaviour, marks, or truancy of these abused children? Are they not mandated reporters? and TWO what about the neighbors? You are telling me a child being beaten or abused makes no noise? and THREE where are the grandmas? Aunties? No one gave a damn – not even their own family, to protect, check up on, report or help these children. Homeschooling is far from the worst beast in this story. Don’t take the true blame from those who earned it – the abusers, the school/teachers, the willfully ignorant neighbors or the pathetic excuse for families these children had.
    The damn asshole was putting rat shit and her own feces into her backpack. He obviously had no fear of the school reporting him. And the true evil in this story are the bastards in El Paso who didn’t give a shit even when their counterparts in NJ were telling them this family was abusing this little girl. Hanif and that beastly bitch of his were Genesis’ immediate problem, they failed her as parents. But El Paso failed her as a Government – the same government that runs public schools. Just saying.

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Only Decent People should be Parents

    Any ” Lawyer ” that wants the Age of Consent Lowered Needs to be
    Sacked from the Legal Profession

    Innocence Not Iniquity

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The UK Needs to Leave the EU so that Murderers get Get the Death Penalty
    For Murder and some Cloud Cuckooland ” Court of Human Rights ” does Not
    let Sadistic Murderers out for their ” Human Rights ”

    I am so Sick of the Mess the UK is in due to Liberal Do Gooders

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Dpo, tell me about it love, lets have the referendum to see if we want to stay in the eu. I personally think we should get out, court of human shite’s, some of their ruling’s makes the mind boggle.

  12. wildchild says:

    Behind her smile, you can see the fear and pain in her eyes.

  13. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Agree Bengalpuss Leave the EU

    How any Rational and Common Sense Person would want to stay in the EU
    defies Belief

    The ” European Court of Human Rights ” Undermines Real Human Rights

  14. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Establishment Scare Stories about UK Security at Risk if the UK
    Regains it’s Sovereignty from the EU are Rubbish. Since joining the
    ” Common Market ” there have been Tawdry Defence Cuts even under the
    Alleged ” Conservatives ”

    What Security is there for UK Society where Murderers Get Away with Murder because of No Death Penalty and the Awful ” European Court of
    Human Rights ” has Released Murderers due to their ” Human Rights ”

    What about the Human Rights of their Victims Not to be a Victim of
    Murder ?

  15. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Common Sense Yes Cravenness No

    Common Sense points out that leaving the EU the UK can have the Death
    Penalty for Murder Rape Child Abuse and Animal Cruelty without Scumbags
    having the ” European Court of Human Rights ” to go to a ” Court of Human
    Rights ” that does Not Help the Homeless

    Cravenness is be a Sheep and Vote to Stay in the EU and have Murderers
    Rapists Child Abusers and Animal Abusers Get Away with what they do whilst Politicians in Westminster do Not give two hoots

  16. Bengalpuss says:

    Unfortunately dpo, because britain is run by a bunch of muppets, we pay 354million a day membership fee to be in the eu, british courts can be overruled by the european courts of human shite’s, and look at the jungle camp in calais full of so called refugees, bollocks the majority are economic migrants who are coming for a free ride because the uk are run by fucking idiots. Somebody who is genuinely fleeing persecution would be happy to be in most european countries but these young male men want to come here. I’m all for giving refuge to women with children and families but when i see all the young male men, it annoy’s me. They are from a culture where they don’t respect women and its becoming evident with cologne. Thats why i will be voting for getting out of the european union and then we may be able to control our borders, who knows how many isis terrorists have sneaked into the uk, paris is a sad example. Mind you getting out of the E U is the first step, next step is for the british goverment to grow some bollocks and sort this shit out that we are in, our schools are full and british children are being refused a place in the school where they live due to foreign kids, the nhs is fucked and people are dying because they’ve had to wait so long for an ambulance because it can’t cope with the influx and our junior doctors are striking due to pathetic pay, yet they plough all that money into immigration and membership fee to the eu it makes me mad, i could go on and on but i’m giving myself a migraine and don’t want to do that because i won’t get a doctors appointment, you have to plan to be sick in the uk so you can get to see a doctor, i best stop its coming on this migraine. Vote out of the european union!!

  17. Kim says:

    I live in nj, i am also a survivor of child abuse, mental, sexual, everythjng. I tried finding an outlet that would help me have an outlet, i have ptsd which i was diagnosed with after starting to take classes studying to be a CASA after learning in nj that most cases never make it to court and in most cases the child no matter how bad the abuse eventually ends up back with the abuser. I listened to a tape the last class i took of a 6 yr old girl who dialed 911 on her moms bf who was beating mom and threatened the new baby brother and listened to the mother bitch her out for calling 911. The call is pretty famous in the usa used in training for cops and first responders and apparently cps and CASA. I had to stop my training and not long after was diagnosed with ptsd. My aunt was top banana at DYFS up til the 90’s she worked there her entire adult life and watched me abused just sad nj sucks so bad

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Kim, if i listened to that phone call i would’ve probably ended up in tears. The poor child tries to help her mom only to be shouted at? Poor child. I hope you get help for your ptsd kim and manage to heal.

    • Lexi says:

      Is it the one with the girl named Lisa? I think I heard that on a podcast. She survived and was interviewed about it. Crazy though. That call is the most heartbreaking thing ever. Especially after hearing the mom yelling at her to “shut the hell up!”

  18. tiffany brown says:

    I love you Genesis …miss you very much You truly made an impact on my life & will never ever forget you ..rest easy babygirl

  19. serena duran says:

    I met that sick couple for 5 min.at the union rescue mission I shook Monique hand being introduced by my kids dad. I got a fucked up guy feeling and I told my kids dad (I don’t know but I don’t like her my stomach turned I told him do not let my kids be around he)as soon as she walked away hanif walked up and I definitely did not get a good vibe. I’ve never in my life felt that meeting someone in 2 min. A month later my kids dad called me and told me this story,I was sickened that my kids were left alone to baby sit,fuckin sick bastards, they both deserve life with no parole.they both need a taste of there own medicine….ugh…ugh

    • Alberto Guerra says:

      I met them as well…I will hate them forever specially him he haves no right to be a victim or to say he wish he could of done something better after he threaten me at the Union Rescue Mission his exact words were “I will cut your balls off and cut your head off and feed your own balls”….He is totally a sick bastard….knowing he would send his own blood daughter to school with her per and poop because they chose not to potty train sick mofos….And monique fleeing from a crazy house in new jersey…this couple need the death penalty…just to mention she did my daughter’s hair once with her dirty murder hands….they should die…

      • Julian Groomes says:


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