Guevara Wilson Clorina

Wilson Clorina

Crimes: Child Porn, Pedophile, Murder

I used to have a relative who would say, “Good things happen to good people.” She was SO WRONG! Terrible, horrible, evil, nasty things happen to good people. Being good doesn’t spare anyone from all possible harm.

Chona Manzano of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and her 5-year-old son, Gabrial, were good people. The Manzano family lived in a nice home on Evanspark Circle NW. Chona Manzano was happily married to Erwin Manzano, and the young family had some of his relatives living in the same city. Their lives in Canada were good.

The Manzanos generously sponsored his cousin, Guevara Wilson Clorina, to come to Canada from the Philippines. They helped the man get his start here. They let him work as their live-in nanny for several years, entrusting him with their 3 precious children.

Unfortunately, Guevara Wilson Clorina did not make a good citizen. He has a proclivity for young girls. He began a sexual relationship with a girl, probably when she was 12, and that lasted for 3 years. He also indulged in child pornography.

Great, just what Canada needed – another pedophile in its midst.

It is possible that Chona Manzano discovered Guevera Wilson Clorina’s illicit relationship with the girl. Unfortunately, Chona Manzano cannot tell us what she knew or suspected, because the pedo bastard saw to it she couldn’t say anything to anyone ever again.

Chona Manzano

Chona Manzano

On May 16, 2013, Guevera Wilson Clorina, 26, showed up unannounced at the Manzano home. It was mid-morning, and he knew that Chona Manzano would be home alone with her youngest child, Gabrial.

Sneaking into the house, Guevera Wilson Clorina came up behind Chona Manzano in the living room and attacked her. He repeatedly stabbed her so viciously that he actually bent the blade. He used a second knife then, and continued stabbing the poor woman. He accidentally cut his own fingers on the blade as he plunged it into his victim.

And what of Gabrial? Horrifically, the 5-year-old had witnessed his mother’s bloody murder. Guevera Wilson Clorina knew the boy had seen it all, and figured he was old enough to tell the police. The killer couldn’t allow that to happen.

Gabrial Manzano

Gabrial Manzano

Gabrial, no doubt terrified, fled upstairs to his parents’ bedroom. There was no escape, no sanctuary there for him. He frantically searched for something to use to save his life.

Guevera Wilson Clorina locked the front door deadbolt, leaving it smeared with his blood. With deliberation he climbed the stairs, still armed with his knife. He had no qualms about what he was going to do.

Gabrial did what he could to fend off the killer with the only weapon he could find — a backscratcher. What a brave little guy he was, but he didn’t stand a chance. The hellbeast Guevera Wilson Clorina heartlessly and cold bloodedly stabbed the kindergartener to death in the bedroom.

Leaving behind the butchered bodies of people who had loved him, and the knives he used to kill them, Guevera Wilson Clorina went on the run. Inexplicably, though, he actually called a family member to reveal that there had been a stabbing in the house.

I cannot imagine what Guevera Wilson Clorina was thinking then. Why would he call anybody? And if he felt he had to call somebody, he could have called 9-1-1 with an anonymous tip. He didn’t do that. It’s like he wanted that family member specifically to walk into the house, see the blood on the floor and walls, and discover the bodies of that beautiful woman and her darling, brave little boy.

Clorina murder scene

Mere hours after the murder, RCMP found Guevera Wilson Clorina. The car he was driving was in a ditch near Olds, Alberta, and the evil killer was still inside it.

Guevera Wilson Clorina was initially charged with 2 counts of 1st-degree murder. Child porn charges were added months later, along with charges relating to the sexual relationship he had with the underage girl.

In Calgary’s Court of Queen’s Bench on April 1, 2015, Guevera Wilson Clorina, 28, pled guilty to the 1st-degree murder of Gabrial, the 2nd-degree murder of Chona Manzano, and sexual touching of a minor.

As part of the proceedings, the prosecutor, Carla MacPhail, read the statement of agreed facts, supplemented with photos of the crime scene.

Strangely, Guevera Wilson Clorina claimed that the murder of Chona Manzano was not planned. Really? He arrived unannounced and snuck up behind her — with a knife! How is that not planned?

Through the 2-hour long recitation of the statement of agreed facts, Guevera Wilson Clorina kept his head down, not looking at the family members who had done so much for him when he arrived in Canada.

The hellbeastly murderer’s lawyer said, “He’s remorseful. He feels bad for what happened and he’s evidencing that by his pleas here today.”

Although the family was spared the ordeal of a trial, the guilty pleas did not lessen the family’s grief.

“It was just like yesterday … it’s tough for all of us,” said Gabrial’s aunt, Emmylou Nolasco.

“We give [Guevera Wilson Clorina] everything. We help his family and for him — a better future,” said a heartbroken Erwin Manzano. “This is how he pay me: took my wife and took my son.”

Wilson Clorina in custodyOn April 17, 2015, Guevera Wilson Clorina was sentenced by Justice Kristine Eidsvik to serve a life sentence. It will be at least 35 years before he can apply for parole.

“It’s hard to move on, but we have no choice,” Erwin Manzano said after the sentencing.

The family’s grief is made worse by the fact the hellbeastly killer has never explained his reason for the murders.

“We still have questions why he did it,” said Emmylou Nolasco. I agree — it makes no sense whatsoever. Guevera Wilson Clorina gained nothing by murdering that lovely woman and her darling little boy.

“My son, I always remember he woke up [with a] big smile on his face. He was a good son,” said Erwin Manzano.

RIP, Chona and Gabrial Manzano. I extend my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends who mourn their loss.

To Guevera Wilson Clorina, I wish 35 years and more of daily suffering in prison. He deserves no better than that.

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  2. Bengalpuss says:

    Horrible wicked evil bastard, i wouldn’t have put it past him to have done something to that sweet little boy before murdering him. That lovely family only did good things for that evil cunt and he repaid them by murdering 2 of them and one only 5years old, 35years in jail somehow seems like a joke, i wish canada had the death penalty and britain too, some crimes are so despicable that sentencing to death is the only appropriate sentence for pigs like this piece of shit.

  3. moodymagic says:

    This is so terrible a 5 year old stabbed to death along with his mother. 35 years in a Canadian Prison is a joke. Clorina I wish you nothing but suffering an pain Baby killer.

  4. Bulldoggy says:

    I can’t imagine what that little boy went through seeing the man who helped raise him butcher his mother and then come after him. This bastard deserves a painful death.

  5. MR.DUDE says:

    I’m ashamed that he is also a Filipino… He deserves a extremely painful death.

  6. MSM says:

    Who cares how much remorse this idiot feels? He killed a mother and child who were completely innocent. He deserves a spot in Bengal’s basement!!

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