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Greg StewartCrime: Child Abuse, Sexual Interference with Minor
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I am sure each of us can remember a teacher we despised, one who played favorites, who bored us out of our gourds, or who existed solely to make our lives miserable. Mine was Mr. Miller, a crazy old coot/science teacher who fed kittens and puppies to the class snake.

I got a mark of zero in Grade 8 Science because I would not go into the classroom. I did all the assignments but still got zero, and my parents finally transferred me to another school. So bonus to you — no matter how rotten a student you may have been, you can say Cleo here got a worse mark than you! BTW, if anyone out there got lower than zero, please let me know.

I should hope we each have also had a favorite teacher, one who had treated us with fairness and kindness, and encouraged us to learn and put forth our best effort. For many people who attended Orchard Park public school in Ontario, Greg Stewart was that favorite teacher.

Greg Stewart was a much admired, inspirational teacher and coach. In 1993 he won the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. He taught at Orchard Park for thirty years with an unblemished record. That is what makes his fall from grace inexplicable. And that is what made it so difficult for some people to believe the victim.

Greg Stewart either can’t or won’t explain what was going on in his head in January 2009. Apparently, after overhearing a 14-year-old female student talk about masturbation with her friends, this 55-year-old teacher took it upon himself to educate her about the topic.

He began having very personal, very inappropriate conversations with her.


At first he encouraged her to look up masturbation on the internet, and later he instructed her in techniques including the use of sex toys and a banana. He advised her how to touch herself in the shower, and told her to masturbate at certain times so he could masturbate simultaneously at his home.

Double ewwwww!

Stewart called it “homework.” And he would ask her if she did her “homework.”

On March 24, 2010, after two months of these intensely suggestive discussions, Stewart approached her in the classroom, in the presence of another student even, and slid his hand over her breast and down her body.

His version: he’d stumbled and fallen. Thank goodness her young firm breast was there to cushion his fall, right? No, thank goodness they weren’t alone for who knows how many more liberties he’d have taken if that other student hadn’t been there.

He apologized to the girl later.

Stewart – “Sorry about this morning.”

Victim – “That’s kind of weird. I’m a 14-year-old. That’s wrong.”

Stewart – “I know.

Stewart – Can I do it again?”

Stewart – “Please?”

What kind of fall was that again? A fall from grace maybe?

He continued to talk to her about masturbation, and told her to use a banana or candle as a sexual aid. The next day, the girl told another teacher what had gone on. Good for her! It isn’t easy to accuse a much loved, much respected teacher.

The teacher confronted Stewart, who asked to apologize to his victim.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know I was making you uncomfortable. I’ve had a good career here, I don’t want it to end now.”

The young victim’s reply?

“I sat there and looked down and said I’d think about it,” she told police.

Stewart was arrested that night.

Now Stewart didn’t commit the most heinous of crimes. Nobody was murdered, raped, kidnapped or beaten – praise be – and touching a girl’s breast is not exactly hell-worthy, even it you are 41 years older. Still, he should be condemned to hell for not manning up and admitting what he did right away.

By hiding behind his stellar reputation Stewart caused a lot of psychological damage and torture to be inflicted upon this girl. A lot of people in the community believed in him and took steps to punish her for speaking out.

The girl told Ontario Court Justice John Skowronski:

“I felt like I don’t belong anywhere. My friends rejected me and my parents thought of me differently.”

“I was scared of going into Grade 9. I was bullied. People wrote terrible things about me on Facebook and carved things onto my locker. I didn’t do anything wrong . . . Even my teachers gave me the cold shoulder.”

Her grades dropped, she became depressed and her relationship with family members became strained. She endured months of ridicule and scorn from those who believed Stewart was innocent. That is a horrible, horrible load for a 14-year-old girl to bear. And very likely there are still morons in the community who are continuing to torment her.

On April 16th, 2010, Greg Stewart, originally charged with invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference and sexual assault, pled guilty to sexual assault. I repeat, he PLED GUILTY. That means his victim was telling the truth! And to the morons out there who still believe in his innocence, what innocent person would EVER plead guilty to being a sex offender? It is not a coveted title!

Before sentencing Stewart to six months in jail for sexually assault, Justice Skowronki said the former Orchard Park teacher “lost everything he stood for” and “demolished his life.”

“His legacy, which should have been a proud one, is now tarnished by his own criminal actions.”

“You have no shame in this matter and only the people who addressed you have shame.”

Justice Skowronski addressed the fact that the girl felt ostracized by teachers and peers.

“Fingers of blame should not be pointed at the complainant, either by immature high school students and least of all by adults. If there’s someone who thinks that there’s a set-up here, they’re not dealing in the same reality as I am.”

Justice Skowronski also ordered a year-long probation for Stewart and that he be added to the sex offender registry for 10 years.

The victim’s sister, 13, said she wasn’t happy with the sentence.

“I don’t think he’ll learn much in six months.”

Her sister, she said, was depressed and had many sleepless nights.

“Grade 8 is supposed to be your year to remember, your last year of elementary school. You want to make it one to remember but he screwed it up and made it worse.”

Stewart is already being taught lessons while in custody. He was attacked twice by fellow prisoners. He suffered a broken nose, mild concussion, cuts, and a possible broken orbital bone. At least one assailant has been charged.

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14 Responses to Greg Stewart

  1. MK27 says:

    To me , this is very disturbing. How can any human possibly live with themselves after doign that to someone so innocent. Whether she was talking about it with her friends or not , that is none of his concern, this is what girls do at that age. Their learning about these things. So this sicko thought it was OK to approach her and tell her to do ‘homework’ disgusting. I personally believe that the beating he got from a cellmate is NOT enough.
    He will eventually be realeased, but this poor girl has to live with this burden the rest of her life.. that is sickening. And for a 14 year old, thats a huge thing to carry.
    To all the people who doubted her and pointed fingers, try to imagine if that was YOUR child, sister, brother, or any family member , even then you wouldnt be able to understand what that poor girl is going through. EVERYDAY is like death to her

    • Merry says:

      Watching this family suffering from depression for six years, I really wish him to go to hell. He is not forgiven by them and who ever knows this family. They did nothing but trusting This evil man.

  2. Anna says:

    Oh, yes, he definetly deserves to be in hell. I know the family of the victim. That basterd, is sitting at home and getting paid .Yet, This young girl and her family are going through difficult time. He might be in the hell after he dies, but this family are already living in hell. They are hurt phsychologicaly, emotionally and financially. Think about the cost of psychologist($150 an hour). After all the treatment, still they are not recovered. May be is forgotten by others, but they are in pain every moment of their life. Why should they get punished for Trusting and respecting.

  3. 2cute says:

    Poor kid. If I were her parents, I’d move the family to a completely different town. There’s no reason for this poor girl to suffer more. Thank God that he was caught before he raped her, because he would have. If he was that bold in front of another student, he surely would have.

  4. Netherwarper says:

    Cleo are you serious about your teacher and the feeding puupies to the class snake? Thats horrible!!!! I cant even bear to see a rodent go but a poor kitten or puppy!

    • cleo says:

      I am serious as a heart attack. That is what he did and I shall never forget it. It was beyond awful. He did not feed the pups or kitties so often they died before the snake got hungry. Mr. Miller would give the carcasses to the boys in class who would chase us with them.

      • Lillith says:

        That’s just plain sick! And I thought dissecting a frog or fetal pig was bad, but you win Cleo! Speaking of bad teachers, I’m on par with you grade wise. I had a math “teacher” who wasn’t even a math teacher, she was the Spanish teacher. She must not have been very good at math either, because all she ever did was put our assignment on the overhead projector & ask for our homework. I not only got NO CREDIT (which is lower than an F or Zero) for the first 6 weeks of school in that class, they wanted to put me in special ed. After I explained to the counselor that it wasn’t me, it was the teacher they moved me to a diffrent class & I had a “B” for the rest of the year.

  5. Netherwarper says:

    That makes me sick to my stomach. I couldt stand to see that suffering. Im glad I never met him because I would have punched him in the stomach or broken the tank.Theres just no way that would fly in todays schools

  6. Netherwarper says:

    I had a teacher who didnt believe the Holocaust happened, the only reason I am bringing this up is because he too was named Mr. Miller! He had this jar with an aborted fetus in it he would keep it on his desk (i went to all girl cath school) to try and “steer us away from pre marital sex and damnation from abortions”. the thing was downright creepy. almost as creepy as his big egg shaped body, he was the spitting image of Humpty Dumpty.

  7. esh says:

    I am writing this after 5 years and I know this family well. He really destroyed her life and her family. They will not forgive him and I wish he goes to hell.

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Disgusting Revolting and Evil

  9. Mike says:

    Greg Stewart was an awesome teacher! He was my science teacher in 1997. Very inspirational and admirable person that I remember. Today I searched him in the internet and read this shocking incident! I just cannot believe it…

  10. BeenThere says:

    WTF! Every fucking teacher who made the child feel like shit after outing the prick should be fired…as for her peers…fuck off trolls pray it doesn’t happen to your ass…

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