Gordon Dean

Gordon Dean

Crimes: Pedophile, Rape, Incest, Sexual Assault, Assault.

I am truly hoping that Gordon Dean will never, ever see the light of day again. He had managed to escape justice until he was an old man, and now that he’s serving time he doesn’t deserve to ever get out.

Gordon Dean of Chilcott Road, Knotty Ash, UK, is a vile, repugnant, disgusting pedophile. He worked as a mechanic and airport police worker, so he didn’t have access to victims via his places of employment. But he didn’t need that. He had access to them in his private life.

I don’t know how he got his filthy paws on his victims, but it seems he had nearly unfettered access. Nobody stopped him for years and years.

The first victim, when she was just 13, was repeatedly raped by Gordon Dean, the old pedo perv hellbeast. He physically assaulted the poor girl and warned her that she could expect “bad things would happen” if she told anyone about the abuse. She believed him.

The sexual assaults continued until the girl was 20, at which time she had been impregnated by the old beast. She gave birth to a baby girl.

I don’t know if Gordon Dean turned his attentions to other young girls, but he waited until his own daughter — his victim’s daughter — turned 8 years old before he began raping her too.

For 4 years this monstrous f*ckturd repeatedly raped that poor girl. He had both her and his first victim believing totally that he’d do great harm to them if they exposed his crimes.

Finally, in December 2015, both victims approached the police and told all. Kudos to them! I’m sure it was incredibly difficult for them to open up to anyone about what had been done to them.

At first Gordon Dean denied his guilt, and actually pled not guilty in Liverpool Crown Court. Unfortunately for the old fart he’d forgotten about DNA evidence. When confronted with the undeniable, irrefutable proof of his heinous crimes, the hellbeast changed his plea. He admitted 6 counts of rape, indecent assault, indecency with a child, assault and assault causing actual bodily harm.

On April 8, 2016, Gordon Dean, 79, was in court facing sentencing.

His first victim told the court that she’d been made to feel “vulnerable and intimidated”, and she’d grown up feeling “ashamed, disgusted and dirty”.

His daughter read a statement in court, saying, “Thanks to him I’ve never known what it’s like to be normal. I feel my childhood was stolen from me.

“I felt dirty and worthless, the result of sin. I thought about ending my life with a bottle of pills, but being a Christian stopped me.”

I just want to hold both of these young women close and tell them how much I admire their courage. I hope to gawd they are getting all of the support and therapy they need to live happy lives.

Gordon Dean apologized in the dock, but I don’t think he won over anyone, especially not the judge.

“You are a domineering, controlling, deviant, and depraved man,” Judge David Aubrey told the old perv. “You are a predatory pedophile.” He got that right.

“How does any person ever come to terms with the fact firstly that they came into this world as a result of their mother being raped by you?

“How does anyone ever come to terms with thereafter the fact you raped that very person?”

“You took away their virginity, you took away their innocence, you took away much of their lives. You have scarred both of them emotionally and psychologically.”

The judge continued, “The effect on people’s lives, the anguish at the distress caused by you are unimaginable and incalculable. Your conduct, your behaviour, was totally abhorrent and depraved.”

And with that Gordon Dean was sentenced to 20 years in prison with a chance of parole after 10 years.

As I said in the beginning, I hope and pray that freedom is a thing of the past for Gordon Dean. I hope and pray he suffers daily and ultimately dies behind bars. His victims deserve knowing he’ll never be loose again.

Liverpool Echo article
Daily Star article

26 Responses to Gordon Dean

  1. Tom Daly says:

    I hope someone rapes him and leaves him in horrendous pain like he did to those poor girls. Karmas a bitch

  2. Bengalpuss. says:

    I don’t mean to upset anyone but why did the first victim put her daughter in that position knowing what that dirty cunt did to her? Why did she put her daughter in the firing line? Granted she was threatened by this pig, however putting that little girl in that situation knowing that this cunt has a predilection for young girls is unbelievable, I’m sorry but there is no excuse for doing that. I sympathize with the mother for going thru that ordeal with this pig for all those years, but reading that her daughter wanted to commit suicide shows that she’s now fucked for the rest of her life, mentally! Some people may moan at what I’ve just put but I just can’t get my head round the daughter being subjected to the same thing, its just a shame that this pig was prosecuted before he could damage the young girl.

    • Jeni C says:

      BP, I agree with you 110%! Whatever possessed this young woman to leave her daughter alone with her rapist? Knowing that he would more than likely do the same thing to their daughter? I, too, cannot fathom how the mother could do that. Unless he had fought for, and won, visitation and/or custody, I wouldn’t let that man near my child! I know he had brainwashed them both into keeping his disgusting secret, but surely the mother knew that he was full of crap, and knew she could go to the police for help. I pray that both the mother and child get the therapy and peace they so deserve. I hope he gets raped in prison every day of his sentence. You know how these inmates look down upon child murderers and child rapists. I hope he got the warm welcome that only prison inmates can give him. I hope they continue to extend that courtesy to him EVERY DAY of his sentence!

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Its just mind blowing, I feel badly that mom had to go thru that, so why not run a thousand miles away with your daughter because the beast definitely would abuse her, like he did the mom. I just wish it was reported before the daughter was born because no doubt that little girl is damaged for life.

        • Jeni C says:

          I bet the mother was fearful every day after their daughter was born. Fearful that he would do the same to their daughter. But then again, she may have thought that he wouldn’t do anything to his own child, his own flesh and blood. I wonder how long it was before she found out that he was raping their daughter. I wonder how long it had been going on before she found out. This man doesn’t deserve to be walking amongst us human beings. He needs to be in a prison that houses the lowest forms of child molesters and child killers. And even then, he would still be lower than them! Like you said above, I wish that it had been reported BEFORE she had their baby. She would have saved their daughter from a lifetime of therapy and damage to not only her body, but her mental and emotional well being!!

      • indigo says:

        He didn’t brainwash me, Jeni. He had guns. The police were informed. A good few times. They did nothing. OK. What I want to know is who the fuck is this jackal? The day of the jackal! Guns, gun clubs, mates who knew him at the gun club? All men together, being real men, shooting animals and birds for fun? He did that.so did….she. He bragged. Stand up to a gun!

  3. Bengalpuss. says:

    I wish all the best for mom and her little girl, you were both victims to this depraved man’s sick actions, lets hope he dies in jail,this pig should never be free because he’s a predator and will do it again given the chance.

  4. Moodymagic says:

    Burn in hell Old Pedo. Hope you learn the pain you inflicted on these poor girls while in prison. You deserve nothing but suffering. I wish the victims nothing but the best.

  5. Mark says:

    DANA: A victim’s best friend. A sick pervs worst enemy.

  6. Jennifer Scambler says:

    You’re a disgusting and vile piece of shit scum and I know you’re going to rot in hell for all eternity!

  7. The Jackal says:

    Unfortunately he died within about a month of being convicted. Bowel torsion, take a look, it’s on the web, the report.
    This man also broke my heart too. I once dated his first victim. No sex ever happened between us, and I had no idea what this monster was doing to her in secret. It’s true, she should have gone to the police straight away after the first abuse, I don’t understand why. It was all swept under the carpet, obviously.
    I might have married that girl. It’s all long spoiled and broken up now, I haven’t seen her at all in over 25 years, and I was shocked to discover all this in the news. I’m unsure if I’ll get over it this year at least, now I know the horror of why my girlfriend used to suddenly disappear for years then reappear and make up again.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Its kind of fitting in the way he died, its not nice having something stuck inside you that you don’t want there.

    • indigo says:

      I stood up to him. And his guns. I survived. No, I am not his family. But under the shadow. I stood up when nobody else, nobody else did. You don’t know and I can’t say. I stood up, I could have been killed. Grown men didn’t. I did. Out of love and respect for my best friend I will never talk to you. You are all ghoulish. You are as sick as him by questioning his victims motives. How dare you! You have no morals or respect yourselves, so, understand that you are cowards. It takes courage. Have some respect for the victims. I was a child, and stood up to him.

  8. The Jackal says:

    Definitely agreed there! I just think it’s terribly unfortunate he didn’t live on for years with the shame of his dark secret out and the hostility of everyone. It’s possible they really were terrified of him but I still think that’s no excuse not to tell the police, most of it could have been prevented if he’d have been caught in the early 80s when he began this evil.
    He was a huge man you know, with the strength of a grizzly, the sort of guy that could tear down a tree with his bare hands.
    He should have lived on and suffered more. We can only hope there is some kind of punishment in the hereafter for him.

  9. AngryLittleMexican says:

    Jackal, it sounds like you knew/cared much ab out this girl, the first victim. How did he have so much access to her? I mean I just can’t understand why her parents would allow this! It had to seem odd, an older man hanging around with a 13 yr old!
    I am sorry for the young boy who dated this girl and had to wonder what was wrong, must have made sense later, too late though :/

  10. The Jackal says:

    Thanks for your sympathy. It’s long gone now and I’m happily with a woman, it just terribly shocked me upon seeing it in the news and realizing.
    I am not at liberty to give out any further details of the past situation as the victims have a right to anonymity and this is protected by law, and I would never wish to cause further distress by hinting at anything which may give clues as to their identity. My apologies for being vague, but you’ll understand I must be responsible.

  11. The Jackal says:

    You see, what I can’t understand is what he was messing about with young girls for. He was a big powerful strong guy, if he wanted a girlfriend he could have had one. Plenty of women liked him. What would he want to perv all this horrible stuff for? Maybe he wasn’t man enough to handle a woman his own age, I dunno!

    • indigo says:

      Which women liked him? Who are you, Jackal? I’ve got victim protection. You are obliged to give evidence by law. Not on here.

  12. The Jackal says:

    I’m sorry, Indigo. Saw this and been worrying on it all night.
    It’s clear myself and other comment makers haven’t been sensitive,
    we’ve been like a bull in a china shop. It’s also clear you’re very
    angry, and no doubt you have every right to be.
    Please remember all we get is what is given in the news. I didn’t
    know any of this about guns and how you’d stood up to him. We don’t
    know anything else, and I haven’t been in that city in many years, I
    mostly live in the States now apart from a short time each year.
    You are very brave and I honestly meant no disrespect. It seems I’ve
    been a completely insensitive twat, all I can do is apologise.
    I see it now, if the police were told and did nothing, it’s another matter.
    Was it that Eaton Road crowd? They wouldn’t help me either. I went and reported a street attack on me and they just asked me my name, went in the back and came out wide eyed because I had no criminal record. Not even for speeding. They still wouldn’t help. So I said to my family, “I’m not behaving any more. He attacks me again and I’m going to react.” So I bumped into him again, he started on me again, I knocked fuck out of him. Deserved it, lucky I never killed him. Police did nothing about that either.

  13. The Jackal says:

    Sorry, I must clarify, the guy I hospitalized wasn’t Gordon. That cunt wouldn’t walk the streets at night. It was an attempted mugger that well deserved it. It was a weird place, you hit a small time thug and his family go round screaming that they’re going to get you. Last time I was in Liverpool I bumped into an old childhood friend, champion boxer. He bought me a drink. He was saying “It’s gone shite round there man, all knobheads acting hard!”
    So I’m really sorry Indigo. I understand that Liverpool is the sort of place where you attack first and ask questions later. Maybe you won’t forgive me for being insensitive and an utter twat, but I can ask, at least. This is one of the most horrendous cases for the UK in recent times. I do respect you although you may not choose to believe it. I never knew any of this. Sorry for being a cunt.

  14. The Jackal says:

    Indigo I feel bad for saying anything now.What it was I was just browsing theEcho and the article came up. It’s not my way to go around upsetting people. If you want the comments deleted the moderator might. It’s shaken me up a bit but I meant no offence.

  15. indigo says:

    I was abused. Violently. I’m permanently disabled due to him and others. I’m in a mess still and cannot come to terms with the abusers. I am a loving, decent woman. Now I am alone and can’t cope going outside. My life is horrible. The abuse will never go away. I don’t trust anyone. I wish I could find someone who is a real friend. I’ve not had any help from anyone. In fact, my ex, who is still abusing me when he turns up, drunk….I just want to not have to live here.
    Thank you for saying I am brave. I’m very angry yes, because nobody will still help me. I had nobody on my side. There’s only so much one person can take. My arm was broken 7 weeks ago…

  16. The Jackal says:

    Indigo, if you are still being hit and abused it’s really not on.
    Please gather evidence. Video evidence is acceptable by the police and courts now,
    although it usually needs to be in HD.
    There are hidden camcorders you can get now. For example, hidden in an ordinary looking watch. You can switch it on and record your abuser without them knowing.
    Unfortunately society does tend to be biased and corrupt and sometimes police don’t want to act unless forced to by overwhelming evidence. Don’t hand over the original files either in case they fob you off and pretend to lose them. Give them copies and keep the originals.
    Set a trap for your abusers in ways like this, then you can prove exactly what happened and they can’t deny a thing.
    I mean it, you can get them for women too. Don’t pay hundreds for one, they’re only worth between about 35 to 70 UK pounds. Amazon have them. Don’t go to ebay, there are idiot scammers there asking hundreds for them.
    I’m never without mine, I’m telling you. I’ve done people for giving me verbals in the street, and I just busted a bent cabbie for taking massive detours and charging me way over the odds. The twat got sacked, it’s classed as fraud.

    I do feel sympathy and I would be a friend to you but I’m committed to so many things and I’m far away. I’d suggest you get out of that shithole of a place like I did. Try a little flat in a quiet area, East Anglia is nice. You’ll find people are nicer, it doesn’t have the bad atmosphere of Shittypool, people aren’t boasting about violence and how many small time crooks they know, etc. You can actually relax, have a walk in the country, be alone when you want and go for a quiet pub meal without those fucking nutters and balloon heads you get round Old Swan.

  17. indigo says:

    For all survivors of abuse It’s not black and white. We all have been victimized by society, because there is no simple solution, as in, violence which goes on in the streets in front of bystanders, goes on without perpetrators going unpunished nor reported, so, for domestic violence. It invariably goes unreported. End of. If it’s not in the papers,then it’s not public interest and the I’m alright Jack philosophy is why the safety of our own neighbours and ourselves is in our failure to abide by being in a society where pricks dole outside of it dole out advice from a safe distance. Like this one here. All a video camera can do is to record who turns up at the door. Not inside. What goes on in the house is usually covered up. Even by police.

  18. The Jackal says:

    Also, why don’t you get yourself a sword? They’re still legal in the UK. Don’t get a big one, get summat like a cutlass. They were designed to fight in confined spaces, like below deck, or in your case a flat or a house. UK Law allows you nowadays to defend yourself, if an attack on you is imminent. Never chase them, if they run let them go, but if you’re being attacked it’s allowed. The judiciary have changed their minds, you’re now allowed to use force. I think they saw the silliness in having to be totally passive with burglars. Never mind their kickboxing and karate, they can’t argue with a flashing blade. This one is strong enough. This thing can cut an attacker in your home in half.


  19. The Jackal says:

    Indigo, I think I know who you are.
    Please forgive me, I babble a lot of nonsense.
    I think your name just clicked, my Mum told me years ago.
    I’m not very subtle, just a straightforward guy.
    Really sorry if I offended.

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