Gemma Gaye Killeen

Gemma Killeen
Crime: Murder

Gemma Gaye, what a pretty name. It’s the kind of name a mother would give to her infant daughter with visions of her growing up to be pretty, bright and very happy. It’s a name for a princess. Too bad it’s the name of a murderous hellbitch from Perth, Australia.

Gemma Gaye Killeen did grow up to be pretty. I think, because she was an assistant accountant, she grew up to be bright. And she could have been happy, but she wasn’t — likely because she considered herself a princess. I think she expected a perfect princess life complete with happy ever after and was dissatisfied when she didn’t get it.

Gemma Gaye Killeen had been happy for a while with her New Zealander boyfriend, Eddie Wetere. Indeed, she considered their relationship “perfect”. But then they had a son. They named the baby Te Reringa Kayden Ashley Wetere, and called him Kayden.

Having a baby changed Gemma Killeen’s princess life into an ordinary life full of parental responsibilities, bills, and work. Never mind she had a loving family, a decent job and a darling baby boy — it wasn’t her perfect princess life any more.

Baby Kayden became a “hindrance” to his mother. Gemma Killeen couldn’t go out and stay out with friends like she could before. She always had to plan around her son, always had to include him. Life was so much simpler and happier before she became a mother.

Worse than that, Gemma Killeen’s relationship with Eddie Wetere was deteriorating. It was on-again-off-again. The couple began to quarrel and grow apart. Nothing dramatic, mind you — there wasn’t any domestic violence or infidelity as far as I can tell. It’s just that they would disagree and sometimes sleep in separate beds.

Kayden WetereGemma Killeen began to long for the “perfect” life she had before Kayden came along. She began to resent Kayden for ruining things, and as a result she began to ignore him or pawn him off on others. She had once even left him alone in the bath while she texted friends on her mobile phone.

Things came to a head on November 25, 2010. Kayden was 22 months old by then, and Gemma Killeen still wasn’t prepared to forego her carefree childless lifestyle. She’d come home at 2 a.m. after a night out with her pals and Eddie Wetere was angry. There was an argument and Gemma Killeen wound up sleeping in the spare room.

At 6:45 a.m. Eddie Wetere kissed little Kayden goodbye and headed off for work. He truly loved his son.

When Gemma Killeen woke up, she had plenty to do that day. There was cleaning her mother’s house, getting a manicure, sunbathing, and shopping for a dress. Such a hard life!

As she went about her day, Gemma Killeen texted Eddie Wetere to ask him when he was finished with work. She got no answer. She phoned him and he didn’t pick up. Uh oh, I guess he was still pissed off from the argument they’d had.

At 5:26 p.m., Gemma Killeen sent another text to her boyfriend saying “hello”. Still Eddie Wetere didn’t answer. He was ignoring her and nobody ignores Gemma Killeen! She was no princess after all — she was a hellbitch!

Hillarys Harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour

Within minutes, Gemma Killeen drove with Kayden to Hillarys Boat Harbour. She stopped the car in the north side car park where only 2 other cars are parked. There were no witnesses around — except for the CCTV that was recording it all.

Oh, but wait! A car pulls up and the driver gets out to use the public toilet. Gemma Killeen waits. And then the driver leaves and nobody else is around. The hellbitch still doesn’t realize she’s being recorded.

The CCTV footage shows Gemma Killeen scooping Kayden from his car seat and carrying him down a rock wall toward the rocky shoreline. She then puts her toddler son down beside the water and wanders around the waterfront for a couple of minutes.

Maybe in those 2 minutes Gemma Killeen was thinking deep thoughts about the meaning of life *snort*. Or maybe she was stoking up her determination to finish the evil deed she was about to commit. Or maybe she was concocting the bullshit story she would tell about what happened to Kayden.

Gemma Killeen returned to her car alone. What did she do after that? She drove off to the south side car park 2 kilometers away.

To recap, Gemma Killeen abandoned her 22-month-old son beside the water’s edge.

Can you imagine what little Kayden went through, discovering his mother left him behind, all alone, on the rocky shore? I imagine he cried and called for her. I imagine he stumbled on the rocks on his chubby little legs, trying to find her. I imagine he was very, very afraid.

At 5:43 p.m. Gemma Killeen began making phone calls from her parked car. She tried calling Eddie Wetere’s mother but she didn’t answer. She called 000 and said her son was missing. The hellbitch also called her own mother, Sheryl, and told her that Kayden was lost.

I’m sure that phone call completely freaked out Sheryl Killeen. She did what a real mother and grandmother would do — she rushed to be by her daughter’s side to help look for Kayden.

By the time Sheryl Killeen got to Hillarys Boat Harbour, Gemma Killeen was in full hysterical, frantic mom mode. Bystanders had gathered and begun to search for her missing son. Perth police arrived and began searching too.

One story the Gemma Killeen told was that she’d been filling his bottle or putting something in her car when somebody took Kayden from his stroller. Yup, he was kidnapped!

Another story she told was Kayden must have unfastened himself from his stroller when she turned away for just a moment.

Frantic family members and helpful strangers searched for the missing toddler. Gemma Killeen made sure to point the searchers in the wrong direction. It’s obvious to me she didn’t want her son found and possibly rescued.

At 6:25 p.m. a couple out for a stroll spotted what they thought was a doll in the water. It wasn’t, of course. It was Kayden, face down, in the water near where he’d been dumped by his mother.

At 22 months old Te Reringa Kayden Ashley Wetere was dead. And at 22 years old Gemma Gaye Killeen was a killer.

Obviously with the CCTV footage the Perth investigators weren’t about to swallow the bullshit abduction story Gemma Killeen was telling. Still for the longest time the murderous hellbitch maintained she did not kill her son.

Maybe she convinced herself that since she’d left Kayden alive his death was an accident, but she didn’t convince anyone else of that. She sure tried though. Within hours of Kayden’s murder she’d updated her Facebook page with a message of love for her dead child.

Major Crime Squad detectives charged Gemma the baby killer Killeen with murder after questioning her that very night.

FuneralIn February 2012 Gemma Gaye Killeen, 23, pled guilty in the Supreme Court to felony murder. She still insisted that she despite being responsible she hadn’t meant for Kayden to be hurt or die. She only wanted to gain attention by making people believe he was missing.

According to Gemma Killeen, she was hoping somebody would find Kayden and rescue him. Riiiight. Then why point searchers in the wrong direction?

At the killer’s sentencing hearing in May 2012, Justice Stephen Hall described the hellbitch’s actions as selfish and immature, robbing Kayden of his life, leaving his father without a son and the 2 families without a grandson and nephew.

Justice Hall said to Gemma Killeen, “It is very difficult to understand what your thought processes were at the time you placed Kayden on the rocks by the water’s edge. As you well knew, he was only 22 months old and could not swim. As you must also have known, there was no-one close by who you could reasonably have expected to rescue him.”

I agree with the judge that it’s unfathomable that a mother could sacrifice her son that way.

Justice Hall further said, “Your conduct is at odds with one of society’s most dearly‑held values, the strength and unconditional nature of a mother’s love. I can only conclude that you were overcome with selfishness due to your self-absorption and lack of maturity.”

I think the judge was right. Gemma Gaye Killeen wasn’t living the enchanted life of a princess, and wanted to go back to when life was better for her — before Kayden. She had told police that she had just wanted things between her and Eddie Wetere to be “how they used to be – perfect”.

How the hell did Gemma Gaye Killeen think that killing their son would make her relationship with Eddie Wetere “perfect”? I guess she didn’t grow up to be all that bright after all, the stupid bitch.

It is gratifying to me that Gemma Killeen cried during her sentencing. Likely, though, she was crying at her stupidity for not realizing the harbour had CCTV cameras filming her every move.

And what was her sentence, you ask? Life imprisonment. Yay! She will be in prison until at least November 2023, when she’s 35 years old. Here’s hoping the parole board then will deny her every chance at freedom.

RIP, Te Reringa Kayden Ashley Wetere. You deserved a long, happy life. You did not deserve the heartless, soulless beast you had for a mother.

I extend my condolences to Kayden’s dad, grandparents, aunties and uncles and cousins. I hope they find some solace in knowing his murderer is being punished.

And for Gemma Gaye Killeen, that spoiled, entitled, selfish sociopath, I hope she manages to conjure up genuine remorse for killing her beautiful little boy. I also hope she never has another child. After destroying her darling baby she deserves to have no other. article
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30 Responses to Gemma Gaye Killeen

  1. moodymagic says:

    Maybe while in prison they could sterilize the bitch even if its with a shank. Burn in hell Killeen.

    • Jodie says:

      That’s the first thing I thought as well. I hope she’s not one of these women who gets out and has another child to prove she can be a good mummy :(

    • Lisa M Prince says:

      Im sure alot of women were real eager to see her in prison knowing why she was incarcerated. They probably had a nice little welcoming party for her. Inhope she had enough sense to request protective custody. Prisoners have a special feeling for babykillers.

  2. 2cute says:

    What a horror she is! How the hell can anybody, let alone any mother, do that to an innocent, helpless child? RIP Kayden. May god strike your mother sterile so she won’t be able to harm another child.

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    Just imagine if there wasn’t any cctv cameras? I would bet my life on it that she would of gotten away with killing that little boy kayden, and revelled in the attention that she would of attracted, thank god they were there and filming this wicked witch’s depravity. I hope that her time in jail is a constant misery, women in jail don’t take to kindly to child killers, she’s likely to get her arse whooped a few times, just a shame i can’t see it.

    • Lisa M Prince says:

      Shes probably in protective isolation she wont survive in the general prison population. Not just because shes a babykiller but also because i doubt she can even fight.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Anyone who complains about lack of privacy with the cctv cameras can read this then shut up. She would’ve gotten away with murder if it hadn’t been for the footage. Evil bitch hope her uterus rots and falls out.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Exactly bulldoggy, if those cameras hadn’t been there, then that bitch would’ve gotten away with killing that sweet little boy, fucking evil cunt she is. I really hope she is made someones bitch in jail and is treat like shit, its the least she deserves.

  5. ProJustice says:

    Nasty Utterly Nasty Indeed

    Shows the Sickness of a Society which puts the ” Human Rights ” of
    Murderers before a Victim of Murder Not to be Murdered in the
    First Place

  6. Peggiesue says:

    doggy somehow has photos of her victim up all over her wall in jail.. Like a shrine the evil bitch! She deserves to be shanked and to die in there!

  7. melody says:


    My name is melody, I’m from perth western Australia.
    I knew Gemma.
    We weren’t best buddies, but she was dating one of my friends.
    What she did was so wrong, but u have a few of ur facts wrong.
    1. Eddie was abusive. When Gemma would kick him out for being abusive, he would break into her house and destroy kaydens room. Eddie is as big a monster as Gemma.
    2. Gemma didn’t ever have this perfect princess life, she had always struggled and her struggles only grew once kayden came along.

    Gemma and I were never best friends and I was so shocked to hear what she had done. I never got to speak to her again. Nor did I really want to.

    But whoever wrote this article doesn’t know anything about what really happened, and if u really want to be a great journalist/writer, the key to success is the truth. No one wants to hear your opinions.

    • mel says:

      Who gives a s*** what happened to her she killed a baby plain and simple. Many awful things have happened to many people and you don’t see all them going around murdering babies do you? She’s a baby murder and she’s going to hell.

    • I hope she gets murdered in prison says:


      • Marie says:

        I agree with you! That is sickenkng! She deserves prison. It should have been without parole!! They should have made her get a hysterectomy or her tubes tied!!!

      • Lisa M Prince says:

        You need to chill. Or have you forgotten freedom of speech? Your typing in caps yelling and telling someone who says something you dont like to get the f***** out isnt freedom of speech. Its bullying and is likely going to get YOU bounced off this website. Come back when youre sober.

        Keyboard warriors dont get that all too often that people they harass online have found out where they live in realtime. They often end up in the hospital or as a case file on a homicide detectives desk. Watch your mouth.

    • tommyd says:

      melody, do you know what prison she is serving her sentence?

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      So Fucking what if Eddie argued with this cunt, at least he didn’t kill his son over some petty Bullshit because he was ignore when he rang that bitch, that’s what that incubator did, because Eddie was ignoring her, she went and did the unthinkable all because she wanted attention. Even if Eddie knocked Fuck outta her it still didn’t justify the heinous act that she committed. So I don’t give a flying Fuck how hard this cunts life was, nothing “NOTHING” justifys murdering that sweet little angel. Reading your comment has infuriated me.

    • Ashley says:

      No one gives a hoot who she was nor her background story! Point. Blank. Period! Her struggles only grew after having him? Well there’s no excuse for that now is there? Shit I’m a 25 year old mother of two and my life isn’t picture perfect. No ones is! A homeless person would have taken her son in with open arms and would have loved him unconditionally despite having anything. That child is EVERYTHING!!! Stop trying to paint this sympathetic picture for her because no ones buying it!!! She’s not the victim and she doesn’t need to treated as such. I can’t believe you actually had the nerve to search social media just to see what all had been said about her and then try to clear the air for her! Your not going to find sympathy on this page for murderous mothers, you came to the wrong place for that. Any mother with the kind of mindset doesn’t deserve a place in this world. She gonna enjoy her freedom in a pit full of fire on day.

    • Disgusted says:

      I was actually in prison with this sly manipulative piece of shit, but was unfortunately released before the mutt was sentenced. I say sly and manipulative because the whole time she told us girls she was innocent. Bandyup is weak as piss so I doubt anything will happen to her. Hopefully enough people petition so she’s not released in 23. God bless little Kayden

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is a Clear Case of Negligence and Murder Pure and Simple.

    It is an Embodiment of Sadistic Cruelty and Selfishness and
    Despite Do Gooder Liberalism I Believe in the Death Penalty For

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Australia should Restore the Death Penalty for Murder so should
    the UK and Canada

    After All what is the Point of catching Cruel Murderers for them
    to have More Rights than their Victims Thanks to Degenerate Social
    Liberalism ?

  10. I hope she gets murdered in prison says:

    I just saw this cunt on Deadly Women.

    Can you imagine what little Kayden went through, discovering his mother left him behind, all alone, on the rocky shore? I imagine he cried and called for her. I imagine he stumbled on the rocks on his chubby little legs, trying to find her. I imagine he was very, very afraid.


  11. Tony Marino says:

    I’ve seen this woman on “Deadly Women” and to be honest,I’m disgusted by her. It’s a shame Australia DOESN’T have a death penalty. She deserves it. Leaving her young son to drown JUST so she could get her boyfriend back? If anyone deserves the death penalty,it’s Ms. Killeen. I’m American and I DON’T have a lot of sympathy for that witch. This woman KILLED her own KID. She doesn’t deserve to be called a mother by any stretch of the imagination.
    A REAL mother wouldn’t leave her little boy on the beach to drown. I’m with the author of that article and many of the other commenters to this site. Gemma Killeen fully deserves her life sentence. Sadly,she deserves a lot worse than that.

  12. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Liberal Do Gooders being so Out of Touch by Abolishing the Death Penalty
    for Murder have a Lot to Answer For

    The Death Penalty Needs to Exist for Murders and that Requires
    Governments that Care about Victims Not Murderers

  13. tommyd says:

    does anyone know what prison she is in?

  14. Tom Daly says:

    This piece of subhuman crap is, was, and always will be to the day she leaves this planet, unfit to have kids. If she didn’t want the kid she cud have just given him to social services or to her parents

  15. Ashley says:

    13 years for taking your sons life?! 😡😡😡😡 someone better fuck you up where you are behind bars for the rest of your sorry ass life!!!! I wish nothing but the worst for you!!!

  16. Micky says:

    Not even mentally ill, just an immature and selfish witch. That poor child. How could she?!! And then gets to walk! Oh joy 😠😠😠😠!

  17. amanda harris says:

    I look at my kids and my heart nearly burstsThat includes my foster kids..I can not comprehend the mindset of such a despicable person..Was she such a selfish pig she couldn’t give him up to someone else?I would’ve taken him in and loved him, as im sure 1000s of other mums would have.She isnt fit for society and should get old in jail.

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