Gavin Gosnell

Gavin Gosnell
Crimes: Murder, Dismemberment

I can’t really understand why Christchurch teenager Hayden Miles, a perfectly nice boy, was murdered. He certainly didn’t deserve to be murdered. His family describes him as a “gentle, caring, funny and creative young boy. He loved his family and his family loved him very much.” Such a boy deserves a long, happy life and not a sudden, brutal attack and death.

Now I’m not saying Hayden Miles was perfect. He wasn’t. In fact he had developed behavioral problems that resulted in his being sent to live in a number of ‘family homes’. His mom even took a ‘tough love’ course to try to learn how to cope with his issues. Despite their problems, Hayden Miles loved his family and knew they loved him.

Hayden Miles was only 15 when he met his horrific end at the hands of the sadistic hellbeast Gavin Gosnell. Hayden Miles didn’t know Gavin Gosnell was a murderous brute. He only knew him through his gal pal Nicolette Vaux-Phillips who had moved in with Gosnell in July 2011.

Apparently Gavin Gosnell’s shady past including male prostitution, B&E, and theft didn’t bother Nicolette Vaux-Phillips much at all. She herself had issues with the law, what with shoplifting, cannabis and the like.

Hayden Miles didn’t know that years before Gavin Gosnell had expressed an interest in killing someone just so he could say he had “done it”. He didn’t know that Gavin Gosnell had almost beaten someone to death because he suspected him of harming a friend.

If only Hayden had known all that, he just might have stayed away from the creep.

On August 22, 2011, Hayden Miles had a bad day. He’d been mugged and some losers had stolen his cellphone and iPod. That was bad enough but his day was about to get so very much worse.

Hayden Miles

Hayden Miles

Hayden Miles decided to visit Gosnell and Vaux-Phillips at their apartment on Cashel Street. Now I don’t know why he said what he said but it was the wrong thing to say. Hayden Miles told Gavin Gosnell that he thought Nicolette Vaux-Phillips was just using him and didn’t even like him.

A normal person would have maybe told the kid to STFU, to mind his own business, or maybe told him he has a lot to learn about relationships. Gavin Gosnell is not a normal person. He is a vicious, sadistic hellbeast and he used Hayden Miles’ harmless comment as an excuse to launch a vicious, sadistic attack.

As Gavin Gosnell punched and kicked the poor teenager, he laughed. As he used a razor blade to cut the boy he laughed. Hayden Miles cried and begged him to stop, and his attacker laughed even more. The punches and kicks became harder and more vicious.

And then, all of a sudden, the attack stopped. Gavin the hellbeast Gosnell made his young victim strip down and shower the blood away. I’m sure poor Hayden thought that would be the end of that, but no, the monster unexpectedly renewed his brutal attack. The punching and kicking and cutting got worse, and Gavin Gosnell laughed as Hayden Miles cried and whimpered in pain.

And then, as before, Hayden Miles was forced to shower to wash away the blood and clean his wounds. And still Gavin Gosnell the sadistic bastard wasn’t done. He attacked yet again.

Hayden Miles had been forced 3 or 4 times into the shower, and after each time Gavin Gosnell relaunched his brutal assault. It didn’t end until Hayden began “breathing funny”. The poor naked, battered and badly injured schoolboy was dumped onto the couch and left there.

Did Gavin Gosnell think to get help for him? Hell no. The boy was obviously in terrible distress and pain and Gavin Gosnell did nothing to save him.

And as if that wasn’t horrible and sick enough, the gal pal Nicolette Vaux-Phillips had witnessed the attack. She not only witnessed the violence, she participated in it. And she too did nothing to save the boy.

Vaux-Phillips and Gosnell went to bed, leaving the poor kid unconscious on the couch.

The next morning Gavin Gosnell found his young victim on the couch dead. The boy had likely died of brain injuries. And now Gavin Gosnell had to do something to get out of the mess he’d got himself into. He naturally recruited Nicolette Vaux-Phillips to help.

The solution these two f*ckwads came up with was unthinkable. Using a jigsaw and a bread knife they dismembered Hayden Miles’s body into 12 pieces.

Unfortunately for them, they had unexpected company. Three friends had decided to drop by. When Gosnell finally answered the door, he was shirtless and had blood on his hands and arms. There was a “black plastic thing” on the floor of the apartment. There was also a sound of an appliance running.

Obviously an explanation was in order. Gavin Gosnell told his visitors that he’d had a fight with somebody and that that somebody was dead on his couch.

“He said he was cutting him up; that he was cutting him up and was going to bury him around Christchurch,” said one of the visitors. She “freaked out” and I don’t blame her.

Gavin Gosnell next told his visitors that he didn’t want them involved, and the three immediately drove away. They did not drive to a police station to report the death. No, they drove home and said nothing about it to authorities.

What kind of people are these? What kind of f*cktards can know about a murder and just say and do nothing?

Nicolette Vaux-Phillips

Nicolette Vaux-Phillips

The next day Gavin Gosnell and Nicolette Vaux-Phillips dumped the body parts in 2 freshly dug burial plots in Ruru Lawn Cemetery and Memorial Cemetery. The organs were buried in their back yard. Hayden Miles’ clothing was burnt along with the bloody towels, tarps and the jigsaw.

While all of this was going on, Jacqueline Miles was becoming frantic about her boy. He’d told her about the mugging and she asked him to come home. He didn’t come home.

To throw off suspicion, Nicolette Vaux-Phillips began posting on Hayden Miles’ Facebook wall. She left messages to the effect that she was oh so worried about him, did he get home safe, and that she had no idea where he had gone.

After the hellish pair disposed of the body bits, they fled to Dunedin for 2 weeks. Then they returned to Christchurch, ready with a story in case anyone asked them about Hayden Miles’ whereabouts.

Their story was that Hayden had come to their apartment that night, already beaten up and very drunk. They had invited him in, helped him have a shower and let him sleep on the couch. When they got up in the morning he was gone, but had left blood on the couch, doorframe and light switch. The ungrateful little bastard didn’t even thank them for their help.

For the next few months life carried on just tickety boo for Nicolette Vaux-Phillips and her murdering boyfriend Gavin Gosnell. They continued to be in a relationship, and she got a tattoo of his name on her arm. She also got pregnant by the murdering beast.

Nothing much, meantime, was happening about the missing boy. See, Hayden Miles had had a history of running away and as a result his family couldn’t get the police very interested in his disappearance. Not for a long time, anyway.

Police made a few public appeals asking for information, but they thought the boy had gone to Wellington. It wasn’t until November, 2011, that they began to think differently.

Jacqueline Miles and her sister-in-law Sandy Ward appealed to the police that the total lack of contact was out of character for the young boy. He wasn’t streetwise, and it was much too likely something bad had happened to him.

Still, it took a tip to the police to turn the missing person case into a murder investigation. A carpet that was stashed in the garage of the Cashel Street apartment was seized and tested. Big shock — it had Hayden’s blood on it.

On December 2, 2011, police finally conducted a forensic search of the apartment. On December 11 they hauled Gavin Gosnell in for a “chat”. They pretty much knew by then that Hayden was dead and it was Gosnell’s fault.

On December 13, 2011, finally, finally some of the murdered boy’s remains were discovered. The family could finally lay him to rest.

Unfortunately for the forensic pathologist, the remains were too decomposed for him to ascertain definitively the cause of death. He did rule that bleeding of the brain was the most likely cause, along with organ failure caused by blunt force injuries to the chest and abdomen.

On December 14, 2011, the hellbeast killer confessed.

Big surprise, police also arrested the pregnant Nicolette Vaux-Phillips, 18. At her trial in May 2012 she admitted to being an accessory after the fact to culpable homicide. Her defense was she feared being murdered too.

According to Nicolette Vaux-Phillips, she was forced to help her boyfriend dispose of the body under threat of death. She was forced to clean up the bloody mess too.

Hmmm, I wonder if she feared for her life when she got a tattoo of the killer’s name on her arm. And gee, I wonder if she feared for her life when she got pregnant by the murderer. And golly, I wonder if she feared for her life as she continued until December 1, 2011 to write messages of concern on Hayden’s Facebook page.

In Christchurch District Court Nicolette Vaux-Phillips was sentenced to a year’s home detention. That’s right, a year’s home detention.

I guess the court believed her tale of fear and threats. To tell you the truth, I admit that I don’t believe her, not really, not wholeheartedly. Maybe she was afraid during the actual beating, and maybe she was afraid for the next few days. But hell’s bells she never tried to get away from him! She lovingly got that tattoo and she later had his baby for frig’s sake! KNOWING he was a cold-blooded, vicious killer! KNOWING he could chop up a body like it was Sunday dinner!

On the plus side, Nicolette Vaux-Phillips did testify against the 28-year-old monster at his April 2013 trial.

Gosnell did admit to killing the young boy, but his story was he’d “snapped” and “went too far”. He asked to be convicted of manslaughter because he didn’t intend to murder his victim.

The jury took 5 and a half hours to unanimously find the hellbeast guilty of murder.

Hayden Miles’ family read a prepared statement after the guilty verdict.

“We will always miss Hayden and grieve the fact that his life was taken so early. We will never come to terms with the extreme violence and cruelty that Hayden suffered at Gavin’s hands, nor the extreme disrespect he showed in dismembering and concealing his body. We would also like to publicly condemn all those who knew what had happened to Hayden but did not come forward at the earliest opportunity. Through their inaction they condoned Gavin’s heinous behaviour.

Gavin Gosnell“Gavin Gosnell preyed upon a vulnerable member of society. His actions following the murder were based on self-preservation rather than any sense of remorse or empathy. Society needs to be protected from such a callous and inhumane individual.

“Gavin should be sentenced to the full extent of the law. Hayden was just a boy.”

Gavin Gosnell will be sentenced on June 5, 2013. I hope and pray he’s looking at his entire future behind bars. I shall keep readers posted.

I also hope and pray that his child somehow has a happy, successful life despite its parentage and continuing parental influences.

RIP Hayden Miles. May your family find solace now your murderer has been found guilty. article
The New Zealand Herald article

27 Responses to Gavin Gosnell

  1. moodymagic says:

    Burn in hell Gosnell. Wish you nothing but pain and suffering. The little girlfriend can burn as well. My gosh what was wrong with them. Cleo the last picture of Gosnell makes me wonder what is wrong with Nicolette

  2. pj says:

    He can burn in hell and his girlfriend can burn in hell and those visitors who left knowing he had murdered someone can all burn in hell.

  3. Matt says:

    RIP Hayden. Every night I pray for him. Everyday I literally wish I could turn back time and rescue him, or take the beating for him. Nobody deserved this, especially Hayden. He was a nice guy, he was gentle and caring. He would never have hurt anyone. And yes, Nicolette should have called the cops. During the beating he begged her for help. She did nothing, she could have called for help, but no. My biggest fear is that she will be allowed to change her name and/or leave the country.

  4. MsM says:

    Yeesh, what the hell did she see in that creep?? Poor Hayden. I hope they throw the book at both of these losers!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Fuck me msm, have you seen the state of that ugly bastards last picture, im gonna have nightmares now. Mind you she ain.t no oil painting neither. Well if she was given a years home detention, what will he get, community service. Sad to say but new zealand’s sentencing laws are shit, i wouldn’t be suprised if this arseole gets something like 12yrs but we shall see. That poor kid, didn.t stand a chance did he really, and as for those people that visited that house and knew about hayden, should be ashamed off themselves, don.t know how they can sleep at night, and ugly nicollette i hope that your haunted day in day out for doing and saying nothing, but i doubt such a heartless bitch would have any remorse, evil pair of cunts.

      • Theres-a-storm-coming says:

        Agree totally with your statement. Hayden was a lovely boy – she is guilty of his murder as much as that beast.

  5. Thundar says:

    That toothless bastard deserves a long, long, jail service. That gap from his missing tooth will serve quite useful. No, not for slurping in spaghetti like my kids do, something entirely different. And, no, it might not be his choice!

  6. Theres-a-storm-coming says:

    Do not for one minute feel sorry for Nicolette- she helped this evil beast kill this boy- she participated-she lied-she covered up- she stayed loved up with this evil monster- had his kid – ran away with him for two weeks after the murder- kept lying.- She should be in jail – how did she get off so lightly- she stayed with him for over 3.5months knowing how evil he is. Why? because she is just as evil as him. I am glad everyone can see her for what she is- Christchurch will not forget her revolting face. Her family cover up for her – may God forgive her for her part – No one else will.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Theres a storm coming, i don.t know what drugs that judge was on, but they obviously clouded his judgment when he sentenced that bitch nicolette, to 1yrs home detention. If i ever feel the need to bump someone off(Kill them) Im gonna take them to new zealand, and do it, with judges giving out sentences like that, your home free. You may as well say she’s got away with murder, because she was involved with the beating, the cover up and keeping stum(Quiet About it) Plus i don.t buy that bollocks that she was afraid of goofy bastard, because as soon as they’d cleaned up and buried the poor boys remains, she went on holiday with goofy for a week, its an utter Travesty That she’s basically got away with it, and now she’s spawned goofy’s baby. I hope that child is taken away from that bitch, because she’s obviously a dangerous woman with no value on other peoples life, so i fear for that poor child, i really do.

      • Theres-a Storm Coming says:

        She is happily living in Riccarton Christchurch- seen out shopping at Riccarton Mall- life goes on for Nicolette. The beast gets sentenced tomorrow in Christchurch New Zealand. It will never be anywhere enough. He should be gassed.

  7. MSM says:

    I fully admit to not knowing anything at all about how the law works in New Zealand. I wonder if the reason the judge might go lenient on this loser is because he’s Maori? My late husband was 100% Native American – more than once we saw and heard stories regarding the legal system going easy on certain Native related cases in the US and Canada because they didn’t want any harassment from the Native community. I’d hope that the judge there would throw the book at this freak but if he doesn’t I wonder if this type of thing would be the reason why? (I fully admit to the reality that I do not know the relationship between the indigenous of NZ and those who live there as well. Here it’s not a good relationship by any means.

    • Theres-a Storm Coming says:

      His race has nothing to do with his sentencing. No one is lenient because he is Maori- not for crimes such as this. For young Maori the whenau and Elders do step in on occasion. He is sentenced tomorrow.

  8. spookie says:

    that will be one ugly little fucker when its born

    • Bengalpuss says:

      I know i shouldn’t laugh, but your comment nearly made me pee myself i laughed that hard, fortunately i’ve seen two ugly fuck’s but suprisingly, their baby was really cute, so theres hope for the little tyke

    • Jess says:

      How dare u include a innocent child

  9. bulldoggy says:

    I am hoping the justice system in New Zealand throws the book at this asshole when it comes to his sentencing. He killed that kid because he felt like killing that kid. That kind of beast should never, ever be allowed to share the air that decent people breathe.

    • Theres-a Storm Coming says:

      I will let you know his sentencing tomorrow.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Theres a storm coming, lets hope that this piece mer shit gets a proper sentence, judging by what that bitch got im not optimistic, but we’ll know tomorow, can’t wait.

        • Theres-a Storm Coming says:

          Gosnell got sent down for 18years NO PAROLE- he claims a carriage of misjustice and wants to appeal – Ha ON WHAT GROUNDS – you dirty lowlife- oh because its not nice what they did to you? he apparently has 60 prior convictions mainly for assult and domestic violence. Has spent 14 of his 28 years in jail- BRING BACK the GALLOWS !!

          • Thundar says:

            Wow, what a background to be proud of. Wish it were life, but nearly 2 decades incarcerated hopefully being someone’s bitch will be karma!

  10. flyboi07 says:

    Nicolette it makes us sick that we have to share our beautiful NZ with scum like you and your animal boyfriend.

    I think she should offer her baby to haydens family as a result of what she did…a life for a life right???…not!!! Greedy bitch, i dont see you giving up anything…just taking shit from people…like their lives.

    lets see you lose something close to you…nemind..,karma knows what you look like (ugly ass bitch)

  11. Circusmeat says:

    Wow I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this (local) murder

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