Gary Bruce Lamont


Crimes: Serial Rapist.

Gary Bruce Lamont is not the sort of hellbeast one wants gallivanting free . He is definitely the sort of hellbeast that should be incarcerated for decades to come. Alas, this monster from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, struck it lucky the last time he was in court and will be out much too soon. And I want to know why.

Gary Bruce Lamont has had an “interesting” past — full of criminal activity. Back in November 1984, teenager Scott Christopher Dove was murdered and Gary Lamont, his drug dealer, was a suspect. Probably he still is, considering the crime remains unsolved.

But it’s not just because he may be a killer that I’d like to see this pisspot put away for good. It’s because he is a serial rapist. Between 1993 and 2007, in the City of Thunder Bay and Warnica Lake, young male victims between the ages of 17 and 24 were attacked and sexually assaulted — five of them repeatedly.

Gary Lamont used death threats and even forcible confinement to gain control over his victims. His tactics worked for years and years.

It wasn’t until June 2013 that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) began an investigation into the allegations of those sexual assaults. The Thunder Bay Police Service joined in the effort, and uncovered the identity of 3 victims. They subsequently arrested Gary Lamont on December 19, 2013.

Our rapist/possible killer was facing 1 count of assault, 3 counts of uttering threats to cause bodily harm, 3 counts of sexual assault, and 1 count forcible confinement. In February 2014, as a result of the continuing investigation, Gary Lamont faced additional charges including 2 counts to utter threats to cause bodily harm, 4 counts of sexual assault, 1 count of sexual assault with a weapon, and 1 count of administering a stupefying drug.

I have to let it all sink in. They’re all awful, but especially the fact he attacked a young man with a weapon. That is a pure nightmare, making the victim fear for his life while being sexually assaulted. That’s a horrible trauma to have to deal with. All of these are.

Gary Lamont was set to go to trial on November 30, 2015. The witnesses showed up, and were fully prepared to testify. Kudos to those 5 young men for showing such courage and determination to send this brutal beast to prison.

Alas, a plea agreement was reached between the defense attorney and the crown prosecutor. Twelve of the charges were dropped (12!) in exchange for the shitpile pleading guilty to 5 counts of sexual assault.

See, I don’t get this. None of the charges were frivolous. Why were all but 5 counts of sexual assault dropped? The witnesses were there, determined and ready to testify. Why was a plea deal necessary?

Anyway, the sentencing was scheduled to take place on February 8, 2016. The 5 victims were allowed to submit victim impact statements. Two of the victims, maybe more, showed up at the hearing.

The victim impact statements showed just how devastated these young men were by the crimes committed against them. All of them wrote of contemplating suicide. All of them wrote of their depression and anxiety, and the fear that their rapist would carry out his threats of violence. Some wrote of self-medicating with alcohol and drugs.

There is no doubt that all of their lives were detrimentally affected by what Gary Lamont had done to them.

Dolly and Mervin Dove also showed up at the hearing. It was their son who was murdered. They truly wanted to see this worthless hellbeast put behind bars.

After all was said and done, Superior Court Justice Fregeau sentenced 54-year-old Gary Bruce Lamont to a whopping 5 years in prison. He then subtracted 94 days of pre-trial custody.

Now when you consider that 1 count of sexual assault could have resulted in 10 years, and there were 5 counts, 5 years is an exceedingly paltry sentence. The evil bastard had admitted his guilt, so why the leniency?

And so, my fellow Canadians, Gary Bruce Lamont will be among us soon enough. Odds are he’ll return to Thunder Bay or Warnica Lake, so be vigilant. I unfortunately don’t have a great photo of this monster, so I hope he’ll be recognized and publicly vilified when he’s released.

I wish upon Gary Lamont a horrible, untreatable medical condition that will make his groin break out in painful boils and his manly bits contract gangrene and drop off.

I wish the victims and the parents of Scott Dove all the best. Justice in this case wasn’t as harsh as I’m sure most of us wanted it to be, but hopefully there will be no more victims of this hellbeast.

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10 Responses to Gary Bruce Lamont

  1. Tom Daly says:

    Sickening. He doesn’t deserve to live on this earth. In fact, I don’t even think he belongs in hell.

  2. Moodymagic says:

    Yup this prick deserves to suffer. The Canadian Justice System really does suck.

    • Jeni C says:

      I agree Moody. 5 years for the terror he reigned down on his victims? And this went on for at least 14 years (that we know of). He plead guilty, he admitted guilt, so why didn’t they take it to trial, where he might have gotten way more years than he received? Was the prosecutor just too lazy to take it to trial? O bet you all of my paycheck for the next year that if one of the victims were related to the prosecutor, he would have took it to trial and would not have offered a plea deal! This is pathetic, and I would have been livid about this so-called justice. This shitstain, the prosecutor and the judge who gave the shitstain a slap on the wrist, should have the shit beaten out of them. Gary Lamont will rot in hell. And hopefully his hell will consist of him being anally raped with sharp objects, or really jagged objects like pieces of firewood (complete with splinters)! You all are right…Canadian justice is as bad as British justice! It is no wonder the offenders who live there keep on doing what landed them in jail…because they know they will always get a slap on the wrist! It really takes away my faith in humanity.

  3. Bulldoggy says:

    Filthy beast should be neutered before his release and have rapist tattooed on his forehead.

  4. Rob Pasqualitto says:

    This POS will not be treated well where he’s going. The Canadian prisons don’t like rapists of women or men. Prisoners have a pecking order and rapists, pedophiles and stool pigeons (squealers) are at the very bottom. He’ll probably have to go into segregation or he’ll get beaten and/or killed. Which most of the guards are fine with, except they may get sued, so they have to try to protect them. I wonder though. If one of his victims or their family took a bat and crippled this guy, or killed him, what jury would send them to jail or find them guilty? Would the judge show the same leniency as they did with this low life? I don’t condone violence or assault for its own sake, yet, I would worry about this depraved dog shit wandering my town looking to hurt my loved ones. And honestly, this guy needs to have his fucking legs broken.

  5. Grumpygirl says:

    American that has lived in Canada for the last 4 years here… this is a typical sentence for even a heinous crime like this. I mean, I knew sentences were more lenient in Canada as compared to the USA, but even I’ve been shocked at how fast serious criminals get out of prison. Rob is right that our only hope is that the general population will have an opportunity to get at him. After all, their sentence won’t be that harsh being Canada and all.

    As to why some of those charges got dropped – I don’t know, but I have a couple of thoughts about that. Thunder Bay is a former Great Lakes mining town that is fairly economically depressed outside the University that is there. (If you Americans know about the mining towns in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the U.P. of Michigan, you should have an idea of what I’m talking about.) Some of these young men might have been struggling with drug abuse, with committing petty crimes, and may not have been squeaky clean examples of good citizenship. It’s also possible that some of these young men and boys were Native/Aboriginal. The legal system there doesn’t really care much about young Native people as victims of crimes – though they are highly interested in them as perps. I don’t know if any of these factors applied to the young men, but I would not be shocked if they did. Certainly NONE of these things are any kind of justification for what this scumbag did to them, but I could see them leading to callousness on the part of the legal system there. Being Native could be a likely explanation for why only 2 of the 5 victims showed up to read an impact statement. It’s not like Native kids would have any reason to trust the justice system here.

  6. Peace Dove says:

    Gary Lamont absolutely murdered Scott Dove, but the prosecution-police botched the inquest so they backed off and now annoyingly treat it like an open case, when everyone knows who did it.

  7. Lily Radelja Smart says:

    Speaking of botched investigations, remember Christine Jessop? It’s amazing how three police detachments screwed that up because of their “tunnel vision”. They actually did have another suspect but they were so hell bent on screwing up one mans life because he was “different” instead of catching the real killer Guy Paul Moran suffered through 11 years of hell before he was exonerated Why didn’t they reopen the investigation and go after the other person of interest? Because they were arrogant that’s why! I live in Queensville now also and I visit her grave from time to time. Such indignities and horror in this world.

  8. Disturbed valley girl says:

    Nothing new about this case. Sex offenders always get a slap on the wrist. This is why many sex crimes go unreported or why many cases never make it to the court house. The victims know that even if they stand up for themselves they will have to relieve the pain of the crime in front of everyone in the court room just to be angered and hurt by the outcome of the trial.

    It’s humiliating for the victims when the criminal gets a slap on the wrist for sexually assaulting them. It makes them feel as though their lives aren’t worth anything in the eyes of the law.

    Something needs to be done about the lack of punishment for crying out loud.

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