Garry Prokopishin

Garry Prokopishin

Credit: Darren Makowichuk/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency

Crimes: Pedophile, Sexual Assault

Garry Prokopishin of Calgary, Alberta, Canada was, to all outward appearances, an upright guy. He was a director for the Calgary & District Foster Parents Association. He was proclaimed Foster Parent of the Year in 2006. Disgustingly, Garry Prokopishin used his position as a foster father to access boys for sexual purposes. Yup, he’s a pedophile.

In the decade beginning May 1999, Garry Prokopishin sexually abused boys under his foster care. These were vulnerable, high-risk boys, some of whom had legal and substance abuse problems. They were in need of real parenting, support and therapy. Instead they were taunted, teased and even paid to submit to sexual acts.

One of the foster children, who was 14 in 2000, was subjected to sexually explicit “jokes” and taunts. Garry Prokopishin hectored him to show him his penis. “You wouldn’t be man enough to whip it out,” the kid was told, and when he finally got fed up and actually whipped it out, Garry Prokopishin still wasn’t satisfied.

“I’ve already seen your penis I get you don’t have the balls to put it in my hand,” the kid was told. After much taunting the kid caved in.

“He kind of gave it a tickle with his fingers …. gave it a caress,” said the victim. “I got all creeped out and went downstairs.”

That kid developed a drug addiction while living in the Prokopishin household. Did he get treatment? Nope. Instead, when he needed money to buy drugs, which was often, Garry Prokopishin would pay the kid to let him perform oral sex on him.

Foster dad of the year? More like pervy pedo of the year.

And that was just one of the foster kids that was molested. Six victims came forward to expose Garry Prokopishin as a predatory pedophile. They talked of “Guys’ Nights” when they were taken to different Alberta cities, put up in a hotel, and given dinner, clothes, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. They were also paid for sex — usually $20.00.

There were a couple of occasions when Garry Prokopishin paid two boys $40.00 each — when he gave them oral sex at the same time. And one boy was twice paid to sodomize the nasty perv.

A police investigation was launched in June 2009 after receiving a tip. Fortunately for the investigation, Garry Prokopishin had used his cell phone to take sexual images of the boys. I’m sure the police really appreciate it when criminals document their criminal activity.

Garry Prokopishin was arrested in February 2010 and charged with 3 counts of obtaining or attempting to obtain sex from a person under 18, luring a child via a data device, and with inciting sexual contact with a youth by a person in authority. The investigation continued with police interviewing 55 foster children across Canada.

Garry Prokopishin

In November 2010, police laid additional criminal charges against the pedo bastard– more of the same. *sigh*

Getting Garry Prokopishin to justice was a bit tricky — he had medical issues that caused the trial to be delayed. Regardless, in October 2014 the POS pedo perv went to trial. His defense was to accuse the victims of colluding and seeking revenge. One of the victims allegedly wanted to get even with Garry Prokopishin for helping police in an investigation where he was a suspect.

The defense revenge theory kinda fell through when one of the victims testified that he didn’t mind the out-of-town trips in exchange for sex.

“I wanted to go. I wanted the extra perks: clothing, dinner, liquor, a night in a hotel, the type of stuff you wouldn’t get as a kid living on the street,” he said.

When asked why he hadn’t come forward to authorities earlier, he said, “I didn’t think anyone would believe me. They were foster parents of the year, we’re street kids.”

Another victim testified, “[He] gave us drugs, cigarettes and money. There was always food on the table. It was a very good home. I didn’t have an issue staying in the home.”

It is so disgusting and depressing that those boys considered they were well off in the Prokopishin household, even with the sexual activities they were made to endure.

Garry Prokopishin, 56, was convicted of sexually abusing those boys. Justice Robert Hall sentenced him to 10 years in prison, noting there were multiple aggravating factors and no mitigating factors.

“The fact the offender paid the victims for participation in these acts is an aggravating factor,” said Justice Hall. Indeed it is.

So now Garry Prokopishin, once the Foster Father of the Year, is parked in prison, stripped of his cloak of respectability and exposed as the predatory pedophile that he is.

I wish the victims — including those who didn’t come forward — all the best. I hope they finally get the support and therapy they need to go on to live happy, successful lives.

I also hope that foster parents in Alberta are being more closely scrutinized now. The children who are placed in their homes deserve that much.

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5 Responses to Garry Prokopishin

  1. MoodyMagic says:

    It’s terrible that foster parents were not scrutized more then in Alberta. All children deserve to have a safe home.i wish all the victims peace and healing. long May you suffer Pedo of the Year . Burn in hell Prokopishin

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    People Need to Feel Sorry for the Victim of Child Abuse Not the
    Child Abuser

    Sick Degenerate Liberalism Condones Child Abuse whereas
    Decent People Know Child Abuse is Pure Evil

  3. 2cute says:

    Geez, how the hell do they choose foster parents of the year there? Do the kids vote on it? Because if he provided money, booze, drugs and food to them no wonder he won.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Don’t you just love the way these nonce’s ingraciate themselves in jobs and positions where children are the focus. Boy scouts, fostering swimming instructor, lifeguard etc, very cunning individuals. Foster carer of the year? More like pedo of the year. God i hate rock spiders.

  5. Anonymiss says:

    As someone who once was a foster child in Alberta, I can say without a doubt that this system is undoubtedly flawed. Kids fall between the cracks. Reported abuse is all but brushed off. I was there. I know the chaos and confusion and trauma. Foster parents that were supposed to help me, instead let me fall through the cracks. Sick human beings raising children who are already plagues by tragedy… when my daughter is grown, I will open my home and heart to the kids who need it most…I wish there were more options..

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