Francis Riccio & Ilene Renee Lazar


Crimes: Murder, Abuse of a Body

I feel really bad for Maureen Riccio of Melbourne, Florida, USA. At 70 years of age she had health issues and needed care. Her son, Francis Riccio, had her living with him, supposedly so he could take care of her. I don’t know who thought that was a good idea, because Maureen Riccio would have fared better being looked after by a stranger off the street.

Also living with the Riccios were his girlfriend, Ilene Renee Lazar, and their 3 children. Unfortunately, the relationship between Maureen Riccio and Ilene Lazar wasn’t good — possibly because after 20 years and 3 children there still was no marriage (that’s just a guess, btw).

Francis Riccio was stressed by the whole situation. I can relate to that, having cared for my darling mom for 25 years. He was stressed by his mother and his girlfriend being at loggerheads. He was stressed by his mother’s various medical issues. He was stressed when he couldn’t find a care facility for his mother. He wanted the old lady out of his home, and Maureen Riccio wanted out too.

I’ve said before that caregiving isn’t for everyone. It isn’t easy — it’s backbreaking and heartbreaking at times, and involves financial, emotional and social sacrifices. And when you’re looking after an elderly person, the medical issues compound to make life even more difficult.

I can totally understand that Francis Riccio wanted out of the caregiving role he found himself in. How he finally extricated himself is beyond my understanding.

Maureen Riccio

Maureen Riccio

In March 2013, Francis Riccio had had enough. His mom just had to go. To that end the hellbeast grabbed a hammer and bludgeoned his mother to death. I hope and pray that Maureen Riccio didn’t see it coming. I hope and pray she died instantly, not knowing that her own son murdered her.

Francis Riccio now had a corpse on his hands and he wasn’t about to turn himself in. The best thing would be for his mom to disappear. Good thing for him he had his trusty girlfriend, Ilene Lazar. She was apparently OK with helping to clean up a bloody mess and dispose of a body.

Francis Riccio was a laborer, so he had tools. Using a power saw, he dismembered his mother’s body and stuffed the pieces into garbage bags. How does one do that — look into your mother’s face as you detach her head and place it into a garbage bag? You’d have to be a heartless, soulless hellbeast to do that.

A couple of days later Francis Riccio and Ilene Lazar drove their truck to a remote dirt road in south Brevard County and threw the bags into a ditch.

I’m guessing that Francis Riccio and Ilene Lazar had absolutely no regard, much less love, for the poor woman who was killed, dismembered and tossed away like trash.

Once the body was disposed of, Francis Riccio and Ilene Lazar tried to cash Maureen Riccio’s Social Security cheques. Nice. I gather they had no luck.

To cover up their bloody crimes, Francis Riccio and Ilene Lazar painted a room, removed the window dressings and sold the truck.

In early April, the children were pulled out of school and the family moved to Brooklyn, New York. I have to wonder what those hellbeasts told the kids about where their grandma was, or why they had to move.

On May 14, 2013, an electrical technician driving along a remote dirt road in south Brevard County had to make a stop to relieve himself. He spotted what he thought was an animal carcass. It wasn’t. It was the remains of an old lady.

Although a missing persons report was never filed, detectives still managed to figure out that the body belonged to Maureen Riccio. They discovered that she was from New York but was living in Melbourne. The searched the house, questioned the neighbours and even found the truck which had been sold. Damn, they’re good!

The detectives from Brevard County Sheriff’s Office learned that the family had moved to Brooklyn. They teamed up with the NYPD to arrest Francis Riccio. The NYPD was already investigating him for selling stolen goods on Craigslist.

Riccio--Lazar-jpgFrancis Riccio and Ilene Lazar were arrested in Brooklyn and extradited to Florida. Francis Riccio was charged with 1st-degree premeditated murder, tampering with evidence and abuse of a dead human body. Ilene Lazar was charged with accessory after the fact to 1st-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

In December 2015, Francis Riccio, 48, pled guilty to 1st-degree premeditated murder and abuse of a dead body. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Not 25 years to life, just 25 years. I hope he has to spend every single day of that sentence behind bars.

What Francis Riccio did to his mother was not a mercy killing. There was no mercy, no compassion in him when he smashed her to death with a hammer. There was probably anger, frustration and rage when he chose to bludgeon her.

Ilene Lazar, 42, was sentenced to only 5 years for being an accessory to murder and fabricating physical evidence. I really have to shake my head at monsters like her — she discovered her man was a killer and she chose to help him escape the law. She chose to protect the killer rather than protect her children from the killer.

It’s scary to think that if the electrical technician had driven a few yards more before he pulled over then Maureen Riccio would have disappeared from the planet and her murderer would have gotten away with his crime.

RIP, Maureen Riccio. I extend my sympathies to those who knew and loved her.

Long may Francis Riccio rot in prison. And I hope Maureen Riccio’s grandchildren are now living happy, safe and successful lives.

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26 Responses to Francis Riccio & Ilene Renee Lazar

  1. Jeni C says:

    Another case of a woman who chooses her daily dose of dick over her children’s safety and wellbeing. I hope both of them are miserable and suffering every single day of their sentence. I wish nothing but safety, love and happiness to the children. And Maureen deserved a better son.

  2. Moodymagic says:

    Sick. How did they think they would get away with this? Burn in hell beasts

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    How did the police identify the body so quickly? How can somebody murder the woman who carried you for 9months, sat up all night with you while your teething, and provided all the love and care you needed? It takes a very horrible twat to do that. I agree with cleo, i truly hope she didn’t suffer and that death was instant, and not seeing your own son doing it.

    • Jeni C says:

      I’ll tell you how a person can commit such a terrible act against their own mother; this guy is not human! There is one thing that separates humans from animals…humans have a conscience. This man has no conscience, therefore, he is not a human…he is an animal!

  4. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is Terrible.

    I Fail to Understand why the Death Penalty was Not Awarded for 1st Degree Murder…..After All the Victim cannot Appeal against being
    Murdered after being Murdered

    Sick are Societies that Care More about Murderers than Homeless

    In the UK they probably of would got at a Suspended Sentence and maybe
    a OBE to ensure their ” Human Rights “

  5. Betty Decou says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the horrid treatment of our elderly even to death. In my own local area see the death of Bessie Loony. Left naked in her own filth by her own daughter & granddaughter. I would love to have my own mom back to care for. No matter how hard. These people are worse than animals. Wonder what treatment waits for them in their old age. Maybe we will be lucky & they won’t reach old age.

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Hardly a Caring Society by any Stretch of the Imagination

    Brutalized UK and USA

  7. K marie says:

    He abused his girlfriend as well. Had she not helped him she would have been the next one murdered. Just saying.

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The 7th of August mark’s Anniversary of the Execution of Anna Månsdotter in 1890 .

    This was For the Yngsjo Murder 28th of March 1889 in Scania where Hanna Johansdotter was Murdered by her Husband Per Nilsson and Anna Månsdotter .

    Shockingly Enough it Appears that Anna Månsdotter Mother of Per Nilsson were Engaged in Incest the Degenerate Freaks.

    Nowadays under the EU and ” European Human Rights ” Anna Månsdotter would Get Away with Murder and some Do Gooder would Condone Incest which of Course cannot be Condoned.

    How some Countries have ” Moved On ” from Caring about Morality and The Right of Decent People Not to be Murdered to only Caring about Murderers the UK has been an Example

    • Scott says:

      All any big government cares about any more is money. Nothing is too bad as long as the pockets are getting lined.

      • Unfortunately he is my brother I have not heard all that they did to my mother did he cut off her head I was not told that I can’t fathom how they could do such a thing I was raised by her for a short time she was very abusive to me the state of NYC raised me till I was 17 then she got me back and though me out I ran as far and as fast as I could my sister and I told the hospital that she was at not to let him get her I felt he beet her not kill her eather way was bad and we told him not to take her my family is really mest up all I can do is cry I have mixed feelings on him I hate him for what he did but I love my brother I remember as a little boy when we were separated from each other when my dad left and my cousin could not get rid of me fast enough at 10 years if age and he was 4 years old I see in my mind’s eye mom begging for her life God please take away my pain Amen

  9. tiana says:

    A higher power led that worker there…ur driving down the road n the place u stop at led to the body ..that was God’s work ….wanting the victim to r.i.p

  10. Steven S Jackson says:

    I personally know this situations reality. I was incarcerated at Brevard county jail and spent moths speaking with him (Francis Frankie Riccio about his case. He would drink coffee and want me too study the Bible with him. I swear to God he was so very sorry about it…. If you don’t believe me, call and ask the Brevard county jail if I had been in the dorm at the same time with him. I can tell you anything you want to know. It’s a real life crime story beginning to end. Thinking about writing a book.

    Contact me
    [email protected]

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      I don’t give a fuck how sorry he was. You don’t kill people. It’s basic shit. His I’m Sorry doesn’t bring her back or make him a decent person. You don’t sound like the epitome of humanity yourself, trying to make a dollar off a murder. Shame on you.

  11. MaryHamilton says:

    I am related to the victims involved, I say victims because Maureen was not the only one. Frankie, Ilene and their 3 children were also victims.

    There’s a lot of factors at play and no one seems to take in factor number 1, which is mental health. Maureen was incredibly unstable. Unstable is an understatement. She drank the whole time she was pregnant with Frankie and as a result he was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. While she spent most of her life in and out of mental institutions he spent most of his life dealing with inner demons that were placed in him while inside her drug and alcohol filled womb.

    When Frankie was 5 years old his adopted mother let him visit with Maureen and Maureen attacked him and bit his face, leaving a scar. She was insane, medicated her whole life and incredibly difficult. That’s not justifying her murder, that’s just a fact.

    Frankie grew up angry, mentally unwell and abused everyone in his path including his children and long time girlfriend Ilene who was under his spell as if he was David Miscavige and she was Tom Cruise.

    When he was reunited with Maureen everyone was happy, the whole family was thrilled. But Frankie made one terrible mistake when taking his mother out of the mental institution she was living in at the time. He also stopped filling her prescriptions. Anyone who knows anything about mental health knows you can’t stop these hardcore anti-psychotics cold turkey. The result was tumultuous. Maureen went absolutely nuts, for weeks, uncontrollable physical and verbal outbursts. Frankie’s weak, fragile mind couldn’t handle this and he snapped.

    This wasn’t a normal healthy family where the son got annoyed one day and decided to chop his sweet old mother into pieces. There’s many more layers to it. Sometimes you need to hear more of the story before you make assumptions about things.

    • BeenThere says:

      BULLSHIT!!! The fucking asshole should never of moved his family into her house if she was crazy.. he tried to cash her checks..

  12. Bengalpuss. says:

    No wonder the poor woman went nuts. Fancy stopping her medication, he brought all of this on himself if you ask me

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