Fiona Morag Donnison

Fiona Donnison
Crime: Murder

Fiona Morag Donnison of Lightwater, Surrey, has a narcissistic personality. Psychiatrists have said so. And if you don’t know anything about narcissistic personalities, just know you shouldn’t mess with them. It won’t end well if you do. Paul Donnison knows that only too well.

According to the Mayo Clinic, people like Fiona Donnison have a sense of entitlement. They expect special treatment because, damnit, they are special — in their own minds. They are dramatic and over-emotional. They expect others to always agree with them and get very impatient or angry when they don’t get their own way. Narcissistic personalities also feel jealous of others and have a terrible time keeping healthy relationships.

People like Fiona Donnison feel superior to others and take advantage of others. They don’t care about other people’s feelings or situations. And some, like Fiona Donnison, will react with extreme rage or contempt if they are thwarted or hurt.

All this doesn’t mean that people with narcissistic personalities are insane. It does mean that they are difficult to deal with unless you provide them with everything they demand.

Fiona Donnison was a working mother. In 2004, she was a credit manager with a baby girl, Mia. Paul Donnison was the baby’s father. At the time, Paul and Fiona Donnison weren’t living together. He was still sharing a house with his ex-wife and 2 kids.

BTW, Paul Donnison never married Fiona. She had changed her name to his by deed poll.

Baby Mia only lived to be 9 months old. And then she died. What happened? It’s not provably clear. We do know Paul Donnison had attended his ex-wife’s birthday party, and Fiona Donnison did not react well. She was furious. She was jealous. It may be that baby Mia paid the price.

“She’s not moving at all. Her eyes are completely shut. Oh no. What have I done?” That’s what Fiona Donnison said, quite calmly, in her phone call to 999.

At the time, the medical examiner ruled that baby Mia had died from cot death. I guess that ruling was accepted by Paul Donnison as well. And I guess he believed that Fiona Donnison was grieving horribly over the loss of their child.

The result was that in 2005 Paul Donnison moved in with Fiona — likely out of pity. He wanted to help her through the difficult time.

Pity does not make a great foundation for a healthy relationship. Neither do children.

Elise and HarryPaul and Fiona Donnison had 2 beautiful children together. Harry was born in 2006 and Elise was born in 2008. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, raising children didn’t make for a harmonious family.

Paul Donnison doted on and adored his offspring but he was fed up with Fiona’s jealousy and manipulative behavior. He was tired of the fighting and the drama. He just wanted out.

The beginning of the end of their relationship came in September 2009. Fiona Donnison left the family home in Heathfield, East Sussex. She took the children with her and moved into a rented house in Lightwater, Surrey, 90 miles away.

I don’t know if the breakup was the cause but Fiona Donnison lost her job. Nothing was going right for her, and to top it off she was convinced that Paul Donnison was seeing someone else — his old school friend, Alison Shimmens.

Paul Donnison was texting Alison Shimmens, but Fiona was convinced they were lovers.

I’m not sure why but Paul Donnison attempted a reconciliation with Fiona. Maybe it was pity again since she was jobless, maybe it was to help with the bills, or maybe he just missed the children. Whatever his reasons, he gave it another go. The problem was her behavior was now beyond bearing. She was jealous and angry as hell.

On January 14, 2010 Paul Donnison gave up. He told Fiona it was all over between them, and then he turned his affections to Alison Shimmens. Where it was platonic before it now became a sexual relationship.

Little did Paul Donnison anticipate the horror that was going to result from his complete and final rejection of Fiona Donnison.

I’m sure the man knew that his ex was angry and jealous. She made no secret of it. She had called up Alison Shimmens and warned her, “If he’s sleeping with you, he will never see the kids.”

Fiona Donnison had also made a few trips to Alison Shimmen’s house in Surrey to warn her in person to keep her hands off Paul.

On January 18, 2010 the hellbitch made a special trip to Paul Donnison’s house in Sussex. She threw a brick through the window, broke into the house, and refused to leave when the police arrived. She falsely accused Paul Donnison of assaulting her, of scratching her during an argument. She succeeded in getting HIM arrested.

Yup, the hellbitch was doing her best to mess up her ex’s life.

Fiona Donnison was apparently not taken into custody herself. WTF? That’s too damn bad.

Paul Donnison was released on bail. He was ordered to not have contact with Fiona Donnison. That didn’t stop her from heading over to his place over and over.

On January 24, 2010, Paul Donnison called the police on her. I’m sure he felt the situation was getting completely out of control, and maybe he was afraid she’d get him arrested yet again.

Tragically, Fiona Donnison had worse plans in store for him. She was going to make his life a living hell.

The hellbitch, in a bid to keep him from the children, lied to the nursery school director and said that Paul Donnison was prohibited from picking Harry and Elise up.

On January 26, 2010, Fiona Donnison went to court to appeal for an occupancy order that would force her ex out of the Heathfield house. She was told it would not happen immediately. Damn! She was being thwarted and Fiona Donnison does not accept being thwarted!

And so we come to the evening of January 26, 2010. The evil hellbitch was going to take her ultimate revenge. I’m sure she savoured every minute, knowing how her ex was going to feel the worst pain imaginable.

As young Harry and his baby sister Elise lay sleeping in their beds, Fiona Donnison smothered them to death. OMFG.

Fiona Donnison shopping

Fiona Donnison shopping for sleeping pills

The hellbitch had wanted to make Paul Donnison pay for rejecting her, and she chose to sacrifice those darling, beautiful children. Harry was not yet 4 years old and Elise was only 2.

Fiona POS Donnison put the little bodies into 2 sports holdalls (gym bags), and placed them in the trunk of her car. She then drove the 90 miles to Heathfield, stopping twice on her way to buy sleeping pills. Along with the bodies of her children, the hellbitch also took 2 knives.

Thank the merciful heavens that Paul Donnison wasn’t home that night. He was with Alison Shimmens.

I guess we’ll never know for certain what the murderous mother’s plan was. I’m guessing she was going to stab and kill Paul Donnison with the knives. His absence thwarted her scheme, whatever it was.

Fiona Donnison did not hide the bodies at her ex’s house or dispose of them anywhere else. She just left them in the trunk of the car.

At 10:45 a.m. on January 27, 2010, the monstrous murderer made a dramatic display. She cut one of her wrists and took some of those sleeping pills, and then walked 300 yards to the police station in Heathfield. Yup, she walked right in and told the police that she’d killed her children.

Crime sceneIt was poor PC Toby Young who found the 2 toddlers in the trunk of Fiona Donnison’s car. Little Elise was dressed in a pink romper suit and Harry was in red Roary the Racing Car pyjamas.

Bless you, PC Toby Young, for having to open not one but two holdalls containing murdered children.

Fiona Donnison was taken to Eastbourne District General Hospital for her overdose of sleeping pills. She was heard by police to say, “Harry, where are you? There you are. Peekabo, I’m going to kill you.”

The monstrous murdering mother was subjected to a pile of psychiatric and psychological assessments. She complained she was depressed, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t concentrate, and couldn’t remember.

The problem for Fiona Donnison was that the nursing staff saw her sleeping 8 hours a night, taking afternoon naps, eating regularly, asking for more food. The nursing staff could not see any proof of a poor memory. And the murderer even participated in activities such as photography, card-making and going to the gym and computer room.

In other words, the hellbitch was malingering.

Fiona Donnison was charged with the murders of Harry and Elise. She was later charged with the murder of baby Mia. The police and prosecutors felt certain that Mia’s death was not a cot death as ruled by the medical examiner. A judge dismissed the charge due to lack of evidence.

At her trial in Lewes Crown Court in August 2011, Fiona Donnison did not testify. Her defense was that she was suffering from a mental disorder, and Harry and Elise were killed in the context of a genuine suicide attempt.

Paul Donnison was attacked by the defense counsel about his relationship with Alison Shimmens. He also had to respond to accusations Fiona Donnison had made that he had treated the children unkindly. The poor man, as if he hadn’t gone through enough.

Paul Donnison heartbrokenly described his last moments with his beloved children. “Harry was in his pyjamas and he came over and wrapped his little arms around me and we hugged and I gave him the toy and I was kneeling down.

“He had his arms around my shoulders and my neck and I was cuddling him. And Fiona was standing two or three feet away with a look of absolute hatred and evil on her face. Harry was then shooed back into his bedroom. That was the last time I saw him alive.

“I then went to Elise’s bedroom and she was peacefully asleep. I gave her a peck on the cheek, she just wiggled her nose. She didn’t wake. And that was the last time I saw Elise.”

The prosecutor Christine Laing, QC, said, “By any normal standards of human decency it is almost impossible to conceive using children as the ultimate pawns by killing them to truly wreak revenge on their father for having rejected the defendant, and taken up with someone else. But we say that the defendant’s self-regard was such that it is exactly what she did.”

The jury unanimously decided the hellbitch was evil, not crazy, and convicted her of 2 counts of murder. Fiona Donnison, 45, was sentenced to a minimum of 32 years in prison.

Trial judge Mr Justice Nicol described the children’s murders as “deliberate and wicked acts”.

“The premature end of such young lives would have been a tragedy, but this was no accident. You killed them – you, who were their mother,” said Mr Justice Nicol. “Why you did this defies logical explanation. It seems it can only have something to do with your feelings for Paul Donnison, the children’s father and your former partner. These feelings of yours, combined with the narcissistic traits in your personality which the doctors described, may have led to these fatal consequences.”

After the sentencing Paul Donnison’s brother, Mark, said, “Paul will never get over this. He is absolutely devastated. Those children were his life and now he will never see them grow up. Everything has been taken away from him.”

“Taking a life is the most obscene act that anyone can commit, which in my view should receive an equal punishment,” the grief-stricken Paul Donnison said in a call for the return of the death penalty.

“The pain and agony my family and I have suffered over the last year and a half over the murder of my beautiful children, Harry and Elise, has been almost unbearable.

“The lives of these two beautiful, innocent and wonderful babies were taken from them in a most horrible and disgusting way. They did not stand a chance. The saddest thing today is that they will not grow older and enjoy their lives.’

The defense appealed the sentence, arguing the term was “manifestly excessive.” The Court of Appeal judges disagreed. Hallelujah.

I truly hope that Fiona Morag Donnison never sees the light of day again. It’s a shame that baby Mia’s suspicious death will not be brought into a court of law.

RIP, Harry, Elise and Mia. I extend my sincerest condolences to those who loved them and mourn their loss.

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20 Responses to Fiona Morag Donnison

  1. moodymagic says:

    Fiona I to hope you never see the light of day. What kind of sick monster are you. Those poor children. You were their mother. Burn in hell Fiona.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Wow, this is one monster who, if nobody has the sense to execute her should remain locked up forever. I grew up with hellbeast parents and one thing I know for an absolute certain fact, they and people like them NEVER, EVER change.

    There are a lot of people in prisonwhere I think the sentencing is just stupid and excessive. I’m all for getting the non-violent offenders into alternative sentencing and treatment, but hellbeasts who just run around bumping off innocent children like field mice I mean WTF are these judges thinking letting them live?

    Well with any luck her personality disorder won’t sit well with the other violent felons where she’s headed and somebody there will eventually get annoyed enough with her grandiosity/over inflated sense of self importance to shank her dumb ass to death for not kissing their self imagined royal highness ass enough and then with her slaughter – finally at long last something positive for a change in the news.

    • Supermom says:

      Well Rhonda, I think you pretty much covered it! Well thought out reply to this story. I do believe there is a special place in hell for people like this!

  3. 2cute says:

    This story is so sad and tragic. Those babies should be growing and learning and living. I pray that those beautiful children had no idea what was being done to them and by whom. I pray they didn’t suffer at all. RIP Harry and Elise. Paul and family are in my prayers.

  4. BENGALPUSS says:

    When that bitch took the children away the 1st time when paul donnison came home to find the house empty, fiona had only gone and rented a house 100 yards away from his ex wife and two children, what a cunts trick to do that. She is also having a life of misery in prison by the other inmates, and has been attacked twice. Those babies were so precious, that vindictive twat should be executed, the childrens daddy even said “they should bring back the death penalty” and i agree with him 100%. rest in peace harry and elise, your with the angels now. fiona donnison i hope you rot in hell, you are a wicked twat.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Thanks for the extra info bengalpuss. The bitch sure knew how to put her ex through the wringer. Does anyone know if she threatened his kids or his ex-wife? Why else would she move so close to them?

      I can’t understand how anyone could look at those beautiful children and even contemplate killing them. She is evil through and through.

  5. BENGALPUSS says:

    Aparently bulldoggy, the children’s father couldn’t believe it that she had rented a property on the same street as his ex wife and two older kids, whom he was estranged from. She had obviously done it out of spite and to put him in a very uncomfortable position. The police believed that she probably murdered her 1st baby, but there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed with that charge, but it happened when he went to his ex wife birthday party, definitely a narcississtic bitch. At the trial paul donnison was made to feel like he was the one on trial, but thank god the jury knew what a spiteful vindictive cunt fiona donnison is, and may her days being incarcerated, stay as miserable as they have been. I was also gonna say “and may she see those babies faces daily, and suffer with guilt” but she can’t do that because she’s too self centred and narcississtic.

  6. starla says:

    So… 14 out of 24 ‘Hellbeasts’ on the first page are women, despite men. Is America really that different from the UK where men commit 91% of all violent incidents? 81% for domestic violence, 86% for assault, 94% for wounding, 96% for mugging, 98% for robbery. MoJ figures for 2009 show men to be responsible for 98%, 92% and 89% of sexual offences, drug offences and criminal damage respectively. Of child sex offenders, 99% are male. The highest percentages of female offences concern fraud and forgery (30%), and theft and handling stolen goods (21% female), yet going by this voyeuristic site, one would think women are as violent as men. If this site wants to be taken seriously how about you FOCUS on male violence instead of trying to attract the male gaze by PRETENDING women are as bad as men!

    • cleo says:

      Starla, what I write about are individuals whose crimes sicken me. It never occurred to me to think about the demographics of crime. I don’t worry that I have enough minorities, or enough millionaires, or enough elderly villains represented. I don’t worry if they’re bald or fat or tattooed or male or female. If they’ve committed a heinous crime they qualify for my site.

      I basically write the stories that interest me or have been suggested by readers. I am grateful that people visit my site, and I love that some leave comments. I am flattered that I’ve had over 300,000 readers and almost half have returned to read more. What thrills me most is hearing from victims or their families how they appreciate my site.

      If you consider my site voyeuristic or not serious enough, that’s fine. I’ll bear it somehow.

    • JayEss says:

      Yeah… instead of reporting on stories as they come up why don’t you PRETEND that women aren’t capable of committing violence on an equal level to that of men and instead FOCUS on fulfilling an agenda of your own?
      So if the first page is your problem then why don’t you come back in a couple of days? It’s quite possible that the stories at the front will please your obvious bias slightly more.
      If you honestly think that focusing attention on violence committed by men while sweeping acts by women under the rug is somehow positive then you’ve obviously missed the fucking point.

    • Supermom says:

      Honestly, nobody is pretending anything…Some women ARE just as evil as men. Have you even read the stories on the front page, or any other stories on this site. You should take your statics somewhere else!

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        Supermom, she should take them somewhere else, she should stick em up her arse where the sun don’t shine, lol.

  7. BENGALPUSS says:

    starla, i wish i could pull percentages out of my arse like you do. Maybe women are mentioned more because a mother killing or abusing their children goes against what a mother should be doing, protecting their offspring, now go to sites that beat men down, you feminist.

  8. Rhonda says:

    Just because women don’t go to prison as often as men for violent offenses doesn’t mean women are any less violent than men. Maybe it’s just that they don’t get caught as much because unlike the men female psychopaths are sneakier and much better liars.

  9. Aletheia says:

    Fiona Donnison’s story reminds me of two women I have known. Both of them have made admittedly or provenly false accusations of abuse against their ex-husbands. One had her parental rights terminated almost immediately after giving birth – I don’t know what the maternity staff saw her do, but I sure as heck am glad they saw her do it. The other is my husband’s ex – she’s been using the kids to hurt my husband for years, while at the same time allowing her second husband to mistreat the kids. Fortunately, all but one of the kids are grown now – we’d like his youngest to come live with us, but she’s been fed her mother’s lies for years and has only recently come around to wanting her dad in her life at all. She was down here visiting us earlier this month when her mother had some friends pick her up and take her from our home without advance notice. We know she’s home now, and safe, at least physically, but we still haven’t had any answers as to what exactly is going on. I wish we could send all the narcissists to some island somewhere and let them prey on each other for once …

    • bengalpuss says:

      Alethia, i just cannot stand women that use their kids as pawns to hurt their ex partners. They eventually get to know the truth, but sad to say that they miss out on that time with their dad while growing up. I hope that he gets to see his daughter again real soon, but with someone hell bent on being a spiteful bitch, you may need to go to court, but that’s not cheap is it, fingers crossed though hun x

      • Aletheia says:

        Thanks … we honestly don’t know what the next step is. We have heard from her, but she seems to be avoiding us for the most part – probably she’s been fed more lies …

        • bengalpuss says:

          exactly, you don’t know what poison her mother has been telling her, but the only person she is punishing is her daughter, just to be spiteful towards her ex. It really pisses me off does that, just to hurt her ex, the daughter is losing out, now that is cruel and vindictive.

  10. Janey says:

    U sick fucking cunt I hope u get beating to death u child killer u should never come out of sick sick bitch people out there carnt have children and u killed all 3 of your u sick slag whore rot in he’ll and burn

  11. Mark D says:

    My brother is doing well now, still has nightmares, still struggles every day, but my admiration for him goes deeper than love. We lost our Mum last January, sadness strikes again, but this is how life should be, a beginning a middle and an end.

    We miss them every single day and my children still cry every now and then, when they remember them. The ripples will never end for us.

    Just lets all work for this to never ever happen again, keep us all safe and sound as adults our duty is to care for them and watch them grow.


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