Federick Gayle and Elizabeth Gayle

Federick Gayle
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Tiffany Kadesha Gayle, her sister Samantha and their younger brother, originally from Jamaica, moved to Brampton, Ontario to live with their father, stepmother, and a stepsister. The children had been hoping for a better life in Canada. That’s not what they found.

Federick Gayle and his wife Elizabeth ran a tight ship in their home. Among other things the children weren’t allowed to use the telephone, or bring friends to the house, or display any disrespect to the parents whatsoever. The house rules were strict and punishments were harsh.

Samantha was sent back to Jamaica after just 5 weeks. The girl had had the temerity to warn her father that if he tried to beat her again with a belt she’d call 911. I guess the bastard Federick Gayle considered that disrespectful and exiled his daughter pronto.

Tiffany and Samantha stayed in touch through emails and text messages. Tiffany used a friend’s phone to call Samantha after she returned to Canada to live with relatives.

Knowing she could be sent back to Jamiaca, Tiffany Gayle tried desperately to fit in with her new family. She tried hard for almost 2 years. It just wasn’t working out.

Tiffany Gayle

Tiffany Gayle

“Everyday I am causing them pain and regrets,” the 15-year-old girl wrote. “I hate to see my parents angry but I guess there is nothing I can do because all I have ever done is cause pain in the family.”

Sounds like Federick and Elizabeth Gayle had convinced the poor girl that everything that went wrong was her fault, and they made her shoulder 100% of the blame. I think Federick and Elizabeth Gayle had convinced themselves that the girl was to blame, and for that they probably hated her.

It had to have been hate they felt. Hate and rage. Federick and Elizabeth Gayle certainly had no compassion or understanding for the girl’s circumstances and feelings. They made no allowance for her having to adjust to their ridiculously strict rules and demands.

I am sure that all of the pain and regrets in that household were caused by the hellbeast father and hellbitch stepmother, and not Tiffany. That poor kid deserved so much better than the unhappy life she was forced to live. She deserved to have visitors to the house, and to attend her dance recital, and to phone family and friends.

Elizabeth Gayle

Elizabeth Gayle

In June 2010, Tiffany Gayle pretty much knew the better life in Canada wasn’t meant to be, and the girl contacted her mother in Jamaica to warn her that she was going to be sent back.

That’s a normal thing, right? A troubled girl would obviously want to talk to her mom about something as important as being sent back home. Of course Tiffany phoned her mother.

Alas, it was the worst mistake Tiffany could have made.

Tiffany, by phoning her mother, had broken the biggest rule of all — she’d shown disrespect to her father and stepmother. Federick and Elizabeth Gayle were not about to let the girl get away with that!

On June 12, 2010, Federick and Elizabeth Gayle set out to punish Tiffany for the egregious crime of contacting her mother. The punishment began in their garage. The punishment turned out to be capital punishment.

Federick and Elizabeth Gayle, armed with a baseball bat and a barbecue tool, began to beat Tiffany. Probably afraid of neighbours hearing the screams, the evil pair forced Tiffany into the basement. They beat her in the foyer, and then they beat her in the downstairs bathroom.

Federick and Elizabeth Gayle beat that poor girl so hard that blood and globules of her fat were spattered on the walls. They beat her so hard they broke her bones.

Tiffany wound up naked from the waist up, battered and bleeding to death in the bathtub. She might have survived the horrific assault if Federick and Elizabeth Gayle had sought immediate medical attention, but the hellbeasts didn’t do that.

Gayle murder sceneFederick and Elizabeth Gayle, instead of helping the girl, left her horribly injured and bleeding in the tub while they tried to clean up the mess. There was just too much blood and gore throughout the garage, foyer and bathroom for them to successfully scrub away.

It was the stepsister who wound up calling 911. Brave girl to risk the wrath of her murderous parents!

By the time the first responders arrived at the house on Savita Road, Tiffany was already in rigor mortis. She’d died hours earlier of shock from massive blood loss and internal bleeding.

Gayle houseThree days later Federick and Elizabeth Gayle were arrested and charged with 1st-degree murder.

Not surprisingly, both Federick and Elizabeth Gayle pled not guilty. Elizabeth the hellbitch Gayle unsurprisingly claimed that only Federick, and Federick alone, beat the girl. She claimed that Federick had snapped and beat the poor girl with a baseball bat.

What sickens me is that Elizabeth Gayle, charged with 1st-degree murder, was allowed to be free on bail for the 2 years before the June 2013 trial. She was even allowed to remain free throughout the trial. A killer like her wandering free on Canadian streets! Sickening.

Why did she get such undeserved freedom? Because the bitch cut a deal. She negotiated with police and told them where to find the elusive baseball bat.

Granted, that weapon was a vital piece of evidence for the prosecution. Police likely wouldn’t have found it if the hellbitch hadn’t told them where it had been hidden — behind a shed on another property.

Well, Elizabeth Gayle is free no more. The forensic evidence at the trial clearly implicated her in the murder. Her bloody footprints were in the basement and her clothes had Tiffany’s blood on them. The jury didn’t believe she had nothing to do with the poor girl’s death.

The jury also didn’t believe Federick Gayle when he suggested that Elizabeth Gayle had framed him.

Federick Gayle hadn’t helped his cause when he asked his daughter Samantha to lie on the witness stand. He told her that he hadn’t been home when Tiffany was killed.

Samantha Gayle wasn’t about to lie for her father. And that’s what she said in court.

When the prosecutor asked her how she felt about her father’s request, Samantha answered, “Mad. He’s my dad — the person you look to mostly to teach you the right way, tells you to lie … I never expected that.”

On June 26, 2013, both Federick and Elizabeth Gayle were found guilty of 1st-degree murder. Their defense attorneys expressed disappointment with the verdict.

Stephen Bernstein, the lawyer for Federick Gayle, said he’ll appeal the decision. “We feel there was ample room for reasonable doubt,” said Mr. Bernstein. Really? I myself have not the tiniest doubt the jury got it right. Federick Gayle can bleat about his innocence for the next 25 years and I will never believe him.

Donald McLeod, the lawyer for Elizabeth Gayle, spoke of how his client had been the victim of abuse as a young woman, raped, impregnated and living on the street. How tragic, BUT how the f*ck does that excuse what she did to Tiffany? It doesn’t! Not in any way, shape or form!

The guilty verdict means that both Federick and Elizabeth Gayle will be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years. Federick the evil bastard Gayle will be 70 years old when he can apply for parole, and his bitch wife will be 71. I truly hope they will both be denied parole forever.

RIP, Tiffany Kadesha Gayle. I am so sorry that instead of a better life in Canada you encountered hell. At least now your killers will be living in their own hell for the next few decades — if one can consider Canadian prison hell.

May both Federick and Elizabeth Gayle suffer plenty in the years to come. May they suffer and rot.

And may those who loved and valued Tiffany Kadesha Gayle, that beautiful girl, find comfort and solace knowing that the monstrous murderers can’t hurt anyone ever again. I wish her mother, sister, brother and stepsister all the best.

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28 Responses to Federick Gayle and Elizabeth Gayle

  1. moodymagic says:

    It makes me sick 25 years in prison in Canada is a joke.I guess we can be happy they will be locked up. I wish both these bastards nothing but pain and suffering.

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    First i’d like to say, what an ugly cunt that elizabeth gayle is, she was definately touched with the ugly wand, damn fuck ugly mother fucker. That poor girl, what those two bastard’s did to her was evil. I cannot get over the picture of that bath tub, it really upset me. That poor girl beaten to death for ringing her mom, evil Fucking cunts. Please let them 2 pieces of shit share a cell with the most evil nasty prisoner that the jail has, and makes their lives as painful as they made that beautiful young girls life daily.

    • 2cute says:

      I found the bathtub picture upsetting too. I am glad they were found guilty of first degree murder because the girl could have been saved if they’d called 911 right away but they chose to let her die. I don’t understand how they thought they could get away with it. Blood was everywhere and there was a body in the tub. I just hope the little brother wasn’t home at the time his sister was being murdered. How awful for him.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    To beat the girl to death for phoning her mom makes these two turdbrains deserve the tortures of the damned. RIP Tiffany.

  4. pj says:

    Those kids could have and should have had a good life in Canada. Too bad their mom didn’t know what a murderous pair their father and stepmother were or she wouldn’t have sent the kids to them. I hope Samantha is living well in Canada now with her other family members.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    Bengalpuss should make room for these evil bastards in her basement rec room. Since they feel comfortable with corporal and capital punishment they should appreciate being on the receiving end.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, believe me if my basement was up and running these two cunts would be recieving special treatment. Like eating tyke’s turd’s. My boy would be curling those little brown bastard’s out quicker than you could say “beastly bastards” evil cunts they are.

  6. Oz Of Wizard says:

    My God. Shame on them. The biggest punishment for the two of them would be to grow a conscience and possess empathy while in prison. That way, they can suffer emotionally from guilt. Highly unlikely though.

  7. Kayla Lindsay says:

    If you were previously abused and raped, why on earth would you wish or
    Commit that to someone else? Its a terrible, terrible, wrong thing to do, and she of all people should know this.
    That is the most bullshit excuse if I ever did hear one. And completely fu**ed. So contradicting.
    How to these sadistic people find eachother ?

  8. Lori Reeve says:

    Hell Bastards Frederick and Elizabeth Gayle!!! So they burn in hell!!!
    RIP, Tiffany Gayle.

  9. Renee Reeve says:

    Hell Bastards Frederick and Elizabeth Gayle!! ! They burn in hell!!! To experience what survived Tiffany!
    RIP, Tiffany Gayle.

  10. Jonesly_Gurl says:

    You know I am disgusted with the pain and torture that Tiffany endured, may God have mercy on her soul. I read all the articles online about what happened in that house on that fateful night and none of us really know what happened. We have heard that Frederick asked his daughter to lie but in earlier reports it said that she was sent back to Jamaica and in other reports she lives with other family members, which is it because either way she would not have been in the home! I am not saying that either one is not guilty but how can we be sure that it was both of them, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. A horrible crime was committed and a beautiful child was taken away far too soon but we should not be so quick to wish evil towards other people as we will never know the full and true story

    • Bengalpuss says:

      The other girl in the house was Elizabeth and Fred Gayles daughter, tiffanys step sister, not the biological sister that went back to Jamaica.

  11. bengalpuss says:

    even if only one of them did the beating, the other one knew about it and did nothing to stop it, that’s just as bad in my books, that someone can stand by and watch an innocent child be beaten to death, so they are both culpable.

  12. Jessie Ryal says:

    U know she just came to my mind and I decided to look her up we went to school together In Jamaica and I am still in shock after so many years its like I was their I keep feeling her pain over and over again her life robbed away smh I am so sorry I remember the last time I saw her at the girls bathroom smiling as always she was so pleasant and fun she would of being 23 this year just like me smh… RIP TIF

  13. Felonies gayle says:

    I wish Dee dumb ass people who post fake ass story take it down

  14. Felonies Gayle says:

    Dis bull shit should be against for using people pictures

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Your brother is a murdering bastard along with his ugly wife. Did you look at that picture with all that blood? They should be executed for what they did to that poor girl bless her heart. Only someone evil coulda done that beating to a little girl, Fucking cowards they are.

  15. AngryLittleMexican says:

    Your brother is a murderer and you are an ignorant moron.

  16. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. I mean, good on the sister for getting out when she did otherwise both of them cud b dead. I feel sorry for the girl though, she moves from a developing country for better opportunities and all that hope is extinguished by the people who r supposed to care for her? I hope those monsters suffer every second for the rest of their pathetic lives with the memory of the dying girl burned into their brains.

  17. Felonies Gayle says:

    Y’all so damn stupid this is the wrong fucking picture of the they talking about n I wish I had the fucking information about who put my brother picture here because this is the wrong person that they are potraying to be

  18. bengalpuss says:

    If that pic is wrong then surely to god that should be better for you. Ur pathetic attempt to deny its that piece of shot Gayle is hilarious. Those two counts need to suffer.

  19. bengalpuss says:

    Shit not shot

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