Farhad Billimoria

Farhad Billimoria
Crime: Pedophile, Sex Offender

Farhad Billimoria, a former chef from Melbourne, Australia is a confessed sex offender. Give him access to a webcam and Skype and he can victimize little girls around the world. His victim was a 9-year-old girl from England.

Now I am admittedly a crotchety old broad who just can’t see any good reason to let children and teenagers use webcams — especially without supervision.

There are instructions aplenty on the Internet on how to disable webcams. And with predators like Farhad Billimoria out there, it’s probably a damned good idea to do it.

In May and June, 2012, Farhad Billimoria, 56, sent indecent and completely inappropriate communications to a 9-year-old British girl using Skype chat logs. His communications were sexually explicit *shock* and he even managed to convince the girl to participate in sexual activities via the webcam.

The Sexual Crimes Squad of the Victoria Police got a tip from UK police that an Australia perv had sent more than 2000 messages to the little girl. The email address pointed to none other than Farhad Billimoria.

The UK police also sent the Victoria police forensic copies of data from the victim’s computers that explicitly pointed to Farhad Billimoria as the sexual offender.

The predatory pedophile Farhad Billimoria was arrested and questioned. The scummy POS pervert admitted he had made indecent communications, but he totally denied performing sex acts via webcam with the little girl.

Big surprise, Farhad Billimoria laid all the blame on the victim. He claimed the little girl had asked him questions about sex and he was only trying to answer her “like a parent would”. Riiiight. *snort*

Farhad Billimoria is just like most of the other sex offenders I’ve researched, blaming the victims and portraying themselves as the real victims.

In Melbourne’s County Court Farhad Billimoria pled guilty to using a communications service to transmit sexually explicit communications to a person under 16 years of age and engaging in sexual activities with a minor. With over 2000 messages as evidence against him, what else could he do except plead guilty?

On September 3, 2013, Farhad Billimoria was sentenced by Judge Wendy Wilmoth to two-and-a-half years in prison with a minimum of 12 months. He was also ordered to undertake a sex offenders treatment program for 3 years.

It’s a real shame I don’t believe sex offenders respond well to treatment programs. I’d like to think that Farhad Billimoria will emerge a newly reformed character who has no interest in sex with children, but I don’t think that. I think what would be more useful is to ban him from using computers altogether, to ban him from all public places where children hang out, and to require he register as a sex offender.

This time the victim was in another country, too far away for him to make physical contact. That doesn’t mean he won’t meet his next victim face to face. And it doesn’t mean that he won’t make physical contact given the opportunity.

I sure wish I had his photo so he could be recognized as the predatory pedophile he is.

The 9-year-old victim’s mother wrote in her victim impact statement that this whole episode has been difficult for the family and she fears her daughter will suffer from the whole experience as she gets older. I truly hope the girl can put this all behind her and grow naturally into adulthood without any ramifications.

I also truly hope that the girl doesn’t ever blame herself for her part in the online antics. Farhad Billimoria, that predatory pervert, knew precisely how to groom a child. It is 100% his fault.

So please, parents out there, consider the trouble and harm that webcams can bring to your children and act accordingly. So sayeth a cranky old broad.

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7 Responses to Farhad Billimoria

  1. moodymagic says:

    Pedos make me sick. I hope he gets dealt with in prison.

  2. 2cute says:

    I really hope this asshole doesn’t have a wife and kids. I cannot imagine what that would be like, to find out your husband or father is into little girls. Sick bastard, hope he learns from his treatment program.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    Was this his first victim I wonder. He seems to be a bit old to be just starting. And he sure knew how to convince the girl to cooperate over the internet and that suggests to me he has had practise. I hope he suffers enough to learn never to do this shit again.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    I have a hard time believing this was the first time he did this nasty crap. He seemed to know just what to do and say to get his victim to go along with it. I sure as hell hope there aren’t more victims out there, but how do little kids confess to their parents that they’ve been taking off their clothes for grown ass men on the webcam? I’m sure pedos like this creep aren’t above threatening to tell the parents if the kids don’t cooperate.

  5. Geist says:

    What a joke! Sex offenders cannot be rehibilitated especially repeat offenders. We have seen just how this so called treatment works ie Adrian Ernest Bailey and how society pays for it! This man is a predator and should be treated as such!

  6. Bengalpussy says:

    Why is a 9yr old left alone on a computer with a webcam? Im not passing the buck and yes this vile arseole is a disgusting cunt, but most parents know that you have beasts lurking behind cyberspace, so im just wondering why this child was in a chat room to link up with this turd, and left with a webcam? The girls mom could’ve avoided all this if she would’ve taken safety steps for this not to happen, she should shoulder some of the blame. As for nonce 2013, i hope he gets his sick ass whooped in jail, and parents, you need to be watching your young children on the internet, and don’t let them have the use of webcam’s, when they’re living away from the family and they are adults, they can do as they please, but under your roof its your responsibility.

    • pj says:

      I agree with bengalpussy. Kids shouldn’t be left to surf the internet alone especially young kids. Parents wouldn’t let them approach strangers on the street so how can they let them talk to strangers on the internet? Very irresponsible.

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