Evita Williams

Hellbeast Evita Williams
Crimes: Animal cruelty, burglary

Evita Williams, 25, of Casselberry, Florida is someone to be reckoned with. You don’t want to piss her off, especially if you have pets you love. And you especially don’t want your son to marry the woman unless you want a shitload of hellbeast fury messing up your life.

Evita Williams is married already to Richard Williams but they are estranged. It was a very acrimonious split. The couple have a young son together, and I feel so bad for the little lad. His dad was arrested for stealing from the grandparents, and his mom was arrested and convicted for doing far worse to her in-laws.

Evita William’s in-laws, Dan and Sherry Williams have a home in Longwood, Florida. They allowed Evita and their grandson to stay with them temporarily after her separation from their son because she had nowhere else to go. They soon came to regret their generosity, no doubt because their daughter-in-law is a batshit crazy bitch.

Dan and Sherry Willliams had an elderly dog named Ginger. The 14-year-old lab/golden retriever cross had been sickly but was getting better. The Williams loved their Ginger very much. Evita Williams didn’t.

In fact, Evita Williams had threatened to kill Ginger after she was asked to make reparation for smashing a guitar during a fight she’d had with her husband.

WTF Ginger had to do with her making good on damage she caused I dunno. But Dan and Sherry Williams took the threat seriously. For good reason, as it turned out.

Victim GingerAfter Evita hell bitch Williams made the threat, Dan and Sherry Williams placed a lock on their bedroom door and decided to keep Ginger inside the bedroom. That was on July 5, 2011. The next day they left for work and Ginger was, they thought, safe and sound in their locked house, in their locked bedroom.

Unhappily for Dan and Sherry Williams, they had underestimated the determined and evil nature of their hellbitch daughter-in-law. The monster entered their home when they were gone, unscrewed the lock on their bedroom, and then grabbed and muzzled poor sickly Ginger. Evita POS hellbitch Williams then carried the geriatric dog into the backyard and beat her to death with a baseball bat.

I cannot and don’t want to imagine what poor Ginger went through. I only hope it was a quick death.

Evita the heartless shitball Williams took her victim’s body to Altamonte Springs where she tossed it into a dumpster.

Dan and Sherry Williams returned home to find no Ginger so they reported her theft to the police. Needless to say the Williams were devastated that their beloved pet was missing, and fearful of what had happened to her.

Investigators received an anonymous tip that darling Evita was responsible. Deputies searched for the body but the dumpster had been emptied already. They checked out the Williams’ home and found evidence that corroborated the tipster’s story.

Checking the master bedroom door lock, deputies noticed that the screws were not all flush. Dan Williams, who had installed the lock, knew he had not left them that way. He also noticed and told the deputies that a baseball bat was missing from his garage.

Thief Richard WilliamsDan Williams called his son, with deputies listening in, and asked where the dog was.

Richard Williams, the asshat, was belligerent and blustery and told his dad, “She told you what she was going to do.” So sonny boy knew already what his hellbitch wife had done.

Wow, what a loving, caring son Richard Williams is! Dan and Sherry must be so proud!

Deputies checked out Richard Williams’ residence for evidence and lo and behold! There were electronics that he’d stolen from his own parents! The police solved an extra crime that day.

Evita POS Williams was booked into the Seminole County Jail. She was charged with grand theft, burglary and animal cruelty.

Richard Williams was arrested and charged with theft.

What a lovely couple! Of assholes.

The bitch Evita told investigators that Ginger had bitten her son and that’s why she killed the dog. Riiight, Ginger was such a vicious beast! And she looks so vicious in her picture *snort*!

Prosecutor Stacey Salmons believed that Evita the evil witch Williams was out for revenge, pure and simple. She was lethally furious with her husband and his parents and Ginger paid the price.

In July 2012 the jury took an hour to convict the dog-killing bitch of burglary and animal cruelty. Thank goodness!

“To do something so violent and so vicious to the animal [suggests] the potential to do something violent and vicious to a person,” said Prosecutor Salmons. Ain’t that the truth!

GingerA tearful Sherry Williams explained to reporters that Ginger’s health was already in decline at the time of the senseless and malicious beating. The old dog was deaf and barely able to walk. “I had to hold her back legs up,” Sherry Williams said, “so she could drink water.”

Evita the evil bitch Williams faces up to 20 years in prison at her October 1, 2012 sentencing. Twenty years! Now that’s MY kind of sentencing! We shall have to wait and see if it’s the judge’s kind of sentencing too. I shall keep readers informed.

I don’t know who has custody of Dan and Sherry’s grandson. I hope that he never winds up in his mother’s clutches again. His dad is no great shakes either.

Evita Williams may or may not go to prison for decades, but she is well on her way to hell. I hope her time in prison is long enough for her to grow a heart and a soul, but hellbeasts rarely change for the better.

R.I.P. Ginger.

Seminole Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester sentenced Evita Williams to 5 years in prison, 5 years of probation, to attend an anger-management class, undergo psychological, drug and alcohol evaluation and not own pets. Pretty decent sentence if you ask me!

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Daily Mail article

43 Responses to Evita Williams

  1. bulldoggy says:

    This bitch needs a beating. Or 2. Or 200. With a baseball bat. I volunteer. My dog will cheer me on.

    • 2cute says:

      I’ll volunteer too. We can take turns with your old Charlie enjoying the show. Ginger was a beautiful dog and couldn’t even walk to get away from this nasty cunt!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      I knew that this would get your back up bulldoggy. As soon as i read it i just knew. I’ll be fucking cheering you on as well, in fact i’ll get a shovel and i’ll beat her with that while your baseball batting the stupid wicked cunt. Then i’d squirt petrol in the bitch’s eyes and fling a match at her to set her on fire. Then we can put her in a dumpster. And the fuckwit bald headed son, who was touched with the ugly wand, will get a bengalpuss delight, i’ll tie the bastard down give him a few beats and dump him where there are killer bees, antagonise the bee’s and watch them sting this cunt to death. And let old charlie watch in memory of ginger R.I.P

      • bulldoggy says:

        All I know is if anyone threatened my Charlie much less hurt him they’d be dealing with a shitload of angry, raging Bulldoggy. Man or woman I don’t care — nobody is going to hurt my dog! They’d have to get through me first and I wouldn’t make it easy.

        Dan and Sherry have all my sympathies. To lose their dog is horrible, to lose her this way is unthinkable, and to learn their own son doesn’t give a flying fart about them and even steals from them… I don’t know how I would cope with all that shit. I hope they’re surrounded by a lot of people who love and care about them.

        This bitch Evita Williams and her bastard ex should learn about loss first hand by losing their son permanently.

        • bengalpuss29 says:

          Same here bulldoggy, anyone hurt my tyke and they’d be dealing with a shitload of bengalpuss. I don.t know whats worse about this story, the fact that it was the daughter in law that did this, or the fact their son didn.t give a flying fuck. I think anyone that can take a baseball bat and beat a dog to death, has psychotic problems, and is very unbalanced. The right thing to do is remove that child from her custody. That dog did nothing, the was out for revenge, and what better way to seek revenge was to kill that poor couples dog. I don.t give a fuck if someone threatened to kill my pet and i came home to find my pet missing, then someone have information that it was the cunt that threatened, i’d be beating that twat with a baseball bat, and i’d break the cunt’s legs. They wouldn’t be walking again thats for sure.

  2. dogwalker says:

    I sure hope Ginger didn’t feel anything. That is pure evil to take a beloved pet and kill it and dump it in the trash, trying to leave the inlaws with no clue what happened to their precious doggie. I hate this woman. If she can do this to people she’s related to when she’s mad, what can she do to her son? She’s a sociopath for sure, a psychopath maybe.

    • cleo says:

      Evita Williams has been sent away for 5 years! Yay!

      • bengalpuss says:

        That’s brilliant is that is you see goldie we never forgot about you and somone, stick that with your lovely person crap and see that the son don.t shine when it comes to evil cunts that beat sick old defenceless, innocent animals to death. Bulldoggy cleo we should have a party. Lets hope her new jail friends give her a welcoming party just for goldie, the wicked bitch. Were doing well cleo two good sentences all come at once. Now we just need those bastards that make the crush video’s. That little kitty that she stood on, me and our tyke haven.t forgot about you. And talking about tyke, i went to call him in earlier, cleo he only had a dead bird. Think he brought it back to share with me lol. I’ve been calling him bird killer all night. And now he’s just climbed up onto the bed so were celebrating me and tyke, she’ll think twice that evita evil bitch williams about hurting an animal in the future.

  3. 2cute says:

    Look at that damn bitch smirking in her photo. Bet she’s not smiling now that she is facing 20 years. Damn but that’s a serious sentence! i hope she gets it, every last day of it.

  4. Steve-0 says:

    I just don’t understand her. Her motive is so pathetic. I don’t believe in the dog bite crap btw because Ginger couldn’t even stand or walk. She was mad at her parents-in-law because they expected her to pay for damages she caused so she killed their dog? And then she’s stupid enough to threaten the dog so that she became the #1 suspect? Stupid bitch. And because she committed this fucktardery she could go away for 20 years and be separated from her son? Stupid, stupid bitch. But I am glad she showed her family and the world how evil she is before she committed a lifetime of cruel and sadistic crimes.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      I understand her motives steve-O, she’s a fucking pussy. She beat a dog a sick dog at that, knowing that she wasn.t going to be confronted by the dog no retaliation. She picked on an animal that was too old and sick to defend itself. If it had been a human being she wouldn’t have bothered because she could have come off worse. People like this cunt always end up getting a beating from someone, and i hope that someone is her cell mate. The fucking cowardly bitch.

  5. moodymagic says:

    BURN IN HELL BITCH! What would stop her doing this to her son. Just Burn

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    The pair of them 2cute are nasty cunts. He knew she did that to his parents dog, and didn.t seem at all bothered. And i take my hat off to the person that grassed her up. She’s not that clever is she, the daft cunt didn.t get away with it, i just hope that the judge isn.t a pussy and gives her a pathetic sentence. I know if i was the judge i would be giving that bitch 20yrs bang on, lets hope the judge has a pair of bollocks and sentences this fucker to what she deserves. And the bald son should be given a big sentence also cos he knew. Hope their child doesn’t grow up with his parents traits. In fact hope the son is removed from their custody, they’ve obviously proved that they are not fit to parent a young child. Evil bastards.

  7. awesomeblossom says:

    Stupid bitch! She said she was going to do it. She told her inlaws she was going to do it. She told her ex she was going to do it. She must’ve told the informant she did it and how she did it because the police knew what dumpster to look in. She totally cannot be surprised she was caught.

    With that smug face of hers she must’ve thought she’d be facing a fine or a couple of weeks in jail. Bet she never thought she could get 20 years. Stupidity doesn’t pay.

  8. twinklebear999 says:

    Here’s hoping Evita gets what she gave. I hope someone slowly beats her to death. Her son would be much better off than to be raised by a sociopath.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    Awesomeblossom, if it wasn.t so serious, it would be hilarious. Talk of americas dumbest criminal, she’s a prime candidate. She threaten’s to kill the dog, and low and behold, the dog goes missing.
    “Homes who do you think it may be”
    “Well watson Their was a threat made to the dogs life”
    “By who homes”
    “A bitch called evita williams watson”
    “homes your so clever”
    “its elementary watson”
    just a shame that the sentence couldn’t be life, but i’ll be happy with anything over ten years. we shall have to wait and see what the judge dishes. out to her. I wait with baited breath.

  10. courtney says:

    WTF???? please someone show this bitch what she put that poor animal through by giving her exactly the same treatment

  11. Tasera says:

    Twenty years?! I don’t know if it’ll happen, but it’s nice to dream. This woman needs to be put away for a long, long time. Or be dumped into a trash compactor.

  12. Taylor says:

    Ugh! I live 5 minutes down the road from Casselberry and this is the first I’ve heard about this! What’s worse is the dog I grew up with is also named Ginger, and looks just like this pretty girl. It’s awful, but I can’t say I’m surprised– Florida is full of inbred scumbags like these. I can’t wait to get out of here!!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Taylor, its a shame you can.t find that bitch and beat her with a baseball bat and let the bitch know how poor ginger felt. But i’ve not to encourage violence, although it would be brilliant seeing her squirm on the floor, begging for her life. Or better still sticking her and husband of the year in a locked room with a baseball bat each and say which ever one wins gets to live. And then when the winner is left, throw a petrol bomb inside the room. That’d be fun wouldn’t it.

  13. somone says:

    Evita is not an evil bitch! Those of you who are posting should be ashamed! She is a wonderful person that has been dealt bad cards. She was in love with Richard and he manipulated her one to many times. This was his idea that he didn’t have the balls to do now she is paying the price. She was not in her right mind when she comitted this heinous act. This is so sad that people have nothing better to do than sit here and talk about her and what she did. Only Jah can decide where she goes when she passes not you, you pompous ignorant peice of shit. No one knows her life and what she has been through that lead her to where she is today. This is only one side of the story that makes her look like the “evil bitch” you say she is. Everyone should only worry about their lives and not judge for what people have done. I understand that this was a beloved dog, RIP Ginger, but only Jah can judge!!!

    • Someone else says:

      Hi Cynthia. I want to thank you for being the anonymous tipster. Without you, none of this would have been possible. Rick may be Charles Manson, but Evita still did it. Do you know what it takes to kill a dog? She is truly evil. And you can defend her all you want, but I listened to the jail house calls, the ones not played at the sentencing, and I can tell you, Evita does NOT think so highly of you: she calls you a nasty rat, says your fat and ugly and she wants to punch you in your dumb face. She also said that you were bored and dumb enough to testify on her behalf and that’s why she asked you, because she has no one else. If Evita is serving 5 years, Rick should get 10. But alas, he chose a very dumb brute to take the fall solo, and that is where we are at. At least now he is rendered impotent without his flying monkey doing all of his evil bidding.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Someone else, i think your great, that doesn’t suprise me that evil bitch evita, has got that dumb cunt somone.(Someone) Can.t even spell it right. So somone you testified for this piece of crap cynthia, pretty name, shame about the person that owns it. So you see you testified for this piece of shit and someone else has just told us that she’s cat calling you in jail. Nasty rat, fat and ugly, doesn’t suprise me. This is what you get cynthia for helping this piece of shit out. Still think she’s a lovely person do you? Board nothing to do, no life thats why you testified. Bet you wish you hadn.t now. Lovely person my arse! Thanks someone else.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Someone else, do you know whats gonna happen to their little boy, while she’s in jail, playing muff diver of the year?

        • Someone else says:

          The little boy is in amazing hands with Dan and Sherry…. grandparents to the rescue. The boy NEVER asks for his mom, and when he has to see his dad once a week for an hour, he starts screaming and crying that he may not be going back with his grandparents. Because Evita drank while she was pregnant, the boy has some developmental issues. But with the loving guidance of his grandparents, he has improved VASTLY and is in special classes where he is excelling. Oh, and Evita had a lesbian relationship with Cynthia, so really, she’s happy as a clam in prison. Everybody wins!

      • VerySurprised says:

        This is amazing to me, I dated this chick when I was 14-15 years old and she was completely normal. I was wondering if you knew if maybe she got into some hard core drugs or something?

        • 2cute says:

          Count yourself lucky verysurprised that you didn’t get serious about this chick. She’s a psycho loon.

          • bengalpuss says:

            2cute, i think verysuprised has had a lucky escape from this bitch. You never know, if he’d have carried on with her, it might have been his head on the receiving end of that baseball bat. Very suprised, thank your lucky stars you were young, and had sense to get away from this evil cunt.

        • someoneelse says:

          No, not hard core drugs. She smoked weed and did other things, which she did since she was 13. But nothing that would warrant an excuse for her behavior. She loves drama, plain and simple. When her marriage fell apart, and she Rick were at odds, their irrational hatred of Ginger brought them back together, and they fed on each others’ anger and hatred and zealousness until it culminated in the murder of Ginger. No drugs involved, no substance to blame. This is absolutely the work of two egomaniacs.

  14. bengalpuss29 says:

    Somone, actually your wrong, you see we can all judge, and us people on this site judge that evita williams, is a cruel dog killing bastard. Now i don.t know if it has slipped your mind, but this cunt broke into someone’s home after threatening to kill their much loved pet that was old and sick, so gingers owners locked ginger away. Then evita fucking dog killer williams, breaks into the home takes the dog outside and beats it to death with a baseball bat, then takes it away and throws it into a dumpster. Which part of innocent are you missing, and your saying she’s a wonderful person. What fucking planet are you on you imbecile. This cunt murdered an old dog, no one forced her to do it, no one had a gun at her head, and no one was with her when she did it. She threatened the williams, saying im gonna kill your dog, & the horrible cunt did. So you see, thats why we can judge murdering fucktard’s like this. You carry on sticking up for her, you started the name calling now im finishing it. Your stupid cunt.

  15. bengalpuss29 says:

    Evita, is not an evil bitch. What fucking planet are you on you clown. She threatened the williams that she was gonna kill their old loved ginger, so they put him in a room with a lock on it, then that cunt evita broke in took the poor dog outside and beat it till it died, the poor dog had done nothing wrong. And you say she’s a wonderful person, im glad i don.t know you, you stick up for pieces of shit like this cunt. Her ex husband is a cunt as well but at least he didn.t beat a poor defenceless, sick dog to death for fuckall. You come on here calling us names, and sticking up for a dog killing twat, i hope she gets jail and her child removed from her custody, because she’s obviously disturbed committing heinous acts like this, whats to say she won.t hurt her son, if she’s pissed off in future. You can call us that comment on this site what you want, because our conscience is clear. We don.t defend dog killing cunts, we speak for the underdog and victims of pieces of crap like evita williams.

  16. bengalpuss29 says:

    Pompous, ignorant, pieces of shit, coming from a member of the, evita williams, dog killing fan club lol.

  17. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, you’ve got to read somone’s comment on evita williams, lets see if it gives you an aneurism, cos it sure as hell raised my blood pressure.

    • bulldoggy says:

      I am clutching my chest as I type this. I cannot believe that anyone can defend a dog killer. Decent people know her for what she is — evil.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Bulldoggy, there’s just some people on this planet that are blind to the truth. I for one wouldn’t be calling someone who baseball batted a sick old dog to death “A lovely person” I have to defend the underdog every time. If these idiots want to see a little piece of sunshine out of a pile of shite, then who am i to stop them making cunts of themselves.

  18. kathryn says:

    Someone you are a fucking hell beast too for daring to stick up for that monster!!!!

    I hope “Jah” judges you!!!!!! you twat!!!!

  19. kathryn says:

    It just makes me furious, animals are as defenceless as children. Somone does not care about Ginger.

    When you defend the actions of a paedophile or animal abuser you are saying you tolerate and accept their behaviour.

    Well your not getting away with it on this site Somone. You are now officially a hell beast too. Pray to your “Jah” you never meet with the any of the good citizens of this site.

    Love to all on this site who support Cleo’s campaign to name and shame these MONSTERS!!! Keep on going!!!

    Somone you really are a TWAT!!!

  20. Angry says:

    Just look at her, complete sociopath, no remorse. I hope the chicks in prison beat her on a daily basis. Oh, and “Somone” (I assume that’s “Someone”), how can you condone such behavior unless you’re also a sociopath? I, and lots of folks I know who have also been dealt a “bad hand” would never even consider such a crime, let alone act on it. Would you be so forgiving if she did this to someone you loved? You have zero compassion or respect for the innocent lives who place their unwavering trust in us. We are the keepers of this Earth and it is our ACTIONS that speak to who we are… both you and this CUNT need to be removed from the gene pool immediately.

    • 2cute says:

      ^^^ This, I agree 100% ^^^

    • Jan says:

      Totally agree to this! I really hope the women in prison will beat the hell out of her every day.

      And if this cunt wants to show that she’s angry… then be a real girl and talk. Killing innocent animals is just so low, so spineless and weak and so cowardly.

      So may this waste of sperm die soon but slow and painful and burn in hell!

  21. bengalpuss says:

    Angry, your right about one thing, they are a pair of cunts. Somone is a daft twat. Why, or how the fuck can you say that evita williams is a lovely person. That fucking bitch baseball batted a sick old dog to death, because, the williams had worked out that she was a scheming, horrible cunt. I tell you what if she did that to my pet, i’d rip her fucking head off no doubt about it. My cat tyke is my baby and most people on this blog know how much i love him, just thinking about it is making my heart race. Evita shitstain williams should have been thankful to the williams for letting her stay with them, but she’s a selfish cunt and a vindictive bastard. And the son is a worthless piece of shit. When he was confronted he comes out with “She told you what she was gonna do” As if to say to his parents “You should have taken the dog with you, so its your own fault, worthless piece of vomit. Somone, hope you never upset nice person evita williams in future. I would hate for you to go through what the williams did

  22. bengalpuss says:

    Verysuprised, you would have thought she might have been on drugs or something, but i just think thats she’s grown into an evil bastard. You’ve got to be an evil sick twisted fuck to baseball bat an old sick dog to death, just out of spite. Your very lucky that you didn.t carry on dating her. I say you got a clean getaway verysuprised, otherwise it could have been you that she took a baseball bat to, so glad for you it was years ago and you obviously got rid of her, a good move in my book. So glad that this bitch has just been given 5 1/2yrs in jail. And i would be over the moon if someone gives her arse a good whooping for no reason, like she did that poor old dog. Anyway just be thankyou you didn.t stay with this fiend, she’s not on drugs she’s just a vindictive spiteful twat.

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