Eunice Spry

Hellbeast Eunice Spry
Crime: Child Abuse
Y’know, this picture of Eunice Spry doesn’t exactly give me the warm fuzzies. She looks … mean. And cold. And heartless. Nope, no warm fuzzies at all. And I shouldn’t be surprised by that, because Eunice Spry IS mean and cold and heartless. She is, in fact, a hellbeast and more than deserves her spot on this site.

Eunice Spry practiced her special brand of hellbeastliness in Gloucestershire, UK between 1986 and 2005. That’s 19 years! The victims of her sadistic pleasures were three hapless, helpless foster children. Looking at her picture I just can’t imagine anyone thinking she would be good with kids! But unfortunately a little boy and two little girls were handed over to her keeping and for years they were subjected to cruel and sadistic torture.

Yup, I said torture and I mean torture. Eunice the darling dung drop Spry liked to beat the soles of her victims’ feet with sticks. In fact, she had a variety of sticks she liked to use. She also enjoyed shoving those same sticks down the children’s throats.

Eunice the evil hell bitch Spry forced her victims to swallow bleach and washing up liquids. She made them eat their own vomit if they got sick, and she even made them eat rat excrement.

Speaking of eating, the children were also forced to eat lard. Naturally, if they vomited that culinary delight, they’d have to eat it all over again.

Eunice Spry's handiworkDoesn’t Eunice sound like such a delightful foster mother? And she did so much more. Eunice the waste of skin Spry liked to rub the children’s faces and hands raw with sandpaper. Raw! Look at the pictures! That is nothing short of torture. She also liked to rub dog crap in their faces.

The little boy, Christopher, had his hand held down on a hot electric stove element until it resembled a “gooey mess” to use his words. That poor child!

And then there were the obligatory punches, kicks, strangling, hair pulling, sleep deprivation, and food deprivation. Nothing creative about those, but most satisfying to a sadist.

Eunice the devil spawn Spry did get creative though. She tortured the children with the “invisible chair”, making them squat down in a sitting position with their backs against the wall. She forced them to stay in that position for minutes or hours. That was nothing short of agonizing, I’m sure.

Eunice Spry's victimEunice Spry was also creative with getting money out of the system. One of the girls, Sarah, had been in a car accident in 2000. To prolong the disability allowance from the government and to maximize the insurance compensation dear Eunice confined the girl to a wheelchair for 3 years.

Eunice Spry decided the other girl, Alloma, could get her a disability allowance too, and coached her on acting as if she had Asperger’s Syndrome. The psychologist evaluating the girl wisely didn’t buy her act and refused to diagnose her as such. That pissed off the old hag but good, and the girl got a real whupping afterward.

For 19 years Eunice the monster Spry tortured the 3 foster children in her care. How the hell did she get away with it for so long? Home schooling, of course. If nobody saw their injuries, nobody would ask questions, right? And that’s why the children weren’t taken to the dentist or the doctor either. But does nobody from the British government ever check on foster homes? Is no news good news?

Eunice Spry obviously had everything all figured out, since she didn’t get caught for 19 years. She was a cunning, evil bitch. And religious too. Oh yeah, Eunice Spry was a devout Jehovah’s Witness. Odd that such an evil creature should consider herself religious.

Inside Spry houseIt’s quite ironic that it was Eunice Spry’s religious affiliation that brought about her downfall. It was Christmas time, and a fellow Jehovah’s Witness confronted Sarah about the injuries to her face. Sarah very bravely saw her chance to escape her hellish existence and divulged the awful truth that Eunice had sandpapered her face. The floodgates were opened and she began to tell all.

Encouraged by the congregation, Sarah called the police on December 26, 2004. Eunice Spry was arrested in February 2005. It took 2 years to get her to trial.

There is so much more to the tortuous years of abuse than I can write about here, but Christopher and Alloma have both written books (“Child C” by Christopher Spry and “Deliver Me From Evil” by Alloma Gilbert).

Inside Spry houseAt trial at Bristol Crown Court, Eunice the evil bitch Spry vehemently denied all the accusations made against her and insisted the ONLY physical punishment she ever used was “a smack on the bottom”.

The jury didn’t believe her. In March 2007, after a 4 week trial, they convicted dear Eunice of 26 charges. Twenty-six! These include unlawful wounding, cruelty to a person under 16, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, perverting the course of justice and witness intimidation.

Judge Simon Darwall-Smith told the monstrous Spry creature that this was the worst case he had come across in 40 years in law.

Judge Darwall-Smith told her, “Frankly, it’s difficult for anyone to understand how any human being could have even contemplated what you did, let alone with the regularity and premeditation you employed.”

Eunice Spry’s defense attorney, Nigel Mitchell, said that despite all that nasty brutality and pain, his client had given her victims genuine moments of happiness and love. *snort*

Mr. Mitchell also told the judge that his poor unfortunate client needed protection in prison, and that it was a “particularly unpleasant” place for her. Yeah, I feel so sorry for her now! Not!

In April 2007, Judge Darwall-Smith sentenced Eunice’s nasty 62-year-old ass to 14 years, and ordered to her pay costs of £80,000. Good!

But it didn’t stop there. Oh, no, Eunice the POS turdpile Spry just had to appeal. She didn’t appeal her conviction, but instead appealed the length of her sentence. I guess she just wasn’t happy living where she was. Awwww.

Christopher Spry, then 19, was very upset at the appeal. He said, “Right now, I’m very hurt. She has never apologized or opened up about doing any of this and that’s the most hurtful thing. And now she’s trying to get time off her sentence and that’s very upsetting.

“I was talking to one of the other victims and she was angry that she should be allowed to appeal at all.”

Christopher Spry said his foster mother had never shown any remorse. “The last time I saw her was when she was in court. I caught her eye for the last 10 seconds before she was taken down and she was just smirking. This feels like she’s just smirking in our faces again.”

In July 2008, the Court of Appeal in London in their wisdom decided to chop 2 years off of the hell bitch’s sentence.

They said that although Eunice Spry routinely beat, abused and starved the children over a 19-year period, their injuries were not as serious as other cases where lesser sentences had been imposed.

Wow. It sounds like the Court of Appeal gave Eunice POS loser Spry credit for not breaking bones. Broken spirits don’t count for as much, I guess.

Detective Constable Victoria Martell, who was involved in the investigation from the beginning, said,
 “It is disappointing that the sentence has been reduced. In my opinion the 14-year sentence originally given to Ms Spry was commensurate to the gravity of the offences she committed and the severity of the abuse she inflicted upon the children in her care.

“The whole case, which began in 2004, was extremely shocking and emotional for all involved, and while I am pleased that my role and the role of Gloucestershire Constabulary to get justice for the victims was achieved, none of us must forget the appalling abuse the three victims have suffered and the undoubted distress this has caused.

“Having been brought up in isolation the social skills of the victims were largely undeveloped and they were, at first, very timid and shy. I am pleased to say that they are now a lot more confident and are flourishing as young adults. I certainly hope they can continue to enjoy the rest of their lives.”

I certainly hope the three victims are living contented, successful lives without the taint of Eunice Spry’s sadism. I wish them all the best.

I don’t wish Eunice Spry all the best. I wish her misery and suffering in the years ahead. Then go to hell, Eunice Spry, and rot there forever.


Eunice Spry will be released on parole in June 2014. She will reportedly be rehomed just 25 miles away from her adopted daughter in Worcester, West Midlands, much to the dismay of the younger woman.

“I don’t want her anywhere near us. She is a psychopath and my concern is that being so close she’ll find out where we are.”

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28 Responses to Eunice Spry

  1. moodymagic says:

    What drives a person to do things like this to children. I hope all the kids are getting the best life has to offer. I will not comment about Spry except to say. Burn in hell.

    • lisa says:

      i am friends with alloma gilbert one of eunices victims this is disgusting what has happened and i cannot believe she has had 2 yrs chopped of her sentance a girl also died in eunices care what the hell are they doing cuz no doubt shell get out n do it all again the bitch

  2. 2cute says:

    The kids had to live in filth too. Why am I not surprised. I am surprised that that bitch sandpapered faces and hands. You’d think she’d pick hidden body parts like butts just so nobody would see it.

  3. Jess says:

    Sadly, it’s a mixture of pure sadism, self absorption, and because she knew she could. I am sure she justified some “incidents ” by thinking they had violated the rules or some such nonsense. The reat of the time she just did it because there was no one to stop her. I grew up in an abusive home and I understand the fear those kids felt, never knowing what came next. Thank god my adopted mother didn’t sand paper my face, I guess.

    • cleo says:

      Jess, I think I just accidentally deleted a comment of yours. My apologies — I have so many spam messages to go through and my delete finger was faster than my brain.

    • Trace says:

      That’s part of the torture, isn’t it,keeping you guessing what was coming next, when and why. Sorry to hear you were adopted by a sadist. Was she religious too? So many, as you say, justify the abuse on religious grounds, the “spare the rod” crap in the bible.

    • Jess says:

      Cleo- its quite alright. Lewping up with this many posters isn’t easy. Trace- we were Methodists but I don’t thinl it had much to do with that. She was just controlling with sadistic rage issues.

  4. Natasha says:

    I can’t believe the children actually had to have her surname!But you have to feel sorry for her,as well as them.I read about it in the papers 4 years ago,but I was thinking about it just now,and it’s soooo horrid.

    • Sally says:

      Natasha, you should not feel sorry for this woman – I went through a very similar childhood at the hands of my step-mother at the time – she did similar and some things worse than this woman – you’ve no idea the fear that someone like this can instill in children – even to this day if i saw her again, i would probably freeze out of fear – she is a psychopath that deserves to rot in jail for the rest of her days

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        And absolutely disgusting that she is getting out of prison so soon. In my opinion she should’ve been kept there for life.

        • Sally says:

          So true Bengalpuss – she shouldn’t see the light of day again – she too should be kept a prisoner, just like she made those poor children. Despicable woman

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    Natasha, your entitled to your opinion, but this wicked women would never have me feeling sorry for her, sandpaperin those poor kids faces and hands. Did you see the pictures of what she did to those kids/Young people, its disgusting. I don.t give a fuck what her excuses were, she had no damn right to abuse those kids. Luckily one of them said something, otherwise we may have been reading about an evil witch her murdered her adopted or foster children. Save your pity natasha for the victim’s not the evil abusers. Im actually ashamed to share the same country as this piece of crap, as far as im concerned, her arse should be tied to a rocket and blasted into space, because people like this old witch that looks like she’s sucked a lemon, shouldn’t be on this planet end of.

    • 2cute says:

      I have no sympathy for the bitch. She made the victims lives hell. She deserves hell herself.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Damn right 2cute, this old bag should be Stoking The fires of hell, with someone rubbing her face with sandpaper and beating the soles of her feet with a strip of barbed wire.

  6. Chell says:

    She will be thrown into the lake of fire to be burned for eternity

  7. MomOfThreeGirls says:

    I’m speachless……BITCH!

  8. Chelsea says:

    I was hoping for an update saying she’s dead; not yet!

  9. Fem240964 says:

    I have read all the books written on behalf of the victims. It’s heart wrenching and unbelievable that anyone could do such things to anyone else. It is worse to read how easily she managed to hide it from social services. I hope the victims have a better life and future now. She did not get long enough for what she did.

  10. debbylou says:

    Has this woman been released yet ? It is well past her parole date, but nothing has been published on her for an age. I live local to Tewkesbury and nobody has seen or heard anything-can only hope she went to hell.

  11. BENGALPUSS says:

    unbelievable, this old bag is gonna be released and near her victims as well, some times i lose the will to live.

  12. Jane Mitchell says:

    Well, if you ask me, old granny Eunice has got off far too lightly considering what she subjected those poor kids too. To her adoptive
    daughter Victoria’s horror, she is soon to be rehoused only a mere
    25 miles away from Victoria’s current address on her release from prison and she’s only served half her sentence! How could any mother
    (adoptive or biological) do such wicked and degrading things to such young children?

  13. SUSAN MORRIS says:

    I am ( unable to find the right word, to discribe how I am.. how i feel ?) This woman is ill so mentaly ill she believes what she says….Impossible to imagine my head spins with thoughts of how the children coped how they felt, how they hurt, impossible feelings because I never felt what those children felt, but yet my heart is beeting quicker my head is emptying of thought and i cannot take in the horrors and become impatial ! Some people find inflicting pain a thrill, some people love to see others suffer, can’t be explaied and no reason can be found, its a waste of time trying to work it out …For it can’t be worked out no one on this earth can work out why some people behave in such a way Maybe they don’t see the world as others see it, maybe they are wired up wrong ? Who knows ? Energy wasted trying. But I ask why no one cared enough to go and check on these poor foster children ? why no one from social services botherd to go and see these poor little children ? This is the thing that bothers me most, it’s why my heart flickers fast, why my head spins, and why I feel so angry Those children must have had bruses cut scars and be emotional stunted people that will never be free of nightmares, let her rot in hell for eternity or at least till amagedon where she must be judged and no way in any form should this sick hatefull being that lives in her own world of inflicting pain on small kids, she should never ever be released, she should spend her years till the last breath, locked away in a room no longer a place of sanctuary for all eternity ! Love to all the little children put in her care,hope you are all happy living a life free from the clutches of one evil sadistic woman. glad you all seem to be doing ok. xxx

    • bengalpuss says:

      Susan, this woman is free now, walking around outside prison like nothing happened. I agree with you, why didn’t someone check on those children? I often despair at the failures of the child welfare system in great britain, at least those kids finally got free of that old hag.

  14. claire djumic. says:

    I have just read Christopher spry book. “Child C”. This woman is sadistic in her punishments. Hope she dies a very slow and painful death. My heart goes out to the children .

  15. danni kelly says:

    eunice spry only lived doors away from me and we never noticed a thing. that old tramp needs someone to hurt her in the way that she hurt allomma chris and victoria. she deserves no happiness, no sympathy, nothing. she deserves no contact with the outside world as sje has destroyed the lives of three innocent vulnerable strong children. i know shes served her sentence and some will say that she should ‘not be punished becos shes served her sentence’ but she literally deserves nothing. she is not a human. how can a human be so cruel and manipulate young children in the way she did. evil evil disgrace to the human race. eunice spry is a complete and utter ugly cow bag. i could rant all day about my hatred towards her. if i see her, god forbid, ill smash her face in. and torture her in the way she tortured three wonderful people. i wish chris allomma and victoria the best of luck and not tolet an evil phycopath ruin theirlives. all my love to you three. eunice, die in a hole please. you wont be missed

  16. Angela says:

    My question(s): what was this Eunice Sprys early life about; and more horrifying who are the people qho passed her to be fit aa foster mother with no follow ups!?

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