Eric Devin Masters


Crimes: Pedophile, Rape, Child Pornography

Eric Devin Masters, formerly a member of the US Coast Guard, is a baby-raping pedophile, and as such he deserves nothing better than to be locked away forever in a deep, dark hole. He deserves hell. I begrudge him the food he eats, the air he breathes and the space he occupies while he’s on this planet. He, like all predatory pedophiles, selfishly acted upon his vile, perverted urges and did untold damage to young girls and their families. He’s praying for God’s forgiveness, but he deserves none from humankind, and he sure as hell isn’t getting any from me.

I am feeling fairly judgmental today. I always am when I’m writing about baby raping pedophiles.

In 2011, Eric Masters of St Ignace, Michigan began recording his perverted activities. He made videos of himself sexually abusing young girls while they were asleep. He secretly recorded one girl getting out of the shower, going to the bathroom, and changing her clothes.

On Christmas day, 2011, Eric Masters went beyond the pale with his perversion. He took an 18-month-old girl to a motel in Michigan. I do not know how he got his pervy paws on the toddler, but obviously he had gained the trust of her family.

Along with the little girl, Eric Masters took his camera and some straps to the motel. He knew exactly what he was going to do, and it was nothing short of evil.

Eric Masters removed the little girl’s clothing, laid her on the bed and tied her arms and legs to the bedposts. He then raped her over and over. When he was done, he urinated on her.

The entire horrific assault was recorded by the hellbeast himself. Eric Masters then traded his videos online for more child porn. That was a mistake. He’d obviously underappreciated the determination and efforts of law enforcement agencies to track down pedophile perverts through their online activities.

Eric Masters probably was oblivious to the fact the FBI was on his tail for production of child pornography. Too bad for the f*ckturd pedo, the FBI investigation also brought to light the rape of the little girl at the motel.

In February 2014, Eric Devin Masters was apprehended by authorities. Yay! Seven months later he pled guilty in federal court to 3 counts of producing child porn. With his own videos used as evidence against him, it would have been impossible to argue his innocence.

Eric Devin Masters, 29, the POS shitpile pedophile, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Robert Holmes Bell to 50 years for making child pornography. That was a solid sentence.

And then there was the issue of the sexual assaults on the children. Over a 5-year period, Eric Masters had molested 5 girls in 5 West Michigan counties: Kent, Ionia, Muskegon, Grand Traverse, and Mackinac Counties. Two of the girls were sisters.

The sexual assaults on 3 of the victims were dealt with in the federal court case, and the remaining 2 in separate state court cases.

The case of the rape of the 18-month-old was dealt with in a Grand Rapids, Michigan court before Kent County Circuit Judge Mark Trusock. The judge was not impressed by Eric Masters who pled guilty to 3 counts of 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The sentencing hearing was held on April 15, 2016. Eric Masters apologized for “doing horrible things to others”. Then he got all religious.

“With God’s help we can both be healed … God is my refuge and salvation and through Him I can be redeemed from these tragedies,” the baby-raping pedo perv said. “I’m sorry for committing this horrible crime.”

The mother of the little girl begged the court to put Eric Masters away for life.

“This man has given my daughter a life sentence that she will never forget … I beg you, your Honor, don’t let him get out,” the distraught mother said. “He doesn’t deserve to be in the outside world.”

Judge Trusock agreed with her and sentenced Eric Devin Masters to between 50 and 200 years in prison. That was an epic sentence!

“I want to send a clear message to the Parole Board that when you are first considered for parole, and that won’t be until you’re 79 years old, that I don’t want you out,” Judge Trusock said. “We’re done. Take him to prison.”

Yay, Judge Trusock! I’m glad he realizes that the only way to render a predatory pedophile harmless is to lock them away from society.

The judge also ordered the baby-raping pedo to pay $76,640 in restitution for counseling costs to the youngest victim.

I want to extend kudos to the investigators who track down the monstrous purveyors and creators of child pornography. I cannot imagine how they maintain their sanity seeing what they see. They are real heroes.

I want to extend my best wishes to the victims of Eric Masters. I hope they all get the therapy and support they need to recover and go on to live happy lives.

To Eric Devin Masters I wish a long life full of despair and depression, fear and suffering. He’s earned it.

KTLA News article – sentencing
Daily Mail article – guilty plea
FBI Press Release

30 Responses to Eric Devin Masters

  1. Jeni C says:

    This literally made me cry. I have a 2 year old daughter, and the thought of ANYONE doing these reprehensable things to her, that this piece of crap did to not only the 18 month old, but the other girls…why, I can’t even begin to explain what i would do to them! He strapped that poor baby to a bed and raped her over and over! How could someone do that to ANYONE much less an 18 month of baby! She had to be terrified and confused about what was happening to her! And the pain! He deserved worse than what he got! He deserves the death penalty! And I would LOVE to be the one putting the needle in his arm!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Would you like fries with that pentobarbitol? Filthy nonce’s deserve to be executed, they can’t change, they will always be a danger to children, execute the fuckers!

      • Jeni C says:

        And yes, Bengalpuss, I would like some fries with that pentobarbitol! Actually, make it a super sized value meal…I wanna have the strength to enjoy watching this piece of crap take his last breath! You’re welcome to join me!

      • Scott says:

        They need to be tortured so there is some kind of deterrent rather than knowing they will have 3 hot meals and a cot and medical care the rest of cant even get if we pay for it…….
        If they knew they had to face me they would not commit these crimes…….

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    Judge trusock you are my type of judge, wish there were plenty more around like you. As for the pedo pig, rot in hell, or general population you scumbag nonce. How did he get his paws on an 18 month old baby? I would love to know?

    • runninfawn says:

      we sure need many more judges like him. my questions is not so much how he got his paws on the baby but more how come that baby’s parents didn’t realize that something was drastically wrong with their little girl? if they had and brought that baby to the hospital that POS would have been caught much earlier. I know that when my kids were minors I noticed even a scratch on them, and needless to say when they were little I sure had to find out how bumps, scratches happened and I for sure would have noticed any little thing wrong when I changed their diapers and would have questioned it that is for sure and well that poor baby sure had more than a pimple after that night of horror…

    • Jeni C says:

      He apparently was either a friend of the family, or even maybe WAS family, Bengalpuss. The family had to have trusted this guy and thought they knew him well. My guess is they will NEVER let their child go ANYWHERE with ANYONE after this! And rightly so! And this judge is truly a hero. We need a LOT more like him! These slap on the wrists that most of these child abusers and pedos get is a joke! Someone who sold a pill to someone else gets more time than most pedos and child abusers! If we could clone this judge and put him in EVERY courthouse, now THAT would be justice!

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    Disgusting that Child Molesters are Treated Better by Degenerate
    Western Society than Harmless Homeless People who are Not Child Abusers .

    The Sentence would of been far Less in the UK under British ” Justice ”

    The Death Penalty for Child Abuse is Appropriate

  4. Moodymagic says:

    These poor young victims. I wish nothing but the best a life full of healing and happiness. It makes me sick they went thru this trauma. Burn in hell Masters. Even that’s too good for a hellbeast like you. I too give a huge kudos to all the investigators that helped bring this monster to justice. It’s a horrible thing to have to watch. So devistating. Judge Trusock you are one awesome judge.

  5. Mike Avery says:

    Interesting bit of information on the judge who sentenced this creep. Judge Trusock has a reputation for throwing the book at offenders when it comes to sentencing

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    Love the bit when the offender says to the other judge about judge trusock “please can i have another sentencing judge” he must’ve known he was in for a bad time when he refused the plea deal lol. Like i said “judge trusock is my kind of judge” my answer to those people who are shit scared of the judge is “don’t break the law, and stop committing crimes”.

    • Mike Avery says:

      I agree with you 100% A fitting death sentence for this creep would be, to have him walk out on to a pier on Lake Superior during the nasty storms that hit the great lakes in November. This bastard would be swept off the pier and out to sea. The authorities would not have to worry about burying this creeps body. Lake Superior seldom gives up her dead.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        I still laugh at the response from that dude, he was literally shitting himself when he was given the news that judge trusock was sentencing him, “i don’t want the plea deal” people complain about judges like trusock, but frankly its a shame that most of them don’t follow suit, maybe ppl may think twice about being criminal shit bags.

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Sentence was Better than in the UK.

    Netherless Disgusting that any Convicted Child Abuser should
    be Housed whilst Homeless People are Treated Worse by ” Caring Society “

  8. Skrink_LaDue says:

    I have followed this site for awhile now, and believe I know of a woman and her boyfriend who deserve to be on here. Her name is Taylor Fast, the crime was committed in Festus, Missouri. She called the police to say her daughter had been bitten by a spider and was unresponsive. The little girl was unresponsive because she had been beaten to death by her mother’s boyfriend. When police arrived, they not only found a dead baby girl, they found her brother with a broken leg he had had for a few days. They are both currently awaiting trial, but deserve to be here.

  9. TJ Stephens says:

    OK, so I have looked around this site – it makes me a bit nauseated so I am going to put my two cents in. Let me begin by saying – for whatever it is worth – your being right in no way justifies your doing wrong. How does it make you any better than those you rail against? Can’t you just be content to instead thank God that you are not what these “hellbeasts” have to be?? Because my true feeling is that nobody chooses to be a monster– beneath the horrid decisions to hurt a child in any way is some sort of desperate brokenness. It is not that I don’t understand your feelings – but it is my experience that we so oftentimes become the beasts that we invent.
    So, my qualification to speak. I, like many of you, was grossly neglected and abused as a child including being viciously raped at the age of 11. What is as much a horror to me as the one who raped me is those who knew and chose to do nothing about it. I recall sitting in the office of my elementary school guidance counselor’s office only two days after being raped. As I sat there trying to find the words to talk about what had happened to me – what no 11 year old should EVER have to talk about, I couldn’t find them. The counselor was apparently too pressed in his schedule to assist me, and slammed the door on my face. There was nobody to take me to the hospital, no child advocate to cry out for my rightful protection, no concerned counselor to help me deal with the trauma of all of that. I bled for two days. I shit myself for a week, and my hero never showed up – my rescuers never came. They left me to face a war that was far too big for one little boy. I dealt with it alone – and as best I could, but several years later it overwhelmed me and in my brokenness, I attempted to kill myself. The psychologist, whose report I would find years later in my mental health file, had written: “I know that this child has been abused, but my hands are tied.” Year after year I have had to listen to so many well-intentioned therapists tell me how sorry they are that all of this happened to me and that nobody was there to help me, and then explain it away by telling me that “those were different times then.” For years I was angry- outraged by it all. I was the only advocate that that little boy I use to be ever knew, and I still am. So, I come to sites like this, and I have got to tell you – wow. Really? So, what is all of your ranting (besides a whole lot of self-centered need to vent) to those who are being abused right now in your towns, in your neighborhoods – my God, – maybe even right next door to you? You say you hate child molesters and child abusers, but what are you doing besides sitting your fat asses in front of your computers and spouting words that mean absolutely nothing! I am sure that all of those who knew about my rape and chose to look away while my innocence was ravaged would– if there had been computers in those days — have probably sat like you do and write all about how much they hate child abusers. My point is this – it doesn’t make you any kind of a hero because you can write on a computer screen that you wish all pedophiles to hell. It is easy to hate things that are wrong, unjust, and an effrontery to human dignity. I must tell you – it does not require a whole lot of sacrifice does it? Get yourselves all stirred up, but the likelihood is that for all of your big talk, tomorrow when you see that little boy who might have been mistreated but you can’t really be sure – well, you’ll just walk on by him because frankly it would complicate your self-indulged lives too much to get involved. I know I don’t speak for all of you here – but if the shoe does fit, then wear it. You hate pedophiles?? Then for God’s sake get out there and do something about it. Turn off your computers and get your ass on the battlefield. Because, I have got to tell you this – there are pedophiles being created every day in your neighborhoods and communities behind closed doors. Today you posture all manners of sympathy toward them, and tomorrow you will brand them as monsters and wish them to hell and never even account to yourself your own complicity in having not prevented the matter in the first place. Yes, yes, I know all too well – if you knew of any such situation you would surely intervene. You don’t know of such situations because you conveniently do not look for them – you do not seek them out. While countless children suffer in negligence and abuse, they are passed by by so many of you who are rather hell-bent on rooting out the secretive pedophiles so that you can be some manner of hero. You will NEVER save children by hunting down the pedos – you will save them by preventing the pedos from coming to birth in the first place. The true heroes in this fight are not those who sit in front of a computer and type words all day about hating and hurting people who are already broken– as if they have some kind of a goddamned place in the Trinity. The truest heroes are those who don’t have to yell and scream “look at me- hey look at me – I hate child abusers”. No, they are out there silently reaching their arms out to affirm, to protect, to save and to love the little children in their lives and in the lives around them. I too was angry for a long time – I had a right to be – but that anger never ever did me a lick of good but to destroy my life even further. All people – even the monsters that broken little boys and girls sometimes grow up to become – all people respond to love, and in the end it is only kindness that matters. I held the offenses against me to the accounts of the offenders for so many years and wasted so much of my life doing so. Now, I have found it a better road to instead redeem the offense – because the offended (and only the offended) have the power to do so. I have not relinquished the sin of my rapist, I have redeemed it. Call it radical because it is, but at least I now have something to show for my unqualified suffering – a memorial to that brave little boy I once was. So, get the hell off of this site and go love your children – then perhaps your sentiments really can become something heroic.

    • Scott says:

      No, you are wrong they are making a clear choice to be a monster. are you a monster to?

      • Bengalpuss says:

        100% agree with you there Scott, we all have choices, these shitbags choose to be monsters.

      • Amber says:

        Have you ever been abused? Yes people have choices, they learn how to make those choices by the people that ‘care for them’ as children. So if a person only sees abuse in their childhood then it is fair to say that abusing could seem like a good choice. Monsters are created and this man prob has a better understanding of that than you could even dream of. It will not stop until ALL people stop looking the other way when something isnt quite right. So many people just look the other way, too busy with their own self righteous bs to stop and see what is really happening

    • TimeToFaceFacts says:

      I agree with you. Breaking the cycle of violence and abuse is whats most important. Not lynch mobs.

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      Sites like this (which I find it ironic you are saying ‘get off your fat ass’ as if you are not also on your fat ass right now on ‘sites like this’) make people aware. I’m a psych major with a pre-law minor and spent years as a DFACS officer in the good ol state of GA. Our hands ARE tied. Either by the law or by the situation. The world shouldn’t need people to be your hero – your shithead parents who obviously didn’t give one god damn shit about you or they would have noticed their 11 yr old son was bleeding and shitting himself- THEY had the responsibility of being your heroes. Your siblings who didn’t tell THEIR counselors, THEY let it happen. Your grandparents who didn’t care about you enough to make you feel you could come to them or visit enough for you tell them, THEY allowed this to happen. Getting angry and enraged at a bunch of online people who are not qualified to save your angry ass is retarded. So that one counselor is at fault bc hey, fuck his overflowing to an entire school full of children, he should have been your hero?
      So WE are self centered for expressing our empathy, our sincere sympathy for the victims of such crimes but you aren’t for expecting strangers to SAVE YOU? Expecting everyone EXCEPT the parents who failed you to be your hero?
      I sit here reading your obviously angry diatribe and not one word about your fucked up failure of a father or mother. Not one word to the ACTUAL people who failed you. Just absolutely unrealistic anger towards strangers who actually feel so bad for you. I think you sir, should get the hell off this site and go get some real counseling. A little tip, this time TALK. TELL your therapist what happened. Your silence kept you from a hero as much, and MORE than his busy schedule did. As a former DFACS officer, we can’t do anything if no one tells us. When your siblings lie and say nothing happened, when your parents refuse to present you for meetings, this type of stuff ties our hands. For that I am sorry.

    • Brooklyn Life says:

      Seems like you’re projecting, TJ Stephens. Everytime I see a psychopath sympathizer and pedophile apologist such as yourself who justifies and “empathizes” with the wicked, it always comes off like you’re PROJECTING!

      It’s like you see yourself in Eric Devin Masters and other “Hellbeasts” so you want to sort of defend and be their spokespersons. When you read comments of people like myself who is very critical of someone like a Eric Devin Masters it’s like you take it like a personal attack against your person because you relate to him. You cant relate to me and my disgust for someone like him, but you can relate to him instead lol. You go on and on and on to make excuses and paint someone like Eric Devin Masters as a victim of his own “monsterous” ways because the “poor baby cant help it.”

      You dont like seeing people being so critical of people who you see yourself in because perhaps you know you’re capable of doing the same type of shit Eric Devin Masters did and you wouldn’t want people talking bad about you if you did lol. You would want people to “understand” and “coddle you” and regard you as the poor wittle consummate victim who “didnt mean to do it.”

      People like you make me sick. All your justifications and hatred of personal accountability is disgusting. Just revolting. Fuck Seems like you’re projecting, TJ Stephens. Everytime I see a psychopath sympathizer and pedophile apologist such as yourself who justifies and “empathizes” with the wicked, it always comes off like you’re PROJECTING!

      It’s like you see yourself in Eric Devin Masters and other “Hellbeasts” so you want to sort of defend and be their spokespersons. When you read comments of people like myself who is very critical of someone like a Eric Devin Masters it’s like you take it like a personal attack against your person because you relate to him. You cant relate to me and my disgust for someone like him, but you can relate to him instead lol. You go on and on and on to make excuses and paint someone like Eric Devin Masters as a victim of his own “monsterous” ways because the “poor baby cant help it.”

      You dont like seeing people being so critical of people who you see yourself in because perhaps you know you’re capable of doing the same type of shit Eric Devin Masters did and you wouldn’t want people talking bad about you if you did lol. You would want people to “understand” and “coddle you” and regard you as the poor wittle consummate victim who “didnt mean to do it.”

      People like you make me sick. All your justifications and hatred of personal accountability is disgusting. Just revolting. You should be ashamed of yourself, TJ.

      • Brooklyn Life says:

        WOW! Not sure what happened to my comment and why it duplicated itself so many times like that. Strange.

    • Megan says:

      I’m terribly sorry you had to go through what you did. I agree however, that it seems like your anger is misplaced. I personally come in this site because I have two children I love very much and am very involved with. I would know in a heartbeat if something was amiss because I KNOW MY KIDS. I also agree that this was more a failing of your parents than a counselor. They didn’t notice you were bleeding and deficating yourself? Are you feeling empathy for the evil because that incident in your childhood has caused you to commit evil acts? That’s what it sounds like to me. All children have the right to be loved and feel safe. I’m horrified your caregivers failed you. Now, what have YOU done to stop it from happening to anyone else, besides attacking strangers on a site who, like myself, may be trying to find some common link between the demons to better protect our children. You definitely need more/better therapy.

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Rape is Evil

    Wherever the Victim is a Woman or a Man or a Child only the Death Penalty For Rape is Justice

    Instead of Bleeding Heart Social Liberalism Good Hearted Social Moralism

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    NO ” Justification ” For Child Abuse

    People are either Decent or Scum

    Obliviousness to Child Abuse Aids Child Abuse

    A Country of Decent People the Answer

  12. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    What breaks the Cycle of Violence and Abuse is the Triumph of
    Decency and Morality and Caring about the Victim Not the Villain

  13. miss mortician says:

    God is indeed willing to forgive those who sincerely repent their evil deeds.

    Note that I said *Sincerely*. There’s not one sincere, repentant, even decent bone in this creature’s body. May he rot in prison, then burn in Hell. Then may he burn again, then AGAIN.

  14. Thetruth says:

    This man is a pos. The 18-month old was his daughter. All the girls were cousin and neice and nieces friend. There was never 2 sisters. I only know because I am one of the people who turned this man in and had to identify things. Your story is good but some facts are wrong. I know the full story as I wish I didnt. Also his brother Timothy Masters was also involved with doing child porn with Eric. Tim is in prison for only 30 years. 28 more years til he is released. Their own mother stood by them even when the evidence was clear of what they had done. She went as far as changing her last name.

  15. Throwthepedostothewolves says:

    I hope he gets assaulted within an inch of his life, repeatedly, throughout his entire prison sentence. All the pain and suffering in the world would not be enough to punish him for what he’s done.

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