Emma Frampton

Emma Frampton

Crimes: Embezzlement, Theft

I’ve recently learned that crime does pay in Bradford, England — at least for thieving bookkeepers. The particular thieving bookkeeper I’m writing about is Emma Frampton, whose sticky fingers nearly gutted her employer, Yorkshire Plating Services.

You’re probably wondering why I’m spending my time writing about a crooked bookkeeper instead of another evil baby beater or rapist or murderer. I do admit it’s a change, but since my blog is about crime and injustice then the tale of Emma Frampton fits right in.

But is she a hellbeast? She has the makings of one, IMO. She has the acquisitiveness and the self-serving nature of one anyway.

Yorkshire Plating Services is a small company with 7 shop floor workers. Those 7 workers depend upon their jobs to pay their bills and make ends meet. The managing director, Stephen Middow, has spent 30 years of his life building up the company. And then in 2012, along came Emma Frampton, a self-employed bookkeeper.

Between October 15, 2012 and February 22, 2014, Emma Frampton set out to rob the business blind. She didn’t take a bit of money here and there, now and then. She damned well took over half of the business’s annual profit! OVER HALF!

By being so goddamned greedy and selfish, she endangered the continued existence of Yorkshire Plating Services. She put at risk the livelihoods of 7 shop floor workers and the managing director. She didn’t give a flying rat’s ass about any of them.

How did the heartless thief manage to steal so much? Emma Frampton used 2 accounts: her own work account and an account for “IGS Services” that she’d set up using her family’s names. She basically made major overpayments into her work account and siphoned off more money into the “IGS Services” account.

In 18 months, Emma Frampton managed to accumulate £39,019. That doesn’t include the £900 a month she was paid for working 24 hours a week.

What the hell did she do with £39,019? Well, Emma Frampton wasn’t spending it on life-saving medicine for a dying loved one or some such noble cause. She just paid some bills and bought presents for her family. Oh yes, it’s easy to be generous when it’s somebody else’s money. She apparently spent it all.

When Emma Frampton was on holiday (yes, she could afford a holiday!), Stephen Middow’s accountant noticed the fraudulent payments and figured out who was responsible. As a result, all of the Yorkshire Plating Services’ bank accounts were immediately closed.

With the bank accounts shut down, the holidaying Emma Frampton clued in right away that the jig was up. She began texting and texting Stephen Middow, trying to apologize and to set up a meeting. Not surprisingly he declined. I’m sure the last person on this planet he wanted to ever see again was Emma Frampton.

Stephen Middow said, “I am absolutely gutted by the whole thing. More so as it was a person I had 100% trust in and as a business owner that is what you should have in your staff. It has been sickening to think about.”

At one point the greedy thief texted an offer to pay back all of the money. I assume that offer was an effort to avoid prison time.

It turns out that prison time wasn’t something Emma Frampton really had to worry about.

Emma FramptonWhen the thieving bitch went to trial at Bradford Crown Court in August 2014, she was convicted and sentenced to 16 months imprisonment, suspended for 2 years! In other words, NO jail time! She was given a probation service activity requirement and a curfew for 6 months.

Holy shitballs, batman! She nearly destroyed a business and got away with no jail time!

Judge Colin Burn, who sentenced the crooked bookkeeper, had said, “It is a tragedy for your family; a tragedy for you and, without doubt, a tragedy for Mr. Middow and his family.”

Ummm, excuse me but how is no prison time a tragedy for Emma Frampton and her family? They certainly benefited from the money, and that’s not tragic by any stretch of the imagination. Where is their suffering? More specifically, where is Emma Frampton’s suffering?

If there was anyone suffering from this crime it was Stephen Middow who has had to be medicated for stress.

As Stephen Middow said, “[Emma Frampton] has caused a massive blow to a small business, which could have resulted in several of her colleagues losing their jobs. It has survived after working closely with our accountant and thanks to our loyal customer base.”

Still, despite the very lenient sentence, there was another chance for some justice. In December 2014 there was a confiscation hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act. This was an opportunity to make Emma Frampton pay back and make restitution to Yorkshire Plating Services.

Yes! Make her pay! Except this is where justice was totally denied.

When the hearing took place on December 8, 2014 at the Bradford Crown Court, Judge Peter Benson was told by the prosecutor that an agreement had been reached between the 2 sides. Both sides agreed that even though Emma Frampton had gotten her grubby paws on £39,019, she didn’t have anywhere near that amount to pay back. Her house was in negative equity so making her sell it wouldn’t have resulted in any funds to repay Yorkshire Plating Services.

So did Judge Peter Benson rule that Emma Frampton would have to pay a monthly amount for years and years? Nope. Did the judge rule that Emma Frampton would have to sell off all her possessions and hand the money over to her victim? Nope.

What Judge Peter Benson did was to make a compensation order in the sum of £1.

I’ll let that sink in.

Emma Frampton, the completely crooked and greedy bookkeeper who IMO should never be trusted as an employee ever again, stole £39,019 and nearly destroyed a small business, but was given no prison time. Emma Frampton, the corrupt and deceitful creature who nearly caused 7 people to lose their jobs, stole £39,019 and only had to pay back £1. Where is the justice in that? Nowhere.

Apparently, crime really does pay in Bradford. With ludicrously lenient sentences like this, what is to stop anyone from embezzling, burgling, robbing and stealing? Aside, of course, from their own morals.

This was not a victimless crime. As Stephen Middow said, “It is hard enough for small companies to try to make a living. We are still struggling as a result of what she has done. I am having to use my own money in the business to keep it going.

“I am just appalled that the justice system can say she should just pay a nominal £1. It’s a kick in the teeth. I thought she got away very lightly with a suspended sentence. Now she has been ordered to pay this, it just feels like nothing has been done for the victims.”

I wish something had been done for the victims. I wish justice had been served. But since Emma Frampton has not been penalized in any meaningful way by the justice system, I am naming and shaming her here.

So beware, employers of Bradford. If you are looking to hire a bookkeeper, or even a clerk or shelf stocker, be aware that Emma Frampton cannot be trusted. She steals, she lies and she deceives — all because she believes she’s entitled to take what she wants.

Hopefully life will hand this convicted criminal some real consequences after all.

And hopefully the courts in Bradford will come to realize that the pain of the consequences should exceed the pleasure of the crime. Otherwise there is no deterrent for criminals.

Good luck to Stephen Middow and Yorkshire Plating Services.

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22 Responses to Emma Frampton

  1. moodymagic says:

    I hope this bitch is never employed again. You certainly cant trust her.

  2. AngryLittleMexican says:

    Ugh. As a small business owner this disgusts me. We just get screwed everywhere and in the courts too? UGH! Shame on this bitch.

  3. PJ says:

    I’d like to smack that smug grin right off her face. I wouldn’t trust her with my bus pass much less with a job. Horrible thief, she should’ve gotten prison time.

    • Georgia frampton says:

      This is my mom you’re speaking about. She was very ill at the time so the money did go to a good cause. Get your facts right before speaking about someone you know. Vile you all are.

      • mnb nb says:

        shut up you silly cow shes a thief go to hell you bitch

        • Georgefaptonfanaccount says:

          Yeah even if she stole money you shouldn’t say things about people’s mothers and anyway she probably spent the money on something she needed like friends because she’s so ungrateful stealing they’re money totally agree with you George fapretown

          • angryenglishman says:

            shut the fuck up! she’s a cunt who steals money because un like other people she doesn’t want to work for it the lazy cow,it isn’t right at all she’s thieving bitch. What an excuse,saying that’s she’s ill…

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        She wasn’t that Fucking I’ll to stop her holiday abroad and then tryin to message herself outta shit creek, the thieving fucker she is. And if that fat lard arse cunt was my mother, id be too ashamed to associate myself with that greedy cunt. Now fuckoff and tell someone who gives a shit. I suggest you spend you energy on teaching that worthless piece of crap that its wrong to steal instead of telling us she’s ill when we all know the only illness she has is called. “sticky fingers syndrome” my sympathy is for the poor guy who built up his business only for a turd like your mother to nearly destroy it, selfish bastard she is.

        • Magoo says:

          Well said! I hope bad karma haunts this frumpy looking shitbag for the rest of her years.
          She deserves to suffer immensely!
          I still can’t understand the reasoning behind no prison and payback of $1? That wouldn’t be the case in Arizona/USA.
          😜 crazy!

      • Ellesar says:

        NOTHING has been mentioned about illness as mitigation. If it didn’t come up in court it is obviously BS. And besides, how is being ‘very ill’ a reason to steal from your employer?

        Your mother is a heartless and greedy woman. Vile also.

  4. 2cute says:

    I think if she can cheat on her boss she can cheat on her taxes and she can cheat on her husband too. She is a liar, and she should be watched carefully by those who deal with her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wound up being one of those benefits cheats in the future, claiming disability or some such thing, and getting paid by the taxpayer.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    If she wants to restore her good name she should forget that paltry fine and set about paying back in weekly increments. I don’t care if she has to dumpster dive for bottles or panhandle, she owes the money and doesn’t deserve to carry on as if she’d done nothing wrong.

  6. Dawn says:

    Middow should throw the money in the judge’s face and say “Thanks for nothing.”

  7. Rhonda says:

    Horrible, what a tragedy for that poor business man. Fortunately in the U.S. if someone of average means steals a lot of money like that more often than not the wicked hellbeast will go to prison where joyfully they’ll be used as slave labor only being paid pennies per hour to do really undesirable work.Even when hellbeasts like this don’t get prison time the judges usually order them to pay restitution and if they if they don’t make their payments the courts will seize their wages and take as much as 75% of their checks to pay it leaving them scant little money to live on. People in prison have to pay most of the money they earn working at their menial slave labor jobs towards restitution. If someone only gets jail time and can’t afford to pay the money they owe then sometimes they can work off their fines by by rotting in jail for a specific set amount of time. I think it only knocks off around $5.00 a day for each day they rot. Which is nowhere near the amount it costs to keep them while locked up however it just makes me feel better knowing at least they are not out enjoying life as some sort of reward for being unconscionable hellbeasts. Plus while rotting in jail is one way for the indigent criminal to work off court fines and monies owed to the police, they still wind up having to pay back any money they stole from their victims as well as fees associated with the costs involved with supervision while they are on parole/probation. Since it’s difficult to get any money awarded in a civil suit from an indigent person many people don’t sue but I would, it’s the principle of the thing and not the lousy 5, 10, 15 dollars here and there, if any, you might get out of them. This woman stole almost $62,000.00 and walks away with just a slap on the wrist. That’s a lot of decent quality housing, education, or medical care she first stole and then just pissed away. That stupid idiot judge in the case should not be surprised the next time she sees this lying, thieving, stealing, incorrigible hellbitch in court for the very same damn thing because really whatever did this lousy judge do to discourage her from ever doing such a thing as this again in the future? Judging by the smirk on the perps face, scant little I’d say.

    • Ellesar says:

      The US may be harder on small time thieves, but is certainly not tough on the super rich who rip off millions. Like everywhere the super rich can destroy lives with their non violent crimes, and then when they get caught they can hire the best lawyers to get out of it .

  8. joebob says:

    Cases like this make me mad as hell. This ugly trash needs her ass beaten down…as well as some of these idiotic judges who pass some of the most mind blowing judgements i have ever seen. They say justice is blind…after reading some of the cases on this site i say justice is fucking retarded!

  9. Bengalpuss says:

    This is how close to home this case is to me because i live in yorkshire and about 20miles away from this lard arsed witch. Welcome to english justice, it makes you wanna scream, no wonder people commit crime’s, they know that fuckall will happen to them, its sickening it really is. Like i keep saying, we’ve got a bunch of muppets running the country and kermit is primeminister with miss piggy as the home secretary.


    WOW! Does the English justice system just realize that they’ve just sent the message that you can steal and rob people blind and you’ll get no jail time, nor will you have to pay your victims back the money you’ve stolen? RUBBISH — ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!!

  11. Rokaiya says:

    What a psycho bitch no one should ever employ her. She’s untrustworthy and a selfish butch

  12. Tom Daly says:

    Stealing from her own business? Sickening. I hope nobody ever employs her AGAIN.

  13. Emmaframptonisabitch says:

    Shes a fat thieving slag who deserves to rot in prison and be someones prison bitch

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